In Addiction Recovery, What Do The Winners Do?

May 25, 2010 — 7 Comments

Do you consider yourself one of the winners? I received this question via email from someone that is just entering into addiction recovery. This person is seeking the experience from others as an aid to their own recovery.

Going by the name of my site, What Winners Do, one might get the impression that I am someone with answers…I’m not. I don’t think there are too many answers in addiction recovery, mainly there are questions.

In addiction recovery there are certain things that would define What Winners Do:

  • Keep sobriety their top priority
  • Constantly work on their recovery
  • Stay honest with themselves

The reason why that list is not more specific is because there are no rules to addiction recovery. What is right for one person may be very wrong for another. But as long as your recovery is centered around meeting the 3 criteria listed above…you are doing what the winners do.

In the beginning of my own recovery I felt like I had to put on a front for others. “Oh, everything is going great”, “No, I don’t have any cravings…I’m doing fine”. But I soon realized that I’m not in competition with anyone except my own addiction. I don’t need to put on any facade for anyone.

I guess I was just really used to showing people what they wanted to see instead of what was really going on. I feel like as soon as I was able to recognize that in myself I was able to really start working on my recovery.

To me, my recovery is about way more than just my addictions. There is a whole addictive thought process and set of bad beliefs that I’m working towards changing completely.

Who knows if I will ever really be able to modify my bad behaviors (see, no answers just more questions) but I can sense that I am already better for trying.

So to answer the original question of “Do you consider yourself one of the winners?”, I would have to answer no. I’m just another person in recovery trying to do with the winners do.

7 responses to In Addiction Recovery, What Do The Winners Do?

  1. If I lay my head down tonight, and I have not used, I am a winner……

    As far as the “answers” we seek, the only thing I do know is that I know NOTHING. But I remain teachable.

  2. Recovery is a never ending pursuit that you never “quit”. Since winners never quit, I guess we have a winner!

    Now if you ask where the finish line is…

  3. Janice I do understand your point of view. If you haven’t used that day then you are a winner.

    My sobriety is just under a year, at first it was all I could do just to not use for the day. I guess now I expect more from myself.

    By not using I am now making it possible to make self improvements. I guess at this stage in the game if I’m able to start and work on some of the issues behind my addiction…I consider myself to be doing what the winners do.

  4. Oh Erin, you ARE winning! Your seem so eager, and your willingness is the key. Just remember to respect the power your disease has, and know that everyday we are not “WORKING” on our recovery, we are working on a relapse. My own experience/history with addiction/recovery/relapse/recovery has taught me that!


  5. I was heartened tonight to see your site. At first it looked like something someone left in 2005. I became further curious, wondering if the person who created the site had relapsed, then I found the posts. I have relapsed a couple times in th last year. This is not good..but your site will renew in me the urge to stay sober. Thanks

  6. Gregory Hillsman December 12, 2007 at 6:21 am

    Wow. Your story is amazing. I too have suffered crystal meth addiction and it wasn’t very long ago that I was in a detox center. There are so many great resources/communities on the web for all sort of addicts. My own personal favorite and specifically in terms of their crystal meth info page is
    Do you know any others?

  7. Actually, I object to the title of this site, “What do Winnners Do”. Maybe it’s a US (I’m from Oz – the title is really weird tome?) thing but this is not a competition, it’s about your own personal recovery. Stuff others and stuff “winning”. Just lead the best life you can. Just an observation – Capitalism does not have to be everywhere.

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