Hey Look at My Narcotics Anonymous Key Tag, I’m a Drug Addict

May 29, 2010 — 68 Comments

Anyone who has gone to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting knows that just as they do in Alcoholics Anonymous they celebrate lengths of sobriety. There is just one difference. Instead of giving you a nice little chip that you can keep in a private place and be proud of like you get in Alcoholics Anonymous, you get a key tag. A florescent colored, sometimes glow in the dark, hey look over here, key tag.

Am I the only one that thinks this is a little strange? Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate everyone acknowledging that I have been clean from any mood altering substances for a certain amount of time. It’s a great idea. I just don’t see anyone actually using this to hold their keys on. Do you?

I just think it’s funny. Out of everything that they could have picked they chose an item that would be out in the public eye a lot of the time. I know, I can hear it already, “What would you have picked instead Mrs. Know it all?”.

Let me think here for a moment. Bottle opener? No, that’s not a good idea, kind of sends the wrong message. Umm…I know a little vanity mirror! No, no that could be used as drug paraphernalia (you former coke users out there know where I’m going with that one). Wow, this is harder than I thought. Ok, ok. I give up. I can’t think of anything better than the key tag.

Hey no one ever told me I had to put my keys on it anyway. I guess I’ll just collect them like I do the chips. That is my favorite part of the meeting. Everyone really gets into it and applauds other people for their hard work and their success. Even though I’m just getting a plastic key tag I feel like I’m accepting an award. Hey, maybe they really do know what they are doing at these meetings huh?

68 responses to Hey Look at My Narcotics Anonymous Key Tag, I’m a Drug Addict

  1. nevermind3z3(aka) Kiely April 18, 2007 at 3:50 pm

    hmmm never been to a meeting but my mom wants me to. If I got one of those things, id be a little embarassed to actually use it as a key tag too

    • no u wouldnt u would be very proud of urself just like i am to carry all my tags around i have every one of them conected to each other plus 2 multiple years tags cuz i have 3 years clean

    • I felt that way at first, but I will have five years May 12th, and I’m proud to say i go to N.A. it has changed my life. I get to see my grandkids now. And people respect me for who I am now.

  2. You know for some of us NA works regardless of your opinions. Society will be happy to know that because of NA your homes, your posessions and your daughters are safe from me today. What a blessing that is to so many. We each find our own way to get and stay clean. Knocking any other program that helps people has nothing to do with recovery, spirituality or living by spiritual principles. Today I can tolerate you biased adn prejudiced opinions with grace. God bless you.

  3. Not sure what you were reading…but I didn’t knock NA in any way. I find humor in things, this is how I cope. I see you don’t cope in the same way which is fine, but don’t say that I have biased and prejudiced opinions when that is just not true.

  4. This is just in addition to my comment above directed to Friend of Jimmy K – I was in no way knocking NA when writing the above post. This was written on April 6th which was very, very early in my recovery. Laughter is a way of me coping…so just know that I was not knocking any program, only make light of my new experiences.

  5. I’m a recovering addict that is damn proud of all my key tags!I’ve worked hard and long to get them and with the help of God,family and real true friends I intend to get one every year.I’ve had people ask me about them and I don’t even think twice about telling them all about them in hope that my story may help save the life of a fellow addict or give hope to a family member or friend of a suffering addict.Clean date 9/18/05

  6. I think erin was just commenting on the social stigma of putting something out there that may be kept private by some (in public), then i think of jeff’s comment and imagine a suffering addict seeing his keychain and asking about n.a. thus enabling jeff to help that person,which would be f$#@ing outstanding. An intentionally lighthearted discussion in my opinion. can you dig it? by the way, 2 yrs. plus,rock on jeff, i look up to you and those like you,you are a credit to the program.

  7. Acewldr – thank you for realizing that this post was meant to be taken lightheartedly.

  8. My name is Nick and I’m an addict, if you’ve ever been to a meeting, you’ll know that this is how we’re introduced. It’s about identifying yourself as a person with this disease of addiction, having this on a key chain where everyone can see is like the same thing but in public. I like being strait forward with my disease and i keep my tags on my keys with pride. It might even help people get a better understanding of me in a social setting.

