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April 5, 2010 — 48 Comments

Over the past couple of months I have been posting some articles dealing with my own experience of weening of Cymbalta and what Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms I have had. This will be the last Cymbalta related post…I swear.

I can say that this will be the last article with certainty because my Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms have finally ceased. Wow…that really sucked. The first post that I had made about experiencing Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms was on June 27th, I had stopped the Cymbalta all together a few days prior to my post. It seems like it was much longer ago to me.

I think what got me through this weening off of Cymbalta successfully (by successfully I mean not using this as an excuse to abuse drugs) was the fact that I was very open and honest with my family about what I was going through.

In the old days when I was actively abusing drugs I would have seen the Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms as a perfect excuse to self medicate with drugs and alcohol. I wouldn’t have discussed this at all with my family, I would have just “taken care of it” on my own. Situations like this one show me how far I’ve come in transforming my addictive thinking into rational thought.

Instead of isolating, putting on a smile and keeping my pain to myself I made it very clear to my family what I was going through. I explained that the Cymbalta withdrawal was causing me to have a zapping sensation in my brain, flu like symptoms and was making me feel irritable, emotional and short tempered. (I didn’t really have to tell them about the last few, they kind of figured that out on their own)

It is amazing how much better a situation can be dealt with once you let people help you and give you support. I wonder now what ever gave me the impression that I shouldn’t share my problems with people. Did I think I was stronger if I just suffered in silence? Would I be thought of as a weak person? I guess it just goes hand in hand with addictive thinking.

It was way back in April that I had first gotten the idea that Cymbalta wasn’t working for me. Then in May I had begun my slow weening off of Cymbalta with my doctor’s supervision. Finally, here we are in July and I am happy to announce that this ordeal is finally behind me.

It feels good to have set a goal, worked towards completing it, and then finally have successfully reached it. On to the next one.

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  1. Congratulations Erin! Recovery isn’t so much about attaining every goal as it is honestly trying… but then again it is amazing how strong we can be when we honestly set our mind on success.

    Independence Day is an apt holiday for you tomorrow!

  2. HI. I am on day 5 of having no cymbalta and I am having a rough go of it. I keep on trying to think of what i could imbibe/eat that could take away the suffering. I keep crying and crying and feel dizzy with the static sensations and irritable and clumsy and sad and angry again and again. Is there anything to help? I have multi-vitamins and odwalla monster B., and flora-essence and a very patient husband. I am helpless right now and need help. I made an appointment with my doctor for tomorrow. I am considering going on Prozac 5 mg. for 5 days. I’ve heard that helps a lot with these fracking nonsense. urgh. i am so pissed

    • Annie

      Not to fast there. And don’t trade one mind killer for another. There is a tapering method that has become very effective in withdrawing from Cymbalta.

      Or just go to and follow the link.

    • I am too am coming off of Cymbalta along with 4 other drugs – I am dealing with the good ole’ catchall name FIBROMYALGIA. A doctor for this gave me this the doctor for that gave me more and it continued… This is Day 4 off being off of everything — I am upset at these doctors for giving me all of these meds like they are candy — now I used up all of my sick time – vacation time – personal time – luckily was 3 months worth — hardly ever sick… now I am on FMLA without pay and which only continues until July 1 – then I lose my health benefits and job — So I do want to take the time to thank these drs and med companies that made my 48th birthday a BLAST!!!! (Please Note: I am not at all saying all doctors don’t care but they have to communicate too about us..) THANK YOU FOR LISTENING and UNDERSTANDING!

      • Im glad your feeling better….I ‘ve been without cymbalta for 2 wks..1st week I threw up after everything I ate…I cry cry bitch complain the mood swings are unbearable….I don’t no who I am anymore..I have become a monster..I have been in a sauna for detox..liquid detox for 3 days and it’s worse…I’m not getting married cause he thinks I’m a psycho….I eat everything i see and cymbalta made me gain 30 pds…I was on it for my back..The pains are so alive…I went off this due to weight gain and HIM looking at me in disgust….I want to be myself again,,,,I am going 2 try benadryl…I see it took you 3mos to get better??? Its been 2 weeks and my bags are packed cause he doesnt want me here anymore:( any suggestions please will be appreciated xo

        • Has he heard of “for better or worse”??? Now is a good time to see if he’s in it for the long haul. This is not your fault. You need him right now to be your rock. Bless you!

  3. I started tapering off from 60mg about 3 weeks ago…started taking 60 mg every other day then went to 30mg every other day and finally stopped taking it all together about 9 days ago….Still having rough time…Brain zaps nausea sweats hot flashes dizziness and now i have been having horrific pain down my leg(i’ve had back surgery twice for L4 L5 root nerve problems) the DR. prescribed this for me to help with depression and to help with the nerve pain i was having…It helped with the nerve pain but gave me more problems with the depression i was at a point where i never wanted to get out of bed and when i did get out and force myself to do something i felt wore out the whole time. Now that i have completely stopped taking it the worse thing i am dealing with is the horrific pain running down my back through my left leg all the way to my foot….Wondering 2 things…. 1) how long does the withdrawals last on average 2) has anyone else experienced the pain i am describing. Thanks for the info and good luck to anyone trying to KICK this crack like evil drug.

