Addiction Recovery Realted Movie: Things We Lost In The Fire

October 14, 2009 — 3 Comments

You may or may not have realized that I love to delve into all things related to addiction recovery. Usually this is in the form of reading but thanks to the upcoming release of the movie Things We Lost In The Fire starring Benicio Del Toro and Halle Berry I can get my fill while watching the big screen.

Things We Lost In The Fire is said to be a very real adaptation of someone in the throes of addiction who makes his way into addiction recovery. I have NOT seen this movie yet but from what I read, it seems like it represents a very realistic story of addiction and recovery. So what is the story line of this move?

I’ll give you the description of this movie that I have read: Halle Berry’s character is married to a man who is a wonderful husband and father. She can’t understand his relationship with his childhood friend (Benicio Del Toro) because they seem to be from different worlds. The friend, who was once a lawyer, is now in the downward spiral of addiction. It is not until the husband dies suddenly that Halle Berry’s character can see the friend as a human being. She takes him into her garage after the death of her husband as a way of getting to know him a little better and in an effort to keep a piece of her husband close to her. Benicio Del Toro’s character is in the throes of heroin addiction. All hope seems to be lost until this new relationship between himself and his dead friend’s family shows him that there may be hope for himself after all.

From what I am reading Things We Lost In The Fire is a lot heavier than what the trailer shows it to be. It is a very honest and emotional film which gives a good depiction of addiction. Any interviews with Benicio Del Toro that I read shows that he took this role very seriously. He spent some time with addiction specialists as well as attending NA meetings to research this role. He said that he also adapted real life into this role. He used things like relationships with family and friends faced with addiction to capture his role as an addict. It was that statement that makes me think that this role may be pretty true to life.

Things We Lost In The Fire is opening this Friday the 19th. I probably am not going to rush out and see this movie as soon as it opens and I’m going to be real careful about who I choose to go to this with for the simple fact that I know that it will probably have a huge impact on me emotionally, based on the subject matter.

It is in my nature to empathize with people, even those in movies. I’m curious to see how I will be affected by a movie that touches on a subject matter so close to my heart.

3 responses to Addiction Recovery Realted Movie: Things We Lost In The Fire

  1. Hi Erin,

    Can you tell me how you coped with cravings? If you’ve shared that already on your blog can you tell me which post? I’m having such a hard time craving which I thought I’d never do.

  2. I hope you will post a review of the film if you go see it. I have had several people tell me about it’s relase, but I am always hesitant to go see a movie on a subject which I already have very strong feelings about… sometimes it can lead to disappointment. (like having read the book a movie is based on)

    Take care Erin,


  3. I’m sorry Tina, for some reason I didn’t notice when you posted your question. It’s funny that you mention cravings, I just actually posted an article on my friend’s site in which I talked about the fact that I have “situational cravings”. The way that I deal with them is recognizing them for what they are and then weighing the consequences of what my actions would be. There are ALWAYS consequences. For me I think to myself, more than likely my husband will find out and if he does is 5 hours of feeling fucked up worth losing my husband and my son…no. And then I just ride it out.

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