Mr. Brownstone Lyrics Sum Up My Addiction

February 15, 2010 — 1 Comment

I get up around whenever
I used to get up on time
But that old man he’s a real motherfucker
Gonna kick him on down the line

I used to do a little
But the little wasn’t do’n
So the little got more and more

I just keep try’n to get a little better
Said a little better than before

We’ve been dancing with Mr. Brownstone
He’s been knocking
He won’t leave me alone

Stuck em in the middle
And I shot em in the middle
And it drove me out of my mind

Should’a known better
Said I wish I never met him
Said I’d leave it all behind

Mr. Brownstone – Guns N Roses

A very old song, I know, but I always thought that this section of it’s lyrics really captures what my thought process was when I was using.

It has all of my old daily thoughts wrapped up in one neat package. It starts out with me sleeping later and later, then me telling myself that I’m going to stop using tomorrow (sure I said that yesterday but this time I mean it). Man remember when I only needed to spend $20.00 to get high, how did it get to this? How could I have been so stupid to start this shit, deep down I knew I would become a Junkie.

Towards the end those thoughts, in that order, played through my head more than I care to remember. Just the fact that I never have to have any one of those thoughts floating around in my brain ever again seems like reward enough for me.

One response to Mr. Brownstone Lyrics Sum Up My Addiction

  1. Thats funny you think of a song, because theres one verse in one of Eminem’s songs that only someone who’s been through recovery would understand. (obviously these lyrics may be offensive to some.)

    “maybe just a nice cold brew / whats a beer? / thats the devil in my ear I been sober a fucking year / and that fucker still talks to me he’s all I can fucking hear! / (marshall comon we’ll watch the game its the cowboys and buccaneers / and maybe if I just drink half ill be half buzzed for half of the time / whos the mastermind behind that little line?”

    I dunno … for me it wasn’t alcohol but it was the same … but now that i’ve quit it just seems like I have other less destructive addictive behaviors … I wish I knew how to be normal …

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