  4. My experience with antidepressants

    I have tried the entire gamut of antidepressants during a 5 year period. Due to the older products causing extreme excitability, I was put on Effexor-which caused a lack of libido and was very difficult to wean off the medication. Wellbutrin ,after a year, caused liver enzymes to soar resulting in much pain in all the joints of my body. Then the ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE-CYMBALTA!!!
    I started Cymbalta approximately a year ago. I was never informed about what would eventully occur. About 9 months into therapy-liver enzymes began to rise. Although there was little if any swelling in the joints-I walked painfully with a limp. I went to emerg and walk in clinic with the pain. Finally after reaching my shrink who does the meds, she advised me to start the weaning process. I stopped taking Cymbalta Sept 10/2009 and severe withdrawal symptoms started Sept 15. I had been on 2x 60mg and stepped down to 60 mg, and then nothing. I know the weaning process could have been more drawn out but I was intent to get this drug out of my system-esp because of liver toxicity.
    I will mention that with Effexor, I tried to withdraw on several occassions. To me it made no difference whether you go to half, then a quarter, then an eigth-this did involve breaking the Effexor capsule and actually counting the granules. I think I even took 5 granules at the end-Again I experienced the same horrible withdrawal effect even if the last dose was incredibly tiny and seemed that the brain was so dependent on any small amount.
    Back to Cymbalta-I reduced my dosage form 2×60 to 1×60 on Sept 1-under the doctors advice and then on Sept 10, I completely went cold turkey.
    The side effects started Sept 15 and were very severe
    -horrible brain zaps. I discribe this having extreme pain/dizziness ever time I moved my eyelids a small amount. I had severe vomiting, diarrhea, and nausea until Sept 30. I was not able to drive for 2 weeks due to this shaking of the brain (brain zaps). I started driving again for my job on Oct 1 but still feel these zaps ; although minor-they still exist. While I was going through this, I contacted many addiction/mental health organizations. I asked the question: How long does it take to pass through these horrible withdrawal effects-I COULD GET NO ANSWER. A sympathetic pysch nurse said that Cymbalta is a relatively new drug and have not had the experience of withdrawal. My doctor had 2 patients on it and no one had discontinued meds.
    I think that this info must get out to doctors and that potential patients be made aware of the SEVERE WITHDRAWAL EFFECTS. I hope that other people do not have to go through what I had to endure.


  5. Hi, not so sure I am experiencing withdrawl side effects from cymbalta or if it is something else. I unfortunatley stoppd taking it cold turkey due to a terrible doctor (answering cell phone and texting during my visits!! Plus one of his receptionists is a tota B***H!!!) Had a hard time getting in to see a new doc in my area. finally have an appointment this tues. whoo- hoo! I did stop taking it about a month ago and 8 days ago became unable to basiclly function at all due to severe headache which remains to this date. Can’t sleep have diarhea, and pretty emotional. My husband has always called me cold hearted as a joke because i am not very emotional but find myself crying because of the severe pain in my head. I have also become claustraphobic!! need an mri due to other issue and could not do it! have a bulging disc in neck and they need to check my brain for something!!?? so will try again on tues with the help of some meds to calm me. so I am not sure what to do. feel like I want to drill holes in my head to relievee the pressure!

    • i have afew of your symtoms diaarhea head ach dizzy wave shocks in brain cant think stright and remembering thing scince trying to come off i dont know what to do !!! but i cant keep taking it becuse it dosent help mch anymore

      • i to had the same systoms as you im on day 8 of been off cymbalta the withdrawels i had horriable severe stomach cramps headaches diarrhea i was moody emotinoal i really felt like shit the first 1to 7 days were the worsed nw some of the systoms have gone i tink i had myself so worked up of comming off i was freaking meself out all i can say is stick it out it will get better im doing it im stronger now knowing the cymbalta is posion a hell of a drug gpoing on and getting offf but there is light at the end of tunnel u to can do it 🙂 keep postive

  6. A web site you all may want to go to to see side effects is It lists tons of them.

  7. i am on 60 mg cymbalta and want to come off so badly 3 dys into stoping i get the buzzing in the brain and nausa feeling dizzy. oh my god !!! ifly for alivig so i cant just stop right now , but i think i wil take some time off and do this i wonder if heir is a clinic that can help

  8. The biggest fucked patient in the us November 18, 2009 at 12:10 am

    I don’t believe there is any help from the pharmacudical companies..and the doctors are just as stupid. I wish I would have just committed suicide and never taken the drug!!!!!! Oh, and the reason I am off of it right now is that it costs 175 per month and I live in the US and cannot find, there you have it. Thanks Wall STreet!

