Problem Solving In Addiction Recovery

January 24, 2010 — 2 Comments

I think it’s important to keep focus in addiction recovery. Focus on the big picture. I think that problem solving in addiction recovery is a huge part of keeping that focus.

I find it very easy to lose myself in the details. I can tend to ignore some of the lessons that were so hard learned in my early recovery. There are a few key areas that I have lost focus on lately. With the help of my problem solving skills I am hoping to regain my focus.

Allowing myself to be preoccupied with past thoughts is a big one. Policing my own thoughts is the first step in turning my thinking into positive thinking. Dwelling on past situations that went awry… that isn’t doing anyone any good. So why do I go there? Not real sure of the answer to that but I can tell you that I am regaining focus on this issue and making it a top priority of mine… once again.

Taking things one day at a time. Ok, so we all know that I like to use addiction recovery sayings but it’s true. Staying in the moment and not worrying about events that haven’t happened yet is a huge part of my addiction recovery success. I need to keep that in mind and make it a higher priority.

Don’t sweat the small stuff… and it’s all small stuff. Remember when I vowed to face every problem head on and to do the best that I can each and every day? Well, I feel like I may have let this slip a little recently. I let my tendency to procrastinate creep back into my life. No more, back on track as of right now.

See, we all run into times in our lives when we have lost a little focus. The difference between my problem solving then and my problem solving now is that now I actually look for ways to improve my situation. Then… well then I just didn’t solve any of my problems. I would cover them up with a case of the “fuck it’s”… and some drugs.

I like how I do things now.

2 responses to Problem Solving In Addiction Recovery

  1. Erin,
    Well said. I use to use/drink/smoke when I felt overwhelmed and anxious. This happened daily since I wasn’t working out the problems that arose in my life. I would think, “Oh, the stress” and reach for something that would take it away. Now I look at stressors as reminders that I have to do something, not just sit around. This doesn’t mean that all of my desires to use/drink/smoke have disappeared, but with practice I have decreased them significantly. Now I only think about it once in a while.
    Procrastination-wow, that’s a tough one! I would love some tips on dealing with this! Maybe you can give us a top 5 favorite ways to overcome procrastination in a future posting!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, they’re always interesting and helpful.

  2. I’m no expert in overcoming procrastination. Believe me… I’m still procrastinating about writing about procrastination šŸ™‚

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