Fortune Teller or Fellow Recovering Addict?

April 26, 2010 — 6 Comments

You know how you file each blog post under a category? Well I was going to post something and thought that I would make a category named “personal”.

Ooh, a personal category. That’s where I could put all the stories about my life. Wait a minute…isn’t this whole site about my life? It’s personal really. Wouldn’t I therefore have to put everything I wrote under personal?

I guess I’ll skip that category. But this did bring up a nice reminder that I would like to share with you. Everything that I’m writing about on this site really is my life. I’m no fortune teller…we’re just all in the same boat.

When you are seeing a post talking about how to make yourself feel better…that’s because I have been in the situation where I needed to learn how to make myself feel better. I write about it as documentation for myself to use the next time it happens and also so that others may benefit from what I’ve already struggled through.

When I write a post about the lingering consequences of addiction…that’s because I have these lingering consequences and I need to talk about them. I need to get support so that I can do the right thing and so I don’t just shirk my responsibilities like that little voice in my head wants me to. You know the one, I think it’s name is…addiction.

When you see a post that is explaining how to get back to the basics of addiction recovery you can bet that even though I’m not telling you a specific story about my life or I’m not telling you that I need improvement in this area…the post is about me. By writing out the steps I should be taking it somehow makes it easier to do.

And yes…when you are reading a post that deals with the warning signs of relapse you can be sure that I needed to hear those warning sings as a reminder of what to be on the look out for. I’m in recovery. No matter how well I write or how knowledgeable I am on the subject it doesn’t change the fact that I’m just like you, going through recovery experiencing both the good and the bad.

Every post I am writing is either telling you in an upfront way about what it is I’m experiencing at the moment or it is a way for me to share what I have already gone through. This site is a way of me helping others by helping myself…nothing more, nothing less.

6 responses to Fortune Teller or Fellow Recovering Addict?

  1. I still think you’re psychic. 😉

  2. I think that is why we all write. It gets what is trapped deep inside out so we can take a look at it for what it is and then place it in its proper place.

  3. How are you doing with your recovery today?

  4. ive always insisted on selfcontrol self restraint dont get emotional, the brain has a way of encoding these feelings youve been tyrying to let go fo for years by giving them away.

  5. Ive relasped like three maybe four times this year alone, but the program has taught me to moderate that old “philosophy”

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