Cymbalta Online Petition: Make Cymbalta Withdrawl Symptoms Known

October 22, 2009 — 161 Comments

I just wanted to give a quick thanks to those of you that have already signed the online Cymbalta petition that I created. I have just reached a second page of signatures (it’s only 52 people but a 2nd page none the less).

For those of you that are not aware, I have started an online petition regarding Cymbalta Withdrawal Symptoms which will be forwarded to Eli Lilly. They are the pharmaceutical company that makes Cymbalta.

The purpose of this petition is to ask Eli Lilly to make the potential Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms public knowledge so that patients can make an informed decision about whether or not to start Cymbalta.

There is also some text in the online Cymbalta petition asking Eli Lilly to make sure that physicians are told by the Eli Lilly pharmaceutical reps what the potential Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms may be and the best way to taper someone off of the drug.

So for anyone out there that has not signed the online Cymbalta petition I would greatly appreciate if you do.

161 responses to Cymbalta Online Petition: Make Cymbalta Withdrawl Symptoms Known

  1. HELP…this drug is poison!

    • ok now that I have been reading everyones stories I think I know why I have felt so crazy lately! Been trying to get off cymbalta for about a week and noticed very bad headaches, feel like I could kill someone for no reason, my brain feels like it doesn’t work anymore, my children and husband think I’m a monster, I feel out of touch with reality and my head just feels very unnormal!!! I’m very senstive to med so I wonder how long it will take to get off this stuff for good and have no withdrawl symptoms? Somebody help me I’m in hell!!!

      • Caroline Harris August 6, 2011 at 10:25 am


        Hang in there, I was on Cymbalta for over 4 yrs. Hope you are weening off, Dr. should cut your dosage gradually. Cymbalta is a horrable drug. I felt nutty and my head, my brain would feel like it was zapping. Could not explain it. as I read comments from differant people, these are called Brain will take a little while before you feel better, but you will, hang in there, be patient, you will get through this freakin nightmare….Good-luck

      • Am not fond of leaving name and and id info online (long story) but feel compelled to start sharing something with fellow Cymbalta withdrawal sufferers.
        I had been waiting and searching for a long time to see if anyone had done any research on taking SAMe (s-adenasylmethionine) in conjunction with pharmaceutical anti d’s.
        Finally, it seems that one of the manufacturers of SAMe has conducted research.
        If this sounds like conflict of interest … well, look deeper into who and how pharmas are “researched”
        Was very cautious because of potential for seratonin syndrome (which I’d had once….scary)
        I had, in the past, taken SAMe alone with success but opted for pharmas because insurance would pay for it but not SAMe.
        Cymbalta worked well for some months until it didn’t AND then the insurance was gone.
        I stopped taking it the way the psychiatrist said I could (swearing that “there were virtually no withdrwal side affects”) and within 24 hrs thought I was having a stroke!
        Very dizzy, headache, shaky, muscle twitches and all around weird and weak.
        Tried again verrry slowly. Like over two months of gradual reduction from 60 mg to 20.
        Was barely able to function during this time since the symptoms never left. Finally, some work came up for which I HAD to pull myself together. So, I quit trying to quit.
        The doctor, by the way, was “unavailable for comment.”
        Now, because of the SAMe research findings I have, very carefully cut back the Cymbalta and very carefully restarted SAMe, Started with 30 cymbalt in eve and 200 SAMe in AM.
        Result for me: VERY slight withdrawal, very tolerable….Success!!!!!
        Have been OK with this for 2 weeks now and will try to get this switch made complete to NO more (ever again) Cymbalta to maybe 800 mgs of SAMe within the next few weeks.

        I really am one of those who suffers pretty mind-numbingly from the big D. It kinda comes in cycles unrelated to much of anything real. And have also had all the symptoms of Fibromialgia (whatever that is) for a coupla years in the past. SAMe wiped it out in 4 days after thousands of dollars spent on other unsuccessful therapies.
        Look it up and decide for yourself.
        It may well help you too.
        Good Luck!!!

        ps. I do NOT work for any SAMe distributors

        • I have been suffering for over 2years fromringing –roaring in the ears and now after readin all this I think it is from Cymbalta.I also have Fibromialiga. Did you ever have the bad noise in your ears?

    • Hi and yes Cymbalta is poison!
      How are you coping now?

      This is my story and I hope it helps. Firstly, no you’re not going insane and there will be an end, I’m almost there thankfully. I was taking 120mgs for 3 odd months and in May I woke one morning with brain zaps, I could feel my eyes move and I was in a fog because of impaired cognitive function, the med had turned on me with a vengeance! The afore mentioned symptoms lasted for about a month and when they stopped, except for the brain fog, I had a permanent headache paracetamol would take the edge off but it wouldn’t cease completely, this also lasted for approx. 1 month. I’ve had mood swings, tears, thoughts of suicide, blurred vision. Have been unable to sleep, have been unable to stay awake, thankfully I’m not working or studying as either would be impossible as I’m still dealing with this nightmare, yes that’s right STILL however things have improved and continue to. In August desperation drove me to a psychiatrist and he diagnosed “discontinuation syndrome” due to my metabolism. Reassured that all would be right eventually I paid $370 and off I went feeling a little better.

      Has anyone experienced this horror for as long I or even longer??? I read experiences of other’s with feelings of empathy but I’m yet to find another who’s journey has been as long as mine and I’m feeling alone and scared…

      • Yes, thus drug is POISON and I don’t think even the doctors know. It worked for a few months and then stopped-Like you said, the medicine turns against you The side effects of even trying to taper off slowly were horrendous. So I just stopped. Cold turkey. I was in bed for almost a week, sleeping on and off for 24 hours a day. Shocks in the head, completely lethargic, could barely function. One week later, I write this to you with a clear head, clear vision, and barely a brain zap today. I will NEVER, EVER take these types of drugs ever again.

    • I cut down to half dose for a week, then every second day, and felt ok till i went right off 8 days ago. Had lots of dizziness when l looked to the right, and nausea, this slowly improved, but today in very sad, and bad tempered.
      i was on cymbalta for nerve pain, not depression, do when will i be back to normal.

  2. Going off of this medication the “directed way” has been the hardest thing physically and mentally that I have EVER been thru in my entire life. I’m on my 9th day after “tapering off” and still am in a pit of darkness. If I did have my Jesus, I would have been found in the gutter face down on day 4. I agree, the drup is poisen. I have written to my Dr to make him understand what Cymbalata withdrawal does to us…..I hope that he will take my words to heart. If I can help the Doc to not put one person on this, it will have been worth the hurt.

    • Oh god Im going crazy I was going blind from this drug cymbalta. I am now having night terrors, I see things that aren’t there, Im very violent, Im rude to everyone I feel like I have been abducted and some evil person has entered me. I can’t stop crying, Im in terrible pain in my body everywhere. I can’t get enough sleep. I feel like iv’e been poisoned rapid heart rate throat closing up. I have no idea what Im going to do Im scared Im going to lose my family because Im now crazy. I was put on this med because my son died and it has made me a lunatic now.

      • Finally I am off cymbalta wow I would rather face the reality of my sons death then to ever take anything that drove me crazy like cymbalta. It took me since Oct. till Jan. to finally not have anymore withdrawl. I am a little more sensitive but I guess if everything was wonderful after losing my 23 years son 1 year ago I would be crazy. I will never let any DR give me another antidepressant again. I can actually think again and yes I can remember. Thanks for everyone who gave me there advice because I almost stayed on cymbalta for good.

  3. I was taking Cymbalta for 2-3 years, can’t remember but it was a long time, and I was reading all of this information because i wanted to get off of it. I was originally taking Lexapro but didn’t feel it was working. Well, I asked my dr how to go about getting off of Cymbalta and he said to start taking 30mg for two weeks then stop taking it. I didn’t feel that this would work since the withdrawal symptoms I had when I forgot one day were awful. So, I took it upon myself to “ween” back onto Lexapro. It was a very easy transition. I started taking only 10mg and quit taking Cymbalta right away. I flushed them right down the toilet. I am now on 5 mg of Lexapro and next week I will cut those in half.

    • Jennifer: Your post helped me! I had some samples of lexapro and decided to take them after seeing your post. I have been suffering for 5 weeks with the cymbalta withdrawals. A few weeks ago, I decided to take the lexapro and seemed to be getting better but thought maybe the withdrawal side effects of the cymbalta were just leaving so I quit the lexapro and then the withdrawal side effects came back but I did not really make a connection that maybe the lexapro was helping me until I read your post. We shall see if it continues to help. Thank you so much for your post. Also, did you every get off the lexapro.

  4. HELP! I have tapered off Cymbalta, as directed by my doctor, and am now on my third day without a pill. I spent one hour at work this morning but the nausea and dissiness are unbearable. The world is spinning, I’m hot and cold, I cannot even hold water down… Tell me this is going to end!?!

    • It will end, I know what you are going through and it takes time. I couldn’t do it “cold turkey”. I had to wean myself but still had all the symptoms you are having. You can get through this πŸ™‚

      • ok so I thought the cymbalta was helping me until one day I woke up and felt like I didn’t know anything anymore-I was very forgetful and confused. Now that I’m off of it which I just recently quit I feel very strange in my head a bad and weird feeling also get up set really easy-I dont know if this is from the cymbalta or what but there has been a big change in me since I started and recently quit. Anyone with some advice?