  9. Today I have 2 years, 4 months and 25 days clean. I am VERY proud of my keychains. I do sport my keys on them, they constantly remind me throughout the day that I have accomplished another day, another hour another second of sobriety. I find no shame in my recovery.

  10. Kimberly Freiberger February 6, 2009 at 4:00 pm

    Today I have been clean for 257 days. On Feb 25th I will get my yellow keytag.. 9 fricking months worth of miracles baby!!! Because of NA, my kids are safe and loved today and I am not walking around full of rage and the list goes on and on… I am happy.. Not only do I carry a keytag with my keys on it but all of them are on there. Just to clarify, to date, that means white, orange, green, red, and blue. GO NA! NA rocks!!

    A grateful recovering addict,

    Clarksville, Indiana
    Louisville Kentucky Area

  11. I agree completely! I am very proud of my clean time. I lost my kids and then earned them back. But, why would I want to walk around the rest of society with a tag that screams “Look how I fucked up!”. No one need know I lost everything, just knowing I have it back is enough. When women hook all the tags together and hook them on their purse I feel shame for them. This is their only accomplishment in life? To stop doing what they shouldn’t have done in the first place? Are these people so brain dead that can’t see having these out in the open will put an automatic bar on how far they can rise in society? Please. Clean time should be rewarded but key tags were a stupid as hell idea. Should have just stole the chips from AA like everything else.

  12. I’m Isabella, I’m an alcoholic addict from Seattle. True you can keep the coins from AA at home and admire them on your own time and not have to carry them around, but it is the same for the NA keychains as well. You don’t HAVE to carry it on your keys, it’s not like you’ll get arrested if you don’t have it on you at all times. If you have such a problem with wearing it out the just don’t, though I don’t know why anyone would ever be emberassed of their sobriety, seems a bit foolish if you ask me.

    I have nothing to be ashamed about. Addiction is very common and I am proud that I have chosen the way of sobriety and I don’t care who knows it. I wear my keychains around my neck and whoever sees them can think whatever they’d like, because I know I am a good, fully functioning, happy, sober person.

    And to Ashley, NA doesn’t mean your fucked up, it means you’re trying to live a better life. Clearly you don’t understand what it means to be in recovery.

  13. Its not saying “Look over here im a drug addict”, its obviously means you are a RECOVERING drug addict, and that is something to be proud of. I would love to be at a meeting if you said this and listen to every single person rip your ass apart.

  14. Well it sounds like Erin set the stage for the fur to fly. Erin, I took your well written comments in the spirit that they were intended. Thank you for bringing a little levity to the process of recovery. I admire all addicts that have recovery time and take pride in it. I don’t like to see any body loose their spiritual principal of loving kindness that we all had to work so hard to achieve. There is some good and truth in every thing that was said. It enlightened me and thank you all for taking the time to express your point of view.

    Warm regards to you all,

    Tom B.

  15. Thanks Tom. You get it πŸ™‚

  16. some people are proud of their recovery and want to show it off to everyone and are not embarassed
    &&& if you are you don’t have to wear it

  17. I currently attend NA twice a week. I have six months clean and I take a great deal of pride in my neon key tags! While in recovery we are taught how important it is to share with others the miracle of our recoveries. “We can only keep what we have by giving it away!” I know myself and others in my group are proud of those key tags and we do sport them with our keys! I have no problem with anyone seeing them because having the capacity to finally be honest with the world is the biggest step in recovery! And sharing with others not only keeps us clean but may help someone else out there find that they are not alone! I thank god “Just for today!”

  18. My addiction to pain-killers started after I had my gallbladder out last July. Since I started attending NA meetings, I have been clean of opiates for a little over two weeks. Seeing that white NA ‘just for today’ key tag as well as attending meetings, has kept me from going back to opiates. This is the longest I’ve been clean and serene. It was hard as hell for me to admit to my addiction. I’m not at all embarassed about wearing an NA key tag. It’s a reminder to me to work the program.

  19. Welcome Kim, and thank you for your post, it inspired me to write this. You are a special person, never forget that! Ashley, keep coming back dear!

