Goodbye George Carlin… You Will Be Missed

May 8, 2010 — 2 Comments

My absolute favorite comedian, George Carlin, passed away yesterday at the age of 71. I just wanted to acknowledge his passing and say that he will be missed.

George was a brilliant comedian with a passion for language that shined through in his act. For those that didn’t pay close attention to him, they may have thought of him as just a filthy minded comedian who used vulgar language for shock value. They would be wrong.

George Carlin had such an honest view of human beings (including himself) that everything he said resonated with his viewers. He knew exactly how to use human language to convey his ideas to us perfectly.

To quote the great George Carlin from his 1984 Carlin on Campus HBO special:

“Rat shit

Bat shit

Dirty old twat

69 assholes tied in a knot


Lizard shit


It seems that George Carlin was battling with recovery for most of his adult life. You would hear the announcement here and there that he had entered into rehab for this or for that. The most recent being a prescription pill addiction.

I guess that’s just another reason why I felt so connected to this guy. He knew real life and wasn’t afraid to talk about it openly, honestly, and in a funny way.

I really am saddened by his passing.

2 responses to Goodbye George Carlin… You Will Be Missed

  1. I believe the greater the priviledges the greater the responsibilies, and before George died he had realized that, that’s why he spoke so freely of his addiction, he had realized he had the power to give back to the masses. REST IN PEACE GEORGE C. kenny G.

  2. I don’t knew anything about him until I read about him here, googled him and found that he was fantastic at making people laugh, and anybody who can do that is a great person, also, him struggling with drugs just goes to show how undiscriminating drugs are in the misery they inflict; no one, not even gifted, great, successful men like George Carlin are immune, Soccer legend Maradona (I absolutely loved his play) ho is another example which comes to my mind …

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