  5. austin jennings June 10, 2008 at 3:23 pm

    Day three of no Cymbalta. Reduced dose as directed. Still feeling shock sensations that also come with… well.. how should I say… auditory interference? When I get the shock sensations… I HEAR THEM…

    HORRIBLE MEDICATION… Worst withdrawals I’ve ever experienced — even over illegal substances that I experimented with when I was a teenager. :\

  6. This is my 2nd day & my brain hurts, I’m coughing, sneezing, dizzy, can’t think, muscles hurt & I can’t function!! I will tell everyone i know to never take this medicine….ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate this drug company now…seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • OMG I am hearing you all!! I have tried 4 times to get off this poison, and no wins yet!!
      Sick of the head spins and vertigo, mood swings etc etc. I just want it out of my system for good

  7. karen lauderdale August 24, 2008 at 9:36 pm

    This is my 4th time trying to get off this medication…I got on it for headaches and now in worse shape than ever…anxiety,emotional,nausea and headaches worse. I also have dizziness and shock waves in head. This is my 9th day without taking any after weaning off. Symptons seem to be getting worse not better.

  8. Dawn- Daytona Beach October 22, 2008 at 1:43 pm

    I have been on Lexapro for two years now. I recently went to my doctor and she switched me to Cymbalta. I have yet to take this medication because of all that I have read. I will not take this Cymbalta drug

    • remember every med is different with each indivual.ben takin it for four yrs.couldnt walk at all my pain in legs and feet so bad.and now able to walk side effects great for fibro

  9. I can identify with all the postings on the weaning process. After weaning, I have not had Cymbalta for a little over a month. I still have the posted symptoms at least 3-4 times per day. However, there is a heightened sense of anxiety as well as terrible concentration and attentivenes now. I did not have these prior to taking Cymbalta or while I was on it. Is it possible that Cymbalta actually changes the chemistry permanently?

    • I wonderd the same thing……but, after 4 months, the withdrawl syptoms have finally stopped.

      • Randy: Thank you for telling me these symptoms will end. This is my 5th week and I still have some of them. I used to be a believer in anti depressants and drug therapy. This experience of withdrawing from cymbalta has been an eye opener. I don’t think the doctors are aware of the withdrawals to this drug. I had questioned my doctor about why I was feeling so awful months ago and he never put it together and neither did I. I have to say I am pissed at myself for staying on it as long as I did.

      • Randy: Also: How long were you on cymbalta. I was on it almost 2 years.

    • That is my fear! I stepped down from 60mg, to 40mg, to 20mg (lowest dose capsule). THEN, on the advice of a neurologist, I actually started opening the capsules and counting out the tiny white grains, putting 50% back in the capsule for a week, the cutting it in half again and again. I have had no Cymbalta for two weeks and I–a loving, gentle, Catholic-Sunday-school-teacher, mother of two darling boys–have become a stark raving bitch. I seethe with anger from the time I wake to the time I go to bed. I have crying jags, I want to hurt people. This is NOT me. I am going to talk with a doctor about the idea of using Lexapro, which I was on before Cymbalta. The Lexapro, like everything else I tried for depression, plateaued after a couple of years. If we can all get our former personalities back, try a proper diet and regular exercise, and a multivitamin!!!

    • I don’t know if anyone still reads this but… I have been trying to ween for 2weeks.. was only taking 30mg once a day anyway.. first opened pill let half of it out this past week even less than half left in it.. It makes me feel crazy!! trying to change to wellbut. must work on another part of brain because i feel bad.. head feels “spiinny”, very anxious, feel out of body, only feel better when I lay down. I think if i could go to bed for about 3 days and sleep it off i might feel better…however i am a mom and I work so this is impossible…I actually liked the medicine… insurance went up and couldnt afforit anymore….i am trying not to take it today.. i want off!!!!!

      • Crabby in Chicago October 18, 2010 at 7:34 pm

        I’ve been on Cymbalta since mid April 2010 and I’ve been trying to get off since late August 2010. I initially started because of mild depression due to insomnia and migraines.When I asked about a prescription for sleeping pills, my doctor actually told me that the commonly prescribed sleeping pills are addictive. Really?!?!? She didn’t say jack about how addivtive Cymbalta is. I decided to stop taking the pills to see if the insomnia would return. I was 3 days into withdrawl before I realized what was going on. I’ve now been weeing myself slowly off and I’m now at the point where I’m getting sick. You can only ween so much before you experience the dreaded withdrawl symptoms. Tomorrow I’m going to buy black cohosh to help with the extreme daytime AND extreme nighttime sweating and melatonin & valerian for the sleeplessness. Who knows what I’ll do to help combat the other symptoms. Good luck to everyone out there. This sucks and I’m pissed that doctors so readily prescribe medications without informing you off the possible side effects when you’re on and OFF the meds.

  10. I tried going off Cymbalta twice now. First time my doctor gave me Welbutrin and 30 mg of cymbalta to ween off of the 60 mg. I could not function, cold, hot, tingling and numbness all through out my body. So dizzy I could not stand up. I was also sick to my stomach. I cried uncontrollably and wanted to be out of my body. This last for a week and I was not able to go to work or do anything for that matter. I had to beg my doctor to put me back on to the 60 mg of Cymbalta.

    The second time I tried to wean off Cymbalta was recently. I have a new doctor now and she told me that she new how to wean me off Cymbalta without going through what I did before. She blamed it on the Welbutrin but I know better. Last Monday was my last 30 mg pill. I started getting dizzy and bitchy. All noise bothered me. Each day got worse until I reached Friday night where I started crying and could not stop. I was so dizzy and sick, I wanted to jump out of my skin. I finally went to the doctors driving knowing that I could not stand. The nurse had to pratically carry me to a room. The nurse told me that I was suffering from drug withdrawal and the doctor would be in to see me. I saw the doctor on hand that morning and she gave me two weeks of cymbalta 30 mg to last me until I could see my doctor which is in two weeks. I do not want to be on this stuff anymore. I do not like this stuff. Does anyone know how to get through the terrible withdrawal symptoms with going crazy?

  11. I have only been on Cymbalta for two months. I stopped taking it cold turkey 3 days ago becuase my dr. didn’t have anymore samples to give me and I refused to pay $50 for 30 pills. That was my portion after my insurance. I had a weird dream the other day I had no control over my body because I was so dizzy I kept falling to the ground. I woke up and my head was dizy but I shrugged it off and got in my husbands truck to take off. We had to pull over for a second and while I sat there waiting for him I must have had a panic attack because I wanted to jump out of the truck. My head was feeling more dizzy as I sat there. When he got back in he asked me if I was ok. I said I don’t think so. I don’t feel right, I might be having w/drawals. I started crying uncontollably and he called the oncall dr. who said my 60 mg was a started dose and there was nothing for me to do but “ride it out until Monday” This is Saturday. I tried sleeping again and I am back to the pounding heart and falling on my face in my dreams. No body control. I wake up to find my head hurts and my head is spinning like crazy. I think I may be going crazy. I told my husband not to leave me alone because I’m afraid I will lose control. I can’t wait for Monday I am going to have a talk with my dr.

  12. My Doctor prescribed Cymbalta for anxiety. I was on it for 4 weeks and felt a littel dizzy and had frequent pounding of my hear to the point I could not function. I wean my self off by taking hal a capsule for week, and then stopped. OMG, the shock waves going throigh my body…my brain and heart are unreal. I have NEVER experienced anything like this. I am gklad to know I am not alone. The one question no one seems to ever answer is…how much longer to I have to suffer? When will it stop? Could there be permnanent damage? This is a living hell and I was only on it for 4 weeks.

  13. my god !!! I as well came off cold turkey and can not deal with this seems no way around it but to stay on… dr does not seem concerned what’s so ever. I want off but do not think im string enough to do this without being in hospital….

  14. This is scary, scary stuff. I couldn’t agree more, and I too am having a difficult time coming off of it. If I knew then, what I know now, I would have never taken this drug. Please help!

  15. I agree with all of the above. Had I known what the withdrawal was like I never would have started in the first place. I have what seems like electrical shocks firing in my brain all day and they come with audio! It’s HORRIBLE!!!!!! At first they gave me panic attacks and I was sure I was on the verge of a psycotic breakdown. My wholistic sister gave me some herbal supplements to take and the panic is gone, but my brain is still acting like Jeff goldblum’s head in “The Fly”. Good luck to all! How long does this last?

  16. Why go off? This medicine works great for me so I have no problem taking it forever if I have to. I wake up every day happy-can’t say any better than that.

    • Ok Megan,good for you. I did well with it too at first.HOWEVER after about 7 months in I had insomnia ,carb craving,irratibility,nightsweats,leg cramps,racing thoughts, itchy skin on hands, blurred vision, ect. I hope you’ll be one of the few lucky people who won’t experience these problems.

      • I was on lexapro for many years and had to change to cymbalta due to new insurance coverage. I have been on cymbalta for a yr and a half and at first thought it was great too, then realized i really didnt know if i was happy or not…i also experienced night sweats, leg cramps, wanted to sleep alot and hungry all the time. i went off cold turkey and has been 2 1/2 wks and still experiencing brain/nerve shocks, cant sleep and upset stomach. will this go away? if so,,,, when??? DO NOT TAKE CYMBALTA!!!