    • Hi, i’m going through withdrawal symptoms right now as a result of coming off cymbalta. It was prescribed months ago for neurological pain. It was ineffective for the pain and made me even more tired. Two weeke after coming off this drug, I’m getting wooshing in my head and almost passing out, My emotions are all over the place and my pain is now untreated!

      Anyway, i just wanted to say, don’t give up, live from day to day and make sure that you put a smile on someones face each day. Set goals and get some enjoyment from your life even if this means that you suffer fron this for a short period.

      The drugs i’ve tried for my neurological pain are as follows.
      Gabapentine …. not very effective but no side effects!
      Amatryptaline …. ditto … but these maywork for you.
      Duloxatine “Cymbalta…. Innefective and horrendous side effects.

      My neurologist has now told me he cannot treat my pain.

      MS Revive have suggested modafinin may be useful for treating my fatigue and i’m also trying Hyperbaric oxygen therapy .

      Just look as any pleasure you get out of your day as a bonus….suicide may stop your pain but think of your family and friends. My thoughts are with you.
      Regards Duncan

      • Thanks for your post, I am a psychologist and have been using cymbalta for one year for my generalized anxiety disorder. After a year. my weaaning off process started…I am on my fifth day without cymbalta and have some problems like others have(diziness, brain zaps, crying spells..) but I am trying to be as positive as I can because I know that this will not last forever. Just try to do what you like and try to spend time with people supporting you (your mother, your father, sister, and maybe a great boyfriend as I have). Always keep a smile on your face and be sure that it really works for every pain…

  9. Please don’t give up!

  10. thank you so much for you’re posts. I stopped Cymbalta cold turkey..not by choice..MCLA in Los Angeles is a horrible place and they keep you dependent on them..then when you need a refill script they don’t get back to you and/or don’t send the info to you’re pharmacy,all while harassing you for more $$$. Anyway the brain zaps have had me really worried, but I see I am not alone, and that I am not loosing my mind

  11. I have decided tonite that I want to go off Cymbalta and found this website….I am now really frightened to go off from the medication….can someone please explain to me what the “brain zaps” feel like or how often they happen? What are other symptoms? I know that if I miss a day and a half I feel very jittery, I can only imagine what a couple of days would feel like. What do I need to know to get off from this? I am on 60m right now…any suggestions?

    • Open the Capsules and remove pellets. I have been totally off the poison for over 3 months and it was well worth it.

      I personally started with 7 pellets remove daily for the first month and then 6 then 5 and then 4. Was taking 60mg for over 2 years. Using this scale the probability of brain zaps is much lower. As to a definition of the zaps, to me it was the same sensation as right as your falling asleep suddenly waking up. I’ve had some experience with Paxil in the past and knew what they were.

      Good luck

    • What you really need to do first is talk to a TRUST WORTHY doctor about coming off the medication. Don’t be so frightened of the brain zaps. They just feel(for a lack of a better word)…weird. Like some sort of an electrical short in your head. Each zap will only last about half a second. Also, when you move your eyes you might feel and hear a (swooshing) type of sensation. Trust me,this sounds worse than it actually is. These side affects lasted two weeks for me then diminished very quickly. Once I accepted it and stopped resisting it, they became tolerable…annoying, but tolerable.

  12. Yeah Find a trustworthy doctor or the winning lottery ticket whichever comes first. Doctors have no clue as how to accomplish the break away. That doesn’t figure into their percentage. The zaps are actually very serious and are a symptom of SOS. Serotonin Overload syndrome. This is a physical problem and needs to be taken into account. There is only one method to stop taking this drug. Slowly use a sliding progressive scale to match the titration rate at which your body metabolizes it. Start with extracting 7 pellets a day progressively. There are approximately 600 pellets in a 60mg capsule. When the zaps start you WILL KNOW. at that point back down a notch.

    Good luck

  13. ive been drug freee from paxil for 6 months and still suffering uncontrollable symptoms

  14. I quit Cymbalta cold turkey because I did the Master Cleanse for 14 days. I did not have any symptons until my last two days of the master cleanse then it began. I would go completely numb in my hands and my arms. It about drove me crazy then I realized what was happening and went back on it because I could not take it anymore. Now that I am back on 60mg a day I am so tired I cannot function and its like I am still having withdrawels even though I’m taking it. I also quit taking my hormones and started a natural hormone process using vitamins and nutrient supplements I got from a group called women to women. I hope to start feeling better and then try to get off Cymbalta again. I hope to get off

