Addictive Thinking: The “Normals”, The Idiots, And The Addicts

February 3, 2010 — Leave a comment

I was taking a look online for some addiction related videos and found a series of addiction related videos of Dr. Robert Lefever. In this series he tackles a lot of the main topics of addiction and addiction recovery in a way that can make sense to anyone. One of the videos that I found interesting is called Recovery 7: What Makes An Addict. Here he explains the difference between these people…are you normal, an idiot, or an addict?

Surprise, surprise…I fall into the addict category. Dr. Robert Lefever explains that people can be separated into the three groups of: “normal” (he understands there is no normal, and actually thinks of these people as abnormal), idiots and addicts by one factor…WHY do they drink, drug, shop, eat, gamble…etc.

He talks about the fact that addicts “use” to try and change the way the feel. I think that this very basic explanation of why an addict uses is true. Obviously there are factors that go into what makes a person want to change the way the feel but the fact that they use drugs or alcohol to achieve that change is what sculpts an addict.

What I liked was that he tackles the subject of alcohol (or drug or whatever) abuse versus addiction. The abusers fall into the idiot category. What better way to describe it than that? I have known plenty of idiots in my life. College anyone? Funnels and beer bongs ring a bell? Dr. Robert Lefever has seem to have found a very basic understanding of the difference between abuse and addiction that everyone can understand.

I happen to agree with a lot of what Dr. Robert Lefever has to say in his addiction recovery series. This series is available on Youtube. It seems that it was originally created for a recovery clinic in the UK called Promise. There are something like 30 videos available from the Dr. Robert Lefever series, all having to do with the characteristics of an addict and addiction recovery.

This addiction recovery series seems perfect for those of us that have hit bottom, climbed our way back up, and are working on our addiction recovery. Why? Because it reminds us where we came from, how we got there, and what it took to get out. It’s one more piece of motivation to keep us from ever going back. It’s like a refresher course on our addiction…we all need to keep our addiction fresh in our minds.

This would also be a great series for those who are not afflicted with addiction to watch and get a glimpse into the mind of an addict. Addictive thinking and behavior is explained very well by Dr. Lefever and has a real world approach to it. The reason for Dr. Lefever’s understanding of addiction is partly due to his own alcohol addiction for which he is in recovery for. No one knows and addict as well as a fellow addict.

Dr. Lefever talks open and honestly about his alcohol addiction, what toll it had on his life, what his “rock bottom” was, and how he has dealt with life in addiction recovery. It’s another example pointing to the importance for honesty in recovery.

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