Things You Didn’t Do Because You Got High

May 1, 2010 — 1 Comment

If you sit and think of all the things that you were going to do but didn’t do because you got high/drunk…you would probably make yourself sick. It’s safe to say that when we were actively addicted there were plenty of responsibilities that we talked ourselves right out of for one reason…because we got high.

Luckily we don’t have to list all of our shirked responsibilities, I found a video from back in the day that will do it for us.

What I really like about this song is that it explains in a funny way all of the things that this guy could have/should have/would have done if he hadn’t gotten high.It starts out really simple as it always does…he didn’t clean his room. He was going to but then he got high. Now he is sitting there high and his room is still a mess.

It moves on to school issues. He didn’t go to class, he didn’t pass a test and he had to repeat the class the next semester. Sure this is more serious than not cleaning your room but still, not going to class or failing a class wouldn’t really make you wake up and say hey these things are happening…because I got high.Then the song moves onto more serious issues about missing court dates, not paying child support, having your pay check attached by the government, evading the police and ending up as a paraplegic due to crashing his car. These are the type of issues that usually make you wake up and realize that they are happening…because I got high.Sadly, the song ends with him realizing that because he got high, he messed up his entire life. He lost his wife and kids and ended up living on the street…because he got high.

If you remember this song at all you will remember that it wasn’t meant to be taken as a serious tale of this guys life…this is supposed to be funny. And it is. If you have any sense of humor I think you will get a chuckle out of this song. Why is it so funny…because it could easily be any one of ours progression into addiction.

The best comedy is usually based on truth and us being able to identify with it is what makes it comical for us…at least for me anyways. Let me know what you think? Funny or not? Lada da da da da

One response to Things You Didn’t Do Because You Got High

  1. Yes, Funny, and so true. Now I just need to slow down from trying to catch up on everything I didn’t so because I got high.

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