Addictive Thinking: Preoccupied With Past Thoughts

December 25, 2009 — 3 Comments

You are driving in your car and for some reason in your mind you are going over something that happened in the past. You are thinking about what you could have said, should have done, would now do differently. Why are we preoccupied with past thoughts?

I talk a lot now about how I want to live in the day. “One day at a time”, “Twenty-four hours a day“. But it dawned on me that I spend an awful lot of time going over past experiences in my mind.

It would be one thing if I was thinking of fond memories or something like that but it is usually more along the lines of an altercation with someone or some sort of confrontation. I waste time thinking about all the should of, could of, would of’s. It’s so ridiculous. What I really need to concentrate on is getting on with life.

I have been trying to become more conscious of this so that I can change my thinking patterns. Now when I start to dwell on a past experience I shift my thinking to something else. I try to think about positive thoughts.

It really is work to police my thoughts like this but I am hoping that the more often I do it the easier it will become. I am finding more and more that I have peace of mind throughout the day.

Instead of thinking what I really should have said to Sally last week when she pissed me off, I now think what it would be like to be filled with peace. I just starting thinking about how my mind could feel peaceful right this moment and before I know it, that is exactly what I feel.

You know that old saying in addiction recover “act as if“. I’m acting as if I have peace of mind and that is exactly what follows.

Peace of mind to me equals happiness. Happiness comes from inside of yourself, not from anything external. If I can have peace of mind no matter what is going on in my life, I am truly happy.

3 responses to Addictive Thinking: Preoccupied With Past Thoughts

  1. I loved your story.I have been working hard of staying clean for a year now and u slip sometimme but i come right back up better and smarter.U have had a rough time and the eLord has got to be proud of u. GOOD LUCK

  2. Hi Erin,
    I’ve now read about a 1/2 dozen entries. I really appreciate you sharing your experience with all of us. It’s tough for me to understand it all sometimes, and your honesty helps it get clearer.
    Keep it up! I send my love and hugs.


    • Thinking is what the mind does best as it tries to resolve problems,annoyances,bad judgement and unresolvable problems.It is natural for the human mind to think,that is it’s purpose,to resolve problems much like a computer,pose a problem and the processor activates in trying to resolve the problem,allways figuring,calculating or perhaps even cospiering,which may be dangerous if it becomes obsessive.It is a beautifull thing and gives meaning to life but the mind also neads apeasement,consolation,assurance,foulfillment and happyness for it’s emotions or feelings and this contridiction between emotions and rationality causess us anxiety.”when we are able,although impossible,to separate our thoughts from our emotions”we will become rational beings,but our thoughts allways cause us emotions there fore we will never truly be rational “and who neads to be any ways”, fore to be rational means to be without emotions and void of feelings.

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