Amy Winehouse, relapse or cold turkey alcohol withdrawal?

August 4, 2011 — 7 Comments

The sad and mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of Amy Winehouse have left me baffled. The unfortunate truth is that either account is believable. Her family says it was alcohol withdrawal.

A drug dealer has come forward saying that he arranged for Amy to buy some drugs from another drug dealer referred to as “Mr. Big”. He says she purchased 1/2 oz. crack and a 1/2 oz. heroin.

Police are saying that there was no evidence of drugs or even paraphernalia in the house. Her family says she had been clean off drugs for years and was trying to quit alcohol. They believe she had a heart attack or seizure from trying to go cold turkey.

They did an autopsy but it came up inconclusive; toxicology will take a few more weeks to be done.

The family is setting up a fund to set up a rehab center for young people struggling with addiction.

The thing is that either way, Amy is gone; addiction can take so much from us and finally take our lives: whether we relapse and overdose, or try to quit cold turkey and seize and die.

Celebrities like Amy Winehouse are often surrounded by alcohol and drugs and they have the means to buy anything they want. That must make it even more difficult to stay sober.

Stay alert people

7 responses to Amy Winehouse, relapse or cold turkey alcohol withdrawal?

  1. Thanks so much for writing about how dangerous withdrawal from alcohol can be. Can’t wait to read more about recovery on your blog.

  2. Yes, the roller coaster ride of addiction doesn’t always have a Hollywood ending hey. Let’s hope something useful can come in the wake of this tragedy.

    Alcohol withdrawals can actually kill you! This informative article speaks more about it.

    Great blog – thanks for sharing!

  3. Pure fucking crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big thumbs down

  4. uh, what’s pure crap Larry? Seems a useful recovery related article to me, advising people of the dangers of alcohol withdrawal and staying alert to potential relapse warning signs.

  5. I have worked with recovering addicts for 4 years now, and am one myself. In that time I had a counselee (who will remain nameless) who died from alcohol withdrawl. He returned to drinking after walking out of the program I work for. He was 42.
    I have helped many go through the detoxification process, and the worst two are opiates and alcohol, and in my opinion alcohol is the worse of the two. When you have a true drunk who goes to bed with a bottle and wakes up with one, they experience symptoms worse than most of your heroin addicts.

  6. It was so sad what happened to Amy Winehouse…. everyone has an opinion on what happened, but we will never know for sure….. It s so sad, and I’m sure that as adicts we can all relate to how easy it would be to get completely out of control with all that money at our disposal, as Amy had. When I have relapsed or gone on a binge it usually only ended because the money ran out – with endless money – I dread to think! It’s so sad that people judge Amy winehouse, she was human and susceptible to the same as the rest of us. Her Dad is opening a rehab centre in her memory which is a lovely gesture, it’s such a shame Amy didnt get help sooner before the irrepairable damage to her confidence and repuatation was done. As for the subject of alcohol withdrawals, I have heard and witnessed how terrible they are … but in my detox centre the alcoholics did better than the others thanks to a drug called Librium, which made their detox pretty painless, apart from a sore bum as they had to have injections – even those on several bottles of vodka a day seemed to breeze it – the problem is that alcohol is so easily accessible that the temptation will always be visible to the alcoholic, and many relapse. Addiction is such a sad topic and we are judged for it … it is good that sites like this exist so we can help each other through it and relate to others who truly understand the devasting nature od addiction – keep up the good work 🙂

  7. Hi, my son just completed a 6 month program rehab program, and was very sucessful, regained his spirituality, strength, identity back, but three days later, he claimed he was going to a meeting and I guess the temptation was there and he relasped, now what, I believe I will talk with him and he new what the consequences would be, I don’t want to put him out, should I give him a chance to seek and use the tools he gained in the program and possibly suggest to go back and surrender, I didn’t think he was quite ready, he needed more time in the program, family drink and it’s around, they don’t understand what he is really going through. I am trying and I want to do the best thing, what is your opinion?

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