  15. I can’t understand why people are not just asking their doctors to give them prozac. Yes prozac will break the vicious cycle of cymbalta. I suffered for so long on this drug it was a nightmare. I just couldn’t get off of it. I had no energy I was getting brain zaps the whole thing. And finally my doctor asked me if it was okay to give me one prozac. Yes one prozac he gave me in the office and he told me to stop the cymbalta at once. I did and I could not believe I went 3 days no bad symptoms at all from the cymbalta. I ended up taking about one week worth of prozac and that was it. I have been free from cymbalta now for almost 2 years. Also I was a fibro patient. Also with CFS. My doctor did a test on vitamin D i was severely low. After 3 days of vitamin D I came alive. I started doing green juices and walking. My quality of life is the best its ever been. Remember nutrition is extremely important. I am now straight raw fruit and vegtables. I have never felt better. You all can lick this thing. Don’t let it get the best of you. Prozac stops cymbalta in its tracks trust me.

  16. It took me a year to wean off of Cymbalta. I have been off of it since March 2011. The first lowering of the dosage, I got severe headaches and facial pain. I was on vacation, so I went to an Urgent Care. Had a CT scan done that showed nothing. Since that time, the headaches have continued. I got no support from my psychiatrist. She kept saying it was stress and that all I needed to do was exercise. Kind of hard to do when your head feels like exploding. I have been to multiple doctors over the last year and a half. NONE of them know anything about this or show any interest in finding out anything. I even printed the FDA’s documentation for them. I have recently seen a neurologist and he has diagnosed Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia. I didn’t have it before I went on Cymbalta. I was on the Cymbalta for 5 years. Has anyone else had anything like this after coming off of Cymbalta. I did have lower back pain before the Cymbalta that went away while on it. It is now back. I was on the Cymbalta for depression. I was put on Carbamazapine last week for the TN. I have been unable to take any kind of meds since the Cymbalta. I am hypersensitive to everything. I have reacted very poorly to the new medication and am to start nortriptaline tomorrow night. I’m afraid. I don’t have any idea where to turn right now. I even asked to go back on the Cymbalta. The Dr. won’t let me. I would rather go through the side effects of it again than what I am going through right now. This is no way to live….

  17. Cymbalta was to be the answer to all my physical and mental problems. I have been on it for over 3 years. I am in the process of weaning off. I am under the care of my Neurologist and it seems to be working so far, but early to tell. I started on it for depression and Fibromyalgia.
    It really helped in both areas. My life has changed for the better and I decided to see if I could be anti-depressant free. (Cymbalta was only one of many I had taken over many years). So I started 3 weeks ago tapering off as prescribed. The side effects are very unsettling at the least. My face is hot (like a sunburn) all the time, I’m having periodic all over muscle pain from head to toe. (even the bottom of my feet hurt).Body parts going numb at times. My head feels like it will explode at times (fullness like sinus infection).
    My eyes burn constantly, ears plugged similar to being in a plane. Unrestful sleep, scary dreams and brain fog.
    The one side effect that scares me the most and I really hope and pray its isn’t permanent is a numbness of emotions. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this and how it played out for you? I haven’t seen any comments on this. If you have any insight please let me know. I don’t want to be a zombie without emotion and maybe this is the real me and when I need to feel the real thing I will. Thanks for this space to write this so its not just stuck in my head.

    • Yes, I have had the same thing happen to me while on it. I had no ups and downs….just a zombie going through life without emotion. Since coming off of the Cymbalta, I have emotions again and people that were around me while on it, don’t know how to handle me. But, at least I feel alive again. The nortriptyline is helping somewhat with the pain, I’m experiencing. Funny you should mention the sinus infection feeling. That’s what I thought I had when I first lowered the dosage. For a year and a half, I’ve had sinus problems. The allergy tests I had done, showed that I didn’t have any….The ENT was another Dr. that had no answer for me or offer of help. Good luck to you. I’ve written Erin Brockovich. She has a website with a section for pharmaceuticals. Cymbalta is on there. Write her and see if we can’t get something done. Someone, someday will take us seriously and help us out, I have to believe this!

  18. I have found a Kinesiologist who is helping with some of the withdrawal issues. Some adjustments (like chiropractics) but gentler. Taking Black Current Seed Oil to help with pain.
    Taking Epsom salts baths nightly to relax and help sleep. I work full-time which is very stressful while going through this but I am looking into and praying to being able to retire and focusing on myself full-time. It will all be worth it if I can make it to be Cymbalta free.
    Thank you for your response – it so helps to know I’m not alone.

