Cymbalta Withdrawal Symptoms Suck

December 20, 2009 — 3,165 Comments

My Cymbalta dose is now down to zero and the withdrawal symptoms are brutal. I followed my doctors directions for slowly weening off Cymbalta…why are my Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms so severe?

In a previous post I had explained that I was slowly weening off Cymbalta with my doctor’s guidance. This started with me reducing my daily dose in half. I felt the effects of that in the form of Cymbalta withdrawal which included a weird buzzing in my brain that I have named brain shivers.

Within a couple of days my body got used to this lower dose I was feeling back to my self again. That was a little over a month ago. The time was here for me to stop taking Cymbalta all together. Sure, I was a little nervous about the withdrawal symptoms but I decided to go along with the plan that my doctor and I had come up with which meant to stop taking Cymbalta.

Well…this time the Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms are far more severe than the last. Not only am I getting the brain shivers way more frequently throughout the day, I can tell that I am very short tempered and a little emotional. Since being emotional is not something I’m used to after being on antidepressants for over 2 years…it’s pretty upsetting to me. Of course it’s upsetting, everything is upsetting to me right now.

I had been reading a lot online about the withdrawal symptoms of Cymbalta and it seems that all of the symptoms I am having are the normal ones that go along with this drug. I can’t tell you what a bummer it is to be going through withdrawal again. I thought that when I detoxed in rehab
it would absolutely be the last time in my life I ever had withdrawal symptoms from anything. I guess I was wrong.

In my online researching of Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms I saw several different places say that Benadryl helps to alleviate some of the more severe withdrawal symptoms of Cymbalta. I was a little leary of trying this because I usually try to stay away from any over the counter medicine that causes drowsiness. This is due to the fact that I have been known to abuse these in the past. Pretty pathetic I know…but true none the less.

The day before yesterday I gave in and purchased some Benedryl. I can honestly say that I have not been abusing them at all. I have been taking one maybe two per day. Benedryl really did cut down on some of the uncomfortable feelings that I had due to the Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms.

I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Today I have not taken any Benedryl and I am not too bothered so far by any of the withdrawal symptoms that I have been over the past few days. Sure, I’m still noticing a brain shiver every once in a while but it is no where near the severity of the past few days.

In situations like this one, I start to realize just how far I have come on my road to recovery. This time last year I would have used these uncomfortable feelings as an excuse to abuse drugs. There is no doubt about it. Now? I was leary of even purchasing Benedryl because I know that I have tendencies to abuse drugs like that. It’s times like these that I really start to appreciate all of the hard work I’ve put into staying sober.

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  1. Its my 5th time trying to get off of Cymbalta. I have read all the message boards, and I am amazed how similar the withdrawal symptoms are for people, but to me it seems like those symptoms happen whether or not you ‘ween’ off the drug, or try and go ‘cold-turkey’, so I always just try the ‘cold-turkey’ route. Does it make me insane that I keep trying the same thing expecting a different result? I am not of the opinion I should spend the rest of my life counting on Cymbalta for my mood, or my (supposed…bah) pain relief. Therefore I refuse to be a prisoner to this drug. The last 4 times I tried to go cold turkey, the brain zaps and pain were so bad by day 2 I gave up. Not this time. I refuse. But luckily, I found out about using Benadryl during the withdrawals, and I can say that it seems to work in my non-medical, non-professional opinion. I am on Day 3, and the zaps seem ‘suppressed’. I am dealing with the aches and pains, but they also seem lessened, except for first thing in the morning. I have not experienced nausea or itching…yet. Hopefully I won’t. I don’t want to stay on Benadryl forever, obviously, because that can do its own harm. But I will for the next few weeks. I am trying to take only a pill or two of the Benadryl per day. If I can just get through this month! I am praying for help from above, knowing that not everybody subscribes to a Christian point of view, or belief (and that’s OK), but I am hoping my faith will give me the strength this time to see this through to the end.

    • Carl, I just read your one post? I could not find another. I hope you are doing well? Are you still feeling the side effects, were you able to stay off? I am on day 16, yesterday was much much better, but a lot of nausea, not any tremors, first time, hope they stay away, different brain zaps, several in a row, like a shot gun, not so much crying or anxiety. gina

      • Hi Gina. Seems the zaps are the worst, Im on day 3, gonna try Benadryl. My biggest thing is the sore eyes and whooshing in ears. Did you get that while taking it, and still with stopping on day 3. Oh some times the zaps are like a gun shot. I got one yesterday it was “PING” so loud, i laughed!

        • hello…i too had to come off of cymbalta, but cold turkey because of a new medicine i needed to take and it couldn’t be taken together. if you want an easier way…stop taking cymbalta cold turkey, then the next time you would have taken your dose…take two 20 mg prozac and a phentermine. they have the chemicals inside cymbalta to keep the withdrawals at a minimum…and prozac and phentermine are a lot easier to come off of than cymbalta. i haven’t taken an cymbalta since 12/1/11 and i feel great. (when i had been on 120 mgs of cymbalta a day for four years)
          just saying…there are easier ways.

          • I am so happy to see someone else was on the high dose I was – 120 mg for years
            my pcp said to take this new drub viibryd – he didn’t mind me being a guinia pig – and it was just fine to go off the 120 mg one day and start the 10 mg the next day of new drug.
            Well after 5 days of brain zaps, anger, telling my loving husband that he must hate me cuz he said i was crazy and he wasn’t doing what he should, bawling all day long, laughing hysterically, extreme tired eyes – even after 10 hours os sleep, headaches that won’t stop, just to name a few things.
            I am seeing my doc today and i do refuse to go back on cymbalta – it has been 5 days and i have survived – (please don’t ask my family -cuz theymight not agree with me)
            anyway – I am praying that I don’t tell him what i really think – and that God will allow me to be kind to him.

    • I was wondering what Benadryl would do to relieve symptoms. I see u stated it helped with itching. I just have that on shins. Do you? And the brain zaps are relentless… (off since friday and its monday. So Benadryl helped with the zapps too> Did you ever have sore eyes while taking it, cotton mouth, or whooshing in ears. The whooshing seems better, 3 days now. But these were all of way I had to stop dc said. Along with no appiyite, extrememe vivid dreams, a sort of fog and oack of concentration, But no depression! LOL

      • Today is day 5 of “cold-turkey” for me. 60mg dose for the past 3 years. These posts have been so helpful to me, thank you to you all. These “brain zaps” that everyone speaks of is the worst part for me. I had to call out of work today. It’s as if my head is inside a feather pillow – I’m in a cloud almost. My eyes dont focus or almost miss a step kinda if i turn my head too quickly. Severe sweating spells too for years, bad now, anyone else? I’m waiting it out though and I refuse to go back on the medication after this many days. Benedryl has yet to be purchased but I have to go back to work and I’m a mother…next stop drug store for Benedryl. Time and patience will be the cure for us all…

        • Hi Sasha,
          I am on day 5 today of “cold turkey”. Had to go cold turkey because of another precription that I could not take with Cymbalta. I am sooooooooo miserable. I was on 60mg, twice a day for about 4 years. I am very glad I found this website. I do have itching but it is on my arms, legs and back. It is so bad that I will have scars from all the sores I made from scratching. If anyone would have told me it was this hard to quit, I would NEVER have started this horrible drug. The “brain zips” are miserable. I have hundreds of them a day. I feel exactly like you do. I feel like I am in a cloud and my focus is just not there. Thank goodness, I am retired and not working. I would have been off work all week. My stomach is really upset. I have vomited every day. I have been sweating for years, but it is REALLY bad now. If it above 55 degrees, I am sweating and miserable. I cannot go anywhere because I get sick from being too hot. Also, the humming in my ears is unbearable. I cannot listen to the radio. When I listen to the TV, the sound is off and I use Close Caption because it hurts too much. I even cut off the sound on my computer because it hurt. I used to take Benedryl to help me sleep so I am trying to stay away from it. How are you feeling now? How long do we have to put up with this!!! I refuse to go back. I have not read anywhere about when the withdraw systoms quit. Any idea? I am looking forward to that day. I just want to normal. Good Luck..

        • Also, vivid dreams. They were nice dreams at first, now they are getting scary. I must be moving around during the dreams because when I wake up, my dogs are standing over me looking at me like something is wrong. Also, no appetite. Cannot eat anything. I have lost 10 lbs in 5 days. Just looking at or thinking of food makes me run to the bathroom. HOW MUCH LONGER?? Some of these people are on day 16 and still have the whoosing in their ears.

        • DELORES E PHILIPS February 19, 2012 at 7:43 am

          thanks,,,i had no idea what was going on with me,,,except i wanted off because the nuropghy was getting worse,,,i had the brain zaps,,,and all of the above,,,i did not know it was the withdrawal till i read all these comments,,,then i realied i wasnt going completly insanemi thought my nbody was just giving out,,im 76,,,,but thank each and everyone of u for helping see the light,,,,with these messages,,,,the brain aps r my worst,,not being able to take a step with out thinking about it 1st,,,or where i would land,,,so bless everyone of u,,ive only been off a week,,,,worse week of my life and i had no clue what was going wrong till now,,,,

      • DELORES E PHILIPS February 18, 2012 at 7:36 pm

        thank everyone of u who hav put statements on,,,,i thought i was just going crazy,,im 76 and only been on cymbalta for 4 months,,for neuropghy in legs from taking metformin and almost dying on that one,,,but deceided the leg pain was worst now than befor i started cymbalta,,couldnt get out of chair,,could lift my legs up on bed at nite,,husband had too,,,get ready for a physical next week cu i had no idea the withdrawal would be like this,,,,thank u all so much,,,ive had blood in stools,,,i was a zombie or loony toon,,it has been unbeleivable,,i was going to slow withdrawel,,but figure if i do that im gonna be sick and i might as well go cold turkey,,,today is day 5,,and a very good day,,,still getting brain zaping but hope that goes soon,,,,i was even able to walk a little today and not fall down,,,bless u all from this ole lady,,,dee

        • DELORES E PHILIPS February 18, 2012 at 8:13 pm

          i also read where u cannot take like aleve or cough medcine while on this pill cymbalta which i was for the pain

        • Thanks to everyone who has written about their withdrawal symptoms from Cymbalta. Now I understand what has been happening to me and I am mad as Hell in between crying spells, brain zaps, nausea, visual problems, etc.

  2. I’ve come off cymbalta gradually this time, and this will be the last time I deal with cymbalta. The first time I tried to go off because I couldn’t afford it and I was on 120mg per day. I had a horrifying headache on the third day of cold turkey and was about to go to the hospital, but decided to take the cymbalta that a friend had given me. After about 24 hours the headache was gone but I have felt that I was left damaged with a problem concentrating. Now this time, I will never go back on the cymbalta. Surely the drug manufacturer could have been forth coming with the frightening side effects. I want to know how long these brain shivers will last. I feel as if, once again, I’m damaged from taking this medication. I would never recommend this medication to anyone with out being very sure they need it long term for an extreme application.

  3. I thought I was going crazy. If I have to go even few days without medication, I start getting symptoms. I really dont know how to explain the feelings that I get. You know the feeling you get when your almost in a wreck? Its enough to take my breath away at times, but not only does the feeling exist in the core of my body but also in my brain. If this happens to you, youll understand, otherwise you probably think Im as crazy as I did. Not to mention excessive sweating, headaches, fluttering heartbeat, hot flashes, nausea, vomiting, dizziness (almost to the point of vertigo). Tingling throughout my body when I move suddenly, and lets not forget those lovely panic/anxiety attacks.

    • marta-
      all i can say is…me too. I am suffering from such severe night sweats and crazy dreams that im in a fog all day long. in the last few days ive been awarded with dizziness and heart pounding too…lucky me…its so brutal that im afraid to drive and trying to sit through my classes is downright painful….i want you to know that i completely empathize. i hope youre feeling better πŸ™‚

      • I would be nothing with out Klonipon for heart pounding! Saved my life! If you are not on it , ask for it, it literally stopped mine after 10 years! oH AND THE CYMBALTA CRAZY DREAMS! I am currently stopped cold turkey. 3 days, i still have side effects, the dreams are so real! And I have horrile cotton mouth and whooshing in my ears.

    • Thank you for putting into words exactly what I have been feeling for the last week. I thought I was completely going crazy. The “zapping” feeling is so intense I really thought something seriously was wrong. Now that I have read a couple of postings, I understand where they are coming from and just hope they go away sooner rather than later.

    • OMG, I was recently on Cymbalta 60 MG for only 2 weeks. I couldn’t handle the side effects, much too strong for me. So my doc told me to quit taking them. I am on day 3 of stopping this medicine and I am getting, increased mood swings, brain zaps, mental fog. I hope this passes soon. It scares me to think how bad it would be if I had been on it for a year. I know Cymbalta helps some people but what the heck is in this drug? It scares me to see what control it has on your brain. If you have xanax or ativan it will help take off the edge but it also make s me sleepy. I just want to feel normal again!!!!

  4. I have been trying to ween off of cymbalta for the last two weeks. This is awful. I dropped my dose for 9 days and it was terrible so I just gave up and went cold-turkey. I feel like someone ran me over. My head is killing me and I keep getting dizzy. Did I mention that I have a 18m old and a 3.5 year old!! Not fun. I think I will try the benadryl and see if it helps.

  5. Well, I’m at a loss.
    I’m scared, I’m sick, I’m frustrated, I FEEL LIKE HELL!!!

    Let me start briefly from the beginning:

    I was prescribed cymbalta 5 plus years ago (which is a SSNRI) for anxiety because 1) The SSRI’s weren’t working and caused some side effects (weight gain, loss of sexual drive) that I did not like. I started with 30 mg a day and was up’d to 60 mg a day eventually.
    I noticed a little difference, but not much of improvement of anxiety.

    I have seen a few providers (because of a move, etc) that got to know me and my situation.
    I am a mom of 3 (one with autism) and a husband who has muscular dystrophy. I am the sole provider of the household. So, as you can see, there is a “little” stress in my life (little…NOT…alot).
    All the providers kept doing is trying to up my dosage, not offer suggestions how to deal with my situation. I refused to go any higher then 60 mg a day.

    6 months (or more) ago, I missed a dose (yes, just one dose), and I was in HELL!!
    Dizziness, nausea, irritability, shortness of breath, panic feelings, vomitting… I said to myself I was NOT going to be on a medication that causes such hell if I miss one dose. So I stopped, cold turkey (NOT RECOMMENDED!!)
    I was out of town working at that time and, on day 3, had to STOP and cancel the rest of my day to go get help. I HONESTLY thought I was dying.

    I go to my Primary provider because, of course, the provider that prescribed it was not available and did not return my calls. What is the answer from my primary provider, “oh, just go back on it and the symptoms will go away”. I listened cause I was desperate. Desperate to feel better.

    Fast foward to 2 months ago. It happened again…….. I missed a dose……. Started to get sick in less then 4 hours after I missed the dose. THIS WAS RIDICULOUS!!!
    I DO NOT want to be on a drug that, if I miss a dose….. if I end up not being able to refill this drug…… If I am somewhere where I cannot refill this drug, THAT I WILL FEEL LIKE DEATH.

    So a went to the local urgent care (why??? because it was the weekend and my providers either didn’t answer an on call message or could help me on the weekend)….
    The doctor at the urgent care center gave me a prescription for 20 mg capsules. I was instructed to take 2 capsules (40 mg) a day for 2 weeks, then 1 capsule (20 mg) a day for two weeks, and then stop. I did as I was instructed EXCEPT I opened the capsule and dumped 1/2 of one capsule to try to make it as close to 10 mg as I thought I could (then closed it back up) and did that once daily for a week. THEN I stopped.

    It has been TOTAL HELL ever since.

    Here are my symptoms (at 20 days post zero cymbalta):

    Extreme irritability
    Numerous crying spells (I think this is due to frustration)
    Constant feeling of panic
    Inability to get words out
    A sense of disassociation for a few seconds at a time (I have gone through 2 stop signs since stopping this drug… NEVER have I done this before in my life).

    Now this is all while I’m continuing to work… I have no choice…. As I stated before, I am the sole provider in the household.

    The only way to REDUCE (not resolve) the symptoms so I CAN work is to continuously take Dramamine. If I don’t take the dramamine, I am NOT functioning. I am sick and not good to be around what so ever.

    I am doing this alone…. why? THERE IS NOT ONE PROVIDER OUT THERE. THERE IS NOT ONE PHARMACIST OUT THERE….. NOT EVEN Eli Lilly (the maker of the SHIT) can tell me how long this is going to last.

    Yes, I AM ANGRY (part of this anger is probably withdraw). I am angry that I was not warned that withdraw is THIS bad. Yes, I was told not to stop cold turkey (except by one psychiatrist…He said just stop the med…. I never went back to him again) and I told there was a little withdraw, but is very self limiting if you taper.


    I am close to losing my family (cause they can’t deal with me anymore)
    I am close to losing my job (cause it is hard to work with these symptoms… but I am trying.. believe me… I want to work)

    I need to know….WILL THIS EVER END??!!!

    Is anyone else going through the same hell?

    • I wanted to go off Cymbalta because it made me sweat constantly and hot flashes all the time,the doctor weened me off he took my dose down to 30mg then cold turkey, I’ve been off it totally for almost two weeks and i fell like I’m going insane. I’m over the top irritable I’m eating everything in site, and amunst other issues I’m extremely dizzy, I just don’t feel like myself. I’m so mean to my family I have no patience and I cry all the tine uncontrollably.
      This medicine is evil I thought about getting back on it because I can’t stand to feel this way or put my family through this but I’m trying to stay strong and let it run it’s course, how long will I feel hs way, I want to be happy again what can I be doing to help myself during this time??????????????