      • Bonnie: Yes, it worked for me at first and I did not start noticing side effects for about a year. I was on it 2 years. I thought I had some ohter illness not side effects to cymbalta. My doctor did not even connect it. I thought maybe I had cancer or some other illness. I lost 20 lbs without trying. I had test after test at much expense. I thought I was menopausal with night sweats ( which I am ) but once I stopped the drug the withdrawals were awful and I am stilll suffering some after 5 weeks. Every day I have felt better but never felt so awful in my whole life.


      • Hey Everyone,Please let’s not be so harsh on each other,OK? Everyone has different side effects and different experiences getting off this drug.I can tell you from personal experience that I took a lot of magnesium and calcium supplements to try to ease the achy feeling and leg cramps ,that helped a lot. If you can,try massage too.As far as the “Black Pitt’ of depression,I guess I’m in “remission”?In the past I’ve had some luck with SAM-E (read up about this stuff). I don’t feel rotten and nasty right now,hope that lasts. Also, my GP ordered a blood test and it turns out,I’m VERY low in vtiamin D, so now I’m on a weekly dose. hang tight my friends and keep looking for help and solutions. Never give up. I can’t, I’ve got too many people depending on my crazy ass.

        • Jema, I do TOTALLY understand how you felt when you wrote your comment, Cymbalta is Hell in a capsule,for SURE! Hugs to you

  17. My doctor switched my from Lexapro to Cymbalta. I was on 20 mg of Lexapro for about 2 years and have been taking Cymbalta for about a week and a half. I have been taking 30 mg of Cymbalta for a week and a half and the last 4 days have been nausiated and unable to eat much food at all. I have been tired during the day and unable to sleep the last few nights even with the added help of Xanax. Even the weight loss doesn’t make this drug worth taking. I’ve been on Lexapro for anxiety not depression, and if anything the Cymbalta has given me depression and more anxiety, unlike Lexapro that had no side effects. I was originally trying taper off Lexapro, not get on something else. I think Cymbalta is horrible and I will never take it again.

  18. I have been on Cymbalta for only a few months. I have started to already start the process of weining. I feel better and do not want to get addicted to this drug. I have started thisprocess on my own with out the doctor. Tehy keep on wanting to give you more of this drug. It works for the first few months then all it does is put you in fantasy mode. Life is hard and we all have to deal wtih it. It is similar to xtasy the drug. side effects are the same. Started to use other means now such as working out and also some of the inhibitors for losing weight will keep all informed. if you need help let me know. On my third day and it is harder already. Keep the faith.

  19. Rebecca Smith June 13, 2009 at 9:11 am

    Wow, so that is what is wrong with me. I have not gotten out of bed for about 1 month…I feel nauseated, my heart rate is up, blood pressure up, and I guess what I was having was a panic attack as well, at my Chiro’s . he thought I was having a heart best advice is to go directly onto Lexapro, and maybe use Amitriptilin to help sleep at night until the side effects wear off.
    After seeing my personal doctor 2 x, discussing it with my pain Dr., having a round of tests with another Dr., and seeing a Neurologist, NOBODY except the Chiro thought it could be some “new drug I was taking.” So much for “Western Medicine”. I read the pamphlet that accompanied the Cymbalta, and BAM, there were all my symptoms. I, too, thought I was going to die at one point. I have never felt so sick, except going off Duregesic cold turkey..Just remember, talk to at least a Pharmacist before deciding how to go off any drug. don’t forget to does release the anxiety.

  20. I am trying to come off 120 mg of this stuff………..scared to death, but cannot find instructions on how to do this properly. My doctor will not tell me, just says I cannot come off it. I lost my health insurance and cannot afford it or a doctor visit. Does anyone know exactly how to do this

    • I just went to my dr and told him I wanted to come off this stuff, I have been taking 120 mg for just over a yr. He told me I would end up coming back to him for a new prescription but I said no I wouldnt. Anyways, he gave me 2 trial bottles of 7- 30mg capsules. He said to take 1 capsule each morning for 5 days and then one every other day for 2 wks. I just started this 2 days ago. I noticed I have been kinda dizzy, and strange fellings in my head, but I didnt really think nothing of it. After reading all these posts- now I know why. Boy I want it to be over with, I was already crazy to start with, now its going to be alot worse.- a nightmare-

    • I was in cymbalta 2 years (60 mg per day) and got off of it 5 weeks ago. The side effects did not come on for about a year. Then when I got off BAM they were 10 times worse but I knew then why I had felt so bad for almost a year. I had been to my psychiatrist, my gynocologist, my g. i. guy, my internist and none associated it with cymbalta. I am still feeling some of withdrawals but I have been getting better. I have read to take fish oil and I don’t know if it is helping but I am taking it. I do feel better every day but there were days when I thought the withdrawals would never end. I lost 20 lbs without trying and my choloesteral is through the roof. I have read that is a side effect, too. I also have cold sores on my mouth. Does anyone have these?

      • I think Im over the withdrawal point of this stuff, and boy am I glad. I had a headache & muscle pain in my neck for over a week. I did have a few cold sores, but I didnt think they were related but maybe they were. The bad thing about this whole ordeal is I started taking all this med. to help me with my migraines, but after going through all of this I STILL have my migraines. But I am willing to live with them and stay away from the cymbalta & lyrica.

  21. Coming off Cymbalta cold turkey, tapering did the same damage so why not just stop. I feel like I am in a living hell the migranes, nausiated also, upset stomach, diarrhea, lip numbness, irritable, Xanex take a smidge off but have had to get phetergen for the nausa. I feel hoorible, the DRS say hang in there. This has almost been 4 weeks…………………

  22. I was only on 30 MG of Cymbalta for a week and ended up in the Emergency room once because I thought I was having an allergic reation. Turns out I was having the most intense panic attack. I thought I was going to die. I have never had panic attacks prior to this drug. After that trip and having another panic attack the next day. I am no longer taking the medication. I was prescribed it for Fibromyalgia.

  23. My neurologist had me start on 30mg Cymbalta for the migraines I have. After 2 weeks she increased the dose to 60mg a day. The hot flashes are unreal. They happen during the day and at night. They wake me up from my sleep and then I’m awake all night. I was on this for 3 months with no help for the migraines at all. She gave me 2 weeks of 30mg samples to take to wean off. Today is my 3rd day with no Cymbalta and as soon as I put my feet on the floor this morning I felt drunk and dizzy. I have been having dizzy spells all day long and now my head is pounding. I’m calling my neurologist tomorrow morning to see what to do and how long to expect this to keep happening.
    Does anyone know how long it takes for it to stop?

  24. I’m trying for my 3rd time to get off Cymbalta. I’ve been on it now for 2 1/2 years at a dosage of 20 mg per day. Each time I tried getting off it, I tapered down to 15 mg for a couple weeks, then 10 for a couple weeks, then 5, then 0. But the nightmares and dizziness and irratability were so bad, I had to get back on it. The last time I tried getting off was about a year ago. Now I tried a different approach. I dropped down to 15 mg for a month, then down to 8 mg for 2 weeks and now I’ve been down to 0 for the past 5 days. The first couple days were fine – it takes a couple days to clear Cymbalta out of your system. Then the nightmares started, and the sweats and now the constant dizziness. The irritability is also here again. I also stopped working out, because of the irratibility. I normally work out 5 days a week – jogging, weight lifting and yoga. But I don’t have the desire to, while fighting this irratibility and dizziness. Plus I crave sweets, which was never an issue before. But I’m going to hang in there as long as I can without going back on Cymbalta to see if I can finally kick this stuff. I’ll be happy to share my experiences if interested.


    • Rina Campion-Gent and Christopher Campion September 14, 2009 at 10:25 pm

      My husband has been on Cymbalta 60mg daily for nearly 3 years. He has tried too to come off it gradually but cannot. The side-effects are frightening and to be honest his personality changes too and I am afraid of him when he is in withdrawal. He is normally a calm and patient person but becomes a ‘Jekyl and Hyde’ when trying to come off Cymbalta. We live in the Canary islands and his doctor seems unaware of the withdrawal effects from this drug. He was told just to ‘taper’ them off. He has tried and it is just impossible. We do not know what to do. We would appreciate your advice and experience and look forward to hearing how you are doing with your attempts to wean yourself off this horrendous drug.

    • have the symptoms subsided yet?

    • Hey Dave. I went off cold turkey 5 weeks ago and am still having some of the side effects. The nights sweats and bad dreams are gone. The irritability comes and goes. I feel better every day but I have been through some kind of hell. Hope you get off of the cymbalta. It is poison!

  25. Hi

    I have been reading all these nightmare stories and I have decided that I cant take this stuff anymore. I have only been on Cymbalta for 7 days 30mg. Should I do anything special or just stop taking it cold turkey. Anyhelp is appreciated I feel for all of you I have panic attacks but I have decided I will just take the Xanax as needed after reading this. Please Help

    Thanks Everyone

    • I feel your pain. To me, I have never been through the hell that I have been through in the last month. I quit after 2 years cold turkey 5 weeks ago. I am feeling better now but I would never have taken this crap had I known the withdrawals. I was also having the bad effects after taking it a year and could not figure out what was wrong with me. I lost 20 lbs without trying and felt awful. I thought maybe I had cancer or something. My twin had been diagnosed with breast cancer last year. I had all kind of test at much expense. My pyschiatrist never made the connection. I finally figured if I wasn’t sick it must be this cymbalta. I guess I did not make the connection because the adverse effects were not felt for about a year. I take xanax every night and I am sure that is the ONLY reason I have been able to sleep through this nightmare. I hope you feel better.