  19. I’m hoping it’s possible November 19, 2011 at 1:51 am

    Many of you seem to be stopping the drug at much too high of a dose. 30, even 20mg(the lowest dose the drug can be found in) is an actually very high dose to stop at. Your mind and body is loving the 20mg, so to suddenly deny it that much will freak it out. Go ahead and get the 20mg prescription, but over the course of several weeks or months reduce the dosages little by little by separating the capsule and pouring a little bit out at a time. Measurements dont have to be exact, but just make sure the dose is decreasing. For ex., get to a point where yiou are taking about half of a 20 mg dose every other day. then go down to a fourth(5mg) every other day. You can go even less than this is if u feel really insecure about stopping. You need to giv e your body time to adjust to lower doses of the drug and not need so much to feel normal. Stopping will only be possible at such low doses as 5 mg and lower. Anything more and you will send your body into a horrific shock.

    This is not to say you wont experience withdrawal, but it should be less severe than if u were to stop at say 30mg. However, to help with symptoms, a few things have been stated to help: benadryl(which i have not tried for withdrawal), Omega-3/fish oil, and chamomile tea. The last two are supposed to help with the electic shock sensations and generally relieve stress.

    I had tried stopping at 30mg before and it was simply impractical. I had the most severe body zaps at the slightest movement of my limbs and it was the most uncomfortable thing I can ever remember feeling. I simply got back on the drug it was so horrifying.
    I am now off the drug for the longest i have ever been (4-5 days) and have only made it this far because I had reduced my dosage to about 4 mg by the end. I had been taking Cymbalta for 4 and a half years, and it has changed the demands and make-up of my CNS and serotonine centers, and this is why it is so hard to be without the drug. My symptoms so far, however, have not been as severe as the first time i had tried getting off, but they do include: diarrhea, hypersomnia(need for excessive sleep), extreme exhaustion, hypersensitivity(to sound especially), vivid dreams, electric shock sensations in my extremities upon moving, bouts of violent anger and/or crying(but only upon stimuli), headaches, and a feeling of mental darkness/fear. I do fear what tomorrow could bring, or if it could suddenly get worse as my body demands the drug it has been without for so long(6 days…demanding, I know). But there is no other option except to stay on this junk for the rest of my life which is also scary. I want to know that I can be without it, and I want back to a natural system.

    There are success stories of people who have indeed gotten off the drug and have been free of the horror ever since, so here’s hoping that mine will fall into the same category. I think tapering down to extremely low dosages may be key.

  20. I am currently taking Cymbalta for my fibromyalgia. Doctor started me about a month and a half ago on 30mgs. At first it totaly stopped my pain for about 4 days and the reason my doctor put me on the cymbalta is because I wanted to get totaly off the pain meds. I was taking at least 6 a day when I started out taking a half one and then went to a whole one and the pain was getting worse and then one and a half which leaded to two in the morning just to get out of bed and two around noon and two in the evening so I could go to sleep along with ambiem at night for about a year. He put me on cymbalta for the pain and after taking it for almost a couple of months I find myself taking pain meds anyway so I decided to stop the cymbalta because I couldn’t see taking them both so to me that ment the cymbalta wasn’t working and I was brusing very easily and had bruises all over my body and couldn’t remember how I got them and thinking it was because of the cymbalta so that was another reason to stop the cymbalta and saw no reason to keep taking it. After not taking cymbalta for about four days I was having sholder pain and pain in my neck and headaches real bad to where I had to take pain meds to help. After about two weeks of these headaches and taking cymbalta every other day I finally called my doctor and I was informed by the nurse in his office to not stop taking the cymbalta so now I’m still on it. It is Thanksgiving Day and I am at my daughters house in California and while surfing the web I thought I would look cymbalta up to see what I could find about this drug. Wow after reading everyone’s story I don’t want to take this anymore and when I get back home in Arizona on Monday I will call my doctor and inform him I will be getting off the cymbalta and stay on the pain meds because I see no difference in taking them both. I would rather wing myself off the pain meds than cymbalta after reading your stories. I feel your pain and am very sorry for all of you having to go through what you are going through. My pain is so bad somethimes I have to take pain meds just to get out of bed and to make it through work every day.
    Arizona Judy

  21. I have been withdrawing from cymbalta since sept 23, it has been hell I duo see finally a light at the end of tunnel…the only thing I can’t get by its that my taste buds are still gone and its freaking me out…my since of smell has calmed down but I can’t stand not being able to taste…..trying too find out if anyone else is experiencing the loss of taste and if anyone has the feeling that your boding is on fire on the inside….this drug is unbelievable and has to be taken off the market…its been along time and I have had enough…..hate that I was put on this drug and believe someone needs to be held accountable……

  22. to_good_to_be_true January 3, 2012 at 4:13 pm

    I’m a 52 yr. old male.
    Cymbalta addict for 2 1/2 years.
    I noticed migraine symptoms if I missed a day or two, (so I made sure I took them regularly) other than that, it seemed like good medication. Kept the anxiety away AND dealing with rude, obnoxious, loud people (usually unemployed drunken brother, living with us), became kind of fun. I usually get so angry with these type of people I can’t think straight, however, while on cymbalta, I was able to disarm them (blunt question), & then undress them (let them know who was boss, it seemed as if they did’nt know). And I did it in a nice way. Here’s where you are, here’s what’s going to happen if you don’t behave. Easy, no getting mad and frustrated and biting my tongue. Brother is moved out now, in re-hab where he belongs.