      • collenn i am at day 9 and i am exactly the same. please let me know how you are now…thank you

        • *C= Cymbalta
          To Jody….. I went off *C after almost 1 month on 30mil. I had among most listed side effects during, I still am suffering from – Tinnitis (whooshing in ears)
          I have started back on Prozac, was on 60 for a while, but doc thought *C would help with my back pain, bulging disc, degentic desease, and athritis setting in for a 20 year ago Car accident , I ws in. I had a MRI , found out, this is why I have a pinched nerve in my shoulder and pain in forearm & pins & needles in hand. (left).
          Although, the *C did help with pin, I got to stop taking 800 ml AQdvil, 2 x’s a day and onky suffered from pins & needles, when I satin certain postitions. It was barable. But, after all side effects, she stopped it. The zings, pings and scrapping in brain was awful for 5 days. Then I starting prozac 20 ml to start, with in 3 days , the pings stopped. But the pain in shoulder is back, back to avil, chrio monthly and 15 min deep muscle massage. But, worse is I still have TINITIS. I am finding it may be perminant. I have lost all concentration at wrok and have asked to step down from supervisor to part time, min wage. So sad. My next doctor, ear doctor. I suffer from hearing lost, so they say hearing aids help with Tinitis, so maybe it is time I invest. Thanks for listening…Sue

    • There is hope. The worst lasted 2-3 weeks for me. I was only this med for a short trial period – less than 2 months. It had no effect on the depression I was suffering. Then, this drug kicked me in the gut when I was at my lowest. I, too, have a family, work and obligations. There was no choice but to muscle through it. The awefulness is echoed throughout the posts on this site. Feel abused by the drug industry and even my Dr. (for prescribing this poison) still strikes a tender nerve a year and a half later. I still have some residual side effects – but nothing compared to those first two weeks. About day 10, the worst seemed to subside by inches. It was a few months until the brain-zaps were gone. I still have a sense that I can feel electricity pulsing in my veins – not something I ever had noticed in my 5 decades of life. The tinnitus got awful during the initial withdrawal and has not subsided. But, compared to where I was, it is better. I have had the benefit of a small group of women who have been a huge encouragement to me and a wonderful counselor who specialized in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Learning to treat myself with the same compassion I would a close friend or family member has been a helpful tool. So, don’t be too hard on yourself. Depression Hurts – Cymbalta Hurts Worse. What an awful, awful drug. What is worse, is that is given to those of us already in a place of terrible pain – to our detriment. Be strong and courageous! Be encouraged – there can be life before death! …and life after Cymbalta! Be gentle with yourself. Each person is a bit different – for me an awful 2 weeks followed by slight improvement over the next 2 – 3 months. Somethings I will just live with. By the Grace of God and the support of His people, Live Well!

      • finally someone with ear whooshing! The worst!

      • Please take to me more about your bout with Tininis. I agheived it at atound day 15 in , only 27 days taking Cymbalta. I have been off 1 week and the tinitus has kept me up nights, to where it has suffered my abilities at work. Will this go away> I am looking in to seeing a doctor for it, I also have hearing lose, i need to address. Please see my past post to catch up on my story if you want. I am hopeless and suffering depression. I am back on prozac only 20, where I was on 60. I aso take klonipon for panic attacks, which is my miricle drug. I appreciate any advise u can share.

        • Susan, the tinnitus continues to be a problem a year and a half later. I have a chiropracter that tells me it can be corrected with regular adjustments of the atlas – where the skull connects to the spine. There are some herbal remedies that are thought to help, helichrysum is one. I haven’t been consistant enough with anything to tell a difference. I DO keep some music I enjoy in the background – it gives my brain something else to focus on πŸ™‚ and I am clear with my family that when they are talking to me they need to address me so I know what converstaions to ‘tune-in’ to. As for the depression, seeing a qualified Cognative Behavioral Therapist has been the biggest help. Every single person I have ever talked to who struggles with depression can link thier depression to lies about themselves that they believe and have believed all of their life. “I will never be (fill in the blank – lovable, worthy, smart…) enough. Those lies have led to actions and behaviors that have us so very low we can barely function. I know this may sound simplistic. There are other factors that add to the depression – life changes that include loss – death, divorce, breakup, loss of job, move. Those types of things triggered my depression. I am continuing to work THROUGH the lies and focus on what I now to be true! Meds will ‘manage’ the depression. I am hoping to destroy it. I am completely med free and working hard with a therapist – learning to be kinder to myself and not take every affront personally. Dealing with the lies and replacing them with truth. Learning to truly trust God – in all things. Be strong and courageous! YOU can have victory over this debilitating battle!!

          • i am now finding out I have a lot of issues in my spine. One doctor says tinitus after chybalta less than a month unusaual. Wants one month to pass to see if still there. I am on almost week 2 and still have it. Some days worse then others. I did find a herbal remedy called ring ears drops 2x’s a day. Doc said it can’t hurt. $11.99 infestment, 3 days stil whoosing. Did you inface get tinitus from cymbalta? Kat, I also am depressed and an apsolute nutt job with out my soritinin. I was on Paxil forever, but still had panic attacks. Cause me great stress in work place and family members with same short irribility and low self esteem, cause ing much delousional thoughts of alls an inside insult. After being changed this year to Prozac, cause it was more pms then any other time, along with Klonipon, I have no long heart pounding nor panic attacks, making my anxiety or fear of getting in when nervous, a thing of the past. The 60 mils of prozac was still causing depression around periods, so thats when I started the *C.
            I had every symtom inder the sun. Day 27, i was told to stop. I also have spnal problems, and a oinched nerve in left shoulder radiating down fore arm and oins and needles in hand. *C helped that ONLY! I am back on Advil, seeing a spine doctor and he is hoping to rid the tinitis, and work on my spinal problems, many of which are located in top of neck down. I have hope! I am on leave for a month from retail job, that I just begun, and is too physical. I probably will quit with out notice and find something easier on my spine. Bone spurs, bulging discs, herniated disks, degenitic disc disease and arthris, in my neck from a car accident years ago. Thanks for listen!

      • Your comments are kind and encouraging. Thank you.

    • I wanted to know if Rebecca is feeling better, I am still feeling awful and wanted to know if there was light at the end of the tunnel. I am so dizzy and this is day 5 of feeling withdraw effects

    • yes i stopped taking cymbalta sept 23 and as of today i am still looking for answers regarding the length of time untill the withdrawl ends I have been in the er with no answers other than every person is different and i have experienced everything that i have read except i havent heard anyone say that they have lost there sence of taste which has been for going on for the last month……I think that ely lilly should be sued for not disclosing all the symtoms of the withdrawls and this medication should not be given to anyone….what a shame, doctors give this medication thinking that the people that they prescribe it to will be on it for the rest of there lives…well as i see there are a lot of non lifers and never was i told the effects of coming off this drug….I hate this drug it did nothing good for me. all it did was make me feel like i was numb, I almost lost my family because i didnt care about anything and i mean anything, i felt like i was dead…i decided that it was time to wean off this medication with my doctors help still not telling me what the effects were, since i have been off i have experienced everything that i have read and more…my loss of taste scares me, i have had swollen tounge and no feelings in my lips, i have no answers, and cant find any hopefully someone will find them.

    • I called off already in anewjob, 3rd week, because my vivid dreams and cotton moth woke me and i would flip flop all night trying to sleep. I was worthless by morning. Could hardley walk to bathroom to brush teeth, and drink with severe cotton mouth at 3am, I experience in just taking it almost 1 month.

      Whooshing in ears
      vivid dreams
      flip flop insomia
      cotton mouth
      foggy, almost got in accidents, hadn’t ever in years
      sore eyes
      no appitite
      and now with doc saying stop, after day 3, still have all symptoms, and added brain zapps~

    • To all during the holiday season, I lost my wife of 12 yrs to this drug 3 years ago . get off it no matter what it takes.

    • Dear Rebecca
      I hate to tell you but I too have the same symptoms. My really bads news is that it has been 2 years off Cymbalta that I weened off of and my symptoms persist. Under extremely stressful times you can imagine how increased my buzzing, and zaps become.
      Sorry to be this bearer of bad news.
      I’m hoping a pain clinic may offer me some solution/relief…..SOON!!

    • Was wondering about you! I feel your pain….and everyone elses that has EVER had to take and go off this daaayuum drug! I certainly hope you are doing better…but I have questions about long term effects. And just how long after the last dose before people feel “normal” again!?
      I was on 90 for 5 yrs. I tapered as well…my doctor documented all my “withdrawal issues” and was clueless to the side effects or the withdrawal symptoms of this drug. She did mention that others were making them known and she would be documenting theirs.
      God Bless you in your attempt to get better…

    • margaret grieser January 16, 2012 at 1:29 pm

      Oh My!! i am going thru alot of these symptoms at at first thought it was a viral thing, but now heard that is is the med withdrawels. i am haivng those brian zaps and eyes feel so tired, dry throat, crying alot and it has been two weeks off. I wish I knew how long this lasted. I need hope! Life is tough enough and then to deal with this. Iws on cymbalta for years and the insurance I went to wouldnt cover it so the dr was switching me to another, and I decided I wanted to see what my body would be like clean. Well this doesnt feel good nor clean. I feel hung over all the time and I havent drank in almost 30 years.
      what does benedral do and how much shold I take?


    I have fibromyalgia, which needless to say also comes with depression. I have been on antidepressants for over 10 years. Some have hurt me more than helped. The worst withdrawals so far have come from Effexor. I am slowly stopping Cymbalta since I have gained more than 40 pounds in two years and want to start a family soon. I currently take 60 mg a day and have been taking one day 60 mg the next 30 mg. In the past week of doing this, i have been nauseous, with horrible migraines and itchiness all over my body. I can’t sleep and my stomach is very sensitive, more than ever.

    I am 29 years old, I teach philosophy at two different colleges, I have published some academic work, and have many awards for my photo and art work, but sometimes I feel so weak. If you are reading this, please be assured this has nothing to do with your will power. It is extremely hard, but sharing with one another is powerful to know that this struggle is not in one’s own mind. List your symptoms, cry, eat, sleep, be irritable, don’t hold back. It has to end, it will. I believe that. You are not alone, life is worth fighting for.
    Bread soothes the nausea. Sleeping whenever you get a migraine helps. Do not take caffeine, it just irritates your mind more and your stomach too. Avoid vinegar and citric acid if you are getting reflux. Also alcohol will just worsen your symptoms once the buzz wears off.
    I hate it when people tell me to be strong, so my advice is simply to keep sharing. I think here we all understand it’s not about strength. Resist.

  7. I want to share my experience when I have more time but for now thanks for letting me know I am not alone! Going to take dose of benadryl. πŸ˜‰

    • This is not ethically right.

      The providers and pharmacists are not given enough information on this terrible drug.


      I called Eli Lilly one week ago, I called them today.
      I will call them every day if I have to. This is WRONG!!!

      If you want to call and tell them what you are going through here is the number:
      317 276 2000. Make your voices/concerns heard

      • Thanks for the info. I always read the paperwork printed at 2 font that comes with the drug and research it. I guess I did not look to blogs for info. They (the paperwork) said adverse reactions were not studied after the 14 weeks of study. 14 WEEKS…I do not think this is long enough for studies on this type of drug…much less not follow up on it after people stop taking it. It included a small list of the usual ones you hear..upset stomach, yada yada yada.

    • DELORES E PHILIPS February 18, 2012 at 8:00 pm

      me too,,,

  8. I have been on Cymbalta since 2006 and tried several times to ween off this drug. I was given this drug for numbness and told not sure what is causing the numbness but Cymbalta seems to help. I stopped taking Cymbalta in 2007 after 7 months due to several conditions I had and I was not sure what was causing my problems, so I just stopped taking all prescribed drugs. I had so many issues I didn’t relate them to one drug or the other, so never knew what Cymbalta withdrawals were. Then life happens (issue with my son) and I thought maybe Cymbalta would help me deal with the depression, plus I started drinking wine every day too.
    As some of you said the cost has gotten to be more than I care to spend this year, so my doctor said to slowly ween myself off Cymbalta. I took my time, 2 weeks on half dose, then 1 every other day, then every other 2 days. Last week I decided to just stop completely. I was just telling my husband that I have these shocking feelings in my head and face, so I Googled “Cymbalta Withdrawal Symptoms” and started reading your story. Now I am the type that as long as I know what it is I am okay. The “Brain Shivers” are very bothersome and I am wondering how long they will last.
    I tried last year to ween off Cymbalta and I was in so much pain I called the doctor for a new prescription. My doctor suggested I might have fibromyalgia and Cymbalta claims to help this too.
    Then this year I started seeing ads for Lyrica, that it helps fibromyalgia and read the symptoms. So I went in to see my doctor and told her I’d like to ween off Cymbalta and try Lyrica. So my weening off Cymbalta this year I had no pain due to taking Lyrica. I have gained so much weight and have been in a state nothingness since 2008.
    I am starting to have more energy and started doing every day chores again, plus I joined a gym and I changed my diet in hopes of losing all the weight I gained while being in a vegetated state and I also took no care of my personal self. I had 2 children get married and ever though I was at the wedding I WAS NOT THERE!!
    I am very emotional, short tempered, I have no tolerance for anything or anyone. I am not depressed and hope that in time all these symptoms fade ……

    Thank you all for helping me see what I need to do to further my healing ……

    • yes *C also helped with my numbing in arm . see other post befor ethis one on details. The brain zings are almost gone, because i relace *C with prozac. So, the more Prosac, more Serotonin, less brain sapps. I have zero tolerance for people , irribility, and now on 1 month med leave to fix all problem of spine. (see above post) My worse symptom in tinitis, whooshing in ears. It came durin the time I took *C, but I stopped after 27 days due to the 10 other side effects I have listed also in past posts. I doc says no way 27 days, did the tinitis. I am now seeing a spinal institution, and hoping the releaf of pinched nerves will also releieve tinitis. Good talking to you!

    • Sharon, I am so sorry to hear your story. I am off Cymbalta (see nother posts of mine) I am currently on prozac and Klonipon and a thyrid pill. I am awaiting a neurologist appt. that can’t come soon enough. I was on C for 27 days and startd having whooshing in my eas, as well as manyother sie effects, which are gne except for the tinitis. I have an upset stomach and headahes everyday and take Alieve constantly. I to think may hav Fibro. The whooshing is so bad at night, it sould slike Locus flies in my brain. I cry everyday. Feel I will never be right again. The doctor are so far and inbetween, it seems for ever for to get onsomething to fel better.

  9. I have been there and do all this! I am back here to offer you all words of encouragement. If I can get through it you all can to. It’s hard (a total nightmare actually), unfair, debilitating and terrifying I know but you can conquer it! Don’t give up and end up back at square one! I know you can’t turn life off and you all have daily responsibilities but get some help with those if you can. Try to avoid as much stimulation as possible. Don’t watch the news or read the newspaper. Try to avoid as much of the negative world as you can. Stay in quiet as much as you can. Whenever possible take short quaint walks in the fresh air. You won’t feel like it but it helps in the long run. Also as much as you might hear it recommended…don’t take supplements to try to rid yourselves of symptoms. For one they don’t work and for 2 your brain isnt producing it’s own seratonin and other chemicals because this poison has been doing it for us. If you use something else to try to replace it you will prolong your suffering.

  10. I do notice 1. The symptoms are about 0 when I first wake up and progresses as the day does. This tells me that while I am asleep, my brain isn’t thinking, etc, so it is able to focus on getting back to pre-cymbalta state. Also, The more I do that can “stress my healing brain”, such as drink coffee, drink a glass of wine, get overly upset at situations, etc, the more severe the symptoms are. THe synptoms are still bad, but the more relaxed and calm I am (along with dramamine most of the day), the more tolerable these symptoms are. I am over 3 weeks out of 0 cymbalta, so I’m recognizing each day what I can do to help myself heal.
    I do recommend to try to reduce as much brain stimulation as possibe during this time.

    I have quit caffiene ( And that is a miracle for me)
    I have not drank any wine in a few weeks
    I recognize when I’m starting to get irritable in a situation and, when possible, I remove myself from the situation.

    The last one is very hard to do. I have a family and a job. But, because I am so sick of feeling bad, I am doing whatever it takes.

    You gotta take care of yourself and heal first. If you don’t, you are doing yourself and everyone around you an injustice

    23 days and counting!!

    • Hi Rebecca,

      Your not alone, my partner leaves for work early and I feel ok, that black bird over my heart has lifted a little, Im not dizzy, weak yes but not awful. As soon as I get up the brain zaps start and increase during the morning – today I counted 5 within a 30 sec period. My partner finds it hard. He worries, Im fine and when he gets home Im in bed, I dont leave the house and I cant do much, my love for music is gone. Silence and no stimulation is what is needed.

      Please let me know you are feeling better?

      (Im not 100% sure if Ive already emailed you thsi morning! Bloody memory loss!)

      • The zings seem to be worse when I move my head. Thankfully, I am on Klonipon too and after 5 days off cymbalta , back on Prozac. Zings , will sease, I know. Even skipping doses will do this. I also have pngs, zaps and a scrape scrape sound. ANYone else?

      • DELORES E PHILIPS February 18, 2012 at 8:09 pm

        has anyone successfully gotten off this med,,,im 76 and would like to finish out my life feeling good,,,,,i was only on 4 months for neuropghy in legs,,which got worse on this,,,,do u hav good days,,i do,,,then tomorrow ill be a zombie again,,,its one weird feeling,,,,i quit cold turkey a week ago,,,i fugured if i was gonna die i might as well do it going cold turkey than stay on it and die taking it,,,,thanks everyone,,,im not getting alztimers as my husband thought,,just this pill,,im very mad at my dr for not warning me or even putting me on it,…..

    • Way to go Rebecca!

  11. I can totally relate to almost everything everyone has said. Next week I will celebrate my first year of sobriety. Though 15 years of alcoholism, I searched for every possible reason to explain why I could not drink “moderately” like other people. One long journey that I took was a road of being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, Anxiety, Major Depressive Disorder, borderline schizophrenia, etc. If there is a diaganosis for it, I have had it and been treated for it pharmacuetically at some point. When I entered into what I pray be my last treatment facility last year, I was on 12 different medications for these disorders. Today as I write to you, I take one pill a day, for high blood pressure.

    I also do not want to give anyone the idea that I know anything more about your individual situation than you. I just want to share some of my experience and clarity that I have had over the last 15 years battling with addiction.

    As good intentioned as many doctors can be, they hardly get a fair opportunity to treat alcoholics and addicts for the simple reason: we hardly ever tell them the complete truth. Here’s an example: I go to the doctor seeking help for what seems to be mania or depression or a combination of both. The doctor asks what happened. I tell him that I woke up on a Tuesday, the birds were singing, I felt great. Then I don’t know what happened. By nightfall, my husband arrives home from work and in light of what made perfect sense to me, I have lit the couch on fire!!! Life sucks, no one likes me, nothing will ever get any better. This may seem a ridiculous illustration, but is it??? So, we are back talking to the doctor and he asks was alcohol involved and I say I had ONE glass of wine to calm my nerves. The doctor, who has a waiting room full of patients, takes my word for it and agrees I must have some form of mental illness and prescribes a few things.

    Can anyone see the dishonesty here? I, as the patient, never gave the doctor the complete story which was that at somepoint during my “Manic” day, I had began to consume 2 BOTTLES of wine, mix in a few anxiety pills, etc. Yet here I am, asking a professional for their help??? How could they possibly be of any help to me??? Now I am in a worse situation than I was before I even sought help because not only do I have a substance problem, I have at the advice of a well intentioned doctor added “medications” that may have never been intended for me in the first place to this nasty cylcle. Now I am screwed!

    I know some people will read this and say that this is not their story and to them I say good for you. But my experience has shown me that there are so many of us out there who have had very similar experiences to mine. It’s to those people, I want to let you know that you are not alone and there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

    I took my last Cymbalta 6 days ago. It was my final mental health medication to stop and may I say I have worked closely with professionals to do this. I am NOT advocating anyone stop taking any medications they are currently on without guidance from a professional.