  26. I was on cymbalta for over a year, thought it was great until I really realized that I gained 30 lbs and just ignored it. I thought the good effects of me not worrying about everything or being short tempered were great. Well I didn’t think of the bad things it caused like my head sweating all the time, constipation, exhaustion, and out of control hunger. So I spoke to the doctor and began weening off it 2 weeks ago. I took my last pill a week ago and the headaches have been terribel………..went to the doctor today and my blood pressure is way out of control. This is another thing I believe caused from the cymbalta. I should have paid more attention to the commercials on tv. The list of side effects is way too long………Liver damage? That is a big deal. Can’t live without a liver………I would not recommend this drug to others. The headaches are horrible and the anxiety sucks! Go elsewhere and find something less addicting.

    • Renee: My cholesteral is also too high. I think it is from the cymbalta. I lost 20 lbs on that poison without even trying. I’ve been off 5 weeks now and am slowly getting better but it was pure hell.

  27. I have been on Cymbalta 60 mg daily for the past 5 months for pain control of fibromyalgia and for antidepressant effect. Gradually I have had such bad sweats(mostly daytime) which have gotten increasingly worse. So I asked my pain doctor to take me off it and hopefully use something else. He told me to cut the daily dose to 30 mg–which I did for 10 days– with no other instructions. Then I stopped completely on my own as I ran out of meds and was unwilling to pay the high cost of another presciption. My doctor told me nothing about withdrawal, nor did the info from the pharmacy mention it. Two days after I stopped it I suddenly became beside myself with dizziness and a feeling of floating, fearing I would fall and lose complete control. It was very, very scary–I became tearful and irritable with all kinds of unpleasant sensations overpowering my body. I called my internist’s office as the pain doctor’s office did not call me back–and they told me just to go to a med center. I chose to take an Ativan which calmed me some so we stayed home. I slept only fitfully that night and the next two nights also. The next three days have been almost as bad as the first. I suggested to my pharmacist that I may be going through withdrawal–he was not sure but agreed it could be. Then I googled it and WOW! what I have learned from the internet has been a real eye-opener–of course, this is withdrawal!. What suggestions for me are out there? I called my internist’s office and now am gradually titrating the new drug Savella–but it scares me as the side effect profile is the very same as for Cymbalta. But my pain from fibromyalgia is considerably worse, so I can’t tolerate that either. Any other suggestions?

    • I took cymbalta 60 mg dailty for almost 2 years. I got off 5 weeks ago cold turkey. I have a doctor and I told him the side effects from taking the drug were the same as the withdrawals so I suffered for at least 4 weeks. Last week I felt better but I still have some of the withdrawals effects. Hopefully they will go away. I take fish oil, too. I had read that helps. I don’t think the doctors know how bad cymbalta is. It does not surprise me that you had to google to find out what was wrong with you. I have been to a pyschiatrist, a g. i., an internist and gynocologist in the last year and none of them connected my weight loss and other symptoms to cymbalta. After many tests and much expense I finally decided it was this crappy drug that I had been PAYING FOR! I hoe you feel better. I was put on cymbalta for depression so I have no suggestion for fibromyalgia.

      • Thanks so much for your reply!!! Cymbalta is the drug recommended for Fibromyalgia–any doctor who is using it should be WARNED!!!!of the side effects and withdrawal sx. I am a psychiatric nurse and I worked in a psych hospital and am acquainted with most of the antidepressant drugs–to my knowledge NONE have ever given these withdrawal sx, even to a small degree!! I figured they were reserved for narcotics!!

        • Helen: I had some samples of lexapro that my doctor had given me and someone had posted that lexapro had helped with her withdrawals. I took one this morning and it may be helping me. Some of the side effects I was experiencing yesterday (tightening in my nose and irritability and just feeling awful) seem to be leaving. I had gotten on lexapro 2 weeks ago and seemed to be getting somewhat better but thought maybe it was just the cymbalta side effects leaving. Then I thought well I did not want to get back on an anti depressant if it really wasn’t helping so I got off it for a week. But then the withdrawal side effects came back this week and then I read the post about lexapro and decided to take one this morning and I do feel better. We shall see. I am DEFINITELY going to tell ALL my doctors about this awful drug (cymbalta)!

  28. I have been on Cymbalta now for 3 months, 30mg. I have gained 20 pounds…I really want to stop taking it completely and was wondering if anyone has been helped with the awful withdrawls by taking xanax…I have 5 mg pills of xanax and thought about trying that. Look forward to hearing from any of you that this HAS helped. Thanks so much

    • Xanax has helped me sleep through the withdrawals of cymbalta. I take .05 mg too of xanax at night. I LOST 20 lbs on cymbalta. I’ve been off cymbalta 5 weeks and it has been pure hell but I am finally feeling better. I still have some of the side effects-irritability and brain zaps.

    • I too gained about 20 pounds whilst taking Cymbalta, all in the space of 4 months. I was told that I wouldnt gain weight taking the drug – they lied.

  29. I was on Cymbalta for two years. I tapered off as my doctor directed, but once I stopped taking the tablets, I got terribly ill. The headaches, the room spinning, and not being able to focus on anything. The nausea was almost unbearable, as were the mood swings. Thankfully, this only lasted for about 5 days, and finally things went back to normal. I am now happier and healthier than I have ever been, and consider myself a Cymbalta success story.

    • Really! That is great that it only lasted 5 days. I am on my 5th week and do feel better but still have some of the withdrawal side effects.
      Cymbalta is poison.

  30. I have to agree that it is poision. I received a call back from my doctors office stating that High Blood Pressure is not a side effect but if I watch TV or listen to the radio whenever they have the advertisements for these anti depressants high blood pressure is mentioned. I have been off this stuff for about 3 weeks and I am still feeling the effects, the body aches are bad and I still struggle with some head aches. It makes me furious that they don’t tell you this when they give you the prescription. Oh wait, most are uneducated with the effects when they prescribe. Be smarter than your doctor and research everything before you put anything in your mouth! We should all be smarter because of this experience.

  31. Someone posted that she was taking lexapro and it was helping the side effects from the withdrawal from cymbalta. I had some samples my doctor gave me of lexapro and took one last night after I felt so bad and I do feel better today. The feeling in my nose of tightening and the irritability seem to be gone. Thank you whoever it was that posted that comment. I had tried the lexapro 2 weeks ago and did not think it was helping although I was feeling somewhat better. Maybe this will help. I thought a few weeks earlier when some of the side effects were leaving that the cymbalta was out of my system or the effects of it were but then after being off lexapro for a week and then taking one early this morning I made the connection. It was after reading the comment posted that got me to thinking about retaking the lexapro. I want to get off these awful meds but right now lexapro may be an answer for me with these awful withdrawals from cymbalta.

  32. i have been on 30 mg of cymbalta for over a year, this is my third day now since i have quit cold turkey, very dizzy, shocky zappy feelings throughout my body, especially in my head, nausea, bad headaches, etc. this is my second attempt now, i tried just one pill every other day before and the symptoms were just as bad. hopefully these withdrawal syptoms end soon, horrible.

  33. Michelle, You really shouldn’t do it the cold turkey way, I went off if by taking one every other day and the headaches were just terrible. Do yourself a favor and contact your doctor for the right way to get off of it, I know that you want to get off of it but I was on the medicane for a year and did the every other day for 2 weeks and then started on Lexapro and I do not recommend it. I had read posts where people said they took it much slower and I really think it is worth a shot. It is a nasty drug to get off of. It took me over a month to get rid of the headaches and I still suffer from them and I wonder if it is still the withdrawl going on. Let your doctor know too how bad these withdrawl symptoms have been, they need to let patients know this upfront.

  34. MICHELE: Sorry you are going through the withdrawals. It took me 6 weeks to come off of it cold turkey. I did not think the side effects would ever end. The reason I got off was that I was having the side effects while I was on the cymbalta. I was taking 60 mg a day and had been for 2 years. Please know that it will end but that it may take several weeks. I feel your pain and hope that you feel better soon. I agree with Renee that the drug companies and doctors need to let their patients know how bad these withdrawal symptoms are. It is sad that we have to find out on our own when we are paying for these drugs! I am much more aware of asking direct questions concerning any thing regarding my health care.

  35. Give it a little time, I had the same problem while I was on cymbalta and while weaning off. It took awhile for the sweats to stop completely so give it a little more time. I truly think it is from the cymbalta and it really took me a few months for all the side effects to disappear.

    Try something else for the pain, there has to be something out there that can work for you. Every drug affects people differently so don’t give up on hope that there is something to help with the pain. Good Luck.

  36. This is Helen again. I am off Cymbalta and on Savella–but I am constantly sweating–it drips from my face sometimes. I can’t wear warm clothes–I walk around in shorts and sleeveless blouses. I will see my doctor today and ask to go off the Savella, but that really scares me! I’m sure both drugs help with my pain as when I was off Cymbalta and titrating the Savella my pain was much worse. There seems to be nothing more to help with the pain!! I cannot tolerate the sweating–it is driving me crazy!!