    I’m Dave, and I’m a greatfully recovering addict. Today I have 771 days clean and am 47 years old. My life was filled with years of abusing myself until I decided to surrender August 22, 2007. 2 years, 1 month and 10 days later, I am clean and working on being the best person I can be. Had you told me I would be typing something of this nature 3 years ago, I would have asked you where you got such good drugs from, them take it from you.
    This is such an amazing program. I ave met SO many different people…..just like me. When I take time off from work for vacation, it is planned to make sure there are meeting there. I try to do the right things for the right reasons.
    I have had 4 spinal surgeries, 17 epidurals and a few fusions. All this took its tol over time with no thanks to Mr. Oxycontin and Dr. Feelgood. For SOME reason, my higher power decided I had enough and opened my eyes to NA. If there isn’t an NA meeting near, AA will do. Recovery is discovery.

    I wear my tags with pride. Sh#t, I have embroidered jackets and shirts with the NA symbol and my clean date on it. My motorcycle helmet is indicative of recovery……without recovery, I would perish. I LIVE TODAY, Just For Today.

  20. OH, I forgot to add

    Keep up the good work Ash! πŸ™‚

  21. I do not like the key tags. I went out and purchased NA coins that can used like poker chips. My wife has them locked up and when I reach a milestone, she gives me what I have earned.

  22. I’m a addict called Kenny been CLEAN 7753 DAYS thats 21 yrs 2 months 20 days carry my keytags with pride. Many many people knew about my addiction and all the problems it caused my family and many others. So I have no problem letting people see that I am in recovery. I have had many people ask about the keytags in my time around the fellowship of narcotics anonymous and am not ashamed in any way to tell the about the life that this fellowship has given me and my family. Many of those people that have asked about those keytags are now also living a new life in NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS!!!!!!! KEEP COMING BACK NO DON’T LEAVE

  23. i just happened to run across this post while trying to do research for a final paper. The post is about NA and the keychains. I actually proudly have my keys on my lengthy chain of key faubs. I like the faubs alot better then the coins because many times a day I see them and it makes me proud of my clean time; and it is a great reminder. my key chains have also sparked up conversation from other members who happened to notice my key faubs. So to answer your question…yes people really do use them for thier keys.

  24. I agree that using the key tags out in public is probably not a good idea, regardless of how proud you may be of your recovery.

    While we NA members may be open-minded, caring individuals who think that our recovery is something that should be celebrated, you can bet that MOST people in the “real world” do not share our view. There is still an incredible stigma attached to drug users/addicts, EVEN IF THEY ARE IN RECOVERY. Remember, NA is NOT “real life.”

    If you are planning on displaying your key tags in public with NA recovery bravado, just remember: for every person you meet that gives you a positive comment about the tag (perhaps a fellow addict), there are 9 other people that are judging you negatively when they see it. That is just the ways things work. Don’t be a fool and carry around your key tags when going to a job interview, meeting new people, etc., unless you like being judged negatively. Honesty is incredibly important, but it is not necessary to reveal every aspect of yourself at all times in all situations; life is not an NA meeting.

  25. IM PROUD OF MY KEY TAGS (and i use them too) put my keys on them, and it makes u feel good that you can easily carry it with you all the time.

  26. I have had my keys on my glow in the dark NA ring for years and I don’t think anyone has ever even noticed to tell you the truth. i feel proud of it, and it serves as a reminder tool

  27. Why be embarrassed you should all be proud. There are people out there like me that are proud of you for acknowledgeing that you had a problem and you had enough guts to get help for it. My dad has just recently celebrated 10 years clean. It wasnt easy but he did it and I know that all of you could do it too.

  28. Funny how our thinking works. Of course I never cared who saw me loaded off my a__, dirty, skinny, foul-mouthed. I am proud to let people know that I am clean and actually have a metal keytag on my keys. Keep Comin’ Back.

  29. My name is Dawn and I’m an alcoholic and addict. I go to AA and NA so I have both the keychain and the chips. I am so proud of my sobriety that I had a hole drilled into my AA chip so I could put it on my NA keychain. I can see where some people might not see the difference between an addict and an addict in recovery, but I probably wouldn’t have my keys out at a job interview anyway. Otherwise I don’t care.

    Very good point Faith. These days I can hold my head up and look people in the eye.

  30. I just came from a meeting where I gave out 4 keytags. I have multiple years of recovery and like Leeta-Rose carry only my glow-in-the-dark keytag. Our 11th and 12th traditions are relatable hear,I believe. Someone may be attracted by your colorful keytags and/or your exhuberance/serenity. Then, can you also keep your anonymity and not say anything about the collection hanging from your person or purse? I value my anonymity and find all the recognition I need by going to a meeting or calling a recovering friend. I love everyone reading this unconditionally.