    I am also not even going to lie. I feel like shit. I have all the withdrawl symptoms that I have read described on this blog. I just wanted to let everyone know that I am pressing forward. And here is the biggest reason: I have learned that professionals can guide us, but I am ultimately my biggest advocate in my healthcare choices. Is Eli Lilly responsible for withholding information from consumers? Possibly. Do they need to be aware of people’s experiences post Cymbalta. MOST DEFINETLY. However, I chose to take this medication looking for a “easy fix” for my depression, instead of dealing with the bigger issue, which was ME. People who understand will get that statement.

    I enjoy reading this blog and look forward to hearing more experiences from those in recovery and mental health medications.


    • All I can say to you Leslie is wow!!! You just spoke my story right out of your mouth. I was not up to a bottle of wine a day but definitely an alcoholic… not the everyday drinker, but when I did drink or use drugs I had no limits, none was ever enough. I have been on Cymbalta 3 different times. I am 24 years old right now and have been on every anti-depressant out there since the age of 15. However, along with taking these I was always either using some other substance or alcohol along with it leading to a deeper depression. I too went to many Dr.s in need of help without even admitting my real problem of being an addict/alcoholic. I was never completely honest with them but yet got mad that they were not helping me. Well… needless to say one day I had enough craziness from the lifestyle I was living and decided to go to a local AA meeting. I have now been sober since July 30th, 2011 and attend meeting on a very regular basis. I lost my job on October 24th 2011 and easily could have said screw it and went back out, but I prayed, and wrote, and went to as many meeting as I could go to instead. I just found out that I am pregnate, so again that is actually God working in my favor to keep me sober. However, I have been on Cymbalta for the past year and have to get off of it because it is not safe for my baby either. I am down to my 5th day of taking 30mg down from 60mg and feel like complete crap, way worse than from stopping the drugs and drinking. I really have no choice but to get off of this poison. All I wasnt to do is sleep and cry because the brain zaps are unbarable at times and unfortunately this is not something you can just pray away. I know I am also feeling bad in general just from being early in pregnancy, but this on top of Cymbalta withdraws is really testing my serenity. I just have to keep reminding myself why I am doing it, for my baby and that this will all be worth so that I do not have a baby born with the same withdraw symptoms from this horrible drug. I need to know that God helped relieve my urge top use and drink, surly he can help me get through this. Thank you so much for your post and God Bless, and best wishes:)

  12. Really bad symptom day today (day 24) πŸ™

    The worst is the nausea, dizziness and irritability

    I would like this to end PLEASE

    • Hi Rebecca,

      My partner keeps asking me when things will get better? Im one of the sufferes who feel ok when I first wake up, the brain zaps start and its down hill from there. How are you – are you still off Cymbalta?

  13. Dear lord, I don’t know whether to be relieved I am not the only one, or terrified that THIS MANY PEOPLE are going through the same, or worse. Let’s just say this experience has caused me to draw the line as soon as it leaves my system never ever to take another OTC or prescription drug again unless it is a known antibiotic and I have tried everything natural to stop the infection…

    Briefly I turned to this in June for extreme sciatic nerve pain (started in May ’10) as I was told it was the only nerve pain drug available. It worked. I am getting ooff it as quickly as possible – 5 months.

    Day 7 – I am functioning, but certainly not able to go out in public. Horrific mood swings, nausea, nerve numbness in my face, can’t really see straight, muscle spasms…

    Previous symptoms include: loss of memory, migraines, lightheadedness, pain all over, extreme fatigue… all while working.

    In short, never ever ever ever take this drug. It’s not worth it. If you are on it, GET OFF. I have started a micronutrient/drug withdrawal detox fast and will be doing a full on juice fast over Thanksgiving to get this crap out of my system ASAP. It’s sheer hell.

    • Let me point out that I tried EVERYTHING else for the nerve pain before I turned to this drug. When I ask myself why I did it, I just remember the days crumpled on the floor in tears because nothing helped, or the mornings spent going through a 3-4 hour process of starting with drugs to keep me from puking, taking more drugs, and then finally being able to take a full Vicodin to keep me going. But the nerve pain never went away…

  14. Many of you seem to be stopping the drug at much too high of a dose. 30, even 20mg(the lowest dose the drug can be found in) is an actually very high dose to stop at. Your mind and body is loving the 20mg, so to suddenly deny it that much will freak it out. Go ahead and get the 20mg prescription, but over the course of several weeks or months reduce the dosages little by little by separating the capsule and pouring a little bit out at a time. Measurements dont have to be exact, but just make sure the dose is decreasing. For ex., get to a point where yiou are taking about half of a 20 mg dose every other day. then go down to a fourth(5mg) every other day. You can go even less than this is if u feel really insecure about stopping. You need to giv e your body time to adjust to lower doses of the drug and not need so much to feel normal. Stopping will only be possible at such low doses as 5 mg and lower. Anything more and you will send your body into a horrific shock.

    This is not to say you wont experience withdrawal, but it should be less severe than if u were to stop at say 30mg. However, to help with symptoms, a few things have been stated to help: benadryl(which i have not tried for withdrawal), Omega-3/fish oil, and chamomile tea. The last two are supposed to help with the electic shock sensations and generally relieve stress.

    I had tried stopping at 30mg before and it was simply impractical. I had the most severe body zaps at the slightest movement of my limbs and it was the most uncomfortable thing I can ever remember feeling. I simply got back on the drug it was so horrifying.
    I am now off the drug for the longest i have ever been (4-5 days) and have only made it this far because I had reduced my dosage to about 4 mg by the end. I had been taking Cymbalta for 4 and a half years, and it has changed the demands and make-up of my CNS and serotonine centers, and this is why it is so hard to be without the drug. My symptoms so far, however, have not been as severe as the first time i had tried getting off, but they do include: diarrhea, hypersomnia(need for excessive sleep), extreme exhaustion, hypersensitivity(to sound especially), vivid dreams, electric shock sensations in my extremities upon moving, bouts of violent anger and/or crying(but only upon stimuli), headaches, and a feeling of mental darkness/fear. I do fear what tomorrow could bring, or if it could suddenly get worse as my body demands the drug it has been without for so long(6 days…demanding, I know). But there is no other option except to stay on this junk for the rest of my life which is also scary. I want to know that I can be without it, and I want back to a natural system.

    There are success stories of people who have indeed gotten off the drug and have been free of the horror ever since, so here’s hoping that mine will fall into the same category. I think tapering down to extremely low dosages may be key.

  15. Hey Everyone. I had posted previously about my time trying to wean off of cymbalta. Just wanted to say that I’m almost a whole 4 months cymbalta free and loving life. I had been on the drug for atleast 2.5years and had tried to wean off twice. But the withdrawal was always so horrible that I had to go back on. Within the last two years I have become a believing christian, and it wasn’t until I prayed to God that he would heal me through the power of the blood of Jesus that everything started working out so that I could come off and remain off of cymbalta. After praying through Jesus, it’s as if a domino effect started in my life for me to be healed and freed from Cymbalta. God’s done an amazing thing in my life and I just wanted to share it with others going through what I went through. Honestly, pray about it. Jesus really does save.

    • Del! What a testimony! God does reach those places and heal us. I am grateful for Him living and working in your life. I have been a Christian most of my life and I know that difficulty comes to all of us – including depression. I want to encourage others, too, that these hardships are not the result of our lack of faith. I am curious to know from you and from others, too, if the depression is the result of actions and decisions made in earlier years that have been harmful to our relationship with God. I can see that my depression stems from lies that I have believed from childhood compounded with my own betrayals and compromises to my self. Shining light on those lies and replacing them with God’s truth and forgiving myself for long past sin has been helpful in this fight. The need to set our faces on the lover and forgiver of our souls – the creator of the universe is real. I, for one, am grateful for your testimony. From misery, comes ministery! You will offer comfort to others.

    • What an uplifting story!!! Thanks Del!!! This medication can be downright awful when coming out of your system. I found that prayer was the only thing that saved my butt too!!! πŸ™‚

      • I believe that it was because I lost my way, turned from the Lord that I fell and allowed evil ways of dealing with things to take over my life. Alcoholism and bulimia are sins, secrets and lies that turned me away from my family, that left me lost and alone and shamefull. When I hit rock bottom I prayed, I’ve been praying for the last year. I am now OVER being this victim. I have reached to the lord and I am praying daily. I have a book of Gods Blessings that I have next to my laptop right now. I reached for it to find the words that explain how I feel, how many of us feel and to pass on some hope. I opened this book to the date of my birthday and again God guided me to the words (I love it when that happens!) This is the message:
        Through the howling winds, Peter left the quaking boat and walked on water towards Jesus. Then fear attached itself like an anchor to his heart and he began to sink. Catching him, Jesus said: “‘Oh you of little faith, why did you doubt?” (Matt.14.31) “Little faith” Though spoken to Peter, the other disciples knew the rebuke applied even more to them: at least Peter had the courage to get out of the boat.

        We are Peter. We have taken the courage to get out of that boat and yes it is scary, I am scared, but I need to pray for strenght, for my true belief and faith that the Lord will not let me fall. We are on our way – we have taken the step and although the withdrawls are hard, physically, emotionally and mentally we will be saved.

        • my husband wasd given this demonic drug, (the one time I did not go on a doctor visit with him) and he has been sufferring since. however, we are born again believers and we are beliving that not weapon formed against him shall prosper. Trusting that he will be healed. I pray right now that everyone who had taken this drug, be set free in the precious name of JESUS!

  16. I am tryinhg so hard not to take any dramamine today for these symptoms, but I’m feeling so bad.
    I’m trying to breath through it (while at work).
    I’m SO tired of this!
    And my family, do they get it? NO!!
    My husband even does things on purpose that he knows will aggravate me.
    Now does that show care?
    Other then you all, I feel so alone in this

    • Rebecca, my heart breaks for you now. Hold tight, hold firm and be encouraged. You are one day closer to feeling better. It may still take time, but it is one day closer. Others may not get it – family especially. I completely understand the lack of support at home and the frustration that may cause along with reaffirming some of the reasons we struggle with depression in the first place. Nurture yourself – not in a selfish way, but it ways that YOU know will bring you places of healing for your body. Good nutrition, good rest, and finding just a few moments each day to recognize beauty in God’s creation. It sounds silly, but in hindsight, I can see the gentle touch of healing God gave me through a few African Violets a co-worker gave me. Paying attention to their beauty just a few moments a day was more therapeutic than I realized at the time. It may be something different for each of us – but there is something for each of us.
      YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You are the only one going through this in your skin. Treat yourself as you would a dear one.

    • I am so sorry, Rebecca. You may be alone but I’m sobbing with you! I’m so sorry – I know how going through this alone feels – like shit. I’m praying for u, Girl.

      • Thank you so much ronda

        Today is not much better. I’m wearing thin and don’t know how much more I can take

        • My name is Christy and I would like to share my story. At the beginning of the month my husband and I were scared out of our mind b/c our 15 yr. old daughter had dialated pupils with severe headaches and vomiting. I rushed her to the hospital and spent that whole week of the 7th at different doctors trying to find out what was wrong with her. All the doctors stated that it was a virus and her pupils would go back to normal in a week. Well on Wednesday, Nov. 15th I realized I only had 1 Cymbalta pill left. I noticed on the RX label that I filled it on the 3rd. I quickly realized my daughter had taken my medication. I confornted her and she said she thought it was a diet pill. HA! I became very scared and angry and not knowing what the side effects would be for me. I did not call my doctor in fear of them calling police on my daughter. I really thought I could just not take my Cymbalta until I got it filled next month. Boy was I wrong. I was doing ok until Friday when the tingling zapping feeling started. (I didn’t realize that was realated to the withdrawls until I fould all of your comments. Thank ya’ll so much for posting what you are going through.) Saturday, Sunday and yesterday I thought I was literally dying. Vomiting, dizziness, severe headache and unable to control cyring spells. My husband tried to help but only made things worse when he said he couldn’t handle what was happening. Daughter just said “sorry”. I finally got in touch with my doctor and told him that I would never be put on Cymbalta ever again and to find something to help me feel better. I’m on Celexa 20mg and my sister gave me a Xanex. I feel so much better today but still have the zapping, which is really weird. I’m so thankful that I fould this site to share and read about all that ya’ll are going through. You have helped me so much try and understand what is happening to my body and mind.

  17. this drug is the worst thing in this world. i do not recommend it for anyone. i go into the dr for chest pain and get prescribed cymbalta. cymbalta doesnt cure the pain makes it worse and causes even more problems. dizziness . dialated eyes.. loss of memory…brain zaps….i cold turkeyed it four days ago…and it has been miserable.. seems like its getting easier.. but never under any circumstance take this evil drug… it will destroy your life… i felt like i was walking around in a daze and mentally not on this earth…….the withdrawals are horrid… cymbalta will never be in my system ever ever again….never let anyone get on this drug….the withdrawals are devastating .. and the stupid junk doesnt even do anything but ruin your life……

  18. First, I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving (inbetween all this horrible withdraw stuff).

    Second, I just wanted to update a little

    Over 4 weeks at 0….
    I’m trying REAL hard not to take a dramamine today but I’m feeling it…
    I’m trying to keep myself as calm as possible, because any overstimulation causes everything to get worse….
    Such as:
    Panic feeling

    I’m hoping/praying by at LEAST by 6 weeks it will be gone….

    It’s gone on TOO long

  19. Day 17 cold turkey and counting. All I have to say is “ditto”. Brain zaps are still regular; nauseated, trouble concentrating. I began taking this drug from hell (60 mg/day) about 8 months ago. I have herniated discs, sciatic nerve issues and arthritis in my back. I was taking Cymbalta and Lyrica for pain so I can’t really say whether the Cymbalta or my therapy was helping because my pain level was almost always at 7 out of 10. I began several months ago using supplements from my holistic “doctor”. Oops, I can feel the stress building just from rehashing this horrible journey in my mind. I can truly say that my faith in God and His power to heal and restore my body is the only thing has kept me sane. This is criminal and I can’t believe this drug is still being dispensed. Once we all recover, we should sue the pants off some of these drug manufacturers for not being more specific about what the withdrawal from this drug from hell is really like.

    All the best to you. I’ll be praying for you and for myself.

  20. Hi everyone, well i have one thing to say about duloxetine, its awful, while being on it it isn’t to bad tho.. i ran out of tablets, when i phoned my doctors to get a repeat they asked me to go in for a chat about it.. i couldnt and still cant cuz im feelin that dizzy and out of it im to scared to go out anywhere incase i faint or sumthing..
    Anyway, last night i cried myself to sleep thinking i wasn’t going to wake up today, i feel so very strange, im having bad nightmares and wakin from there in a panic with a ragin headache, when i try to stand up i have to hold onto something or id fall over.. i feel desoriantated, foggy, and my hearing and sight is truely messed up, i have to look at something for a while before i can focus, my body feels numb and i have this sensation like im floating all day every day… i hope all these symtoms go soon, im scared to do anything.. good luck to you all xxxx

  21. Day 7, cold turkey ,off of 60 mg for 3 years.actually weeping as I read your stories to find out im not alone with these symptoms. thank you

    • Entering 5 weeks at 0 cymbalta after a one month wean (took for 5 years/ 60 mg)

      This is the first day I have hope there might be an actual end to this he!@@!

      Definately not withdraw free πŸ™
      but improving

      • This site is really scaring me more. I went to my Dr. last week and he stated that the FDA recommends that you not be on C for more then a year and a half. I will make my long story short. I am 55 and have been on and off meds for years. Four years ago my husband died, I lost my home, lost my credit, and emtpy nester. I have moved back to my home town and have gotten my act together. So he decides that it is time to start weaning off C. I have be taken 60 mg since May of 2010 when I had my breakdown. I do agree with the Dr. it is time, but I am scared to death of the withdraw systoms. I have been researching this months ago before I made the decision. Well today is the first day of decrease down to 30mg for 30 days, then every two days for two weeks then every three days for the remainder of the script. I stated to my Dr. in tears my fears. He looked at me and said “I can not take away your fears, stop your research onthe internet your reading to much”.

        • hang in there……im kinda tripping out on all this info and am 7 weeks into an 11 week weening process with lots of real life drama going on. read my post of yesterday and you will see what my doc. is doing with me….so far, some heady feelings, irratable,and feelings of not depression per say, more just hopelessness…..much if not all is real life and not the drug, but wont really know for another month…..really dont want to be on this drug any longer and determined to see it thru

          • Plz let me know how it goes. As of now I am OK, but next week I go down to every other day for two weeks. Maybe I am reading to much about this, but I am scared to death that I will not be able to funtion soon. My email is….Keep me informed.

        • cymbalta blues January 10, 2012 at 1:46 am
          i have been weening off this drug as follows

  22. With the holiday last week my Drs office has not called in my prescription of Cymbalta 30mg and this is my fifth day without taking anything and I think my head is going to explode!!! I woke this morning to severe sweating, headache, diarrhea and those damn brain zaps along with pain in my joints. I wanted to know what was going on with me so I Googled and found this site. Everything that I have read makes me want to continue on this road of being without Cymbalta!!!
    I started two years ago at 60 mg when my Husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer, five months after being on Cymbalta my Husband died, stayed on 60 mg for one year and asked my Dr to take me off of the drug when he stated I needed to lose weight; he placed me on 30 mg at that time and I have been on 30 mg since Feb of this year. I did not have any trouble going from 60 mg to 30 mg but having a ton of issues in the past five days since my Dr’s office has not called in my script. Wondering if I should just continue on the “cold turkey” cycle or ween myself off when they finally decide to call in my meds? Crap shoot, I guess!!!

    • Monica: Same thing happened to me with the refill. Today is day 3 of being without & I am not sure what I should do. Have had the night sweats, & feel like crap today (tight chest, brain zaps, dizzy, nauseated, wanna cry) but really debating on quitting cold turkey. I am only on 30mg & have been for a couple years now. I want to quit & just be done with it but the withdrawals are scaring thee crap out of me because I have to work (single mom). AND I have teens ugh. I believe my refill is finally ready but …… Any suggestions?

  23. I started crying when I read this. I am currently on my 6 time trying to come off this medicine. I only kept starting back on the medicine because I could not stand the with drawls. I thought maybe I was going crazy, and trying to explain the zapps to my husband is like trying to explain 2+2=4 to a tree. I want to talk more on my syptoms and what not but I will have to post later for I have some running around to do. I think I will have my family read this site because they are suffering from my withdrawls also.

