Mine Enemy Grows Older – No Containment

December 8, 2009 — 11 Comments

I was inspired by Bottlecappie at Diary of a Quitter to participate in Mine Enemy Grows Older which is a collaborative poetry project run by Rick Mobbs.

I have never in my life written poetry but I do love art. Since the whole concept of this project is to look at an image prompt, which is a work of art by Rick Mobbs, and see what it inspires out of you, I figured I would take a shot at it.

So without further ado… Here is my first shot (I’m getting embarrassed already!) at poetry.

No Containment
There is a piece of me in all I see
An infinite amount of connections that will always be
I’m in the ground, in the sky, in the sun, in the moon
I’m intertwined in the earth’s continuous tune
The shadows from the moon and the brightness from the sun
Keeps our natural flow from coming undone
Examine more closely and keep a lingering gaze
For all of my surroundings should inspire and amaze
Drift to sleep at night knowing one thing is true
Your soul is connected to much more than just you

Ok, so there you have it. I know, I know… poems don’t have to rhyme but for now, this is as good as it gets from me. That was fun.

11 responses to Mine Enemy Grows Older – No Containment

  1. Mighty nice. You obviously have a knack for this.

  2. Wow, Erin – I really like it. I’ve been listening to Reggae music all morning, and somehow your poem fits perfectly with that vibe. And I can totally see the connection to the painting.

    I’m so glad this project is catching on. Poetry is good for the soul, no doubt. Now I have to get to work on my poem.

  3. It is so interesting to see that these images speak to those in the recovery community. They come out of trying to make sense of my own life and recovery. I like what you are doing and hope you will continue to write! I think our writing and our painting will take us where we want to go. Closer to our true nature…

  4. Thanks guys. I don’t know why but I really felt embarrassed when I first hit the publish button and the post was visible to all.

    The more that I read it the more comfortable I become with it. Weird feeling, but I like it.

  5. i did it,i shared my grueling story on the subxone site. it was hard for me,but i did it.

  6. damn… and i spend like 8 hours a day running lines trying to get a poem to work… damn…..

    this was excellent,, and not just for a first timer…

  7. so did u read my story? what did u think if u did?

  8. I did, I actually commented on the other site about it. But basically I thanked you for being so honest and think that your honesty will really help others who can identify with your story.

  9. Never again feel embarassed if that is what you can create poetically – especially that last line. (I happen to like rhyming poems, too) I look forward to your next effort.

  10. sweet take on the peice
    love the rhythm and rhyme

  11. its so good

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