  37. i did not wean i ran out for a couple of days and realized something was wrong i was dizzy, irritable, you name it it was going wrong i went to work and literally could not function my husband took me to the er i CONSTANTLY have headaches and vertigo will forever be a part of my life.

  38. i am interested here…i am on cymbalta and sixty milligrams. my mother died and i just had a baby and graduated in the last three months. i have never felt better than when i am on this drug, but am now seeing that this may not last forever and am scared of what i am doing to myself. i had no idea. im not stable enough to get off it because mom just died and i have a newborn to take care of. i am starting to loose weight, but it could be the baby weight. ive been on it for about a year now and thought it was a miracle drug…im so scared now..because ive told my husband who got on it just how wonderful it is and he is loving it too…but it must be a false love. i feel scared now. scared and alone. damn this.

  39. Don’t be scared, if it works for you that is all that is important. The only thing you need to be cautious of is if or when you go off this medication be sure to taper and take your time with it. DON’T rush the process and DO NOT try and stop taking it cold turkey. I think the way I went off it was wrong and caused much more turmoil than if I had done it the correct way. I think the good effects of Cymbalta are wonderful. But if you aren’t experiencing the negative ones, there is no need for you to worry about going off the drug at this time. Just listen to the doctor if there comes a time that you need to go off it.

  40. When I first began taking Cymbalta 3 years ago, it seemed to work very well for me. I really wasn’t having any trouble with the Zoloft and Xanax I had been taking for years prior when had been prescribed by a psychiatrist. Having been released by my shrink, my G.P. took over managing my meds (Zoloft and Xanax). My G.P. did not like to prescribe Xanax at all and told me so every time I saw him….this led to my switch to the “miracle drug” Cymbalta. It took a long time before I finally added 2 and 2 to realize that I was having side affects from Cymbalta, I did not make the connection and my G.P. certainly did not either. During this last year I became determined to get off of the drug but was hesitant about doing so because when I missed a dose or remembered late in the day to take it I would already be experiencing horrible withdrawal symptoms. Many, many of which I have read in previous posts. I thought that if I felt this awful missing just ONE dose or being late with a dose that something had to be terribly wrong here. I wanted off. Finally put my plan into action six weeks ago when I began to alternate the 60 mg with the 30 mg (under the care of new doctor). Withdrawal symptoms began immediately and they were wild and random. I thought how dumb am I to do this right at the holidays!! Well, I was committed to it and am toughing it out. Some days have been a blur and some ok. Fortunately I only work 2 days a week. If I was still working full time, there is no way I would have been able to function. I do have great family support. I guess what I want to say to others is this: We must educate ourselves about what we put into our bodies!!!! Physicians do a lot of good, but they are not the absolute. I realize that many physicians just mimic the information provided to them by drug companies trying to sell their product. We must do our homework!!!! I have not told my old physician about the hell of my withdrawal, but plan to do so, he needs to know. So – I took my little 30 mg Cymbalta this morning as scheduled, yesterday nothing and tomorrow nothing. My plan is to be completely off Cymbalta in 10 more days. I am very aware of what is going on thanks to all of you brave people struggling too but willing to share with others. I am doing other things to help myself through this process, however, I yet to take the zoloft that my dr. prescribed for me to begin taking……..I’m sure you understand my hesitation in taking ANYTHING. I think this is a time to be kind and gentle with ourselves. Be proactive and bring in all the support possible, engage in activities that nurture and heal. I personally am taking supplements, using chamomile tea, melatonin at night, watching alcohol intake, trying to get a bit of exercise when I can actually move, take my naps, meditation, Reiki, and keeping a positive attitude. You bet I get angry about having come to this point when I really would like to be engaging in other things in my life besides going through “WITHDRAWAL”!!! I am having to dig deep down inside for strength and call on help from high above, but am determined to get through it, smarter and wiser for sure. I am ready for the final push to get past the final dose……however long it takes…..I won’t give up and I hope none of you give up either. Keep posting…..I need buddies while going through this.

    • Once I got off Cymbalta (after about 5 weeks cold turkey), the depression kicked in. I did not want to take another antidepressant but had to after I could not stop crying for days. I am on 10 mg of lexapro now. It’s working. My psychiatrist said it was a “clean” drug. I don’t think doctors know anything about some of these drugs. My psychiatrist never made the connection of why I was not feeling well. Neither did I. I think the drug companies are legal “pushers”. They pay the doctors to lecture to other doctors about these drugs. My psychiatrist told me so. We do need to do our homework. You are correct!

  41. I have been off Cymbalta for two years now. I weaned myself off ever so slowly after trying to just stop cold. I had been on it a year, but started to feel too numb.

    I began by taking on every other day, for a few weeks, then I cut the capsule in half and would eat 3?4 of the balls inside every there day for a week, then cut down to half the balls in the capsule. I did this over two or three months, and at the end, my naturopath said what would finally help with the last bit ofwithdrawls would be to start taking 5htp at night.
    Sure enough, within two weeks, I was complelety off the last of the Cymbalta. Will never ever go on it again. I’ve been on Prozac over the years and Wellbutrin, and never had these terrible withdrawls like with Cymbalta. When I talked with the doctor, they just blew me off and acted like I was exaggerating.
    My naturopath told me the 5HTP helps replace the cymbalta in the same way on a minor level, and it truly worked, but I did it near the end.

  42. I actually weened longer than the above paragraphs sound. I only took out a few balls every five or six days, until it went from 3/4 capsule to 1/2, then smaller and smaller amounts until I was taking only five little balls at a time. This is when the 5HTP started and then I stopped the cymbalta.
    My husband has been on it two years and he’sa type one diabetic and we have a lot of serious stress in our lives, as does the rest of the unemployed country, and I want to take him off it, but am scared the withdrawls will be even more exaggerated. When I went of m9ine, my life had a quiet spot of a few months so that helped, but I don’t see that in our immediate future and don’t know if I should start weaning him off now. He says hes starting to forget words in conversations and sometimes feels like he cant think straight.

  43. Has anybody experienced long-term side effects from once taking Cymbalta? I developed mania after taking it for 7 mos, ceased taking the medication, and about 8 mos after I quit taking it, I developed some GI problems that have lasted without diagnosis for over two years. I also discovered that I react differently to pain medication now

    • I hope I don’t have GI problems to look forward to. I have not had any long term side effects so far. I have been off since September 21, 2009.

  44. I feel for everyone. I am an ex Cymbalta user. I went through all of these withdraws, they will go away – but it’s terrible when you are going through them. Do not go cold turkey. You must wean, everyother day for a few weeks, then every 2 days, get your dose lowered, etc. (since you can cut these pills) You will be terribly sick and I don’t believe is good for you to do that. I also lost 20 pounds without dieting once I got off this drug too.

  45. My husband was on cymbalta and has been battling depression for about 2 years now. He is a recovering alcoholic and a couple of years at AA then he went into depression. He stopped taking it last weekend and all I can say is I do not recognize this man. He wouldnt sit at me at the kids gymnastics meet and was so rude wouldnt even talk to me. Then the next day blamed me for making him go and that I am to stop bothering him and that he doesnt even like me anyone. That he hasnt loved me in years and is only here for the kids. What has happened to him? This is so bizarre to me. He goes around being so nice to people on the phone or outside and then is MEAN and horrible to me. Has anyone else seen this happen to anyone they loved. I think he is psychotic – I mean I am a very comforting kind person and I do not understand this. Some one please help.

    • Donna, all the changes you see in your husband are the Cymbalta withdraw. I am experiencing the same thing. I have been acting with what my Grandmother called “spite and malice.” I don’t know who I’ve become! At least I have been talking to my husband and kids about what I am experiencing and begging forgiveness. Men in general (not all men, of course) are not always great at the head-heart connection. Your husband may not have put 2 + 2 together to understand that his change in attitude/behavior is due to Cymbalta withdraw. One should NOT quit Cymbalta cold turkey for the reasons you describe. My Psychiatrist told me today that one of the reasons Cymbalta is so hard to get off of is that it acts on serotonin AND norepinephrine. Prozac only works on serotonin, and, as I mentioned below, it stays in the body longer (3-4 days) and won’t make you nuts if you miss a dose. Even if your husband’s goal is to be off antidepressants all together, he should see a psychiatrist (MD who can write prescriptions and has the best knowledge of psychological drugs) to put him on a better medicine (like Prozac or Lexapro) to correct the Cymbalta withdraw and then wean off carefully. It can be fixed! Chin up!

  46. I got off cymbalta cold turkey. It took 6 weeks. Then the depression hit. I started taking lexapro. I was still very irritable and so I got off lexapro and the depression hit again. I could hardly get out of bed. Then my doctor suggested lexapro with wellbutrin in the morning. I am finally feeling better after 6 months of quitting the cymbalta. The wellbutrin seems to have given me a lift. However, sleeping is more difficult.

  47. I saw my psychiatrist today and told her all I read here. She agreed that, even though I have been off Cymbalta for two weeks, going on a low dose of Prozac then tapering off of it is a good strategy for overcoming the Cymbalta withdraw symptoms. One reason I wanted to get off Cymbalta is that, because of my AADD, I sometimes forget a dose. Then I get also psychomom on my little ones. Can’t have that! Prozac has a half life of 3 or 4 days, making it a better solution to my forgetfulness AND easier to wean off of. I am on Weight Watchers, so as soon as I reach my goal weight and I am exercising regularly and eating right, I will taper off the Prozac. I really think proper nutrition and exercise are the answers to all health questions. Now I just have to get off my butt!

