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    The brain is dizzy
    the fingers of the mind are slowly trying to part the curtains
    that have kept the ambiance so muted all these years.
    Don’t move too fast – the brain cant keep up with itself.
    The brain is dizzy

    What was that?
    Something stirring in another part of the body
    Remember that – I think its called emotion
    Where have you been?
    Don’t do that – there are tears in my eyes
    Don’t move too fast – the brain cant keep up with itself
    The brain is dizzy

    Why is there anger – that is not allowed
    I am supposed to accept all that is handed out
    The injustices of society
    The rules of corporations
    The control is slipping, its sliding out of reality
    I cant stop it any longer
    Why should I – who knows what’s really in my mind
    Don’t move too fast – the brain cant keep up with itself
    The brain is dizzy

    Faster, faster here we go
    This is a roller coaster ride of mind boggling proportions
    Can you feel it?
    Can you see it?
    I am sorry,
    This isn’t me.
    Don’t move too fast – the brain cant keep up with itself
    The brain is dizzy

    The light seeps in as the curtains open
    nothing can stop them
    the track is on a one way movement
    Sepia to full colour
    Mind blowing senses
    Don’t move too fast – the brain cant keep up with itself
    The brain is dizzy

  2. You have scrubbed your site of Cymbalta references including the withdrawal blog. Have you made an arrangement with Eli-Lilly?

  3. Hi

    I have used smack in the distant past, but, because of various reasons I can’t develop networks (try social phobia for one). Still, opiates will always remain the drug of choice for me – unfortunately, because of this phobia (and also because it is very hard to get S8 – Morph, oxy contin etc.) from GP’s – I occasionally have a shot at protracted suicide using OTC’s. First time I almost died (Nurofen Plus ring a bell in the US? 16 gm of codeine plus a shitload of nurofen – Codeine gets you hooked and hopelessly constipated while the other garbage rots away every organ in your bdoy). Anyway, ’nuff said – we all have our stories.
    I’m curious – in Oz, Mehtadone and bupe/suboxone are free – you just have to pay $300 to a private clinic per month to “dispense” (you can go to Govt. clinics but they are always full and not great places – no offence, but they are usually barbed wire shitheaps with people lined up outside trying to sell you a script for Diazepam). Yes – I work in health and it is very difficult for me.
    Suboxone is just bupe with a touch of narcan (or whatever) added so people can’t hit it up – instant withdrawal!!! Only works under the tongue (well, there are other ways but lets not go there – less effective as well). It will give you, even an at 16 mg (half the max. daily dose) a slight anti depressant feeling so if you are after a whack, bupe etc. ain’t it. However, I i have been working with another similarly qualified individual on the theory that, once it stabilises you, after about three hours the narcan hits for 20 ‘ or so (it is a short acting drug), makes you fell cranky bla bla ( a mini withdrawawal at 11.00 AM or so every day – then the bupe takes back over.
    Of course, during this 20 minutes you are freaking a bit – so I (in my case) reach for the benzo’s big time. Then the Bupe gets back in control and all you want to do is sleep (I suppose it’s obvious – Valium is a rotten drug). These are just suppositions and seem to affect about 50% of SUBOXONE (not bupe) users from my own and other observations.
    I would be very, very interested in any comments on this odd phenomenon?

    Anyway, take care. We are a weary band but we are alive and can gain strength from each other. Also – there is nothing wrong with self medicating if YOU DO IT RIGHT. Not the greatest world, and we, possibly, all have have hard lives so don’t belt yourself up. Want to to see some wrecks – try gamblers.

    Happy to converse anytime – I am going through a very hard time myself (ain’t we all) and Oz isn’t just the Opera house and Sydney Harbour. More like the back streets of Baltimore (no offence to Baltimoreans – just used it as an example – seen the back streets of Oxford?).

    Stuff this “LOL” crap – let’s try to enjoy at least 30% of our lives – that’s a start.


  4. You go girl, !
    Great site,

    Only a suggestion Laugh with me here…….

    Offer Option to edit ones own post…
    miss spell or a durrr sentence.,,,,,,,,,


  5. Please continue writing, I am dealing with a missing son whose life seems to be slipping away and your posts have given me hope.

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  7. Hello, I see that there has not been a post for sometime but was hoping you and your readers could check out and possibly use these cool Recovery Badges I have created: You simply put in your name and recovery date, and will be given a code you can paste on your own personal blog or website and the badge will share with your readers how many years, months or days clean and sober!

