Addiction Recovery: What Have We Become?

March 22, 2010 — 3 Comments

This is going to seem like one of those 5 degree of separation rants but just hang tight for a minute: I had posted an article titled Things You Didn’t Do Because You Got High. I guess this got my friend The Discovering Alcoholic thinking and he then posted Learning From The Past, Living For The Future (excellent post by the way). Then Kevin Bacon posted an article…no, just kidding.

TDA’s post got me thinking about some of the things about myself that I have recognized only after being sober. Not the huge monumental things like…I have severe emotional problems (just kidding…or am I ?), I’m just talking about things that I found myself being interested in now, that I never thought I would have in the past.

I thought it would be cool to get YOUR comments on this. So here is my question to you: In Your Addiction Recovery, What Have You Become? I want to hear some positive things that you are now liking, seeing, doing…that you couldn’t or wouldn’t do while in active addiction.

Ok I’ll go first. Mine has to do with my son. I was as good of a mother as one can be while on opiates everyday. I was around…but not really around. You know what I mean? I always pictured myself as being that “cool mom”. The one that is way to cool to sit and chat with the other mothers at the park, that type of crap. The real reason I didn’t like this type of stuff was that I was probably always to effed up and had nothing other than drugs on my mind and therefor could not offer anything to a conversation.

In my recovery I have found that I love all of those corny mom things which I thought I hated. I found myself just two days ago sending a form back to my son’s school agreeing to be the room mother for a Halloween party. I wasn’t hemming and hawing about doing this. I was gladly checking the box that I would come in and help out for the party.

Even freakier than me wanting to do this, I’m excited about doing this. It’s a Halloween party and so I’ve already decided that I’m going to dress up in a costume and everything. No holds barred on this one. This shocks the ever living shit out of me…and the rest of my family for that matter.

So there is mine, I’m turning into a soccer mom and loving every second of it. Let me just add that even though I’m a “soccer mom” you will never see me in a mini-van, I’ll keep my wrangler thank you very much. Ok, now it’s your turn.

I would love it if anyone and everyone who is willing to share with me on this topic would do so. I think it would be refreshing to hear some positive things that people have learned about themselves in recovery…Just do it!

3 responses to Addiction Recovery: What Have We Become?

  1. This is harder than I thought. I’ll be back to answer soon.

  2. I’m looking for anything people! Doesn’t have to be a monumental insight about yourself…just a little tidbit. Anyone…anyone?

  3. Ok, ok…I thought I would try and get people involved in a positive topic where we can laugh at ourselves and one another but I see you guys aren’t down with that. No worries. On to the next subject.

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