In Recovery Act As If…

January 30, 2010 — 3 Comments

Someone somewhere must have told you at least one time in your recovery to act as if. But what does this mean and how are you being honest with yourself if you are acting?

I try to act as if a lot in my life. There are certain situations that scare the hell out of me, for whatever reason. Social situations usually make me pretty nervous. I guess I have a touch of social anxiety but I act as if I don

3 responses to In Recovery Act As If…

  1. Well, I am not super outgoing person as well, I often tend to like being in solitude as compared to being out and about with hoards of friends. One habit I had was deliberately missing calls or not answering if my friends called to just talk or if they were just calling me to just come down and hang out for a while. Everybody needs some time alone but ducking phone calls I didn’t like because sometimes I missed calls when someone was calling for something important as well. When it was something imp, they’d call more than a couple of times and only then I picked up.

    I now attend every single call I get on my cell, no matter who it’s from and what time it is, unless its late in the night. Even if I am feeling very lazy and all I want to do is to be alone and philosophize or over-intellectualize about really really un-important stuff, I pick up the call and explain away why I can’t talk/come down now …

    • It is a standing joke in the rooms in my area that I do not answer the phone or return phone calls. My sponsees tend to text me to let me know if something is wrong and then I will know to answer the phone. It is something o that I have been working on. It is hurtful when people know I deliberately don’t answer their calls.

  2. I am going to act as if I have good sense when it comes to finances. I am going to act as if I am financially responsible.

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