Christ Has Risen, Where’s My Beer?

April 23, 2010 — 1 Comment

I’m not sure about any of you recovering addicts out there but I would use holidays as an excuse to get day drunk. For any of you that aren’t familiar with the term day drunk it means getting drunk during the day. I know, tricky lingo.

On Easter or Christmas or Flag Day for that matter, I would start “socially drinking” as soon as I arrived at the relatives house. What I have come to realize now that I’m not using any mood altering substances is that one of the main reasons I drank was because I would feel uncomfortable at social gatherings.

It appears that I have social anxiety that I never really paid much attention to. I would just automatically plan on having a few beers to just take the edge off. I would call it my primer. Once I got a little buzz I could open up and not be so quiet in a group of people. So that leaves me with the question: What do I do now?

I am finding that I actually enjoy speaking to other people more now that I’m not drinking or drugging. I actually listen to them talk instead of staring at them, waiting for my turn to talk or just rudely interrupting them (I had a habit of doing that). Dealing with being a little uncomfortable no longer involves me gulping down a couple of beers. Sure I have to struggle with some weird feelings at first but it passes.

I also make sure that I always have a bottle of water or some other beverage in my hand. I noticed that one of the things I liked about always having a beer in my hand was when there was a little lull in the conversation I had something to concentrate on…drinking. So I still use that trick, I just don’t drink alcohol. I still pee just as much though.

It’s horrible to say but being around relatives can drive some people to drink. I said some people, not me…my relatives are perfect! If this is the case for any of you, holidays can be a trigger. Since no one wants to relapse, you need to prepare yourself for these situations. Just talk yourself through it, weigh your options and do what the winners do… don’t drink!

Happy Easter

One response to Christ Has Risen, Where’s My Beer?

  1. Anything out of the ordinary was a reason for me to drink, whether nor not it was for a positive or negative reason mattered not. If there wasn’t a reason or an excuse to drink, I would make one.

    Routines are good for me, they put me set in my ways. So when life does throw me a curve ball I able to stand firm in the batter’s box and take a swing instead of bailing and glowering ineffectively at the pitcher. My wife has been out of the country, I’ve had two uncles die this week, and I’ve been offered a job that would require me to make some hard decisions. All good reasons to drink, yet despite the “reasons” I am set in my ways and life has gone on with little upheaval.

    I’ll mourn the uncles, miss the wife, and possibly take the job… but you will not see me take a drink, so count me among the winners today.

    Happy Easter from The Discovering Alcoholic

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