  24. Thank you all for all your stories. I cried when reading them as I felt I was alone and losing my mind with this withdrawl of Cymbalta. I went on this nasty drug about 2 1/2 yrs ago for firbomyagia and horrible nerve pain. I have to admit, that the pain was decreased, but I now have a prolactinoma (tumour on my pituitary gland) that is producing Prolactin! The doctors and surgeons believe that this is all caused by the Cymbalta and I have been trying to wean off from 60 to 30mg to zero. I have now been off this dam drug for 5 days and it has been a living hell!! I was NOT told about any withdrawal symptoms and thought I was dying. Doctors don’t know shit!! They only know how to prescribe. I almost went to the hospital a few days ago with horrible stomach pain that radiated into my chest…felt like a heart attack. I still have the pain! I have nausea, severe headaches, brain zaps (never knew how to explain them to people till I got on some sites), exhaustion, mood swings, irritability, anger, anxiety attacks..the list goes on and on. I can relate to everyones pain, anger and frustration with these withdrawal symptoms and my heart goes out to all of you. This drug should not be used by anyone!! I still have about 4 left and it is taking every ounce of will power and determination not to take one so I can feel a little normal for a couple days. I just want to be off of this shit!! I have never been addicted to anything before and it is fricken scary to feel the need, a “fix” to make your head and body feel somewhat normal. My brain feels like it is sideways and my brain and body is very hypersensitive to anything and everything. I just want it all to end!!!! Thank God I work for a verterinarian who is way more sympathetic and understanding of my pain and anguish than any human doctor. I just hope this drug hasn’t caused any permanent damage. No one really knows….the doctors sure don’t!

  25. day 10. cold turkey..easily angered , when not feeling totally overwhelmed.but then ,peace settles in for brief moment in time .I have feelings of optimism and a renewed conviction to break free from Cymbalta’s grasp.Mornings are much better than evenings,coffee intensifies symptoms,tremors persist,still find myself crying occasionally but,as a person who has done very little of it in my life,am learning to embrace that release.I truly hope each and everyone of you resists the temptation to continue taking this drug .I’m finding it extremely beneficial to have a place to voice my symptoms and, progress .ty and please continue to fight the good fight : )

    • THanks for your words of encouragement Mark. I too am on the rollercoaster and am clinging to the rare moments in the day when I feel at peace, or when I feel hope. I cry – I say let it out. Let it all out, I vomit and have diarreha and think – good – get this evil drug out of my body.

      Let it out and cling to the moments of peace – these moments of peace are for me a glimor of insight into who I used to be – the real me before some effed up Dr prescribed some effed up drug that CLEARLY REQUIRES more research.

  26. I’m on day 5.
    After having vomit, diarrhea, tremors, nausea, headaches and BRAIN ZAPS. Today I was able to drive, I still feel the withdrawal symptoms but I am hopeful and persistent that I will be better as the days go by. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

    chamomile tea helps.

    • I still have a brain zap every now and again. Nothing like before. Since being put on Celexa a week and a half ago, things have gotten a lot better. I am so fearful of even trying to ween myself off this medicine, b/c the withdrawal symptoms are too similar to Cymbalta. I’m so scared b/c I can’t go through what I went through before, it’s just too much. Has anyone here ever tried Celexa? Did it help? Did you try and quit cold turkey? What happened to you?

  27. Day 6 was hell πŸ™ I felt like I was going to faint, my blood pressure and sugar dropped drastically and I have never felt so sick in my entire life. I am close to giving up. I thought as days went by I would feel better, but today was worse than yesterday. I am so weak and dizzy this is unbearable. I will keep you posted.

  28. This is in response to Rebecca:

    If you want to have your voice heard clearly you need to contact the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088 and report your withdrawal issues. From my more than decade experience of running clinical trials the drug companies do anything they can to ignore what they consider as non-life threatening adverse events or down play them. But if the FDA gets enough complaints about a product they force the drug companies to look into it. In general only one report per individual per drug report to the FDA, but the more people that report the better. I am getting ready to start withdrawal from 6 yrs of Cymbalta for chronic intractable pain, and based on comments here i am not a little worried! Please send this FDA phone reporting hotline toas many folks as you can. Eventually they have to take notice.

    • I have made a complaint to the FDA. I just don’t think much will be done about it

      • It is like anything. It takes critical mass for something to be done. That is why we should ask as many people as possible to call the number to report. If they get enough complaints eventually it WILL be looked into. Thanks for calling.

        I generally don’t reply on these messages, but this is important to me and it seems many people that are going thru this terrible withdrawal. I’m concerned even more now because physicians are using this product for lots of off label uses for pain (RA, OA, etc.); my mom was recently perscribed Cymbalta for RA. I know she doesn’t realize the issues
        this will cause in long run. My experience with Drs. Has been that most are not aware of all of the adverse events profile of any drug unless they look it up in PDR; think of how many medications are out there – it is humanly impossible to know everything about the medications and the human body completely. That is why every person has to be there own advocate when working with Drs. Part of being an advocate for ourselves and others is to try to persuade others going thru Cymbalta withdrawal to call the FDA to report these issues. There is power in unity and every voice counts.

  29. I just wanted to tell everyone who is going through withdrawals to hang in there! It does get better! I tried to go off of Cymbalta a couple of years ago, and I found this website and it made me feel so much better to hear I wasn’t alone. I had been going to a doctor who told me that Cymbalta was not to blame for my weight gain, and whenever I would tell him that I felt lethargic, he would just increase my dose. He put me on Cymbalta for ADD. My weight skyrocketed, but my doctor just told me to eat more protein and lift weights, and then he’d increase my dose. I ended up being on 120 mg for a very long time. I don’t even know how long, but it was well over a year. I was at the point where I decided I needed to find a new doctor. Thankfully, at this time he retired so I wasn’t put through that awkwardness. I also decided to go off of Cymbalta on my own. After I managed to wean myself off of the drug, I found a new doctor. I was frustrated as my ADD symptoms were becoming problematic again, and I was having problems with some anxiety again. The Cymbalta did help with anxiety, but it was not worth feeling like a zombie. I wanted to experience SOME feelings! I discussed this with my new doctor and we tried some different medications. Nothing was really working. I don’t remember everything I tried, but I know that Strattera was one of the medications. I didn’t notice any improvement, really, and I was still lying awake at night, worrying. So, after discussing it some more, I agreed to 30 mg of Cymbalta, along with the Strattera. I didn’t feel like a zombie and it did help calm me down. I ended up stopping the Strattera because it made me irritable. However, after well over a year on 30 mg of Cymbalta, my weight had increased again and I felt somewhat lethargic again, but not as bad as I had been when I was on higher doses. No amount of dieting and exercise could get my weight to go down. I was working out like crazy, strict about my eating habits, and I had a very active job. Yet, my weight continued to increase. I went to my doctor because it was time to check in and get a new prescription. When I got on the scale, I was shocked. My blood pressure was elevated. I have never, except for once during pregnancy, had high blood pressure. My blood pressure was always a little low. I told my doctor my concerns about my weight and blood pressure. She agreed that it was odd, and she decided to do some bloodwork to check my thyroid. If it wasn’t my thyroid, she said that it was likely due to the Cymbalta! Thank goodness! A doctor who acknowledged that the Cymbalta could be causing these problems! She said that if the bloodwork was normal, she’d switch me to another medication. My bloodwork was normal, but I decided I didn’t want to be on any of those kinds of meds. I decided to go off and not be on anything. I had discovered melatonin, which really helped me to sleep at night, rather than lying awake, obsessing. I figured I could handle being on nothing. I went off Cymbalta cold turkey, and it was hell. I had most of the symptoms you all have mentioned. The worst of it lasted about two weeks. I just took Benedryl and that helped somewhat. That all happened this summer. Since being off of Cymbalta, I have more energy. But my absentmindedness is back. It is so frustrating to be forgetful and lose things constantly. I know that many people don’t think that’s abnormal, because everyone does that to some degree. But when you have ADD, it is BAD. Really bad. Like seriously effects your life bad. My husband has noticed a difference. But I have been reluctant to go on anything. If Strattera didn’t help and just made me irritable, then what options do I have? I have heard that out of all of the ADD medications, Strattera is the one with the least amount of side-effects. I tried some homeopathic remedies and did not have any luck. I went to my doctor the other day and it was good to see that my blood pressure was back to normal. In the meantime, I have also lost weight. A lot has gone on recently and my anxiety has been really bad. I told her about that and how my ADD is hard to manage. She said that since I am so sensitive to medications, and she agrees that the Cymbalta caused the weight gain and the elevated blood pressure, she wanted to start me on a low dose of Celexa. So I have been on 10 mg for a few days now. I hate being on this stuff, but I hate being unable to focus and getting abnormally upset about stuff. But am I setting myself up for a repeat of the Cymbalta nightmare by being on Celexa? The other medication she was considering for me is Effexor. Does anyone here have any recommendations about herbal supplements that might help with ADD and anxiety?

    • The Cymbalta and the Effexor are in the same family. I had horrible withdrawls from Effexor and would not have taken the Cymbalta had I known they are related. Now I’m going through the same nightmare with Cymbalta withdrawls. I think I’ll just live with the pain instead.

      • Thanks for the info! If the Celexa doesn’t do anything to help, I will just figure it out without medications and steer clear of Effexor! I’m sorry to hear you have to go through all of the withdrawal stuff again. πŸ™

    • Great post!! Helps me a lot. I sometimes wonder if I have ADD. My son (16) has it & my older son (18) has had ADHD since born. I am on day 3 of no Cymbalta (due to the pharmacy & doc not refilling in time) & plan on staying off of it. I own a natural body product & candle company & plan on researching some homeopathic remedies such as a good tea. A couple people on here said chamomile tea. Good choice. Chamomile extract in water helps my boy with his ADHD. I am going to be mixing a tea of peppermint (great for headaches), lavender, chamomile & linden flower & will let you know how that goes after a few days. I love this site. Has given me so much info!!

      • Hi, I have been reading this post and would like to try and help a little, I was taking cymbalta, along with pain killers and clonozepam for many years. I decided to stop everything at the same time, cold turkey, and I have to say it’s been the hardest thing I have ever done, went to all of the symptoms listed by everyone and probably more, Is been 6 weeks and I still have some symptoms, but I have to say it gets better. The only “help” I got going thru all this was taking hot baths, it really helped me relax and feel better even if for a little while, you welcome the relief. I hope the best to everyone out there, you are very brave and you will have the victory. Try reading and have some one to talk to, that really helps.

        • Good tips, Betty πŸ™‚ Even for dealing with life off of the medications. You’re so right, though….sticking it out is so worth it, just to get this wicked stuff out of your system. I certainly found that I had more problems being on it, than off.

      • You may want to really look into getting a diagnosis for ADD/ADHD. It runs in families, that’s for sure! Two great books that helped me are “Driven to Distraction: Recognizing and Coping With Attention Deficit Disorder” and “Delivered From Distraction: Getting the Most Out of Life With Attention Deficit Disorder” both by Edward M. Hallowell, M.D. and John J. Ratey, M.D. Even if you decide after reading that you don’t think you have it, after all, it might help with your kids. πŸ™‚ My older daughter has ADHD, and I would not be surprised if my son has ADD. Thanks for the tips about chamomile extract and the tea mixtures. Let me know if you have any luck, as I would be interested in trying them! I will have to go through my tea collections and see whether I have any teas containing these ingredients. Best of luck!

        • Awesome. Thank you & Ditto!! Will keep everyone informed. Didn’t have the drive to gather thee herbs last night (after finding out a close fam friend died, bad time to stop meds but gotta push on). Gonna hit the gym for a little cardio to get me uplifted after work.

    • Wow, I am glad I found this site last night. This is day number 13 for me with zero cymbalta, I was sort of forced into an almost cold turkey stopping situation. I could not find any doctor that would refill my rx without a 30 min appt and that appt would take weeks to get, I started trying to get it refilled 3 weeks before I needed it. Bottom line, I am off. I am glad, I am nuts, wow, it is crazy, who knew? I was put on 3-4 years ago by a pain doctor for connective tissue disorder type pain and spine and neck pain. I did not know it was an anti depressant, I would not have went on it if I had. I had just weaned off of pain patches, norco, then vicodin, then darvocet within a week and a half. Once I understod that it was just making my pain worse by covering it up, I decided to go off of it all. I never took a large amount of any of them, and it was not very hard for me to go off of them PTL BUT the cymbalata, now that is another creature altogether. Wow, it is quite the deceptive little drug. I took 120 mg for a year, almost 2 I guess and decided the side effects, brain zaps, sweating, nausea, dizziness, dry mouth etc….were too much and changed myself to 60mg per day. I did that for the last year and a half maybe and tried a couple of times to quit, I was always amazed after a couple of days that the pain was soooo bad I could not handle it and just continued taking them. Every time I suggested to a Doctor or anyone that I go off, they would say, oh no, why do that, you don’t need that pain, just take them. So, now I am off, day 13, and the withdrawal symptoms are worse than ever, I have hope though from reading several of your postings that life is possible after Cymbalta and for that I am glad. I want my life back. I just need to make it through this horrible crankiness, feeling like I am turning inside out in my own skin, brain zaps, bigtime, nausea, sleeplessness, being over amped and crying crazy like. Oh well, I will just keep on keeping on, staying in prayer and thanking God that I have family around me and love me nuts though I am right now. The worst part I think is the fear, the anxiety that has not been there and is now rearing it’s ugly head. I hate anxiety, it is the worst. I got off of xanax several years ago. I know I can do anything I put my mind to and I won’t give up. So thank you for taking the time to post encouraging things. You have all helped me in some way. I know I ramble on right now, sorry about that. I hope to get more focused thoughts soon. God bless

  30. Day 9 of horrible symptoms. My stomach is a mess, and I am very anxious, scared of everything, my back pain has come back.

    Denise: Effexor has very bad withdrawal symptoms as well. For anxiety, tila flower tea and valerian are helpful.

    • Alex, I am so sorry you’re suffering and in pain. Back pain is excruciating. πŸ™ I wish I had some good advice to help, but the only thing I found that took the edge off of the withdrawals was Benedryl. But it wasn’t a magic cure-all, that’s for sure. I pray that you’ve hit the worst and now you’ll start to see the withdrawals subside.

      Thanks for the tips! I will look into those natural remedies for anxiety. πŸ™‚

    • do you have heart pounding and anxiety? Panic attacks? Klonipon changed my life. I no longer have them!

  31. I am trying to take my husband off of Cymbalta. In April of 2011 we went on a cruise by the time we got home he was very sick. I took him to the doctor and they gave him a
    Z-pack. His conditioned became worse after almost 8 weeks of hell and going to 4 different hospitals they diagnosed him with viral menangitis. U wouldnt believe the shotgun approaches we had from different doctors. I now have him off all of there medication except cymbalta 30mg a day. I took him to a doctor that is a neurologist, chiropractor and nutritionist. I didnt even have to tell him everything they gave him and did to husband he told me exactly what happened and than told me why he doesnt prescribe medication. He said the body is meant to heal itself and if given the right nutrients it will happen. My husband is 40 years old and has never taking any medication, drugs or alcohol he doesnt even drink pop. He played racket ball and rode a road bike 25 miles a day before this happened. Menangitis attacks the mengy around your brain and down your spinal cord. After 7 months he is doing lots better. But he is still taking Cymbalta and after reading all the withdrawal symptoms i knew we were going to need help getting off this drug. I wish i would of found this doctor sooner i think he could of saved my husband alot of pain and money from all of these drugs the doctors have given him. Finally I feel we are on the right track, he told us that my husband needed to take Omego 3 and also vitamins made by liquid health one is called mental balance and the other is complete multiple vitamin. He said he needed to take these atleast for a month before trying to go off of cymbalta. It has almost been a month so i will try to keep you all posted there has got to be a better answer to get of this drug than taking more drugs…..

    • Racqual, please let us know how it goes with this approach, I am curious about the type of doctor, if it is a differently tittled physician from conventional md? I hope you get good results and that he recovers completely.

  32. I’m 6 weeks plus post 0 cymbalta…
    I’m at the point that I don’t know if the anxiety that made me start on cymbalta in the first place is back or I’m still withdrawing…
    I have spent so much money on this f’n (sry, but I’m mad) withdraw symptoms!!
    I have been to many doctors… Ended up at a Neurologist today.
    I am starting on a small dose of prozac tomorrow. I just can’t take anymore of this

  33. Sooooo day 4 of cold turkey. Has any one ever experienced hearing the “brain zaps” during withdrawal? Happened a lot earlier today.

    • oh yes Mary, brain zaps are part of the worst symnptom withdrawals for me, that and the tremors, sort of like shaking and freezing in the chest and I cannot talk and just cry or freak out. I am on day 13 and I am hopeful it will get better, I refuse to believe that this has permanently altered my life. Life without cymbalta is gonna be great, we just need to have patience I guess and relax, hard to do though. I just went for a mile long walk with my 27 yr old son and pushed my 7 mo old grandson in the stroller. It was hard at the end but all in all it was and is great

      • Yup….I see a light at thee end of this dark freakin tunnel. Just takin it a day at a time. Went to pick up my meds they finally refilled today but did not pick up the Cymbalta. Since I’ve been off it 4 days now…might as well see how it goes. It’s a day by day thing. I am going to go to the gym with my 16 year old after work to get the NATURAL endorphins & seratonin going.

  34. Rebecca, why did you go to a neurologist? What did he say? I have been very concerned with the dizziness, nausea and sensitivity to smell that I have lately. My family wants me to go to a neurologist but I don’t know if it is a symptom of withdrawal.

    Day 12: better than yesterday but still very dizzy. I can’t drive or be in a car for too long.

    • I am on day 2…dizziness, nausea, and sensitivity to light tho. I am following yours because my symptoms are close. I guess I need to check my blood sugar. Sigh…this constitutes getting up, being dizzy, nauseous, and puking……Glad I am unemployed at the moment to go thru this. I am not functioning at all.

  35. Finding this site was the best thing to happen to me today. I have taken Cymbalta for years. The highest dose was 90 mg, but most of the time I stayed at 60 mg. I have been able to ween my self off to 30 mg. During this time I had trouble with the brain zaps and dizziness. I am at 0 now and I have been for about 5 days. I have the brain zaps big time, I am also having problems with smell, acid reflux, and stiffness. Last night I was scared out of my mind, and do not look forward to going to bed this evening. I kept waking up during the night feeling like I was having a BAD attack of shivering of my who body. I was not cold, but tried covering up anyway. I also had bad dreams . Has anyone else had this strange body shivering? I don’t know of any better way to describe it. It left me feeling exhausted this morning. I spent all of last week going through test to check my stomach for what might be causing this BAD reflux and upset (raw feeling stomach) The Doctors came up with nothing. After reading your posting, I have to wonder if it is not from the withdrawal. I also went through the itching and even had broken out in some sores, that have still not all healed.
    Thanks for being out there and willing to share. It has helped.

    • Hi Cory,

      I could be you reading your post. I started on 60 and went to 90 – I was on Cym for over 12 months. I am on day 5 and have the following withdrawal symptons:

      *Brain zaps and dizziness – frequent and have not started to subside – in fact today they are worse.
      * Itching – all day.
      *Shivering during the day and also during the night. During the day Im sort of cold and my body is definatly stiff so I have been having hot baths. This doesnt seem to help as when Im in the bath with REALLY hot water I am freezing. I get shivers and goosebumps. ?? This doesnt make any sense to me other than the receptors in my brain are well and truly effed up. During the night I am waking frequently, shivering and sweating. Just before I go to bed the fear begins. I lay in bed and am terrified. Im not sure what of either.
      *Teary – although not excessive during the day – frightful yes.
      *I have diareaha and vomiting. I also have refulx – at the same time my back aches and my legs ache.

