Happy Sunday…What A Difference No Hangover Makes

January 15, 2010 — Leave a comment

I had another one of those great Sundays. The kind of Sunday when it’s rainy out and you spend the day putting around the house doing this and that. You get to the little tasks that you’ve been too busy to get to.

You know, the kind that really recharges your batteries and make you able to tackle Monday morning.

See, it used to be that Sunday was my day for dying on the couch. I would have mixed alcohol with Oxy’s on Saturday night and my body would be recovering from being poisoned. It usually guaranteed a wasted Sunday.

Gone are those Sundays when I would feel ashamed of my behavior the night before. Gone are those Sundays when I used to wake up on the bathroom floor. Gone are those Sundays that would leave my child completely bored all day because his mother did not interact with him except to tell him to “please be quite baby, Mama’s sick”. Ewww, that one made me cringe just now.

Those Sundays are gone but not forgotten. They are used as a reminder of how sick I was. They are also a reminder of just how far I have come in my recovery. I needed those Sundays in order to get the Sundays that I have now.

Happy Sunday everyone.

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