Addiction Recovery: A Little Peace Of Mind Goes A Long Way

February 20, 2010 — 2 Comments

This will be quick. It’s kind of funny that when I’m doing good I don’t have that much to write. I figured I would just check-in and tell everyone that today is a good day.

The weather is good, I’m feeling good, I don’t have too much on my plate so it’s a pretty relaxed time right now. It’s one of those times, where if you really pay attention, you appreciate all the little things that you have that make you smile.

Peace of mind goes a long way with me. What more can you ever ask for? I’m done waiting for external things to somehow make me happy. Happiness and peace of mind happen internally. So, today is a great day, I have a smile on my face and happiness in my mind.

I hope you are feeling the same.

2 responses to Addiction Recovery: A Little Peace Of Mind Goes A Long Way

  1. Hi Erin,

    I’m glad you are having a good day! I am as well. I feel much better and stronger each day. It has been about 7 days since I’ve been off the Cymbalta. I am starting to feel like myself again 🙂

    Happiness to you and yours!

  2. Good for you.

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