Recovery Solutions Magazine’s Top 22 “Cool” Ways for Teens to Say No

May 2, 2010 — 4 Comments

I just read a snipit of Recovery Solutions Magazine’s article on the top 22 “cool” ways for teens to say no. While I applaud what they are trying to do…it just doesn’t seem to fit.

I know for myself that when I started drinking and taking drugs at an early age, it wasn’t because I just didn’t know how to say no. It was mainly because even at that young age, I was searching for a way to change how I was feeling. You could have given me a list of 1000 “cool” ways to say no…my answer would always have been yes.

I figured I would go ahead and list the reasons as given by Recovery Solutions Magazine (I took the time to highlight the reasons I think would be especially cool sounding):

1. I’m in support of an alcohol-free America.
2. Drinking is not my idea of fun.
3. I’m too smart to drink.
4. I will be driving myself home.
5. I’m against teenage drinking.
6. I’m too cool to drink.
7. Drinking is a distraction to my academic aspirations.
8. Drinking is wading in troubled waters.
9. Drinking is toxic to my divine destiny.
10. I will not risk my future in order to engage in drinking alcohol.
11. Drinking is a very risky business.
12. There is no point to drinking.
13. No, thanks.
14. I have a great future that alcohol may possibly ruin.
15. Thanks, but I don’t drink.
16. I’d rather have a soda.
17. I need a clear mind to maintain my good grades.
18. Drinking has hidden costs that I have no intention of paying.
19. Alcoholic tales of woe have put me off drinking.
20. I have no desire to become another alcoholic casualty.
21. I vote for an alcohol-free life.
22. I’m watching my weight and alcohol has too many calories.

As you can see, some of the reasons would work in real life and others just wouldn’t. If someone said “hey, I have some beers, you want one” would you honestly reply with “no, I vote for an alcohol free life”? Come on. Seriously? I think #13 on the list works best “hey, you want a drink?” reply: “no, thanks”…perfect. Obviously, this is me just poking fun at an article that was written with very good intentions. I agree with and applaud those intentions.

I do not, however, think that giving people ways to say no is going to make them want to say no. As I stated in the beginning of this article…my whole problem is that I don’t want to say no. How about we educate people on that aspect of teen drinking or drug use. What are the cool ways to get teens to not drink even when they want to?

By popular demand (okay, one person has asked) you can Subscribe To Recovery Solutions Magazine through this link. Have fun.

4 responses to Recovery Solutions Magazine’s Top 22 “Cool” Ways for Teens to Say No

  1. What a great article. I wonder where I could subscribe to this magazine. Do you have a link, Erin?

  2. Well “micky ward”, if that is your real name…the link to the magazine is in the article. That takes you to the homepage and from there you can figure it out. Ok? Great.

  3. I meant do you have a link where I can subscribe to this magazine.

  4. alright, I see what you are getting at…I have added a link to the subscription page of Recovery Solutions Magazine. Ok? Ok.

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