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This is a site that I created to deal with the topics and struggles that go along with addiction recovery. My main goal for this website is to have it become a community where recovering addicts/alcoholics can go and share their story or read the story of others who share. You know that you have heard the phrase used: Do What the Winners Do. If you have a place to go where people are talking about what works for them and you can take that advice and apply is to your own life you truly are: Doing What the Winners Do.

One of the biggest obstacle that people in early recovery face is their inability to reach out and ask for help. We have lived for so long isolating ourselves that it has now become part of our personality. In order for us to break that habit we really need to work at it.

The easiest way that a recovering addict can learn that it is ok to reach out is by seeing other people doing it. I have found that when I am at a narcotics anonymous or an alcoholics anonymous meeting and someone is speaking about their problems I am very empathetic. I feel for them, I don’t judge them. The reason for that is because I can identify with them. So, if I am that way when I’m listening, others must be that way when they are listening to me. The same goes for you.

Lastly, some of the reasons for me creating this site are purely self serving. I benefit from sharing just as much as anyone else. I am still not great at it. I still tend to isolate myself but I am working on both these issues. There is another saying in NA/AA that “you only get what you give away“. I honestly believe this to be true. By me trying to help others I will also receive help…that’s what it’s all about.

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  1. I just read your story and I cannot believe the similarities! I felt like I was reading about myself! I am now 35 days clean and sober and am starting to come alive again. I would love to talk more about our addiction. please feel free to email me anytime. take care of yourself and remember ” one day at a time”!

  2. Congratulations on your clean time. Just think for 35 days you have woken up every morning and told yourself “today I’m not going to use” and every night you got to go to sleep knowing that you did exactly what you set out to do… not use.

    I guess that is exactly what “One day at a time” really means.

  3. I’m at ground zero and don’t know if I want to make that first step. I think I would be happy if it didn’t effect my wife so much. So it logically comes down to drugs / alcohol or her. Um… I’d like be super romantic here… but it doesn’t work like. Can’t we do both? Anyway, first therapy session is Thursday :-/

  4. I’m excited to see more about this site. Thanks for the effort to build it. I’m also seeking guest bloggers for my site, so if you’re interested in sharing your story, let me know!

  5. i had been sober 14 and a half months. i drank again. i go to meetings on a regular basis. i have a higher power i chose to call God. i pray daily. i take my will back often and i pay for it. knowing this i still repeat old behaviors. i dont have much today but what i do have is more than ive ever had before. i stand to lose things that today are better than ive ever had.things i wouldnt have without sobriety. i need help. suggestions. encouragement.i never wanted to live before. today i want to live and live happily, share, love. i am struggling. i dont even know if im doing this right so if no one gets this, i get no reply then i know God is here reading this. i hope to hear back from someone. thank you matt b.

  6. I found your site by searching for the source of the saying: “Losers do what they want to do. Winners do what they have to do.” I found lots of other cool stuff here. Thanks.

  7. The battle fof being forced off Cymbalta , immediate , yes immediate forced. now that I m reading posts on symptoms , I have no idea what to plan on I was on 120mg da for yrs , since being taken off im a pinball without direction , Btw I was also on insulin for decades pumping insulin ……they told me they were going to confiscate that too but i removed and left at my home , I know what they mean by confiscate. if any one cares to talkto me on this please do Im all alone. Tim

  8. Did the big R in a big way last night. It was coming. I could feel it. Did isolate myself. Didn’t make contact with any groups out of pride and shame. Constant argument brewing inside me. Somehow feel better for getting over it and feel I can start again.

  9. I came to your website to find out more information about Suboxone. I was a heroin addict for 40 years and on methadone for eight. I now am recovered through the 12-Step program of Heroin Anonymous. I have found a Higher Power which has removed my obsession to use and drink. As the doctor who wrote in the Doctor’s Opinion in the AA book says, “The only relief we have to suggest is entire abstinence.” Let me back-track a bit and explain why I am interested in this drug. I sponsor many men and am finding that some come into the program humble and willing to work the Steps and change. Then a doctor comes along and prescribes Suboxone for them and suddenly everything is wonderful and they are no longer willing to try to grow spiritually, mentally, and physically. They call Suboxone a miracle drug, but in 1970, when I went on my 1st methadone program, they called it the miracle drug, it was in all the newspapers. But after about 3 years it stopped working its miracle for me. I lost my job and my wife. It also has the same sexual side effects as all opiates, and that is no sex at all. I am not here to bash Suboxone or methadone if it is being used in a harm reduction situation or detox, but no one should be led to believe that they are “clean”. Let’s not kid ourselves, I was never “clean” when I was on any form of opiates. Once I put it in my body in any form I cut myself off from the “Sunlight if the Spirit.” Sounds like just another way for the pharmaceutical companies to make more money. My heart goes out to opiate addicts for the dark, hellish places we have been. God bless you all.

  10. Does anyone reccomend staying on Sub. permanently?

  11. God lead me to this site and I know now and believe I was meant to find it to be able to be apart of learning, growing and sharing life with ya’ll… I’m glad I’m here now..

  12. I am new here but expect to be a regular. Thank you for this.

  13. Hi everyone ,
    I have been on cymbalta for 5 years but a low dose of 20mg , i decided a year ago to take one every 2day’s instead of every day , for a week i was like a zombie , brain zaps etc but after the week i was fine but 2 weeks ago my doctor said it was probaly not doing anything for me so to just take them every 3-4 days then stop after 2 weeks alltogether , i said ive heard they have bad side effects as i knew when i reduced the mg before how i felt but she assured me its just headaches but it’s been a week since i have not taken any and i have had really bad headaches all day , dizziness , brain shivers , i’m not sleeping , bad stomach , feeling sick , i’m out of control in all emotions, weak muscles , forgetfulness but the thing that bothers me the most is the brain shivers there horrible and i cant even get up from sitting down without being dizzy .
    I wish doctors told you how this would affect you when you ahve to come off them , any tips … HELP :/

  14. I am a physician whose life fell apart due to drug addiction. I decided to write a book to share with others titled As Sick as Our Secrets. It is my own personal story of going to hell and back. It is a horrific story, like many of ours, but it is also an inspirational story of hope and recovery. I would love to have you read it and comment on it. My website is http://www.sickasoursecrets.com. It is available on my site as well as through amazon and barnes and noble online as an ebook and paperback. I hope it will help others understand the horrors of addiction and realizations of the promises of the twelve steps or recovery.
    Steve Farber, MD

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