  31. I like the idea that this sparked debate. I know it was meant to be lighthearted and we, in my homegroup have argued both sides. People in my area display them like badges of honor. Some people have seen my tag and I was able to tell them about recovery. I can a bronze NA keychain bought from the WSO and it was for my one year. I have been carrying it for four years. I protect NA from me when I am mindful of my behavior in places I can be identified as a member of NA

  32. I string mine together and keep in a special pocket in my backpack or purse, whatever I’m carrying. Because I work in a professional environment I’m not exactly crazy about my coworkers knowing about my recovery. Its on a need to know basis.

    Lots of people do this. I only know a few people who actually put their keytags on their keychains….one of them being my sponsor!


  33. Wow, we’re such a whack group of people — thin-skinned but tough. We can take it but we sure get agitated doing so.

    Yeah, the keytags are morally questionable for me. If I’m to remain anonymous, then they’ll never be used to carry any keys I use in any way, ever. I currently keep them joined together and stored with my NA literature at home.

    However, that’s my personal decision. Many in my homegroup use them openly for keytags and advertise their affiliation with NA on their vehicles, not only with stickers but vanity plates! We’re a motley crew of people, with vast diversity — proof addiction does not discriminate.

    However, all that said — they are really tokens of progress along the path — at least in some way. If not recovery itself, at least being successful at staying clean. I’m glad I got past the 90 days and look forward to what’s in store with the rest of the step-work with my sponsor. I don’t really care about the keytags but do enjoy the social rewards associated with getting a new token.

    I’m not convinced this path will always be for me, but for today life is better this way. I am growing and becoming a more honest, sincere, compassionate person with this program. I am calmer, have more energy for living and have transformed a great deal in just 100 days or so.

    I like your sense of humor — try to keep it! When you encounter the can’t-please-everyone situation, or the too-serious OCD comments, remember not to take everything so seriously, especially yourself:

    The one important thing I have learned over the years is the difference between taking one’s work seriously and taking one’s self seriously. The first is imperative and the second is disastrous.

    — Margot Fonteyn


  34. In the spirit of our 12th tradition, principals before personalities…please. We are all entitled to our opinions which is all the original poster was doing and I believe it was all in fun. I too use laughter to see me through…it is better for me than the drugs. I for one thought the post was hilarious and I am very proud of my 3 years worth of keytags…God bless my friends in recovery.

    • I may not agree with all but because of na and the steps and traditions i do support thier right to say it.

  35. I agree with most on this page.
    Ive been clean 24yrs this june and very proud to show off my key tages.

  36. I have been clean for 9 months now n more then proud to show off my key tags, not only dos it remind me where i have come from n that every new day is worth the fight for a better day but it may also give hope to someone in need of help n let them see that it works


  38. I am an addict named Benny. For me using the keytags on my keys is ok.. I don’t carry my keys in my hand everywhere I go, they are in my pocket or in the igniton of my truck.. I have 773 days of clean time today. I am not ashamed of people knowing that I am working a program, hell they all knew that I was an addict. I live in a small town so everyone knows everyone. I dont let the key tags show that I am a member of NA, I show it in my everyday living. I practice these principals in all of my affairs. Its all up to each individual on what to do. Remember that ANONOMITY is the spritual foundation of all our traditions ever reminding us to place principals before personalities. Check into anonomity and see what that means.

  39. I huff, but I have a narcotics anonymous keytag on my keys. It’s pretty prominent sometimes around adults and I’m starting to reconsider how conspicuously narcotics-related it is. It was my cousins but my parents dont know

  40. Jimmy from West Virginia January 25, 2012 at 10:57 am

    NA had gave out chips in the 60’s, 70’s, and you can order chips from World Service. http://realslow.tripod.com/recovery/keytags.html

  41. my name is mike and i am an addict. I work in sales which is generally not a very conducive environment for recovery! my keytags kind of act like a do not disturb sign to those around me who actively use. also the word anonymity is in the very name of our fellowship, we have a choice to display or not display our wonderful keytags as we see fit. thanks to this program i have a life and choices today, which is nice πŸ™‚

  42. I find it sad that you had to find humor in NA’s traditions. It is a program that has helped me and so many others in infinite ways. I love my key chains and although I don’t always use them for my keys, I have them all together on a ring and am proud to show them off when appropriate. When you work as hard as we have to get clean, having something like that means so much. I remember my first meeting when I saw all of the colorful key chains lined up; I promised myself that I would get every single one of them. When people abuse drugs, it is apparent to pretty much everyone around them. If everyone can see that you are high when you are still using, why shouldn’t you be proud to display the fact that you are clean and have overcome the overwhelming influences of society.