      Have you or anyone else noticed a pattern in the frequency of symptoms or how the symptoms appear at the same time???

      For me the itching comes with the goosebumps the shivering. The nauesea and vomiting etc. comes with the aching body. The fear comes with the sweat and tiredness.

      Im no nuerologist but HELLO!! Clearly all the wires in my brain are fried!

  36. Hi, I weaned off Cymbalta (liquid from compounding chemist) 2mg every 4-5 days over 4 months. Each decrease in dose gave me stomach pains and diarrhoea for a few days. Once I was down to 20mg I decided to wean by 5mg instead of 2mg every 5-7 days. A week ago after being on 5 mg for a week I stopped taking Cymbalta completely and ever since have had constant nausea, whole body aches and pains, dizziness, headaches, head and body zaps and fatigue. I am so miserable and feel awful. Anyone have any comments as to what I can do? I am not confident that going back on 5mg and reducing even slower will prevent the withdrawal effects. I have tried so many different drugs, diazepam, paracetamol, codeine, ibobrufen, metoclopramide, clonazepam, lyrica (not all at once) but nothing helps rid or reduce my symtoms. Every now and then I burst into tears because I feel so ill and cannot feel and live a normal life.

  37. Just wanted to add that I got off Cymbalta this year and it was HELL. I started taking it again after 1 day because ti was so bad. I have never had any drug addictions, but I can only imagine that withdraw must be similar. After I got back on it and felt better, I went to a DIFFERENT doctor than the one that prescribed it. This doctor knew who to handle the problems – she told me she had three other patients that week that had come to see her for the same issue. Her cure was to prescribe Prozac for one month (with a one month refill) and that helped a lot – it really lessened the withdraw symptoms. After I stopped taking the prozac, I still got the brain zaps. Fortunately, it was only a few times a day and I was able to deal with it. Those lasted for 3 month. Now, I am free and clear of any withdraw symptoms! I also feel like myself again.

    FYI – I was on Cymbalta for 3 years for anxiety due to really bad life situation happened around me. From what I have read, the longer you are on this crap, the harder it is to get off it.

    • not sure if you were responding to me but thanks anyway Jack Frost. This is my 3rd time trying to get off the Cymbalta too. That is why I have been to a compounding chemist to get it made up into a syrup, 5mg per 1ml, so that I could wean off slowly. I am in OZ and neither my GP or psychiatrist were willing to give me another anti depressant whilst still on cymbalta. It may be a different case now I am not on it. Whilst my psych, GP and pharmacist are sympathetic they have never experienced someone with my problem before. I tried many different anti depressants for anxiety but didn’t like the side effects. The only major one with cymbalta was severe sweating and hunger so I asked to stop it. Btw I have had back surgery and have chronic pain. As soon as Cymbalta came on the market my psych said we should try it. It was good for my anxiety and pain but I didn’t know I would become dependent on it. I had been on it for 3 years too. Two years ago I weaned off Lyrica that was awful too, I was like a Heroin addict withdrawing but diazepam helped me over the withdrawals. It’s the body aches and severe nausea that is the most troublesome at the moment. I can hardly move around for the pain. I am so grateful to have someone to chat to who understands even if my Psych thinks reading all these blogs about Cymbalta is unhelpful and her medical sites are better.

  38. I’ve been on cymbalta for about 7 years. Before that I was on Zoloft. I helped my depression more, but when I went off it I got the brain zaps as well. (I’ve always said that I was having out of body moments. When I would turn, my brain wouldn’t turn with me. I was always a step behind.) I want to quit Cymbalta, but missing one dose puts me into withdrawal. Class action suit anyone?

  39. Day 9. I am so thankful I was only on 30mg of it for the last couple of years. Withdrawals are definitely getting better. Brain zaps are still kind of here but nothing like last week. Whew!! I could even hear them!! Feeling more motivated each day than I have felt being on Cymbalta (weird). Have noticed I am more sensitive to pain. Got more tattoo work on a piece last night & it was a lot more sensitive than usual. Also have neck issues & had to get a steroid shot last Wednesday. Pain is getting bad & I wonder if it’s due to not being on Cymbalta. Needless to say I am NEVER taking it again!!

  40. I don’t understand how Benadryl would relieve symptoms of withdrawl off Cymbalta. Help! I have whooshing in my ears prior, and still 2 days later, and now the brain shiffers, or zings ( many describe it different) To me it is like, some one is scrapping the top of my brain with a metal file …literally!

  41. Thanks so much for all of your posts. My withdrawal feeling is much like a pounding headache–but without the actual headache. Lots of dizziness too. I hope it goes away soon. Might try Benadryl, as some have suggested.

  42. Enough is enough.

    My Dr/s have prescribed a whole cocktail of drugs to assist me with bulimia / post traumatic stress syndrome / depression. I have been on Cymbalta for 6 months. My dose increased from 30 -60 – 90. The anxiety initially was reduced however the binging increased – to the point where I cannot eat any food without purging. I have also experienced a dramatic increase in alcohol consumption. I live on a winery so skys the limit. For the last 4 months Ihave drunk approximately 2 bottles of wine a night. I do not get hangovers. I do not feel intoxicated at the time. Just numb. Im unmotivated and have lost interest in most things. I run my own business and things have not been very productive. Thank GOD I have a supportive partner who has carried me emotionally and financially over the last 6 months. I read a post today that said “Thank goodness – Im not the only one experiencing these horrid side effects – I am not a loser, I am not hopeless. A week ago I scheduled an app with my Dr to obtain a repeat script. My app was cancelled due to the Dr being ill. I was unable to get into another Dr (I have also withdrawn from leaving my home if I am meeting strangers). My Dr allows me to email him and I have my partner pick up scripts. HELLO DR!!!!!! How have I been able to get away with this?? So what happened was I went 3 days without Cymbalta. Im on day 4. I experienced all the horrid withdrawal symptoms. Itchy skin, throwing up (although whats new there) diarreaha, anxiousness, brain saps, dizziness, sweating. Last night my partner returned from work and saw the state of me. He called the emergency department who advised I take a valium (Diazapan) and come immediately in to receive my script. After about 30 mintues the valium kicked in. I decided not to get the script filled.

    From the second day of NOT TAKING CYMBALTA my craving for alcohol reduced. Last night was the first night I did not drink in 6 months. I could suddenly remember pin numbers and passwords that I could not possibly remember whilst on Cymbalta. Yes I was anxious but I was thinking rationally. Whilst on Cymbalta I would have moments of sheer panic or thoughts that my partner was cheating, or that I was completely insane. Last night was the first night in 6 months that I spent a whole evening with my partner and did not feel that way. I threw up all last night (not from purging) today the symptoms are worse but Im going to get this EVIL drug out of my system. I would rather NOT crave alcohol and eat ATLEAST one meal a day. There is SO MUCH MORE RESEARCH that needs to be done regarding this drug.

    Day four and I kept a banana down. Im going to beat this.

    • WOW!! Blessings & strength to you!! Pure inspiration right here. Thank you so much for sharing. Day 11 without & I am feeling much better. Brain zaps are still there but so much less & I can handle them. I have more motivation in my businesses etc. Thank you again!!

  43. well hello to all. I am on day 20 today. The last days I guess have been some of the best so far. Not near as many brain zaps, not apt to just start crying as much, less overly emotional, still feel foggy headed and today there were several of what I call body shivers, where it feels like I am shivering uncontrollably in my chest, cold, strange, sort of anxious-ee I definately notice that when things get tense boy do I get tense, cranky almost feel mean. I am not like that normally. I am cut and dried much more so, bottom line kind of thing, I don’t have time for the blah blah, get to the point. I am less likely to sit and listen to whining or what I feel is uninteresting or unimportant, sounds strange I guess. But that is where I am. Not as much motivation has followed as I felt that it would in the beginning days. I think there are many layers to this. I am hopeful that I will have a good life and do have one even now in the midst of this. Hard though. Easily discouraged. :0) Be encouraged though. WE CAN DO IT!!!!! God bless you all.

  44. I am on day 5 and have the following withdrawal symptons:

    *Brain zaps and dizziness – frequent and have not started to subside – in fact today they are worse.
    * Itching – all day.
    *Shivering during the day and also during the night. During the day Im sort of cold and my body is definatly stiff so I have been having hot baths. This doesnt seem to help as when Im in the bath with REALLY hot water I am freezing. I get shivers and goosebumps. ?? This doesnt make any sense to me other than the receptors in my brain are well and truly effed up. During the night I am waking frequently, shivering and sweating. Just before I go to bed the fear begins. I lay in bed and am terrified. Im not sure what of either.
    *Teary – although not excessive during the day – frightful yes.
    *I have diareaha and vomiting. I also have refulx – at the same time my back aches and my legs ache.

    Have you or anyone else noticed a pattern in the frequency of symptoms or how the symptoms appear at the same time???

    For me the itching comes with the goosebumps the shivering. The nauesea and vomiting etc. comes with the aching body. The fear comes with the sweat and tiredness.

    Im no nuerologist but HELLO!! Clearly all the wires in my brain are fried!

    • Renae
      I stopped taking it the same time you did. I was taking 30mg for the past couple of years. I am having the brain zaps as they are being called, but thankfully that’s about the only side effect I seem to be having. I found this message board because I can’t believe that I wasn’t warned by my doctor that this would happen. I have an annual physical in early February. I am hoping that by then I can tell him that I quit taking this med and warn him to STOP prescribing this unless you make it clear to the patient that they will have to take this stuff the REST of their life or to not even bother taking it. I will check back often and hope this gets better over time. I was hoping to see some words of encouragement from fellow posters that one day my brain will be “normal” again.

  45. My doctor has put me back on prozac, I am on day 5 and still have crazy dream and whooshing in earsz and zings! I was on 60 mil prozac and still had crying spells and depression. But, nothing like these symptoms. Why she is starting back with just 20 mil idk. I am so irriable, I hate being me!

  46. Hi all..
    Been away for a few days… working… etc…
    I am now 7-8 weeks at 0 cymbalta
    I did see a neurologist who suggested to start prozac at a small dose but I wanted to wait and see (that was a week ago…still haven’t started)
    I have moments here and there… dizziness, irritability, nausea, trouble getting words out
    but NOTHING like before…
    I actually thought this would never end… but it DOES get better…

    I am dealing with some major inflammation in my back which is causing quite some pain (another reason I went to neurologist). I think the cymbalta was masking it all these years and so I never took better precautions to “protect” my back with better ergonomics because I didn’t have back pain..

    I don’t care if I have this pain… I WILL NOT GO BACK ON CYMBALTA… EVER!!!

    How is everyone else doing?

    • I am so glad to hear you are making progress. By overcoming this, you have surly demonstrated how very strong you are. It will get better – over time and so will you!

  47. I am so happy to have found this website and been able to read about everyone on here trying to get off Cymbalta. I’ve been on Cymbalta since having my last child over 2 years ago. Due to the weight gain, lack of sex drive and other reasons…I’ve tried several time and now I’m on day 5 of going cold turkey. The feeling of electricity in my hands and the brain “zaps” are the worst and I’m very short tempered…lots of screaming this week. I feel like I’m doing a good job keeping it under control and trying to keep calm for my kids. I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel after reading these posts. I’ll hang in there for a few more weeks…this stuff should be banned…I’ve never been on a prescription that has been this hard to stop taking.

  48. Hi All,
    Intending quick healing and re-balancing for us all, with compete sympathy and compassion for what we’re going through individually, collectively. Day 7 off, tapered down from 60mg in less than a month. Obviously quickly …too quickly really – but aware that depression might kick in before my system can rebalance, I reasoned that the trough between (possible new) medications might be best dealt with if the trough was lessened in size …since severity of withdrawal symptoms is not necessary lessened by going super slow with removing beads (but less severe tapers are really important with Cymbalta, since some folks’ medication and health can trigger dangerous body/brain reactions.)
    I would not have been able to do this quick drop without low dose Valium and Ambien. Another really helpful thing: rather than staying focused which amplified the side effects, or my perception of them) I instead, increased and deepened thoughts of compassion for myself, my body, my brain as they work on concert to replete the suddenly removed neurotransmitter help, GABA balance …all the actual chemicals in sudden deficit when we remove Cymbalta.
    Yes, my side effects are/were as severe and as seemingly unrelated as everyone has expressed here, and it does feel comforting to know others are sharing what is a really unfortunate experience for our willingness to treat other injuries with this product.
    Yup, I am really angry at the FDA and Lily for ridiculous practices that harm us.
    This is my and my husband’s second time removing Cymbalta from our lives, from a peak dose of 120 mg over the years, to 60 mg, now finally removing it. It ‘worked’ for depression, but took away many other healthy aspects of being-ness. And as quickly as we felt it necessary: intuitively important…all the ways our systems scream at us to remove toxins, we are/have removed Cymbalta from our lives.
    Applauding the coping mechanisms shared here, I’ve also noted that as the central nervous system works to rebalance, easing into coping mechanisms is key as well. For instance: hot baths: get into a partially filled tub with warm water. Now add hot water only until it’s really hot. Were you to jump into this hot tub to start, your CNS system would have you potentially jumping out of your skin. Apply this gentle method of using coping mechanisms to everyone you have in your arsenal of resources helps remove the really harsh edges of this awful, but vital process.
    Has anyone applied GABA, SAME or L-thyrosine in small increments titrating up those naturally occurring doses while titrating Cymbalta down? These are also powerful brain chemicals, but/and perhaps may be key to healing ‘brain’ and equalizing chemical balances faster. They aren’t to be trifled with, so if someone educated in their use/process could post, I’m sure we’d all be grateful, helped.
    Blessings all, intending gentle, profound, positive healing for us all from Cymbalta removal – especially at this, the vulnerable powerful trigger-laden time of Christmas …which can also be a healing resource/time of year …that’s how I’m going to intend it anyway:)

  49. Anyone taking Savella? that’s what my neurologist has suggested after stopping Cymbalta. To help with my fibromyalgia pain. I want to know if it will have the same horrible withdrawal symptoms as well.

    • looking for anyone who has contrated Tinitis fro *Cybalta. Please write…Thanks

      • Hi Susan… oh yeah!!!! Tinitis 24 hours a day, everyday, always…. it drives me nuts. The best advice I got from the doc was “you’ll get used to it”. Gee… thanks doc.

          This is what I listen to, in one ear with ear plug to sleep. I sleep on my side , so the plug goes in outside ear. Lower volume or pull plug out alightly if to loud. It is nice and long enough to fall asleep to. Most others are shorter. I am seeing a Neurologist next week. Working on Spine issues as well as depression issues. I have all symptoms of Fibromialgia, so I am sure to see a rheumititist as well. I also am going to schedule an appointment with an ENT ear doctor. Please everyone keep in touch!

  50. I am so grateful that there are websites like this discussing the withdrawl effect of this horrid drug. I thought I was alone in dealing with this. Like some of you I was put on this drug “temporarily” for my pre-op pain and depression because of the pain I was dealing with. Never on the Cymbalta website did it discuss the hellish withdrawl effects that you expierence getting off of this drug. I too am at a point where I am in a position of losing my family and in the near future my job because of this drug. Luckily I am still on medical leave because of my surgery but I am terrified of going back to work while feeling this way. I feel as if I have no control over my life. The brain zaps, the hearing things and the miserable “upset stomach” that I am expierencing makes doing even the simplest things impossible. I was only on this drug for a few months and getting off of it has/is pure hell. I feel like my life is spiraling out of control and trying to explain to my loved ones what i am going through is close to impossible. I have had my family read sites like this so they can TRY and understand, but unless you are actually going through it yourself it is hard to make them really understand. I am 3 weeks into weakening myself off this drug (with the help of my doctor, I did not stop cold turkey) but it doesn’t seem to make a difference that I am doing it the so called right way. This is literally ruining my life. My doc put me on Gabapentin to help with the withdrawl’s, also to help prepare me to get off the narcotics I have been on for so long. I am 8 weeks post op and I thought my biggest hurdle was going to be getting off the narcotics. Aft this hell that will be a piece of cake.

    • Sorry I didn’t make my question clear. Has anyone else used Gabapentin to help with the withdrawl effects of Cymbalta? I have seen the posts about Benadryl and other things but I have not seen this drug discussed. Has anyone out there tried it and found it to be beneficial?

      • I have been using Celexa for the past year to help with the side effects from Cymbalta. I love Celexa, no side effects and it takes away the “head zaps” BUT if I were to stop the Celexa- the Cymbalta side- effects would return

      • this may be too late Kato, but I started taking the gabapentin again. 300 mg three times a day is what i was taking and switched to cymbalta. I started taking the gabapentin again yesterday. (still had some left) The neurologist says it takes a couple of weeks to get in your system. Good thing..I have never had withdrawals from this drug. My hands are terribly burning at the moment…will keep everyone informed about the gabapentin =)

  51. Well I am now 8 days Cymbalta free and my doc up’ed my dose of the GABA to 300mg at night and added 2o mg of Viibryd (the new lexapro) and the brain zaps have lessened and FINALLY the diarrhea has stopped. I don’t feel as foggy and disconnected as I did when I wake up now. I am still very sensitive and can easily get into the crying jags but my anger seems to have tapered a bit as well (thank god) but I am no where near ok and feeling normal again. Before all of this I was on lexapro for anxiety and was very stable. I pray the combination of the GABA and the Viibryd is what will get me through this.
    If a class action law suit hasn’t been filed against Lily I say it needs to be done.

  52. My boyfriend took ONE DOSE (30mg) of Cymbalta and has been a wreck ever since. He’s been to the ER four times over past week and a half. Seems to have panic attack like symptoms (feels like a heart attack, nausea, dizziness) early in the morning around 4am. It takes hours for them to subside, but will return randomly throughout the day. They’ve done all kinds of tests (stress test, etc) to rule out heart problem and they all came back fine. I feel so bad for him and don’t understand how one does of this drug can wreak such havoc! Any similar situations? I tell him to hang on, but really, I don’t know how long these symptoms will last or…will they ever go away?? I don’t say that to him, of course.

  53. I am on day four of going cold-turkey off 60mgs of Cymbalta that I was taking for the last six years and I felt like I was going to have a stroke!

    I have had many of the symptoms that everybody has been sharing with the brain shivers – it literally feels like I am having a stroke – nausea, dizziness, whooshing in the ears and cold sweats.

    I have decided to fight through the symptoms and be kind to myself. I am eating only fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, porridge with water and the occassional piece of fish.