    So, I decided to go cold turkey Dec. 23. It’s now Jan. 3. First week was absolutely the worst >> most painful, brutal hell I’ve been through. Mornings being the worst. Scalding hot shower helped. Camomile, omega-3, and benadryl, didn’t help me. That doesn’t mean it won’t help you. By all means give it a shot anyway. I did.
    Never experienced anything like this and hope I never will. Headache, nausea, sweats at night, vertigo, severe swooshing, brain lag, itching on arms, chest and shoulders at night, eye lid twitching, sharp pain in the right eyeball on occasion, ouch, (unnerving). Today I am still having some of the symptions, swooshing, vertigo, (itching at night,don’t ask me why). This is day 11. I was late for work (3) times between Christmas and New Years but I was there. Physically sick, but there. Mentally function was O.K. after about 9:30am or so.

    My best advice would be to >> take a week off work, do something during the day that will tire you out so you will sleep at night. Walk, treadmill, something.

    Tell the ones closest that you will be going through withdrawal. That’s right, withdrawal. To help with the emotional part of withdrawal, I listened to music. Emotional vocal music seemed to be the best. The more uplifting the better. Cry. The harder the better. It helps. Do not ask me why. If you get emotional, and teary eyed in public, just remember it’s part of the withdrawal (just say your allergies are acting up or something). Sensory stuff has been blocked. You need to get used to the sensory stuff again. That’s right, traffic, kids, disturbing and obnoxious individuals (co-workers, and family).

  23. I stopped taking my cymbalta 3 days ago. I see myself in so many of you,as to what you went though. I was going to start them today because of the dizziness. Then i found this site, thank God I did. I was put on cymbalta almost 2 years ago for depression and my fibromyalgia.I did help I have not needed pain meds. But I want off this pill. I do not feel I need it for depression anymore. now that I quite it I have had nightmares. the top of my head feel like its going to sinus is aweful. but what I hate most is the dizziness
    I cant move my head at all with out feeling like I’m going to pass out. even moving my eyes is making me feel dizzy. I can handle the mood swings,headaches,musle pain,nausea. but God help me with the dizziness. ALSO I had blood work last week and the doctor didn’t know why my potassinm was very low. well its because of this pill. God bless each one of you.

    • im 76,,i was put on for diabetic neuropthy which metformin caused and almost killed me,,lost hair,,weight,,blood everywhere,,a pharmistist told me i should talk to dr and get off metformin,,i did and with in 2 months i was better but legs were gone,,,tried b12 etc,,dr put me on cymbalta,,on for 4 months and the last month i couldnt even get up off tolit,,chair,,,nites were terrible with pain,,so deceided i needed to get off this,,,my side hurt,,kidneys/,,my hips pain was horrid,,arthuristis/,,my stomack and back were killing me,,,,i thought i was a goner,,than i read your stories on here and every withdrawal was what i was feeling,brain zaps,,bubbles????what is going on,,,,then i read u cant take like aleve with this med,,which i was for pain of arturistis,,,no cough medcine wich i was for this cough i started having,,,,couldnt walk with out stumbeling,,,couldnt sit cu i couldnt get up,,,couldnt walk cu i was to diy,,,what a mess,i thought i was cking out,,,then all of u helped me so much,,,i went cold turkey last wed,,,feb 15,,yup all the withdrawels ,,my hubby thought i turned into a loony tune,,so did i,,,,well after reading all your statements of this hellish withdrawell,,i read up on sentortium,sp,,,i found a source that said cymbalta is a seretonin inhibitor,,,so i looked up food has serontorium,,,,i found turkey,,beets,,bannas,,potatoes,,,buckweheat,,,pumkin,,,cabbage,,,but turky in particular,,,,read on it,,,all these gt foods r better than all the withdrawal side affects,,,i was having the brain aps so bad,,,,startd eating these different foods fri,,,i hav had a few today of the bubbles,,,,but i can feel myself all ready being more clear headed,,,,there r so many every day foods than can get us thru this hope,,,,im not completely clean but last nite i could turn over in bed,,,thats a biggie,,,i can move my legs with no horrible pain,,,,i even clean house today,,, husband had been taking my wash out and having it done cu i just couldnt do it anymore,,,,,,also soy milk has a omg3 soy milk now,,,which i use with my oastmeal,,,im praying this will get me back to me,,,,of course gallons of water to flush my system,,,all we can do is give each other insight on what we r doing and hopefully it will help at least one person get thru this horrible withdrawal from cymbalta,,i was on 4 months,,60mg,,,well bless u all,,,try replacing the senormin,,///sp again,,ok so im ole,,,just keep trying ,,,,im so glad i did,,,,,thanks every one,,with out all of u i would hav died not knowing what was wrong,,,,im just not ready yet,,,