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  8. Hang in there, everyone…. There is truth regarding the quote ‘Work sets you free.” Staying busy occupies the mind from its’ depressed mood”
    The Glass is always half full!

  9. Hi Erin!

    Great to hear from you and thanks for your email. I just subscribed to receive your newsletters. I am also in recovery for alcohol addiction and love reading about people’s experience, strength and hope. Since I’m also an actress and extremely passionate about recovery, I decided to combine the two elements and create a web series called Grace This Way. It’s about a young woman’s journey through the 12 steps of AA and the first episode is premiering on Sunday, September 18 at 8 p.m. at

    I wonder if you might be willing to write a brief article about the web series on your blog. I think your readers could benefit from watching the series as well as reading Grace’s thoughts on her blog. It has always helped my recovery knowing I’m not alone.

    Let me me know! In the mean time, I look forward to reading more of your articles.

    Thanks and have a great weekend.


  10. Dear Erin,
    I am an alcoholic who has been struggling with many relapses for the last few years. I recently got sober, (it’s been 16 days since my last drink) and I am very determined this time to stay that way forever, so I’ve been doing the work and reading a lot of early recovery material on the net to help me get onto my own two feet. I just wanted to say that discovering your blog is a big help for me! I learn something new from each entry. Thank you for writing this.

  11. awesome..jill..putting you on my Fb 😉

  12. Hi,

    If I quit drinking for 11 months and then I drank one night again..Do I count my sober days all over again? I almost made it to a year and no I have to start all over again 🙁

  13. Erin:
    would you like to gust post on my Blog about womens issues in recovery –

    i can do the same on your blog about recovery from Alcohol ??

    what do ya say ?

    Tom Gillis
    203 488 4262

  14. Hi. Have just joined the happy band of Cymbalta withdrawees from acute hepatitis caused by the med. Brain zaps are defo the worst for me – between every 5- 45 secs for the past 4 days, plus hot then cold and a massive thirst. When I started taking Cymbalta, I expressed a concern, as had had a problem with SSRI withdrawal before, but GP (doctor) said well it’ll be ok as you can come not slowly – not when you are facing liver failure you can’t!. Feeling very emotional too, so keep explaining to poor hubby the old chestnut – “it’s not you, it’s me”. Also due to the liver damage have had to come off some other medications for my RA, so all in all not a good thing to happen. Love to have any email support from peeps who have got through this – am struggling atm
    Jane xx

    • Just realised that the last post reads somewhat incoherently, sorry. What i was trying to explain was that I developed acute hepatitis, due to the Cymbalta, and by the time it was dxed, my liver was so bad, that I had to stop all my meds immediately! (I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, which probably lead to the depression in the first place!)
      That was last Saturday.
      A week later, thankfully my liver function has responded well and improved to the extent I have been released from hospital, but now coping with the withdrawal of some pretty powerful drugs at home!

  15. Hi Erin, I am looking for an email address for you if possible. I wanted to talk to you about a facepainting picture of yours. Can you email me please? Thanks a lot.

  16. Just here too say thank you for this site….. Greatful, i am from Holland and i am one of thoose crazy people that has more feeling with the english language than the dutch that we speak, i can only tell you thanks you, it has been a big help……
    Greets JustMe

  17. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and been on cymbalta for at least 7 years. I did take other antidepressents before cymbalta. With the help of the dr., I am trying to get off of it. I do take the 60 mg daily of with he recently dropped it to every other day. That was for 3 weeks. He moved it to every 3 days and now it supposedly should be off it by the end of this week. I am extremely emotional, however, I am also have some personal issues within my family members. Not with me, however, with a family member. I have also been experiencing inability to sleep well even though I may take an ambien. I have within the last couple of days experienced major sweating and am not sure if this is part of withdrawals. My dr. prescribed Xanax to help me through this period of stopping cymbalta. I haven’t taken it, because of not wanting to go from one med to another. What’s your thoughts as well as anyone elses?


    I think this may give some people some hope that the FDA just might be looking into this matter of Cymbalta withdrawal. Here is a website. If I go off the drug it could kill me. I have end stage liver disease, AFIB, diabetes, bi-polar, sleep apnea, hearing loss (aids), neuropathy, vertigo, etc. I stopped drinking several times in my life and nobody ever mentioned to me that I have had a liver problem until 2009 when I had acites.

    If I come off Cymbalta on my own, I could end up ceasing and bleeding out and dying. So even hemorroids are a big deal. So how am I supposed to come off this crap without be hospitalized? See attached:

  19. I’m currently withdrawing from cymbalta as well. I was on 60 mg and am now reducing slowly. The random brain flashes u get! I agree, its messed up!