  43. My name is Dawn and I am an addict. Tonight I got my blue keyring at the NA meeting I attend …. 6 months clean and serene and so greatful to be sober and alive today. I carry my keyrings on my car key, a reminder every day to me of how far I have come on my sobriety journey. There have been times when people have asked about the keyrings, which has opened up an opportunity for me to share …. and hopefully help someone who may be a suffering addict. Believe me …. I would rather be seen with an NA keyring in my hand than a drink or drugs!

  44. Proudwifeofarecoveringaddict October 8, 2012 at 11:26 am

    I would like to say that I am very proud of every key chain my husband gets. Anyone who looks at him differently because of it is not worth his time anyways. He has used them as key chains…. but I’m in the process of making him a display board with dates on it and everything. He is at ten months…. two more and he will have a year. May not seem like much to some…. but our family has become closer and stronger during this process. Our lives have been changed by NA. I for one am very grateful. Na members… use your key chain with pride! Your on your way! Keep up the good work!

  45. i was only ashamed when all i had was a welcome keychain with no clean time next to it lol

    • The desire to quit….titanic. Even if your not even clean at your first meeting. None of that clean time happens without that desire, so to me, that first tag is special.

  46. I loved Erin’s post – I actually thought the same thing when I first saw the key tags.

    Why would you want to advertise it to people who didn’t know you had been an addict to begin with? The real world is harsh and even though it signifies recovery – some people will always believe “once an addict, always an addict”. Its not something I personally want to advertise — which I believe is why the program is Anonomymous.

    I agree that it is awesome that displaying the key tags can spark a conversation with someone seeking help and that is truely the 12th step in action and carrying the message – but the 11th & 12th tradition reminds us that anonymity is the spiritual foundatioin and the program is based on attraction rather than promotion.

    All that really matters is we work our program the best way for us and that together we can stay clean.

  47. take your own inventory”winner”

  48. antwone jackson January 7, 2013 at 11:12 am

    Yo dawg if i got to feel the feelings that ive been feeling. for real for real then im going to talk to the god of my my understanding. then if i still got a problem. then i gotta ask my sponser he has 30 days clean.

  49. gday,jace ere from burleigh heads QLD AUST.without this power greater than me,th god of my understanding all your HONESTY tht i av red wood meen nothn.thanks 2 u all 4 be n part of my! recovery.i live 4 now which is a cleen n sober REALITY! KEEP IT SIMPLE N GOD BLESS US ALL!!!

  50. serenity,honesty,faith! never thort i wood want those words 2 b a big part of my life,i put myself thro 27 yrs of misery too b given a choice on 2.10.2010.by th grace of god,i will hold on with both hands.ONE DAY AT A TIME!!!

  51. Erin – I’ve been thinking the same thing for nearly 3 years…my opinion hasn’t changed a bit. My key tags are in a small decorative keepsake box WITH A LID! My one year and two year bronze NA medallions are proudly displayed on a little medallion stand on my nightstand…anybody that knows me well enough to be in my bedroom is gonna know me well enough to know I’m an addict. Otherwise, my recovery is private…it’s not the business of any and every person I could encounter in a given day. If I have an opportunity to help someone who is struggling & does not know about NA I just open my mouth and tell THAT ONE PERSON how NA has changed my life. I have no idea what the point of the key tag is vs. some other sort of clean time token. Oh well…I don’t get worked up about it unless somebody sasses me about why I don’t have any incriminating logos on my person or my vehicle (yeah, that happens).

    • Then you shouldn’t be allowed to go to meetings. If you’re that ashamed and embarrassed of getting clean of a disease that millions die of, just go back out there and use.