  24. I have been searching for someone to understand what I have been going through since
    deciding to discontinue Cymbalta. I sent off the drug entirely 10 days ago after cutting down to 30 mg every other day for a week and then every three days until I was down to taking one every week. I then went off altogether. I have been experiencing all the symptioms that I have been reading about here. I started cymbalta two years after a horrific case of shingles that left me with the neuralgia for the rest of my life. Since
    stopping cymbalta, my pain has returned as well as all the ongoing symptoms, severe head-
    ache, brain zaps, numbness in my hands, crying for no reason, etc. What is the time line
    that I might expect to feel like a real person again? would appreciate any help.

  25. Thank God I stopped taking Cymbalta after only 2 months of use. The withdrawel symptomes where very bad the first couple of days. It is the end of the second week now and I am so much better. I was in bed the first week, my eyes where just so sensitive for light so I had the curtains closed which help. I just tried to stay relaxed as much as I could and drank litres and liters of Cranberry Juice and all other kinds of anti-oxidants and of cause Myprodol twice a day for the very bad sinus and migraines I had. The Myprodol also help for restless legs at night while a battled sleeping and having nightmares and very weird dreams. That was usually when the headaches was it it’s worst.
    I also avoided all caffiene. During some of the days when it was cool of raining I forced myself outside to go for a walk to get some fresh aie, but had to walk in a stright line and could not turn or look left or right, I just felt so dizzy and my head was buzzing the whole time, it was horrible. It was as if all the sencors in my body was working in overdrive.
    Well after my first week I off, I went Horseback riding for 2 hours but the last hour my head started rushing again not as bad as before though. Everyday after that I started feelling better and better. So today is the end of the second week and I can say that I still get headaches but not as bad and my head feels 90% clearer. Most of the symtomes is gone but i still get a quick buzz (dizzyness) in my head now and again. My energy is back to noraml and I think by the end of the 3rd week I will defenatly be back to normal again. I can not wait untill then, because when that time comes I am going to send a pack of scorpions to that so called Spesialised psyciatrist who put me on that horror drug in first place. All I wanted was something to help me with a little anxiety on a temperary base. He did not even ask if I had healthy liver or warned me against the side-effects or tell me about the withdrawl symtomes. He just put me on Cymbalta 60mg for the next 6 months!
    Before I end off I must say, that I had alot of family praying for me and of cause my beatifull girls and myself everynight and everyday non stop. Thank God! I do not want to think what it mustbe like, going through withdrawl symptomes from Cocaine of Heroine. Good luck to all and do drink as much antioxidants as you can and also Omega 3 or any other fish oil tablets daily.

  26. My name is Michelle I have been on cymbalta for 5 years so afraid of the withdrawl need some good pointers to start my process

  27. Does/has anyone else experienced a rash/hives associated with burning and sometimes dizziness all at the same time? I’ve been on Cymbalta x5years, have had these symptoms only since probably the 1st of this year. It was so bad the other night, it actually woke me up out of a dead sleep!! I felt like my whole body was on fire, I was so dizzy I couldn’t stand. I want off this horrible medicine so bad!!!!!!!!!

    • hi. I have been on cymbalta for 7 months. I tried weaning off it (was taking 30mg at the time).. The withdrawal sympoms were really horrible. Like fellow sufferers, the first 8 days were bad.. So my doctor prescribed prozac.. (first she dismissed the withdrawal symptoms saying it was all in my mind!!!) Now I dont feel brain zaps or that your brain is “sinking with weight”. Today is 18 days and its gettinng better.. Still have jaw pain, get headaches, and extremely burning sensation in eyes… I will persevere as I beleive that after a month I will be able to kick this feeling.. All the best to u all!!! Take it 1 day, 1 hour at a time.. God Bless

      • I am replying to you, Ramila, b/c yours is the most recent post on here I can see.
        After decades, yes, decades on all different anti-depressants, a neurologist thought Cymbalta might be a good choice, oh yes, wonderful, it would help my back pain, too, hooray.
        Well, I did the titrate up thing to 60 mg. and started buzzing all over, myoclonic jerks (the doctor was the jerk, imo), and all that. Munchies, couldn’t stop eating.
        So, after ONLY A WEEK OR TWO, I didn’t mark the dates, darn, I decided to titrate my *** right back off that stuff.
        Went back to 30 mg. by dumping half the (expensive) 60 into each of its two parts, ha ha. Not really a good idea, but there you are. Did that for about two weeks, got tired of spilling the little granules all over and worrying my dogs would get them.