    I have been told that the symptoms have come about (by my acupuncturist, herbalist and naturopath) because that is the body reacting to withdrawals and more importantly it is the liver that is finding it hard to cope with the levels of toxicity build up in it – the liver is responsible for also providing oxygen to the brain – hence the brain freeze and whooshing because the blood vessels in the brain are constricting and not carrying enough oxygen to the brain – hence the symptoms and feelings of having a stroke.

    I am seeing him as early as possible which is Tuesday 10th January and it cannot come soon enough. He has a herbal detoxification tea that I need to drink 4-6 times per day to help the liver eliminate the poison that cymbalta has built up in my body system.

    I have found that I am struggling to do gentle exercise because of the feeling of having a stroke, dizziness and nausea. However, I have found eleminating all processed foods from your diet, drinking 2l or more per day of water, and completely helping your liver to detox by not introducing anything processed or sugars, fats, heavy meats (red meat) and eating as healthily as you can really helps make the symptoms a LITTLE less SEVERE. Even though it is only a little less severe I am able to go about my daily business and the pains and headaches, dizziness, nausea and (vomiting I’m sure will follow) brain freezes while still daily and often are less severe.

    I know that we are all struggling with our own symptoms but try working with your body and help it to eliminate the toxins. Maybe even a liver detox will help but I’m waiting to see my health saviour!!

    I will let you know how the herbal tea supplements go.

    I wish everyone the best of luck, courage and determination in over coming this obscene cymbalta induced drug addiction. We have struggled long enough without having to endure symptoms such as these!! Shame on you Eli Lilly – the makers of this drug and also the disgusting Zyprexa which has its own issues all together!

    Hang in there people – it’s worth getting off this drug – we have been through much more emotional pain in our lives than letting this drug get the better of us. I am glad there is a forum such as this to help support everyone and know we are not alone in this.

  54. I have also expereinced these terrible symptoms from stopping Cymbalta. I have been off of it for about a year and a half now but only because I read online that taking Celexa (antidepressant medeication) can counter-act the Cymbalta symptoms. What a blessing. The only downfall is that if I were to stop taking Celexa, the withdrawals will come back. I fear that I will have to take Celexa for the rest of my life. Has anyone stopped Cymbalta and lived symptoms-free? I am terrified that I will feel those head “zaps” forever. This medication is devastating.

    • That is so terrible, its amazing with not only these drugs, i dunno whats in store for the future new age drugs they are making but recently ive noticed that theres tons of commercials and articles about any or all newer drugs being harmful or at least having some type of hardcore TERRIBLE die effect on the user.

      i think back reading about the polio vaccine ages ago and how they tested the first 100 vials on a Poor farm *place where undesireables live and poor families and also rapists n mental people* …. which showed the sickness not in the patients but the doctors of test subjects not caring that they already have a horrible problem to begin with.

      anyhow my mom took Cymbalta i nthe beginning.. it was 2 years then… the NEW doctor which knew she had previously been taking the CYMB> she instantly prescribed her on Zoloft..and had NO decrease S L O W L Y off of the CYMB… so my point in this messege is.. i think most of all of you who messaged had these experiences while having been decreased in MG’rams ..which my mom was told to just *QUIT* the cymbalta and start taking THESE zoloft pills please….” … .i had no idea this psycho drug LIMBO makes you feel as bad as you do. personally im happy i dont need those drugs or anyones like them…. i have ADHD, ADD, Bi-polar and had always taken anti-Deps…i had gotten into a car accident..fell asleep at the wheel and crashedi nto a parkced semi truck from the rear and when i recovered from bruised ribs and bruised face *nothin broken* my mind had completely altered or changed… the doctors mentioned that it was a medical mystery. to this day i dont take anymore meds like those i had mentioned. i feel…like a different thought pattern was initiated within my mind from the crash… i dont have racing thoughts anymore… nor do i worry and aworry about all the little things in life i cannot change… plus many many other problems i had with anything under the sun.. most have called me a completely different person.

      Sara how bad honestly is the symptoms you have aquired?…. just trying to get a guage out of wht to expect for the next HALF A F’ing YEAR..*hopefully not ;( *sigh….*

  55. I recently have had the TERRIBLE experience of witnessing my mother go through everything that has been previously posted due to the Cybalta cold turkey style over to the Zoloft…. anazingly my mother hasnt had another stroke, her past history of strokes is 4 mini strokes and one fairly bad one… she is still mobile and capable of speech and virtually has no ploblematic or serious symptoms from those strokes except for memory loss and word usage or forming sentences that make sense. When she first started throwing up on December 20th she really thought in the beginning something was wrong, as did myself and my older sister.

    She then kept doing the same thing os “brain shivering” as someone previously stated *that term is a good one BTW* and really has bee nad will continue to go through hell/cymbalta withdrawal. i called her doctor who prescribed that to her err the second medication after the cymbalta and the secretary answered and i just called to explain what had happened to her and how she went to he hospital on the 26 of december then went back on the 4th of JAnuary. well she had me leave my home phone number and i left my cell *just in case * i was unreachable at home. i was not mad or pissed at the doc but wanted to tell her at least my moms situation. the secretary mentioned “ill make sure to give her the message right away sir”…and thus… no phone call on either lines….:(… i noticed the Review site for her Practice, now ..i am Pissed…. and i will definitly not be giving her site or her practice 5 out of 5 stars on her review site…and definitly a very well written message/comment on the review lists.

    i still cannot understand how this has or could have happened when doctors knew what it did… to come off of such a prevalent Mind altering drug and then go through the hardcore withdrawal symptoms cold turkey style..(almost like Opiate addicts go through) ..i can only imagine how that feels since i have gone through similar symptoms due to drug abuse, all too well do i know how she feels but not to the extent of knowing how the cymbalta REALLY makes you feel…. well i guess feeling “LIKE SHIT” good enough explination for me…finding out how to combat it or have a SMOOTH transition between the two drugs is paramount to having my mother live her later years in somewhat good health…just 3 years ago on January 7th my father , her husband passed away… its very odd to have my mother now going to the same hopsital my father died in..almost on the same exact month and date!…. im sure if anyone understand what i am speaking or or referring to …you know the dealings that ive had to go through.

  56. I feel your pain….and everyone else’ that has EVER had to take and go off this daaayuum drug! I have questions about long term effects. And just how long after the last dose before people feel “normal” again!? EVER??
    I am 59 and was on 90 mg for 5 yrs. (put on it for pain, anxiety and depression…what a nasty, vicious circle…) I tapered off as well. I tried cold turkey, but thought I was going to die! (still felt it tapering….) I am amazed at all the horrid experiences and so many of your stories could be my own! While reading them, I had “ah ha” moments! (Ahhh…that’s why I drink so much (never was much of a drinker)….Haaa….that’s why I gained so much weight (40 lbs…FAST then another 20 during that 5 yrs!) ….AH HA…time to get off this damn drug!!!) I am also amazed that I didn’t realize that the drug was causing so many of my problems for so long!! (Kudos for it for relieving my pain to a “tolerable” level…) My doctor has documented all my “withdrawal issues” and was clueless to the side effects or the withdrawal symptoms of this drug. She did mention that others were making them known and she would be documenting theirs. I gave her some websites to check out!!!
    Now…I have been off cymbalta for 6 weeks. Still feeling withdrawal symptoms and wondering how long they will last! The craving for alcohol has vanished…YAY! But my poor brain…ouch! And the pain in my body has returned with a vengeance…I have fibromyalgia, a whole list of spine and bone issues, pain and anxiety (PTSD) are over the top! So afraid that will take me back into depression….
    However…it is nice to be able to have the full thought process again! πŸ™‚
    Keep posting people…this site is my lifeline right now.
    Bless you all in your attempt to get better…and may this be the year we all get HEALTHIER!

  57. I am glad I found this website and read all the post from everyone going through this pain.
    About a week ago I started tapering myself off from 60mg to 40mg. I did this for a week and was able to someone live through the symptoms. That is until I went from 40mg to 30mg. What a difference. I felt like I was in a fog and wanted to cry for no apparent reason. All someone had to do was look at me. I was sweaty, flustered, hot, almost an odd out of body experience. What helped a little was running myself ragged with exercise but the problem was I only felt it was tolerable if I was exhausting myself; how long can you keep that up? Also being outside in the freezing cold helps a little. Reading these post with people on day 21 or 16 of feeling this way; really? It last this long? Why isn’t anyone told about this before being given this drug? Geez I am only 6 days into it and on 30mg at this rate it will take 6 months to try and get off this crap. This is not right!

    • i have been weening off this drug as follows…..60mg/ 30 mg (alt) for 2 weeks, ) then 30 mg. a day for weeks, then 30 mg. / 20 mg.(alt. for 2 weeks) now today is day one of 20 mg. per day for 2 weeks, then 20mg. one day, next day none for 2 weeks, then DONE so i am basically 7 weeks into an 11 week ordeal…….brian zapps (i guess?) kinda tingling irritating brainy feelings, very irritable, have had HUGE stuff in my life going on such as being unemployed, friend dying slowly from cancer, and my wifes decision to not fight for our marriage and inbstead….divorce (been seperated for 15 months) have 7 year old boy together,,,civil. SO……its hard to tell what the drug is doing or not doing for me at this point. the reason i went off it was my choice and came when a doctor asked “how is the cymbalta working”? i said i didnt know and that i wanted to know….so please ween me off it and ill let you know!!! i had no idea about the side effect part until she told me lots have a hard time going off it. i saw another Doc after that , that when reading my chart says “oh, i dont think this is a good time to go off the cymbalta with all thats going in your life” i said….”could be the best time…in order to see if this crap is really doing anything for me”! “if i can get thru this sh***t w/o it, then i know i dont need it”!! i pray to god i make it…….3 more weeks till zero….have an apt. day after tomorrow where im sure they will try to have me go back on it, or up the current dose…..what i really need is something more for the anziety/fears which my klonopin isnt doing it for anymore….who knows…the posts ive read here give me even more reason to stick it out!!! just dont want to drink or use recreational drugs and get past this drama (real life drama) in my life and more forward without brain drugs…….thanks

  58. OMG, I just want it out of my life and body for good. Today is day one in decrease and I am going to try my hardest to beat this terrible withdraw…And as I watch TV they are now selling it for pain. Just like the Wellbrutin turn around changed name for stop smoking. Not letting these people know that these are antidepressant and the side effect may out way all else. Almost make you feel like a junky. Eli you are a idiot and robbing this country of their money for the high cost of this drug. Finding new ways to brand it and knowing pp will pay that amt of money for it, if they think it will make them come back to life again. You need to educate the public and provide free consuling on the effect of coming off this demon drug…………

  59. I’ve not read all the comments on this blog so what I am about to say may already have been discussed. I have been on anti-depressants since 1985 and I’ve tried so many without any really doing the trick for me. Long history of brain disorders like depression, ADHD and autism in my family. But just recently my therapist told me to look into a company called TrueHope based in Alberta, Canada that produces supplements that successfully treat bipolar affective disorder, depression, ADHD and even schizophrenia and autism to some degree. I could not believe I had not heard about this company that has taken on Health Canada in its fight to help people with brain disorders to have an effective alternative to anti-depressants and those cocktails that folks with bipolar affective disorder must take. It seemed too good to be true when I read many of the success stories but I ordered the products. I am presently coming off Cymbalta, Wellbutrin and Ativan with very few withdrawal symptoms and the supplements are doing what the anti-depressants never could, giving me a normal functioning brain! The company is walking me through withdrawal and calls me every week. The EMPowerplus supplements help about 85% of people who take it. I’m happy I am one of those 85% and if the stories prove true for me as well, I’m about to have mental, emotional health that I have never been able to maintain in my 60 years. All I can say is look into this and check it out for yourself.

  60. i have just started taking cymbalta, and after three days I a pain free. I dont know if I could give up cymbalta. I was in so much pain daily for three years, and I dont think I could ever go back to that. I feel human again, and ready to live again. So far for me it has helped so much.

  61. Yes, My back pain was also ilimanated, but soon I began dry eyes, cotton mouth, irribility, insomia, and tinitis. In which I still have (ringing in ears). And I was only on it 23 days.

  62. I understand what pain can do to a person’s mental health. I have spinal stenosis and arthritis and the Cymbalta has not helped me at all. I have to take Celebrex for pain and it counteracts my anti-depressants. That was one of the big reason’s I decided to get off anti-depressants, so that I could take the Celebrex and not have depressive episodes as a consequence. Apparently Cymbalta is suppose to be good to treat pain related to conditions such as fibromyalgia and maybe it just isn’t effective for arthritis related conditions. When it comes to medications, we each have to make our decisions about what works for us. Just know the consequences. No one could have talked me out of my anti-depressants these last two decades so I feel so lucky to have a natural alternative, finally, that is supported by many doctors and researchers. Now to find a replacement for the Celebrex …….

  63. I have tried and tried to give up Cymbalta and each time I end up having a breakdown and going straight back onthem. I’m taking one tablet of 60mg each night. In my experience, I can miss one dose and be okay but if I miss two doses, the withdrawal effects kick in. The swooshing in my ears which seems to happen with eye movement, the dizziness and I have a sick stomach and can’t be too far away from a bathroom. The longest I have tried to be without Cymbalta is 6 days. The withdrawal is too harsh and I end up giving in. I have been on Cymbalta for 5+ years now. I just don’t see a way out of it.

    • bex
      what has your weening off dosage been? cold turkey? or slow ween? im 8 weeks into an 11 week weening. i was on 60 mg. once a day for 2or 3 years, possibly more. i started off of it by taking 60 one day 30 the next for 2 weeks………, then 30 once a day for 2 weeks……..,then 30 one day, 20 the next for 2 weeks…………………,then 20 once a day for 2 weeks (im one week one day into that now) then will be 20 one day , zero the next for 2 weeks,……………..than GOD WILLING…….DONE!!! i guess i need to make it 3 more weeks. i have had really big stuff going on in my life as well …………unemployed, divorce news came this month after 15 month seperation, friend dying of cancer in front of my eyes……..hard, REAL LIFE stuff……i figure if i can make it off this crap in the midst of all this life stuff……..i win & the drug loses!!! side effects for me have been irritabilty, head ache, anziety increase, sleep issues, and some brain electric feelings occasionally. bottomline is that i am not any more or less depressed w/o it and that is what it was prescribed for in my case. there has got to be a better way than these radical drugs……i hope to be off them forever and find other ways to deal with depression and anziety….hang in there…….

    • I am still battling tinitis. Brought on by cymbalta. Took for less than a month. The side effects were worse than the cure!

  64. What an insidious drug Cymbalta seems to be! No wonder it is red flagged by the TrueHope company that provides supplements to help people get off their psychotropic medications and to feed the brain and reduce or eliminate brain disorders which is how I now see depression. Truehope recommends reducing Cymbalta by counting out the beads in each capsule and reducing them each week. Do not skip days – it just prolongs the withdrawal and throws off your body and brain chemistry. I’ve been coming off Cymbalta for weeks now and I was up to 120 mg per day. In the beginning of my decrease, I took three capsules plus one quarter of the beads of the fourth capsule for one week. In the next week, I took three capsules plus one half of a fourth capsule. In the next week I took three capsules and one quarter of the fourth capsule. After that week, I reduced my Cymbalta by half a capsule per week. Counting beads was a bit annoying but worth it as the withdrawals were far reduced. TrueHope also provides Amino Acid supplements which greatly reduce the withdrawal effects. I am withdrawing not only from Cymbalta but also from Wellbutrin and Ativan. Without the Amino Acid blend I would be in withdrawal Hell!!! I needed an anti-depressant for so much of my adult life and believe that we need something. I found TrueHope and recommend it to anyone wanting brain and emotional health.

  65. Hey Erin, It’s great to see this site is still here to help people with the difficulties of Cymbalta. I check in from time to time and refer people to this site, and I’m glad people are able to come here for help and support… Over 4 years ago, I came here and shared my life here on this site, it’s helped a lot!!! I went off Cymbalta “cold turkey” and it was worth it, it took time, but I got my life back and I will never take an antidepressant medication again… These are the withdrawal symptoms I had and how long they lasted, I hope this will help… **Antidepressant Withdrawal Symptoms**
    Emotional Symptoms:
    Agitation, ~ 6 weeks
    Crying Spells, ~ 6 weeks
    Irritability, ~ 7 weeks
    Anxiety, (symptoms of an anxiety attack) ~ 4 weeks
    Aggression, (this showed up later for me, around week 4)
    Thoughts of suicide (this was going on while I was on SNRI antidepressant, I was on 2 different ones in a 3 year span) and this cont. during the first 4 weeks off medication
    Impulsive Behavior- Depersonalization~

  66. Is this stuff suppose to cause achy pain in the chest, maybe it’s anxiety but seems like I’m bout to have a heart attack..This stuff is horrible! I liked life more being mildly depressed than now being horribly depressed, absolutely exhausted yet I still cannot sleep with even medication..Driving me crazy, does this cause major panic attacks to be worse, this achy burny chest pain is the worst, comes on and off weird…Hope this isn’t one a those eventual red flag medications, dont want major problems…I give up pills to solve problems after this, it just isnt worth it…Been weening off for a month and a half now, I started 30 then to 60..I started weening off 40 then to 20 and now that i’m at 20 it is so horrible πŸ™

  67. Cymbalta is a red flag medication and I think in time it could be pulled from the market as was Serzone in 2003. A licensed MD put me on Serzone maximum dose for several years until I had a major manic episode as they called it, and had to be taken off it in one day. Worse crash of my life! Coming off Cymbalta may have been as bad had it not been for the TrueHope supplements. These are not health food store supplements. Doctors at Harvard Medical School and the University of Alberta are conducting studies that show how these supplements feed the brain and reverse many brain disorders like depression and bipolar disorder. Just check it out. You don’t have to suffer through withdrawal from anti depressants.

    Anti depressants are dangerous, Check out all the law suits in the courts these days on the side effects of these drugs. I don’t work for TrueHope, I was just saved by them!