  20. I don’t know if someone has previously posted this suggestion for coming off Cymbalta/Duloxetine but I’ll do this anyway.
    When I wanted to come off it, my Psychiatrist said just to increase the intervals between doses. I was on 60mg. a day.Of course I experienced all the awful side effects that many others seem to have done however I persisted. I went back onto 60mg then decided that I wanted to be rid off it by 6 weeks. So I took 7 X 6 capsules out of the blister packs i.e. 42.
    I then took 7 of the capsules, opened them carefully, took a wooden toothpick, a glass of cold water, dipped the end of the toothpick into the water about 1/4″ deep then into the end of the capsules containing the micro capsules (my description). I then washed off the little capsules which had stuck to the toothpick and proceeded to do this with the other 6. I took the second set of 7 capsules (i.e. Week 2)and dipped the toothpick into the water and then into the opened capsule but this time I did this part twice thus removing double the amount. I carried on with the rest of the 6 weeks’ worth of capsules each time increasing the amount of micro capsules by the same factor. I know it’s a faff but for me it worked. Not perfect but manageable.
    Trouble was I got depressed again and ended up back on the pills. My depression is reactive in that it is my way of reacting to a whole series of chronic illnesses but hey.
    I really hope this helps someone somewhere. If it does please let me know.
    All the best
    mike smith

  21. I am contacting you about your wonderful website, it is so so amazing! Every aspect of it

  22. I was prescribed Cymbalta 60 mg when my Uncle died for depression and I have been taking for over 2 years now. One of the side-effects left me with deep sores in my mouth and unable to talk without making it worse! When I found myself at the dentist with this large unsightly large sore on the left side of my lip, I decided that I had to stop taking this medication. I didn’t want to stop cold turkey so I tried taking it evrey other day. I started having dizziness in my brain, really caught my attention and I was very concerned.

    • It has been 2 months now from taking Cymbalta every other day, to not taking it at all, as I do not have insurance. Well it has been very hard! Having Brian ZAPPS/dizziness, upset stomach, headaches, etc… on and on… I open that laptop this morning in tears for no reason,,,, just to get some in site,,, I can’t do this alone~~~~~

  23. I would like to bring to your attention a book I penned 3-plus years ago.

    PHARMACOLOGICAL SLAVERY: The Road from Chemical Bondage to Freedom and Recovery from Active Addiction

    Vance Hodge (2009) Author House [Publishing] ISBN: 978-1-4389-9389-9389-8 (sc)

    It has been described [albeit briefly] on my website and a link to the book via the publisher [Author House] too is present at this site.

    The approach of my text is someone what unconventional — it is a philosophy book. As such, I have restricted my attention to examining the topic accordingly: While I initially considered writing a more personal account of my own trials and tribulations concerning substance abuse; I elected to approach the issue as it relates to human nature generically. I have arduously attempted to examine the subject as but one among the many

  24. Thank you all for your stories. I’m going off Cymbalta as well. I also have “BRAIN ZAPPS” GREAT TERM. I’m so glad to know that I’m not alone. Upset stomach, and headaches too. Anyone know how long before they stop?

  25. Hi
    I don’t know if this blog is still active but I would like to share this with you.
    I live in South Africa and started using Cymgen about 3 years ago. I was on 30mg once a day. After deciding that the medication didn’t help me, I decided to quit cold turkey. The only withdrawal symptoms I experienced was the dizziness and vertigo. But it was really bad. I started taking it again after a week. I decided to research this and found that antioxidants is supposed to reduce the withdrawal. So I started taking PROCYDIN* (don’t know if this is available worldwide) with the Cymgen for about 2 weeks. Then when my Cymgen was finished I continued to take the Procydin only. I must say that I am not experiencing any withdrawal symptoms at this stage. I also don’t get depressed (never had suicidal thoughts – even before)
    Procydin contains:
    Grape seed extract
    Proanthocyanidins – 70mg
    CA Ascorbate 30mg
    Bioflavonoids 30mg
    Vitamin E 15mg

    I still take it as I am certain it can only be good for one.
    I take 2 tablets once a day.

    NOTE: This is NOT medical advice. I am NOT a doctor and this is my opinion based on experience.

  26. Oh, I also did experience those brain zapps and the feeling of brain moving in the skull.

  27. Thanks for the stories, it was nice and inspiring. 🙂

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