  48. I have been on Cymbalta for years, have all side effects, but Doc related them to thyroid disease. I have recently tried to cut back because I cant feel proper emotions. Now, I am going trough a terrible time. How do you know if youve suffered the side effects all these years and its been the Cymbalta all along?

  49. Donna: It took me almost 6 months to make the connection of cymbalta with my weight loss, loss of appetite and other side effects. I finally got off cold turkey because I felt just as bad on it as off it. It may take you awhile to get off cymbalta. It took me 5 weeks. Then depression kicked in. I am presently on Lexapro and wellbutrin and feel better than I have in almost a year. Good luck.

  50. I was on cymbalta for 5 yrs and couldn’t understand why I still felt like this so my dr would up the dosage evertime I told him how I felt. I finally changed drs. and she had me go off the cymbalta, was on 120 mg and she had me go down 30 mg for 10 days till I was finished. She added Paxil 20mg to be on. I had hardly any trouble going off it. can’t believe I feel soooo much better being off it. My husband has really noticed too. I noticed my fibromyalgia is somewhat worse but that’s better then what the meds were doing to me otherwise. Hate this med.

  51. It took me four months to wean off. I had to cut down to the point of opening the capsules and dividing the doses little by little. I couldn’t get rid of the last withdrawals when I got down to about a fourth a 30 mg capsule. My naturopath had me take 5HTP to help wean the rest of the way and the last of the withdrawals and spins stopped after about a week or maybe two. This was last summer. Now I am helping my husband, who has gone from 60 mg to 30 four days ago. Will try the same thing with 5HTP when we get near the end. Will get back to let you know how it goes.

    • oh, and also, the doctors and physicians assistants didn’t believe how bad the withdrawals were. I tried to convince them and they blew me off. They hand out this stuff like candy at my doctors office. I’m looking for a psychiatrist to help me from now on.

      • Beth: I feel your pain. Don’t give up. It will go away. It just may take a while. You can read my old posts. The drug companies pay doctors to lecture to other doctors about prescription drugs. I hope you find a drug that helps. I am know on lexapro and wellbutrin and feel 100% better.

  52. Has anyone been on ativan and cymbalta? they are both Benzos. I am weaning off cymbalta, down to 26 mg. Just feel like I dont feel anything! I am not mad, just full of anxiety, stomach is horrible, head feels like its full of air, ot a functioning brain. Now out of control Blood pressre, when never had these problems before. Cant put thought together, remember anything, much less learn anything new. I have not had brain zaps. I am not angry as i said, just feel nothing. Still have to face ativan withdrawl after the cymbalta. Please if someone is on both, please respond! I need to know what your expericening sine its different than just cymbalta. Hugs to everyone, my thought and heart are with you all. Donna

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  54. It’s so good to hear that other people are having side affects from weaning off Cymbalta, I feel soo sick to my stomache, I’m hot, I’m cold, I have Brain Zaps. My body is tingly, my heart beat is jumping all over the place..Hope this ends soon, cuz I DO NOT want to go back on Cymbalta. When will the side affects leave…Help.

  55. wow…i just found this page on the internet. i have been taking Cymbolta for 4 yrs now. i have just started hearing about the terrible side affects from it. wondering now if i should try and get off of it. sence ive been on it i hear ALOT of things that arent really there, i hear music all the time, and people talking in the middle of the night, not sure if that is a side effect of this medication or not, but it is annoying. i dont sleep more than 3 or 4 hrs a night, and i have to take a sleeping pill for that!! thank you all for being so honest about cymbolta, and all the effects….you all are strong people, you would have to be to go thru what you are and come out on the other side and talk about it. it really does help women like me have strangth….

  56. I started taking Cymbalta about 10 months ago for fibromyalgia pain that I couldn’t manage with my graduate coursework. I went through two externships meanwhile, and for the first time did not receive rave reviews from my clinical supervisors. I was in a fog and didn’t know it! I tried going off 30 mg cold turkey at New Years, because I was taking a painkiller after throwing my neck out and didn’t want to mix such strong meds. I thought the pain med was making me sick (spent 3 days in bed with nausea, chills and dizziness), but when I stopped taking it I didn’t feel better until I resumed the Cymbalta. That scared me. When I asked my doctor how to get off of it, she advised taking a capsule every other day. This did not work and I was on a rollercoaster of symptoms. I started opening the capsules and counting beads instead, this was tedious but held me over until I could get the doc to call in lower doses to a compounding pharmacy. I went from 15 mg. to 10 mg. to 5 mg. Just took the last one on Saturday morning and became sick Monday night. It has gotten increasingly worse, with not only dizziness, nausea and chills, but blurred vision that comes and goes, to the extent that I will not drive anywhere.
    I am also irritable and have neck and jaw pain that may be related to the withdrawal as well. I have only had one brain zap, but it was scary and I am not looking forward to any more.
    My doctor claims not to have had trouble with other patients, but she probably has to say that.
    I want to hurt Eli Lilly, I feel like my career is on hold as I cannot focus on completing my last course for professional certification, and our financial well being is at risk.
    I feel like I lost almost a year of my life, lost professional opportunities due to brain fog, and don’t have anywhere to turn to find out how long these withdrawal symptoms will last. I have lost 5 pounds in 3 days and feel no joy or hope for the future.
    When will this end?

  57. My 24 year old son is living a nightmare. The cymbalta has ruined his life for the past 2 years. As soon as he started taking it he experienced headaches and dizziness. Once we figured out that it was the cymbalta causing it and tried telling the Doctors..well, that was a joke! They wanted to treat the headache! Which, i might add, were SO bad that he was missing work ALL the time. He started seeing a NP who takes the time to listen and staring weaning him off the crap but he has been physically ill the entire time. 11 days off the cymbalta and i keep reading these sights looking for answers. ALL these drugs should be against the law!

  58. I am so glad to know what can happen when you no longer are taking Cymbalta. Last night was my last pill because my insurance will not pay for the medication. Out of pocket it cost $354 and I don’t have that kind of money to waste on meds. I am on disability and there is no way that me or my husband can afford to buy this medication anymore. I have been trying to contact my doctor since last, but no response yet. I am not feeling yet the beginning side effects, but I know that they are coming. I know because I have gone one day — ONE DAY– without taking it, and the pain in your head is excruciating. This med does affect your hearing, I had developed an “echo” in my ear that lasted for one week, very disturbing, and thank God it went away, but I know the anxiety that level that cymbalta can do to you. Right now as I type this comment, I am feeling an onset of a headache, I suffer from migraines as it is, but I take Imitrex injections for that and it helps me, but I can’t take it all the time if the headaches are attributable to cymbalta. I did not know that the size effects that most of you have encountered are going to be like this. I don’t want this med anymore, have been on it for 7 yrs and the doctor sweared by it, that it was the best med for anyone going through pain, headaches problems and yes depression. I was taking 60mg 2x a day, but I weaned myself off and started taking 1 pill a day because I didn’t like what I was feeling with two pills. I do have night time sweats, they are ferocious and this drug, I do believe, has also affected my sex life. I no longer want or desire to be sexually active, but I do have a husband of five years and I try my best to please him, but there is no satisfction for me. All I want is to regain my desire back to be intimate as we once were and let this medicine get out of my system so that I can feel normal again.

  59. Did anyone think to use Benadryl to combat the side effects of weaning from these medications…What you are feeling is Serotonin Syndrom and benadryl or a benzo like valium helps….Yes it is hard to get off of Cymbalta as well as Prestiq, though it is achievable…You have to be your own advocate and know what you are feeling….Try Benadryl .25mg when you are experiencing the withdrawls!!! It sucks and I am again weaning myself….I take one day away a week for the first 2-3 weeks and than 2 days away for another 2-3 weeks and so on….You have to slowly do it and even if that means it takes me a year to do it, I will do it!!!! Take Benadryl to combat the withdrawls!!!!

  60. I am so glad that I stumbled upon this website. 27 days ago I stopped taking Cymbalta cold turkey after being on 60 mg for a year. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and depression. I decided to stop taking this medication for the same reasons as others listed above (sexual side effects, drugged/sluggish all the time) I asked my doctor on day 4 if I should be concerned about any side effects from stopping the Cymbalta and was told if I would have already experienced them so there was nothing to worry about. The last 3 weeks of my life have been pure hell. The stomach pain, vomiting,headaches, lack of sleep and wild mood swings have made my entire family suffer. I have seen 3 doctors – none of whom have suggested that this might be withdrawls so they have poked me, prodded me and tested me and have even lined up more test for me in the next few weeks. I have lost 15 pounds, am driving my family and friends away and miserable. How much longer will this last? Will it all go away if I take another Cymbalta?

