Addiction Recovery: Using The Secret

January 4, 2010 — Leave a comment

I have been reading The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. This book talks about positive thinking and what effect it has on the law of attraction. The Secret stresses the importance that your thoughts have on the outcome of your life. What statement could be truer than that to a recovering addict?

The Secret is based on the law of attraction which states like attracts like. If you are thinking negative thoughts and you surround yourself with people who are thinking and speaking negatively it is going to have a negative effect on what it is you are trying to accomplish.

If your goal is to live a rewarding and happy sober life yet you dwell on the negatives of being sober how are you ever supposed to reach happiness in sobriety? The same goes with the company you keep. You may have someone that is also in addiction recovery that you associate with. You figure since you are both staying clean this person is safe to be around. What you really need to pay attention to is this person’s outlook on sobriety. Is it a positive one or a negative one? If negative what effect do you think that this will have on your sobriety? You guessed it…negative.

If you are talking to someone and they point out to you that a certain part of sobriety sucks you will then be thinking negatively about sobriety. Without knowing it you are then attracting more negative thoughts about sobriety through the law of attraction.

The Secret goes onto explain that you can have anything you want out of life if you think of it, believe you can have it and even act as if about it. You may do this sometimes or you may not but the goal would be to truly try to do this all the time. Don’t allow yourself to have negative thoughts and when you do, to quickly realize that you are and change it around to a positive thought. It’s work but well worth it.

Meditation and visualization are a big part of practicing The Secret. For some it’s also a big part of being in addiction recovery. Meditation has helped a lot of people I know to be able to achieve calmness and peace on a daily basis. If you visualize the things that you would like to achieve and you allow yourself to feel what you would feel if you already achieved it (acting as if), you’re setting the law of attraction in motion to get you closer to what you are trying to achieve.

To me, there is no downside to this way of thinking. If you get nothing else but a more positive outlook on things then what have you lost? Nothing. You have gained a little more peace of mind and happiness. I think that this type of thinking along with a good recovery program will set you on the road to being exactly who it is you want to be.

Good Luck.

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