  68. Like many others, I stumbled across this site after about day 10 of the annoying brain shivers from Cymbalta withdrawal. I now realize that a countless number of other symptoms that I am suffering from are a result of the Cymbalta withdrawal. I have been on other antidepressants. Effexor, Prozac, Celexa. Effexor gave me the “brain zappy” feeling.
    My story starts with going thru a divorce from my 1st husband, and then 4 months later my father diagnosed with lung cancer. I began anti anxiety meds to take the edge off and a sleeping pill for a good nights rest finally. Throughout the years after, I took Prozac and Busphar to cope with being single again, and losing my father. I had a few episodes of 6 months at a time where I wasn”t taking anything. Counseling helped tremendously throughout the years, but the meds always seemed to be the quick fix. I had very low self esteem as well, and the meds gave me a boost.
    Without going into a long drawn out saga of what brought me back to anti-depressants, I asked my doc for Cymbalta, and she willingly obliged

  69. I can’t see why you would ry to go off anything, without going on something else. I had all you are experiencing While ON Cymbalta, and stopped after 23 days. I developed Tinitis (ringing in ears) and have seen 2 doctors for it. I tried to take Cymbalta for I had neck and back pain and pins and needles in my left hand. My Doctor changed me from 60 ml Prozac and 40 klonipon to cymalta 20 ml and same Klonipon. Yes, the pain eased in neck, back and hand, but I experienced all symptoms as you listed, while on. When after 2 weeks I developed (ringing in ears) I looked it up, and it is a side effect of Cymbalta, with the other side effects, I went back to Prozac. The transition of brain zaps continued for a few days until prozac started working. I started back on 20, but told doc, no way…so now on 60 again. I has 3 days depression (as I usually do while on my period) then followed by severe joint and muscle pain with headache. I am looking into a rheumitologist, to rule out fibromyalgia. I seem to have all the symptoms. If you look it up, it is treatable with cymbalta too (which did work for my aches) but i will not take it again. The side effects are crazt strong~and i got them all. Does anyone have fibromialgia? I am curious. I also heard my tinitis could be from that. I saw my reg. doc. He said maybe from spine injuries ( I have bulging discs, and arthritus and more) Spine spealist told me tinitis not from spine problems and hand tingling is carpol tunnel ( I had a nerve test) so now I see a ENT (ear specialist) and then a rheulitologist feb. 6th. I am 50 and also pre menopausel, another sign I may have fibro, it strikes aat this time (lower estrogen). It also effects people who have had depression for years, something to do with pain tolerance. I am currently not working for the first time in my whole life. I hate it. Please someone talk to me, that has same or familar symptoms or has been diagnosed with Fibro. Thanks

    • Thanks for sharing Susan. I don’t have fibromialgia, but I had a hysterectomy 5 1/2 years ago; 3 months later, the hot flashes started. WHEW! It was awful, multiple times a day; usually the morning was worst. My doc. prescribed hormone replacement therapy; low dose; I tried the trans dermal patch first, which seemed to work; then used the spray; it worked for a while. I stopped using because of the cancer scare you hear in the media about HRT. Over the course of about 3 years, the symptoms subsided here and there; later on I tried Premarin for the hot flashes which started occuring again. I was still taking Cymbalta. I always thought the hot flashes were the pre-menopausal symptoms, although I still have my ovaries, but I am still in pre-menopausal state due to the ovaries not being able to figure out what they need to do, or how much hormones to produce. I was on birth control for more than 25 years. I saw a nutritionist and she sold me a bag full of suppliments, and told me I was estrogen dominant due to years of birth control. I’m not a vitamin taker, so her regime was very cumbersome to me. Now reflecting on the multitude of symptoms, I’m not so sure that the hot flashes are more related to the Cymbalta than they are to the menopause. The night sweats are a pain; restless nights, and never a good, full nights sleep. After a week or so of this, I am very tired, fatigued, agitated, etc.

      So, this morning, I bought Benedryl (walgreens brand, Wal-Dryl), and Dramamine, (walgreens brand). And the dizziness and ringing has subsided!! WOO HOO!!! I actually feel so much better this afternoon. I can hardly believe it. I still have the feeling of like being overly critical of my decision making, not thinking clearly, and at a loss for words, but almost like I’m outside my body and looking over it, but the brain shivers have really subsided this afternoon. I feel slightly distracted also this afternoon, and sudden noises are anoying me. But I do feel a little better since taking the Benadryl and Dramamine. I have had terrible joint pain over the last 6 month, and was almost ready to seek out a specilist for this, but I will wait it out to get the Cymbalta out of my system. Going to start back at the gym too within the next few weeks. I’m very active at my job, on my feet alot walking; (also have had loose stools — sorry for the description….)….. Now that I’m withdrawing, I’ve realized that Cymbalta was really ruling my life & body more than I care to admit.

  70. thanks for replying. I am seeing an ear specialist tomorrow. I also have some hearing loss, that I have had all my life, I hear tinitus can be associated with that as well. But, I have to say, a friend told me to take Bonine at night. It is a little less drowsy effecting and it does help th e tinitis if it is equaling the fluid like it would do on a flight or boat. I did it, at night with a tylenol pm and I seemed to be ok. I still had to sleep with an earpiece listening to Zen music or a rain storm. After a few days, I felt good enough to sleep without the ear peice. Then ran out of Bonine so I took relax (from the dollar store) it is combo of melatonine and chamamile, figured for the cost, it was a try to let me sleep without tylenol and bonine. (cheaper and natural) It does seem to work, I slept ok, but during the day, my tinitus is crazy louder it seems. I has hot flashes all day today and headache, body aches were not there. Thought it might be sinus, so I took a clariton, it seemed to help, but not for long. I can;t seem to find anything that just makes me feel ok for long. I can’t magine working with all this. I have been in retail and always thought I was sore from working. But, now I am just a mess, and I do nothing….stay in touch πŸ™‚

  71. I have also heard that black cohosh is good for hot flashes relief. Like I said, my nutritionist sold me Nature’s Process products. They are all natural supplements. They were to help with the estrogen dominance, but I ran out of some of them and never re purchased. That brand is pretty expensive and sold thru nutrition places, I got mine thru my chiropractors office. I have a hard following a vitamin regime and I never gave it enough time to see if it relieved the symptoms. I also thought my body ached from my job. I am an events manager for a multi purpose venue. Lots of concrete, tons of walking, long days. I might be a little out of shape for 47, but I’m no chump either! I had a short ‘career’ playing roller derby, so I can hang with the young ones too! Had to give it up for a few reasons, but mostly my hips are so sore all the time and taking the hits probably wasn’t such a good idea. Id be interested in the Bonine you talked about, but hesitate sine I just started the Benadryl and dramamine. Think I should narrow it down symptom by symptom and just listen to my body a little more carefully. My boyfriend takes melatonine to sleep. He’s an over the road truck driver and drives primarily at night. When he’s home, he has a very difficult tome unwinding and adapting to a normal sleep schedule. The melatonin helps him tremendously. Sometimes working can be a distraction from the withdrawal symptoms. Hang in there…..

  72. omg…the hot flashes all night. And the roaring in my ears…it was a terrible night (also headache). I just could not find the right meds to rid the headache. Thinking it was sinus, but 2 claritons later (12 lasting) I still suffered till 3 am. I finally had to dress down to a little nighty (like summer) window open (live in fl) cool breeze , almost cold, while listening to Zen music…I finally fell asleep. Hot flashes, but cold feet, then cold, then hot, it is crazy! I will try to look into cohosh. I have so many issues going on, it’s hard to tell if I just have a virus sometimes. Can’t wait to get to the ear doc today…please have some hope for the ringing!!!!!!!!!!! keep in touch!

  73. I am at my wits end. I am afraid I may need to have my husband committed. His side-effects from C* left him doing nothing but sleep & stare at the television & never getting out of bed f/ months. Back story: He is 48, severe chronic pain from ruptured discs & broke his hip a little over a year ago from a fall; all of that is another story entirely, suffice it to say that my 48 year old husband looks like a 65+ year old. Cymbalta was prescribed before the hip break to help w/ chronic pain & depression of being in chronic pain. He has had ‘episodes’ over the last year that I blamed on other pain medications that his Dr. tried. These episodes include symptoms of incoherence , sleep-walking, severe hearing loss, insomnia f/ days, seeming like he is drunk, drooling, etc. This last episode is just more than I can bare & I just don’t know what to do. I can’t talk to him because he gets belligerent at any discussion of it. He was still taking the C* up to 5 days ago, the month before that he was really sick, like the flu & sore throats but he didn’t have strep or anything but was sick f/over a month. He started having the episodes where he seems like he’s falling asleep in mid-conversation, while driving(!), etc. then as days progress gets much worse: wandering around all night, eating all night when he hasn’t had hardly an appetite in a year or more, never sleeping, not awake exactly, but never asleep. He keeps the tv up so loud 24/7 the neighbors can hear it. The last 5 days he can’t hear anything we say & when he does hear us he thinks we said something else & tries to start arguments. Finally told me 3 days ago he quit the C* b/c that is what must be wrong but he is getting worse by the day. He is seeing mice and animals f/ the last couple days (hallucinations). His legs & feet are severely swollen; the left leg (broken hip side) has swelled anytime he was up since that happened but this swelling is both & seems worse in his good leg/foot. On top of that he chain smokes now. Add that to the constant incoherence & twitching/spasm movements of his hands & arms & he is dropping cigs. all over & burning holes in everything. He talks alot bout things that make no sense & then seems to nod off f/ awhile but will NOT lay down & sleep. I’ve begged, I’ve pleaded, I’ve threatened. I really just want him better. I’m terrified that whatever this is is doing permanent damage. If anyone has experienced withdrawal symptoms this severe & has any insight, please share. Help me help him.

  74. My doc said the best part of taking it is there are no withdrawl symptoms, so imagine my horror to find out he was misinformed. Regarding last posr and husband:
    He may benefit from fish oil. I have advanced degree in psychology, and did significant research into fish oil. Fish oil along w folic acid and some antioxidant like vit. C or E actually REVERSE the crazies associated w schizophrenia. Moodswings, lethargy, depression, anxiety, suiciadal ideation are all made better w this combo. It could not hurt. Also try reading “the body ecology diet” 13 bucks shipped via ebay. my mother is a M.D. and she turned me on to the idea that medicines are bullsh*t and nutrients are what we should be ingesting by the handfull. some meds can drain your body of essential nutrients. If it were my husband (and I HAVE had a boyfriend like what above is describing) I would force feed him fish oil and vitamin c w folic acid tablets for 2 weeks, by then he should be able to see a difference. I cannot tell you how many friends of mine have been helped by this advice, good people who were at brink of destruction and really saw a difference within 3-4 days w this vitamin therapy. Pharmaceutical companies WANT every American on SOME kind of pill, it is good business to have a nation of dependent addicts. 4 weeks pregnant makes me NEED to go cold turkey. Its been 3 days, good to know that it is not in my head (haha) these whooshes and vertigo symptoms I am HOPING will be addressd by fish oil but I just realized I was HAVING withdrawl today! So to reiterate: the human body renews itself fully every 7 years (I have degenerative disc disease too and am about to turn 40) I believe my lack of good nutrition and exercise has a lot to do with my system going to hell. I feel like I let my system down, and I KNOW that folic acid is crucial to developing new cell structure (body renews itself fully only if folic acid is available to renew it with!) Regarding fish oild, it is literally and frankly exactly like letting your car run out of motor oil. no oil, no car going forward. well human brain needs the Gamma Liniolenic Fatty Acids to function, no OIl, no go forward, breakdowns, mental collapse, seizures even. Add moror oil to a car, and it begins to run again, same w the brain, your brain is broke? add the fish oil!! Most major depressions are LINKED to this deficiency. I never post y opinion on message boards, but I do feel strongly that the info i posted today is important and worth considering. You can buy fish oil at any store, vitamin c is in orange juice; But I say a large dose is good for a few months so pill form may be needed. This will pull all of the crap from your system and flush it down the toilet literally. The folic acid (dark green leafy greens like “Spring Mix” salad are best) can also be taken as a pill and will help brain build NEW HAPPY and healthy brain cells. Well, I got a piece of paper saying i do know what i am talking about. It is my personal plan of attack and i expect to be withdrawl free in 3-5 days tops. Benedryl is not on my list of options. I am all natural mamma! πŸ™‚

  75. @everwhot – Thanks so much f/ the advice on the fish oil, folic acid & vitamin C. I will definitely try it. It sure can’t hurt. He is at least mostly coherent now. Started on benadryl the next day after my post & trying to get him to take pedialyte f/ dehydration. Took him to Dr. last Fri. & Dr. just wanted to lower the dose to 20 mg C & he won’t take it. Can’t say I blame him. He says he wants to get through this once & for all w/ the C & not drag it out. They way they are pushing this sh*t right now is ridiculous & I know a few of you have the Dr.’s that say that it just doesn’t cause these symptoms/ issues, so you know it is like talking to a wall. Anyway, right now we seem to be moving forward to a better place. Thanks.

  76. Also, @everwhot – Congratulations! I hope you get through this hell of “discontinuation syndrome” soon. Again, I can’t thank you enough f/ the advice.

  77. I THINK HE MIGHT WANT TO do what I did, I just took 30mg (1/2 dose) after 3 days of none, it def helped, also helped was a hat bath!
    I THINK the issue w ear noise and throbbing is an issue with the eustachian tube in our ears. They will fill w fluid in an attempt to respond to “allergy” to the medicine. This could explain the vertigo sensation of brain slam. I found that just taking a half dose every 3 days or so will probaby work well for me and I will most likely only need to take 1/2 dose 3 times before I can stop altogether. Maybe he would be able to get relief from taking 20mg every other day or ever 2 days. Seriously, the hot bath REALLY worked for my dizzy vertigo and brain slams…. Well good luck to us all I suppose. Life Extention is a place to find great supplements online. they make the best.

  78. regarding dehydration, well the body needs water to flush out the toxins…. and sometimes the medications they give for pain will cause severe insomnia…. opioid i am speaking of you. Pedialyte is good for electrolytes, but filtered water is really important. I am so happy you are able to use the information, its nice to be able to help. thank you for your comments to me.

  79. After about 2.5 years on cymb, I have been off for about 3 weeks. I tapered off with About 1’every other day. Brain shivers and zaps were the first withdrawal symptoms. The benedryl and Dramamine are helping immensely. I still suffer from the hot flashes, brain is foggy, can’t find the right words in situations. I just feel like I’ve been in a fog. This week I’m slightly aches in lower back. Fatigued a bit. The vertigo is still here… Feel clumsy and out of balance, but it is getting better. My advice to alll those is be patient, find your ‘center’ and try and acknowledge the symptoms as they occur…. Rather than think it is a scary process, experience them and focus on the big picture and that eventually you’ll find the clarity…. I’m slowly feeling like my old self, prior to cymb. This drug has placed my brain and emotions on ‘hold’ over the last 2 years…. Be patient friends…. It is a process….

  80. I was on 90mg of cymbalta and I had a (VERY STUPID) incident where I was at a very low in my life and over dosed on 50 pills of the cymbalta. Well, since then, I have stopped cold turkey, and it is driving me INSANE!! I am a junior in college and I cannot focus, I have the brain zaps, I’m constantly frustrated to tears because I cannot do anything. I’m now on Abilify, because I was diagnosed with being bipolar. Come to find out, cymbalta makes bipolar worse. I NEED HELP!!! Any ideas of what I can do to help??!!??

  81. Well, I feel crappy and better all at the same time now hearing all this. My doc tried to have me go off of cymbalta, which I take for my fibro… BAD IDEA! I called a counseling center, as I felt like I could not control my emotions AT ALL and would break into tears for no reason at all. Or the other side…. sound like a crazed psychopath screaming and in a rage… So now I’m putting all this together along with remembering WOW what a breakthrough that my girlfriend had told me it was worse that quitting alcohol when she was an alcoholic. I am not in constant pain from my fibro and withdrawal effects and cannot remember anything. I am a well educated woman with a managers position and cannot form sentences or even words sometimes and acting like an emotionally unstable crazy person. So I believe for me I am going back on the meds and just continue for life.

  82. looks like I dodged a bulit. I am an alcoholic/ drug adict with 24 yeas in recovery. yesterday I was perscriber cymbalta for fibremyalga. I got online and checked the stuff out before taking eny, the only sight I found that had good to say about it was the ones that are selling it.
    thanks for this sight, good information. I will not be using this crap.
    I am verry greatfull to my program and my higher power for keeping my from just just taking what the Dr told me to take. thanks to all who are suffering so I dont have to.
    hopeing all goes well with all of you

  83. I stopped Cymbalta after 3 months! I was taking it for Fibromyalgia. It didn’t do anything other than making me severely constipated, horrible dreams, insomnia, NO sexual desire what so ever!!! I stopped and oh boy……. I am week 3, severe abdominal pain, severe headaches, dry mouth, no appetite, nausea, fatigued and flu like symptoms, emotional wreck, brain zaps, electricity in my fingers and toes, God forbid if I turn my head quickly pain all over,!!! What kind of a poison is this? Dear Lord how is this allowed? I am not going back EVER! I am hoping to get better….. :O( Oh yeah my doctor told me to go from 60mg to 120mg, I did cold turkey with the doctor!!! Fool…..

  84. prescribed cymbalta for fibromyalgia,
    what a devil filled drug/
    i must have 80 symptoms on it.
    it doesnt do crap for pain.
    ive been incompacitated and havent worked in 3 months.
    going to lose my home
    worse thing is im losing my insurance and i cant pay 900 00 for cymbalta
    soi will have to quit cold turkey.
    my job said thjey take me bak if i could go soon but i cant sleep or function even showering is a ordeal HELP::::::::

  85. I have been on that drug for over 2 yrs. Started at 60mgs. Dr. has advised me to go down to 30 mgs for one month. Then one tab ever other day for 2 weeks. then one evey third days until I totally ween off. I have been taken Omega-3 and B complex. Do not know if that will help in my next step. I think the Xanax may be helping me. Not to sure yet. Talked to my manager about it. To make them aware of what could happen. As of now I have not had the brain zaps, vomiting, etc…. I will keep you all up dated….Plz god I do not want to go thru this terrible withdraw reaction…

    • Hi Tracy- I have read and been told not to alternate doses, as the symptoms will be worse on the days you dont take it due to the half life of the drug. Gravol helps at night, and I have personally felt the benifts of B complex. I hope you are feeling better.

  86. I have a lot of the same symptoms as everyone else…however, I am also losing my balance, heart pounding, a restricted feeling (like when they place that band around your arm before giving blood) from my neck to my head, tingling feeling through my face, lips, arms, hands. The brain zaps (confusion). Every time I glance in one direction or the other, move a body part be it my foot, I get bad brain zaps. In my ears I feel like a pressure drop and momentary, barely audible effect — I’m accompanied by a slight dislocated feeling, like what you get in your stomach when you’re falling — but in your head. My brain burns and crying at a drop of a hat.
    I had to drive my son to school and was driving in the middle of the road. Shut my foot in the door. dropping everything, and can’t seem to remember words to things. I almost feel like filling my meds back up but, scared to feel like this again. HELP….this is scary….I almost fell out of the tub today and torn down the towel rack instead. Maybe, getting back on a low dose of prozac with help alleviate some of these symptoms.

    • Hello Heather- went from an alternating dose of 30mg one day and 60mg the next to 30 mg for 1 month. The brain zaps were hard and the anxiety was also hard. I took “rescue remedie” from the health food store and it was very helpful. I am also taking Wellbutrin, which has also been helpful. I reduced to about 15 mg for 1 week- seprating the beeds myself as there is only 30 mg caps and nothing lower. I then decided after a week to discontinue all together. The first 2 days were not bad, but day 3 and 4 were terrible. The feeling of “free falling” or brain zaps were every 2.5 min (I timed it) and nausea, and flu like symptoms, also my joints hurt alot. I took a 15 mg capsul to reduce the symptoms, which lead to a severe headache that I went and recieved treatment for. I will continue to take 15 mg- for a longer period of time, as right now my work and family life need me functional. I am shocked at the symptoms. I am glad you shared your experience- it was very helpful to me.