      • Anonymous Addict August 6, 2017 at 10:15 am

        Some of our forefathers in A.A. were upstanding businessmen and chose to be anonymous to safeguard themselves. Oddly enough, acceptance and tolerance seem to come only after we have learned to accept ourselves.

        Lower Columbia Area Narcotics Anonymous
        Longview. WA

  52. I’ve been clean for 20 days and I do have my “Welcome” tag on my keys. For now, it works for me. Unfortunately, as other people have posted, there is a stigma attached when seen by others in society. I should know, I was one of those people.
    I also know at that time in my life, I knew nothing about NA, except it was a group for drug addicts. The typical stereo type, biker dude, needle user, etc. usually came to mind.
    Have the tides have turned, and for the better.

  53. Go fuck yourself. Anyone who gets one of these shouldn’t be “embarrassed” or “ashamed” of this tag. To earn and receive any one of these is something to be proud of and a HUGE step. You’ve obviously never been a part of this program or fellowship or you would know how hard it is to just make it to the first meeting, much less to 2 or more years. Not to mention if you went to treatments /jail/ institutions before and had to detox, go through withdrawals, lose loved ones, a job, a marriage, etc. You are so out of line with this article.

  54. Well this is my opinion and my opinion alone. But maybe your feeling stems from not accepting yourself wholely and completely. I only say this because that’s where im at atm. I have been a part of a different 12 step program for quite some time. And I’m a proud member of that program and would scream it to the world! These programs are life changing if we work them , they work. I finally came clean about my use to my sponsor from that program ,recently. I will be attending some na meetings with them , they have gone for years. But that is the only human being aside from myself I’ve even been remotely close to honest with so far. I understand you I think. I know that keychain won’t be hanging off my keys right away. But preaching to myself as much as I am to you maybe as much as I am to you. Accepting ourselves as we are is important. Coming out the other end of this desiese is something to be proud of. And some of my favorite people are addicts. Although I tend to enjoy them better inactive πŸ™‚ and I include myself in this statement.

  55. I personally would much rather have the key chains. I proudly link them together with those circular key rings and as of yesterday May 24, 2015; I’ve been clean 14 years and it gives me a feeling of accomplishment to add another black one every year. I actually hang mine from my car mirror and have had many opportunities to share my story! Look at it in a positive way instead of embarrassment…be proud! I only wish NA would come out with a different color for 15 years like maybe a silver one and then at 25 years a gold one! At 60 years of age I think I can safely say I wouldn’t see 50 years HA!

  56. I like the comment “..felt like I was winning an award” it is so simple and generic and looks like it could have any kind of ad on it. But ya. After my second meeting a few days ago, I clutched the tag from my first with white knuckles as I realized I actually want to be alive.

  57. Some NA meetings have a ‘key tag commitment’ where one member is designated as the person who hands out the key tags. I was recently nominated for this privilege at a meeting. What happened next I will never forget. I had the honor of giving a white tag to a woman who was attending her very first NA meeting ever. While hugging her I whispered in her ear “congratulations, keep coming back”. Then every woman in the room got up and did the same. The woman had tears in her eyes and so did I. Then someone leaned over and told her “you’re the most important person in the room”. That’s when I understood why the key tags are so important and why the newcomer is the most important person in the room. It’s not about any one person, it’s about everyone in the room. The power of the group was stronger that day than all the drugs in the world. And that’s what we call a ‘spiritual awakening’!!!

  58. they had plastic chips at one point and also different colored marbles so when you relapsed you relly did lose your marbles but the key tag is probally the best one out next year will be getting the pink one for 25 yrs just got 24 yrs 30 days so it does work

  59. Hello! I would like to comment. The key ring is good because most people have a key and yes it is something many will see. Raising awareness is foremost in beating this horrible disease. If I had known more-perhaps my son would still be alive. Rest in peace, my precious son, Adam.

  60. Everyone knows when your using anyway (or they know something is not quite right.) So why not be an example of recovery? Optional yes but maybe it may spark someone to reach out to you for help information. What better idea do you have that will always be on us guys?

  61. I appreciate every opinion. I’m open to the suggestions and ideas where before I wasn’t. All that means is I know I have changed. I carry my most recent tag as my reminder. The others hang together on my turn signal for a reminder each and every day as I leave the house out into the unknown. Group hug. Shouout to you all. Love you!

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