    • I am glad that you found this website too! I don’t know what I would have done without it when I was going through withdrawal. I was on Cymbalta for about 4 years and the withdrawal from it was just horrible, much like you are experiencing. I tapered off with my dosage taking one every other day and then every three days. After about a month of decreasing dosage and feeling more crazy than usual (!) I took my last one. I was so scared of what was next….but so determined to rid my system of this drug…would not give up! I just don’t understand why the doctors have not considered that you are in withdrawal from this awful drug…….My doctor knew I was going to take myself off but did not say anything about withdrawal symptoms…..he later said he knew I might have a rough time, but did not want to “plant ideas” into my head! Go figure. What you have described that you are experiencing, I can relate so well to. However, give yourself some time….take good care of yourself, get your rest, try to eat healthy, this will pass. My daughter is a nurse practitioner so I had good understanding from her and encouragement. I know it was hard on my family and friends, but after explaining all to them, they were very supportive. It will pass. The worst was over about a month after my last pill. Had intermittent symptoms like leg spasms and tingling, brain zaps on occasion for 3-4 months after that. Brain zaps happened every couple of months for about 6 months. So withdrawal symptoms lessened and finally stopped. Don’t give up. One of the things I did to help me cope with the panic and stress of withdrawal was to use guided meditation music to maintain a sense of inner calm. Some days I would do this several times, whatever helped me to remain calm while my body was healing. It worked for me. Also I took my vitamins regularly, especially the B-Stress formula. Anyway, don’t give up! keep checking postings and see how others have handled it. I know that everyone reacts differently, but there are similarities and if you don’t know what to expect and that you will get though it……it could be depressing big time! My thoughts and prayers are with you. Post again with your progress. Good luck and don’t give up!

  61. Hi Sue, welcome to the cookoo’s, I was on Cymbalta for 4-1/2 yrs. I did wean, 1 every other day, for 2 weeks. I don’t think it was long enough for me. While on Cymbalta my brain felt like it was going sideways can’t explain it, it was horrible. Then I read other people felt the same way. they are called Brain Zaps..withdrawrals were, dizzy, sick, legs felt like rubber, felt like passing out, anxiety, so weak I couldn’t stand ,crying non stop, wanted to kill….But it does go away, please hang in there, each person is differant, so be patient and know that this freakin nightmare will end..zaps and everything are gone, now I’m just a normal cookoo…lol….Good luck..Caroline…:>)

  62. Linda Richardson October 2, 2011 at 8:59 pm

    I was on Cymbalta (60 mg) for 5 years. I no longer felt the need for the drug and went to my doctor to get his advise. He told me to reduce my mg. to 30 per day for 2 weeks, which I did. Four days after taking my last 30 mg. capsule, while at work, I started to suddenly experience withdrawal symptoms, I thought that I was having a stroke. I was lightheaded, dizzy, disoriented, weak in the legs, confusion, shaking, naseau, vomiting, and it felt like my brain was shaking, sweats. I was scared to death as was my boss. They took me to the Emergency Room at the local hospital and they asked me what meds I was on and when I told them that I had stopped taking the Cymbalta 4 days prior, they told me that I was experiencing drug withdrawal, I was in shock. They told me I was not tappered properly and put me back on 20 mg. and told me how to taper down. I am afraid to go to work after the taper is done, am I going to experience that again, it was like a living hell.

  63. Wildflowerpretti October 10, 2011 at 7:20 am

    I am trying to wean off Cymbalta today because of the horrible side effects it has given me (severe fatigue, RLS, to name a couple) and i have been reading that the withdrawl effects are horrible. I was on it for severe anxiety, migraines, back pain, Trigeminal neuralgia etc. I am scared of the withdrawl effects, can someone give me some advice on how to cope with them? I am currently on 60mg. thank you!

    • Read up on SAMe (s-adinasylmethionine)
      It’s a natural substance that many of us “depressives” are deficient in.
      I started by switching out Cymbalta with SAMe.
      You can see more of my story on this site but reading “ROSY” from Spet 13…way at the top of the list.
      Best of Luck

      p.s. I am completely off of the C. now, with pretty much no side effects.

  64. I had been on Cymbalta for a few years, weined myself off last month. I went from 60mg every day, to every other day for a week, every 2 days for a week, and so on until I was out. Severe withdraw, night sweats, headache, nightmares, irritability, sensitivity, and brain zaps! It has been almost a month since my last pill and most symptoms have subsided. I still feel foggy at times, and still get brain zaps here and there. I’m hopeful it will all go away over time. I take vitamins and drink a lot of water. My sleep is very sound now. It seems we are all in the same boat, and from what it sounds like, it just takes time.

  65. I have been on 120mg of cymbalta for 2 year”s maybe more . It is high too . I am having to go down to a 60mg pil now because it cost so much . I was looking for help to help pay for the medicine when I came across this . Cymbalta has done me good for my depression along with clonanzapan . I do not read side effects no more because it took me year”s to take this to help me with depression . I thought I had A double – split personality . I thought I was going into meopause – for I am 55 year”s old . Night sweat”s are bad . The other person of me can get mean . Which is not like me to be that way . Besides that I am doing good . The leg and toe cramps I take a leg cramp pill I get from any drug store . I have to have cymbalta though it has helped me not to cry – not to sleep alot – to do things in the house – to go some where out in public . I had tried many other med”s for depression – that the side effects was worse . Like zoloft — is one – can”t take the bad side effects other depression meds gave me . They was much worse than cymbalta .

  66. I was weaned off Zoloft and put on 20 mg, Cymbalta. After 4-5 days I had severe stomach sickness….aches fever and faintness. So since it was thanksgiving holiday, My dr. was not in and I decided to quit on my own doing. I quit this medication after approx. 9 days cold turkey. I started experiencing dizziness….stomach sickness…not urinating enough…and felt like my head was “empty” except when i would turn, and then I experienced kinda a fluttering pain..electric shock feelings. I had no idea these were from withdrawing myself from this medication, until I looked on line and found all these testimonials. Wow…do I feel let down by my Dr. If I had only known these symptoms would be so severe, my decision would have been much different. Going into Cymbalta and coming off of this medication has destroyed my life as I knew it. Please DO NOT take this medication. Sunshine, God and good friends will give you much better results. I am scared for my family since I don’t know how long these symptoms are going to effect me…and how!

  67. Okay, now that I am good and scared how can I stop taking this med without all the horrible side effects? I guess the good news is I have only took the 30 mg now for 2 wks, and just picked up a bottle for the 60 mg today, have not started taking that yet. I have chronic pain from arthritis, low back pain, fibromyalga, and nerve pain I did notice a relief in my pain. I did not won’t narcotics and felt this would be fine for me. I do not won’t to be on this is the withdrawels are as bad as everyone is saying, so is there hope for me now if I get off of them? And, if so how do I wean off of them immediatly? My pain managment doctor gave them to me, samples first and then script after 2 wks on the 30 mg. I also take topral for border line high blood pressure, valium as needed and synthroid along with lasix fluid pill as needed. PLEASE can anyone help me ASAP. I don’t won’t to go through bad withdrawels. I take care of a lot of animals and they depend on me and I need to be able to focus daily. I got me a tens unit today for my back pain and this is all I want to have to use, along with therapy. Thank you all! And Merry Christmas! PJ in Florida

  68. Ok Friends, I started taking cymbalta last summer. I asked my doctor about any side effects and I was told to not look for any side effects. When I called the doctor office back to discuss the side effects that I was suffering I was told to take a stool softner and not to worry about it. Well guess what, now that the side effects have gotten worse and I feel like I am in trouble with this medication. I want off this stuff. The only thing I am sure of at this moment is that I am in trouble and I need help. Cold turkey is a disaster at this very moment so for right now I am going to continue taking cymbalta as perscribed and look for a weening schedule that will be tolerated.

  69. I don’t know if anyone is posting here any longer as the last post is December 27, 2011. I am trying to get off of cymbalta. This is actually my second time of getting off of it. My two experiences with this medicine have been totally different. I live with chronic back pain after having 5 back surgeries and two fusions. I was put on this along with the already many medications doctors have tried for me. I was put on it several years ago and I had severe diarreah which would just pour from me. I could not eat and quickly lost 20 pounds. I was not on it very long for obvious reasons. I have a hard time remembering how it was to get off of it that time. They put me on it again as I would do anything to help with the pain. It had gotten so bad that I could no longer drive, don’t go anyplace and because of that became depressed. I was put on it June 2011. This time instead of losing weight I gained weight even though I had diarreah at first. This time that stopped fairly soon. I did notice I was not crying all the time so it helped with my depression at first. It did nothing for the pain. I have gained weight this time and because of the horrible pain I am in I am not able to exercise as I once did. I can’t afford this extra weight as it is making it harder to do anything. I also don’t have any desire to do anything. It also raised my blood pressure which has always been low. I decided I need to go off from it. My doctor advised I take it every other day for a week and then nothing. I have been only on 30 mg. I can’t sleep, have horrible nightmares and many of the other things that several of you have mentioned in your posts. Now, I don’t know what to do. I have not had a pill for 4 days. I noticed many of you have cut down slower, but am not sure how to do that. Any advice would be very appreciated. Thank you.

  70. Cymbalta did a lot of good for a year before the side effects started becoming overwhelming for ME! I say ME! because everyone tolerates medications differently. It helped tremendously with the pain in my legs from a back injury 10 years ago. Where I could barely walk, I can now walk much better or could until my achillies tendons started seizing up (RARE Cymbalta side effect). The profuse head only sweating (hair literally dripping as much as coming out of a shower), the non-stop diarrhea, the embarrassment of both those side effects, the gradual vision loss, and more. I will get off this drug, and I will struggle through the withdrawal symptoms. I did sign the petition to have the drug company warn people that the withdrawal symptoms are wicked and that side effects may not appear until taking this drug for an extended period of time. Thanks for the Benadryl tip, because truly I will try it!