  87. Today started the first day off Cymbalta. I have been on it for 4 years. My heart is pounding like a mile a minute and I feel so short tempered. I am taking Chlorphyill to detox the liver and get the drug out of my system faster. My accupuncture doctor said to do that and I am taking baths in Epsom salt to also help detox. I am taking COQ10 200 mgs. and Fish Oil and Ginko for the brain. Nothing is really working for the heart pounding and I am not allowed to take allergy medicine since I get allergy shots. This is hell. This is worse then coming off Morphine from breaking both feet 12 years ago. Something is wrong with this drug to have these types of withdrawls. This drug is meant for you to never get off of it and stay on it forever to make LIlly rich. I hope to finally go to sleep tonight.

    • One week underway from stopping Cymbalta cold turkey. I am not going to take any other anti-depressants so I am serious with getting over the withdrawls. I had accupuncture, and I am taking Evergreen Chinese Herbs that are called Calm ES and this has helped so much. I have quit having horrible dreams and it has helped with brain freezes. My racing heart has stopped since I got on the herbs. I am sleeping well at night and I have so much more energy now. The only down side is the PMS is horrible. I have not felt this emotional since I was a teenager. I am sad one moment and then angry the next. I have always suffered greatly from PMS but this is off the charts. I teach high school and now I know why my female students get so moody. If it was not for the herbs I could not continue without any anti-depressants. I am also doing the Fish Oil and chlorphyill to detox my liver and get all the Cymbalta out of my body forever!

  88. The only thing that stops heart pounding is Klonipon. Changed my life!

  89. Heather….That was me and a lot of others. I had side effects on Cymbalta and only took it for 23 days. But, Yes, I did not get better until I started back on Prozac. My Doc said 20 ml a day, but I was on 60 ml… after 3 days I went to the 60 ml. Also, drank Calm tes by tazo. My biggest hurdle is Tinitis. (whoshing in my ears) I aquired it while on cymbalta, but I also took advil alot and have hearing loss (which is #1 reason people get tinitis) so don’t know if it caused it, but it is listed as a side effect! I got every other one too. Lost my new job, and now getting my blood ran to see if I have lupus or fibromyalgia or something. My depression is worse around my periods (sorry male readers) I could sleep for a week b4, then depressed, then aches like the flu after. I am 50 and will be glad when I am done with P”s. Definitly get on Prozac, it wil help!

  90. Thank you Susan, Compared to yesterday I can actually blink without my body going crazy. I also have heart problems so at first I really wasn’t sure if that was my problem. I called my pharmacist and explained what was going on and she advised me to go back on my prozac. They all know me at the pharmacy because I have a child with brain tumors. I am glad I got back on my prozac yesterday, I have a few in my bottle from a while back and today definitely isn’t as bad as yesterday. Just trying to relax, drinking plenty of fliuds (water) took some extra vitamins…I also signed a petition against the Lilly Company.
    I advise everyone on here do this because this drug really needs to be removed from the market.

  91. I hope I am replying to the right group. I am on day 2 of withdrawals after taking 60mg for over a year. I have not been out of bed since sunday evening except to go tinkle. This causes the severe dizziness to make my nausea worse and I end up puking. I actually liked what the drug was doing. It really did not help with the suicide ideations and anxiety, but helped with the diabetic neuropathy, sciatic nerve pain, osteoarthritis, and scoliosis. (enough to only take 1/2 hydrocodone twice a day and actually be able to function) Anyway, just wanted to let others know that the withdrawals are real and I do not wish this on my worst enemy.

    Pain/neuropathy is unbearable — crippled up
    sensitive to light
    head pounding severe
    severe nauseousness
    severe dizziness
    phychosis (I have pretty much told everyone to go to *youknowwhere* in the past 2 days) ……..Apparently, I have lost my mind….
    severe crying spells
    suicidal ideation (but don’t worry…I can’t even get out of bed or think straight to follow thru)
    I do not have the zaps..and if I am, the pain is overriding them at the moment
    And the smaller things like dry mouth, coughing, hard to breathe, muscle spasms, restless leg syndrome, insomnia, and probably others.

    • I started taking my gabapentin..will keep posting on that. Also, I quit my trazodone…I have tried to get off of that several times, but just couldn’t..ended up with a sinus-type headache and it would go away when med was taken. Actually, I am doing a double whammy at the moment. Trazodone AND Cymbalta. I tried to commit suicide aout 8 months ago and was taken off prozac and placed on these 2. (which I have had trazodone in the past)

      Scared to go back to the prozac…..

  92. 5.7 Discontinuation of Treatment with Cymbalta
    Discontinuation symptoms have been systematically evaluated in patients taking duloxetine. Following abrupt or tapered
    discontinuation in placebo-controlled clinical trials, the following symptoms occurred at 1% or greater and at a significantly higher
    rate in duloxetine-treated patients compared to those discontinuing from placebo: dizziness, nausea, headache, paresthesia, fatigue,
    vomiting, irritability, insomnia, diarrhea, anxiety, and hyperhidrosis.
    During marketing of other SSRIs and SNRIs (serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors), there have been spontaneous
    reports of adverse events occurring upon discontinuation of these drugs, particularly when abrupt, including the following: dysphoric
    mood, irritability, agitation, dizziness, sensory disturbances (e.g., paresthesias such as electric shock sensations), anxiety, confusion,
    headache, lethargy, emotional lability, insomnia, hypomania, tinnitus, and seizures. Although these events are generally self-limiting,
    some have been reported to be severe.
    Patients should be monitored for these symptoms when discontinuing treatment with Cymbalta. A gradual reduction in the
    dose rather than abrupt cessation is recommended whenever possible. If intolerable symptoms occur following a decrease in the dose
    or upon discontinuation of treatment, then resuming the previously prescribed dose may be considered. Subsequently, the physician
    may continue decreasing the dose but at a more gradual rate [see Dosage and Administration (2.4)].

  93. From all these descriptions it seems like what I would personally do If I had all these symptoms would be to take a few tramadol a day. Tramadol would most likely counter act all of the symptoms you guys are having. Tramadol will get your opiate receptors running to overrule your cymbalta withdrawls. NEVER TAKE TRAMADOL WITH CYMBALTA. Taking one or two a day, until the cymbalta withdrawls go away will give you the ability to stop the tramadol without having tramadol withdrawls because of the small dose.

  94. Hey everyone:

    Reading the posts has made me realize I didn’t have some other awful condition or that I Wasn’t crazy. I stopped cymbalta cold turkey and I have received many of these side effects, mostly, fluttering heart, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, mood swings and some headaches. I was recommended to start taking the meds again and I am on day one of taking them again, but i don’t feel too much better. has anyone gone back on the meds after stopping them and felt better soon? how soon? I have not been able to work or function. this is horrible!!!

    – Mary Lou

    • I have stopped and went back on- it took 2 days to feel “better”, but I had only quit for 4 days. How long have you been off? I agree it is horrible.

  95. Cera:

    I have masters in psychology
    I did research on topic
    fish oil is like motor oil for your brain, it needs it.

    I am currently discovering that fish oil fills in the holes that cause the brain shivers. ( I notice it more when I look up or to the far left or right… disorienting and dizzy)

    I can tell you that bi polar can be addressed with fish oil too.

    Just like a car breaks down without motor oil
    our brain really needs the GLA DHA and EPA contained in the fish oil (Borage oil is a vegetarian alternative, Krill oil is a non fishy alternative and also a smaller capsule.)

    TAKE 2,000 mg every 6-8 hours
    IT REALLY helps. I am getting relief and too 2,000 mg only 3 hours ago
    Like DUH it finally occurred to me that this would be helpful… I knew it helps suicidal ideation, schizophrenia, bi-polar, brain fog, etc… (also excema) so I figured why not try it for the crap cymbalta withdrawls>…




    PS lets sue the manufacturer. Who is with me?

    • from the web:
      Scientific research is constantly expanding our knowledge of nutritional needs in pregnancy. Among the most recent developments in this field, is the importance of omega-3 fatty acids in both the development of a healthy baby and in the health of the mother.
      What are Omega -3 Fatty Acids?

      Omega-3s are a family of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids that are essential nutrients for health and development. Unfortunately, these are not synthesized by the human body and therefore must be obtained from diet or supplementation. However, the typical American diet is greatly lacking in Omegaβ€”3’s.

      Research indicates that the two most beneficial omega-3s are EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Although EPA and DHA naturally occur together and work together in the body, studies show that each fatty acid has unique benefits. EPA supports the heart, immune system, and inflammatory response. DHA supports the brain, eyes, and central nervous system which is why it is uniquely important for pregnant and lactating women.
      Why is Omega-3 important?

      Adequate intake of Omega 3 fats is essential to maintaining the balanced production of the hormone-like substances called prostaglandins. Prostaglandins help regulate many important physiological functions including blood pressure, blood clotting, nerve transmission, the inflammatory and allergic responses, the functions of the kidneys and gastrointestinal tract and the production of other hormones. Depending on the type of fatty acids in the diet, certain types of prostaglandins may be produced in large quantities, while others may not be produced at all. This prostaglandin imbalance can lead to disease.

      The role of omega-3s in producing beneficial prostaglandins may explain why they have been shown to have so many health benefits, including the prevention of heart disease, improving cognitive function and the regulation of inflammation. High doses of omega-3s have been used to treat and prevent mood disorders and new studies are identifying their potential benefits for a wide range of conditions including cancer, inflammatory bowel disease and other autoimmune diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.
      Why is taking Omega-3 especially important during pregnancy?

      Omega-3s have been found to be essential for both neurological and early visual development of the baby. However, the standard western diet is severely deficient in these critical nutrients. This omega-3 dietary deficiency is compounded by the fact that pregnant women become depleted in omega-3s, when the fetus uses omega-3s for its nervous system development. Omega-3s are also used after birth to make breast milk. With each subsequent pregnancy, mothers are further depleted. Research has confirmed that adding EPA and DHA to the diet of pregnant women has a positive effect on visual and cognitive development of the baby. Studies have also shown that higher consumption of omega-3s may reduce the risk of allergies in infants.

      Omega-3 fatty acids have positive effects on the pregnancy itself. Increased intake of EPA and DHA has been shown to prevent pre-term labor and delivery, lower the risk of pre-eclampsia and may increase birth weight. Omega-3 deficiency also increases the mother’s risk for depression. This may explain why postpartum mood disorders may become worse and begin earlier with subsequent pregnancies.

      In a 2006 national survey, over two-thirds of pregnant women and new mothers said that they had not received any information from their health care providers about the benefits that Omega-3 could provide during their pregnancy and in the postpartum time.
      What foods contain Omega-3 (EPA + DHA)?

      The best sources of EPA and DHA are cold water fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines, anchovies, and herring. Many people are justifiably concerned about mercury and other toxins in fish, especially during pregnancy. For this reason, purified fish oil supplements are often the safest source of EPA and DHA. A high quality fish oil supplement from a reputable manufacturer delivers the health benefits of EPA and DHA without the risk of toxicity.

      Many people think that flaxseed and/or flaxseed oil contains omega-3s. But flaxseed contains the shorter-chain omega-3, ALA (alpha-linolenic acid), which is different from the longer-chain EPA and DHA. EPA and DHA are the omega-3s that the body needs for optimal health and development. While it was once thought that the human body could convert ALA to EPA and DHA, current research shows that such conversion rarely and inefficiently occurs. Fish oil is a more reliable source of EPA and DHA.
      Is it safe to take Fish Oil during pregnancy?

      Quality fish oil is safe to take during pregnancy. Fresh fish (that is eaten) can often contain environmental toxins like mercury that accumulate during its life span. These toxins can be virtually eliminated during the manufacture and processing of fish oil, with the use of high quality raw materials and an advanced refining process.

      Some brands of fish oil are of higher quality than others. A reputable fish oil manufacturer should be able to provide documentation of third-party lab results that show the purity levels of their fish oil, down to the particles per trillion level.
      What should I look for when purchasing Fish oil?

      * Investigate the manufacturing process— How is the fish oil manufactured and what are the quality standards that the manufacturer is using? The quality standards that exist for fish oil-including the Norwegian Medicinal Standard, the European Pharmacopoeia Standard and the voluntary U.S. standard established by the Council for Responsible Nutrition’s 2006 monograph-guarantee quality by setting maximum allowances for toxins.
      * Smell— Does the fish oil smell fishy? Research shows that fish oils only smell unpleasant when the oil has started to degrade and is becoming rancid. A high quality fish oil supplement will not smell fishy.
      * Taste— Does the fish oil taste fishy? The freshest and highest-quality fish oils should not taste fishy. Avoid fish oils that have really strong or artificial flavors added to them because they are most likely trying to hide the fishy flavor of rancid oil.

  96. yep its the next morning.
    I took 4,000 mg in a 10 hour period
    (2,000 initially w food then another 1,000 every 4 hours after until bedtime.

    lots of fish oil will stop the cymbalta withdrawals.

  97. I was started on Cymbalta in November and am trying wean off of it. I am in week one. Because of a bad scare when I forgot to take it one day (slow speech, feeling of loss of control of body, trance like state, possible seizure activity) it was the last straw. I have not been able to sleep at night since I first started it, which was never a problem for me before. I tried to ignore that for the first month because I had energy during the day, which I loved, but then I was doing things during the day that didnt make sense, and I could tell my mind was tired. I did have racing thoughts most of the time, which was fine at work, but at home it was not. After the scare of forgetting to take the pill, I knew I had to be off of it. I have been known to forget to take a pill a time or two so the thought of the occurence happening again was quite scarey for me.

    I told my doctor about the issue and that I wanted to get off of the medication asap. She was great and very sensitive to my reaction. If I hadnt had the incident where I had a possible seizure that took me to the ER in an ambulance, I dont know if she would have done it this way. I was on a 60 mg dose so she is having me do 50 mg for a week (a 20 mg and a 30 mg) then 40 mg for a week (two 20 mg pills/day), then 30 mg for a week, then 20 mg for a week, and then 20 every other day for a week. We will see how it goes.
    I am on 50 mg now and have had some withdrawal issues including:
    -terrible, vivid nightmares (not every night)
    -bad night sweats
    -hot flashes
    -brain fog in the mornings
    -body aches
    -head aches
    On the up side, I have been more tired, which is rough during the day, but I am sleeping more at night. This just goes to show how quickly it can get out of your system. There are just too many issues with this medication. I highly reccomend that people get multiple opinions before starting this medication. I was put on it for symptoms similar to that of fibromayalgia…no diagnosis…I wish I would have known then what I do now.

    Just wanted to share my experience because most professionals that hear about my experience look at me like I am crazy…it was good to know, but also scarey and sad to know that I wasn’t the only person experiencing these issues.

  98. I’m so glad and relieved to have found this site and thread with all of you!
    I have just recently gone cold-turkey off the Cymbalta (60mg).. it’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I’ve been on many things before for my clinical depression and anxiety including Lexapro for years until it stopped working last year. Which is why my doctor turned me onto Cymbalta. (which I would have never agreed to if I know about the withdrawal symptoms)

    My symptom are as follows:
    -Those “brain shivers/ brain zaps” – is happening to me about every moment of the day, when I get them my whole body tenses up
    – I stay very stiffened through out the whole day
    – I feel the tingle/shiver also in the palms of my hands, like electricity almost
    – I always hear a whooshing sound when it happens
    – I feel so sick all the time, like I WANT to throw up..
    – I don’t even know what sleep is anymore.
    – I’m constantly fatigued
    – I get these like crying jabs that come out of no where. – I’ll be fine and then it just JABS at me to start crying..
    – My head has been POUNDING ever since I’ve stopped taking the horrid pills.
    – Random feelings of itchy-ness for no reason in random parts of my body, mainly in the feet and palms
    – My back aches so badly all the time
    – TERRIBLE paranoia, to the point I’m seeing things that aren’t there. (could also be cause by my horrible anxiety, or just doesn’t help.
    – Vision – If I look around I feel I miss things, like my vision just jumps from one thing to another, there’s no in between :/
    – Non-existent sex drive -there is just no desire, which is not normal for myself whatsoever
    – And yes! Even the spelling and grammar errors happen to me that seem absolutely ridiculous when I go and look back at what I wrote!!

    I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who has wrote in,
    I’m so grateful for every one of you writing in all these symptoms so I know I’m not alone.
    I’ve been feeling like I’ve been losing my mind.

    I really can’t function anymore.
    I broke down at work last week and couldn’t even drive myself home.
    I since then quit my job… to try and deal with this and get better.
    But I didn’t write in to have a pity party for myself. I will absolutely be trying out the Benadryl method and even the fish oil as well to try and subdue these symptoms, because they are very much paralyzing to me and my life.

    I went to my ‘doctor’ just yesterday and she wanted to add more Cymbalta along with some other drug I’ve never heard of. I absolutely refused. If I wasn’t so stubborn, I would go back to using it only to avoid these symptoms. I don’t have an addivtive personality but I do not judge anyone who has, in the past, gone back to avoid all this.
    But if you need to get off Cymbalta, stay strong and do it. You will have a support system here.
    Even though I’m feeling these weird symptoms, I already see hope.. I feel human again.
    And yes, it is like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. You have to take the bad with the good, because the bad (these symptoms) WILL cease eventually. And hopefully soon.

    Does anyone really know the average amount of time for all this to go away? At least the “brain zaps”? And how long as it been for you off the evil Cymbalta and continue to feel the ‘zaps’?

    Anymore information would help me at this point.
    Thank you all so much.

  99. Started on Jan 10th from 60 mg down to 30 mg once a day for a month after being on C for about two years. . Have been on 30 mg every other day since Feb 5th. So far not to bad. One or two bouts of vomiting and missing work….Some brain zaps, but also had the flu so not sure which caused most of my issues. Took one yesterday, skipped today and thinking about skipping tomorrow since I am off work.. Since weaning, I have been taking Omega 3-Fish Oil and V-B12 complex..Read it on some forum. Have to stay away from the Benadryl bc of high BP….I do take 1 mg of Xanax in the morning, that also may be helping..No need to take any during the day…I can not wait to get this shit out of my body……….

  100. Jan— Did you start Whooshing in ears while on Cymbalta? Or after stopping? I encountered it after ON C* for only 23 days. That was Dec 15th. I still continue to have it today Feb. 17th. Went to an ENT (ear, nose and throat) doctor. He said I may have gotton it from C* or the handfuls of Advil I took prioe to C* or the number one reason for Tinitis (hearing lose) Which I have had all my life. To the point now, that I will be getting hearing aids. He doesn’t promise the whooshing wil stop, but some patients say it helps tremendosly. I am also looking into fish oil and omega 3. Hope to hear from u soon. best to you……….

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