Report Cymbalta Withdrawal Symptoms To The FDA

March 9, 2010 — 134 Comments

As I read all of the comments on the Cymbalta Withdrawal Symptoms Suck post left by people suffering through the Cymbalta withdrawal I am infuriated. I decided that more needs to be done than just compiling signatures on a Cymbalta petition
to send to Eli Lilly.

I figured rather than just inform the pharmaceutical company themselves the FDA should be informed. I was able to find the FDA MedWatch Online Reporting Form and I filled out a complaint against Cymbalta. I’m going to tell you how you can file a complaint with the FDA too.

I urge all of the people that are effected by Cymbalta withdrawal to do the same. Just follow the link above and answer the questions. There is also a field that allows you to explain in your own words what your complaint is about. This section allows you something like 6400 characters so you won’t run into the problem of running out of space while ranting.

Who knows if this will have any effect but I figured if a good number of people start reporting this problem directly to the FDA maybe they will start to look into this situation.

I’m a realist so I am assuming that Cymbalta is too much of a money maker to ever be taken off the market completely. My complaint focused on the fact that the information about the potential for Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms is not made available to physicians and patients. Therefor there is no effective way to avoid or treat them.

The FDA form takes about 5 minutes (depending of course on the length of your rant) and I beg anyone who has experienced Cymbalta withdrawal to fill out a complaint. Thank you

134 responses to Report Cymbalta Withdrawal Symptoms To The FDA

  1. Hi,
    I was also advised to stop Cymbalta cold turkey after developing the most rare side effect. Blisters on hands and in genital area. It scared me big time.

    I found that Fish Oil helped tremendously with the brain issues. I had no brain zaps and as soon as I felt a twinge of a headache, I took 2 tylenol immediately. I am also taking 25mg of Vistaril twice a day for anxiety on top of the klonopin.

    Has anyone experienced a racing pulse? My heart is not pounding out of my chest, but my pulse is racing.

    Thanks and hanging in there everyone. I would rather deal with the withdrawal effects than be a slave to this poision. I am also withdrawing from vicodin very slowly too.


    • When I was taking it my pulse was very high and Dr. put me on bystolic. Sad when we have to have a med to fix a med. I have just recently quit cold turkey and suffer from major brain zaps. I was taking this for fibromalgia and now I’m a complete despressed person. I feel worse now than I ever did before taking it.

  2. I have been off Cymbalt for four years now. I took myself off when I found out I was pregnant. I am still unable to think clearly and am having issues with finding words to say as if my brain just stops. I’m looking for something natural to help but can’t find anything. I haven’t talked to my Dr yet because I’m afraid she will try to give me something else with side effects. Has anyone found anything that helps with the effects?

  3. Nora M. Maffei May 23, 2013 at 8:57 pm

    I was taken off of Cymblata 5/13/2013. I never went thru anything like this in my life. Crying, sweating, bruises all over my body, severe headaches. I felt so sick. I was on Cymblata for seven years and my body has suffered so much. I wasn’t working for years, lived in fear, no relationships and afraid to drive. I have so many health issues from being on it for so long . Do you know if their are Lawyers taking causes against Elli Lilly and Company for making money on such a terrible drugs with so many side affects.

  4. Ive had 4 back surguries. I was given Lyrica as a nerve deadening medication. It wasn’t working well. So my pain management Dr put me on Cymbalta claiming it focused the lyrica to the brain center receptors and provided depleated brain chemicals that are used up fighting pain. I became a zombie. Tired, fatigued, weak. My hands swelled so bad my fingers would trigger lock and ache with pain. My libido died, what I had given my back issues. And my Dr. Put me to half dose of cymbalta. Didn’t help. Quit I’m told. Tears and emotions no brain saps but I cant drive. I’m terribly dizzy to the point of falling. I get zinggers down the extremities. I’m going nuts. This medication is like no other ive encountered my whole life. And I’m a child of the 1960 s if you know what I mean. This mere not for me ever again.

  5. HEADACHE PAIN so severe can barely walk, worst head pain felt in entire life. Night sweats bloody night mares. Brain zaps fatigue, and crying alot

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