Breaking Up with My Addiction

September 8, 2011 — 2 Comments

Sponsors tell you that writing things down helps, to journal the fight against addiction, having a record, getting things off your chest;  this is another twist to doing that and I must say I like it.

Actor Colin Farrell has said that he has given up cigarettes but here is the interesting part: he wrote a break up letter to tobacco on the last day he would smoke.

I like it. Maybe this would be a fruitful exercise. Having journals of my addiction recovery has served to help me keep it together sometimes when I can see the signs of the spiral; isolation, negative thoughts etc. There have been times when I look back at my journals and I can see clearly step by step what happened whenever I had a relapse or even how I saw it coming and avoided falling into old destructive behaviors.

Because I am living on the upside, happy go lucky side of things,  I decided I would write a humorous short poem to say I am done with you. (I am not a good poet so feel free to laugh at me, I am!)

Good bye Drugs and Alternate Reality

You reached for me, I reached for you,

you promised fullness but left me dull,

there is nothing here for you anymore,

I quit, I am done, It’s no more fun.

Don’t want to think of what you have done.

I am going far and won’t come close

to the likes of you,

no more, no more.

2 responses to Breaking Up with My Addiction

  1. Hmm.. Hi, Good article to Breaking up the Addiction, actually its quite Difficult left, but as a celebrity, if you do this it will be good to your follower as well…
    Good job

  2. This is just another well intentioned, yet, to be “nice” and polite, totally ignorant post. This website, unfortunately promotes it. Think about it. The name of the site? “What winners do.” Really? When addicts and/or addictions are involved, its not only acceptable but also expected by the so-called educated (ignorant) powers that be to be as pejorative as the minds of the galactically stupid allows. One might think a gentle reminder that the AMA has addiction listed as a disease but that does little to nothing, just like the entire recovery paradigm does, at least as we know it today. This in large part is because everything is scientifically invalid, from start to the absurd nosological finish. A simple fact. One disease, one pathology -has been woefully missed. Its really quite simple.
    DISEASE: Hypoism
    Symptom: Addiction
    Symptom: Decision making disasters
    Symptom: Eval mistakes of self and others
    etc etc etc many of which are positive attributes.
    Do the research. The science is out there. Otherwise, same disaster different day.
    Good luck

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