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I got back from New York last night after a three day business/pleasure trip. I feel completely wiped out. Sure, it could be because I spent about 5 hours total on trains yesterday or it could be that I ate completely crappy the entire time I was there.

Whatever the reason is…I’m taking today to get myself back in check. I’ll be back to writing something worth reading tomorrow.

So I have accepted the fact that we will never truly understand what life is all about. But does that mean that I will never understand my own life’s purpose?

I don’t believe that. I feel like all of your life is building up to something and when it all comes together… you find your life’s purpose.

But what do you do until then? What do you do with the question: “what am I doing here?”

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Religion is a topic that I absolutely do not discuss with strangers. I find that one side is always trying to convert the other side into thinking their way. It makes me feel uncomfortable.

With that said…I wanted to wish a Happy Easter to any of you out there that celebrate the holiday. This goes to those that are into the whole religious aspect of Easter and also to those of you that only celebrate this holiday because you have a child and you want your child to be able to experience the joy of having the Easter Bunny visit and leave a basket full of candy.

I fall into the latter category and I apologize to no one for it. My family and friends all know the deal with me, my husband and my child. We are what you would call spiritual…not religious.

I know that in the Christian religion Easter is celebrated because it is said to be the time when Jesus was resurrected…fine. But for my family and myself, Easter is a celebration of ringing in the springtime.

Easter is a time when good little boys and girls are rewarded by a visit from the Easter Bunny who delivers them a basket full of tasty treats (and maybe a toy or two). Just as Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, we gather with family and friends celebrate the resurrection of all that went dormant over the Winter months.

I don’t try and argue with you about why you would use a candy delivering rabbit to celebrate the resurrection of Christ and you shouldn’t argue with me why I don’t.

Happy Easter