        So, made up my mind to get a new script for 30 mg. But before picking them up, I thought, oh heck, why not just not take one tomorrow.
        I felt so great, best day in a long, long time, I felt human. But that was another 2 weeks ago, and I feel less and less cheery about the results all the time. I’m sleepy! I don’t eat much, which is not so bad, but I’m sleepy yet can’t really sleep well. I get angrier and angrier every night and do stupid, self-destructive things. I forget to read the things that help keep me going (Bible, Al-anon literature), and end up watching stupid, sick stuff on TV or this computer. I know a lot I didn’t know before about porn, for example. I didn’t care before, and I don’t now, but when I feel like doing something awful, that’s one of them.

        Walking outdoors after midnight in the rain in my nightgown. I’m on a quiet street, so nobody has seen me yet.

        But when will this long nightmare ever end? I want to be myself again, the way I felt, actually, for several days when I first quit Cymbalta. I laughed then, and cried when appropriate, was not a chunk of wood like I’d been for years.

        TMI, I guess. This too shall pass, and will I care in 100 years?

        The question is, how long, oh Lord?

        Thanks for reading. Hope everybody else is all better now!

  28. I have been on cymbalta for about 12 years,I am 43 and it worked miracles for the first 5 to 6 years,I had tried to go off of it back in 2006 but the effects were terrible! So I continued on the 60 mg.just 2 weeks ago,me and my doctor tried to taper the cymbalta to cross over onto the fairly new Viibrid.huge mistake! I was having cryings jags,severe depression, and hostility,which none of them I had ever had. I was prescribed this drug for anxiety and panic disorder. That it did worked miracles on in the beginning.last night I caved and took another 60 and today,my blood pressure spiked and I have been a basket case! So I think tonight it will be back down to 30! What in the world,were the makers of this medicine thinking! This has been a nightmare. And I have through the years been on lexapro,Prozac,Effexor,imipramine,Zoloft,Paxil,Luvox,klonapin,remeron,and ativan. My plan is to eventually get off this poison and find a new med that doesn’t have these horrible withdrawals! Best of luck to everyone tapering off cymbalta! Will pray for everyone!

  29. This is the second time I have weaned off Cymbalta. The first time I did not know what was wrong with me. I was so dizzy that at work I almost fell down. My doctor had me do every test in the book and see lots of specilaist.for the squoosh in the ers and brain zapping and headache. The 17,000 special MRI and MRA showed my brain was fine. And the pain of diabetic neuropathy that I took it for to begin with is now so intensive I cry. So I went back on Cymbalta. One year later I did not have medical coverage and the drug cost $265. Duh who can affors that so I weaned off and this week I have the zaps and dizzies so bad I real thought I might die but after reading all of your words I will stick in there and kick Cymbalta forever. I have an apponitment with may doctor and I will tell her not that she will pay attention but people show really know about these side effect before taking this drug. My doc wanted me to take this med for two years before I did. I did not know the side effects but did not want to take an anti depression med cause I was not depressed I suffer from severe neuropathy in my feet. So I finally given in ato my doc and see what happened Gosh Good luck to every body and trust in the Lord with all your heart and He will help us . Through God all things are possible. just maybe not as quickly as we would like. Love you all.

  30. Ok never did this so here goes, I was on Cymbalta for 6 months started at 20mgs then went to 30mgs. All the same for me with sever back pain. I felt the Cymbalta wasn’t working anymore and am weening off. It’s 5 days today and I am getting the headaches and jolting in my brain. But I can’t take the muscle spasms through my body, is this part of the withdrawal, only 6 months but driving me nuts!!!!!

  31. OK!! Don’t really know what to say except (I’m Scared.) July 1st,2014 stopped taking Cymbalta. On July 4th I was insane. I have Fibromyalgia, have been on this “drug” for years now. Well now they have released the generic, (I’m allergic to) and my insurance will not pay for name brand. By the grace of the Lord I have 30 60mg. I’m to take1 every 36 hours. Then start tapering off more. Not doing well at all. Between the pain and OMGOSH the anxiety, mood, non sleep….. ect. Huh, ABSOLUTELY NO LIFE. Except trying not to go in the hospital and have them knock me out till it’s over. I have been on other medication and came off just fine. But oh no not Cymbalta. All I can say at this point is, OK I’m strapping in and going for the ride and putting it in the Lords hands. ShuuWee. Will be happy to get back in my groove. Thanks for having this site so I know I’m not the only one.
    Tea……48yrs in KY.

  32. Took 30 mg. of Cymbalta for 11 months. Doctor had be stop cold turkey. I was having trouble focusing, problems with memory, emotional dumbness, no sex drive, big weight gain, brain fog. Have been off Cymbalta for close to two weeks. Have experienced dizziness, nausea, trouble falling asleep, bad nightmares, hot flashes, body aches and mild anxiety.

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