  71. Cymbalta, Xanax, Prozac, Zoloft, Lexapro, Wellbutrin. I wouldn’t suggest taking any of these. If you are looking to “feel good”, why not try crack or heroin? I think that’s what you’re looking for. I wouldn’t recommend that either, but at least those junkies aren’t justifying their quick fix drugs by hiding behind “but it’s legal”. I am speaking as one with first hand experience.

    • I was on Cymbalta for about 2 years. In that time:
      – I gained 35 pounds
      – I had bizarre and insatiable cravings for alcohol (never had this prior to Cymbalta)
      – I was extremely constipated
      – I was not depressed/anxious, but ended up feeling numb and cotton-headed.

      The alcohol cravings were quite uncontrollable and I really started thinking I had a problem (it was *impossible* not to drink: a feeling, disconcerting as it was, that I had never experienced prior. So, I decided that fat alcoholic me was not preferable to anxious, depressed me and I gave up the Cymbalta.

      I tapered from 60mg, to 40mg/day for 2 weeks, to 30/d for 2 weeks, to 20/d, and then 1 20mg pill every other day for 2 weeks.

      Currently, I’ve been off of it for 2 weeks and:
      – I am no longer constipated (that went away when I dropped down to 10mg/day (20mg every 2 days)
      – I no longer crave alcohol, my consumption has dropped to the normal 2-3 servings / week
      – Weight remains stable, but I expect it will take some time to go back down.

      Withdrawal symptoms: YES! and they are unpleasant.
      – constant dizziness, but not to the point that I vomit
      – mood swings: one minute I’m crying, the next I’m in a fit of rage. At least when I was depressed, my mood was consistent…
      – periods where I feel dumb and numb

  72. I was prescribed Cymbalta for possible POTS issues that caused incredible bouts of flushing/sweating/heat intolerance due to bizarre norpinephrine levels. Amazingly, after years of suffering, the Cymbalta all but stopped these horrific attacks. However, I decided that I did not want to be on Cymbalta year round, so I asked my PCP if I could try going off just for the winter and see how I did. I had no earthly idea what I was in for! I’m some 4 weeks out and STILL having these crazy, relentless brain numbing shocks, a feeling that my head is totally disconnected from my body and increased episodes of tachycardia. If I can survive this nightmare, I will never take Cymbalta again, despite how much the POTS symptoms drive me nuts. Something is terribly “wrong” about this drug and what it does to the chemicals in our brains!!! I’m just praying that eventually, I will be okay again.

  73. This is truly terrible drug and I think it should be taken off the market because of the horrendous withdrawal effects. I titrated down from 90 mg. to 0 over several weeks and I still had withdrawal effects! Where is it all going to end?

    • I last posted on January 21, 2012. It is now March 7, 2012 and I think for the most part most of the side effects are gone. I gained a lot of weight while on it which is not good for my already chronic back pain. I have come to realize that my life as I once knew it will never be the same and I have to try and deal with the pain. I basically never go anyplace except to doctor’s appointments. I was hoping that when off of it I would start to lose weight, but have only lost 4 lbs. One side effect that is still with me is the nighmares, but they don’t happen as often. My blood pressure remains higher, but I am sure it is because of the weight. The head feelings finally feel better, but I still have bouts of nauseau although less than before. I hope I signed the petition as I think I did, but will check to make sure I did. This is a horrible drug. When I was in the doctor’s office just yesterday, two of his staff members are still on it as they tried to come off and said they could not deal with the head zingers and other effects we all seem to have experienced when coming off from it. They both went back on. Makes me wonder how many people just give up and stay on it. I wish all of you the best of luck and hope you are all able to finally stop taking it.

    • takes a couple months to feel normal again atleast from the side effects hope that helps if your body is lacking something after that well that can only be solved by going back on something.

  74. hey
    i am on 120mg per day (2x60mg capsules). have been taking cymbalta for maybe 3 years.
    recently found out about the dangers of taking this medication while pregnant.
    I am not using contraception – well.. I will now – so.. I am glad I found out before I fell pregnant.
    accidentally missed my dose yesterday morning and last night (6 hours after normal dose time) had the zaps and fever and headache. took 60mg late. got sleep eventually. Still had to work from home today.
    Going to try and cut down slowly… 60mg/120mg on alternate days. see if i get the zaps.
    when I cut down zoloft i used to cut the tablets in half.. quarters etc.. with the cymbalta capsules i will just have to try and get the doctor to prescribe more boxes of smaller doses? dunno.
    my sister wonders what I am going to be like off my meds.. I have been on meds for over 15 years.
    maybe go cold turkey and just sleep for 4 days?
    FlerBid- that is very interesting what you say about alcohol…. I am not averse to a bit of a drink… i wonder if the cymbalta has made it harder for me to stop? Who knows…
    Anyways… It’s been really OK for me (the cymbalta) but I do want to stop because I could fall pregnant and I don’t want to risk the baby’s health.
    So… good luck to me πŸ™‚ And to the rest of you. Just don’t RUSH it!!!! slowly slowly, Otherwise you will just make it hard for yourself πŸ˜€
    xo M

    • Just an addition to that..
      I took the 60mg last night, and i took 60mg this morning. When I walk around, move my eyes, I notice the zaps. So i am getting them.. even though I have almost taken the same dose as normal (just time shifted slightly)…. Oh well. Just gotta relax yo
      M x

  75. Have been on Cymbalta for 3 years for Fibromyalgia. There was a “generic” that I could take that would cost me 1/3 the price but nope.. Dr refused.. Guess he didnt get a kickback on the generic… so I quit Cymbalta cold turkey. Having night terrors horribly .. hot flashes migraines that are far worse than anything ever experienced and dizzy spells.. I’m now going into my 4th week of withdrawals. I know I’ll make it and if it’s taught me anything.. it’s DO THE RESEARCH before going on any stupid drug.. Dont be a test pilot for a pharmaceutical company.

  76. I went off Cymbalta 3 years ago. I took it for 2 years. It took me 3 months of hell to get off of it and when I spoke to my doctor about the brain chill and zaps etc etc etc, I kept being told that I was an exception. Now I know I’m not. I even used a gram scale and divided the smallest capsules and filled gelletin capsules. Eli-Lilly needs to list the withdrawal systems on the label and doctors need to not sugar coat the whole thing.

  77. I have only been on cymbalta for a few months. Was previously on Cipralex for a year and stopped cold turkey and a few months later went on Cymbalta. I HATED the side effects. It would take me 1-3 hours to fall asleep then I’d wake up at between 4-6 every morning and not be able to get back to sleep. I would go to bed shivering (started taking it in the winter) but woke up completely soaked in sweat every morning. A week ago I decided to quit cold turkey because I was only ever on the 30mg pill so I don’t beleive there is any smaller dosage to ween myself off of it. The last 2 weeks I’ve been crazy sick with what I thought was cold/fly symptons. Started with a sore throat that turned into a cold..that would be understandable considering the weather. Then got nauseas and started throwing up. I was sleeping literally all day and would only wake up and get out of bed for meals. I have no energy and have gained weight for sure. I went to my doctor last week (at this timeI had only been off for 2 days) and she urged me to go back on and I thoguht I had more repeats at the pharmacy so she didn’t write me a new script, when I got there turns out I didn’t have any repeats. So I’ve been off for a week and feel as sick as a dog, I’m not sure if I should go back to my doctor and tell her or just put up with the withdrawal symptons. She did give me amoxiciln for my sore throat and noted it was a sinus infection. I’ve been taking the pills for5 days now and no improvement so I’m thinking its cymbalta withdrawal effects. I really don’t know what to do. I really don’t wanna go back on them but I don’t know if I can deal with these withdrawal symptons either. I don’t know which is worse being on/off them

  78. i have been taking cymbalta for a year now and it worked for about three months until i realized it made me very emotional, more than i had been before being prescribed the medication.. i kept taking it hoping it would start to work again. Then just a few weeks ago i decided to wean myself off.. well it made me sick just like as if i missed a day or the days i had accidently taken it late. so then i said whatever and decided to just stop all together. i have the brain zaps and wierd noises everyone had spoke about.. i have stomach aches. hot and cold flashes, dizziness, nausea, all of it. i cant handle it. i cry more than ever, i cant spend one day without being a nut case or sick to my stomach and misserable. i dont know if i should start another depression medication or just never take another again. i really need to know what will help cope with the symptons i am having. whether its an over the counter drug, something. i have already taken about 5 bottles of ib profeun since i quit cymbalta. i just cant take it anymore and would rather not go to my doctor because she clearly was a complete ass to ever let me take this medicine. along with any other doc. i dont listen to them about much anymore, esp not how to handle my personal depression or problems.

  79. Hi there
    No medication should be stopped without consulting a specialist. If you suffer serious depression you possibly need therapy along with medication. I wholeheartedly recommend cognitive behaviour therapy.
    I don’t think many doctors prescribe drugs to be an ass. πŸ™‚
    This medication might not be the safest for pregnant women but it might be safer than a person who is crying and unstable all of the time.
    The withdrawal symptoms are not pleasant that is true and that’s why I again recommend you consult your doctor if you are feeling unstable or not coping.
    There are mood stabilizers and other antidepressants like ssri’s which have been around for ages and are tried and tested and might work for you. Some people swear by herbal remedies, personally I found st johns wort made me worse than before just like some of you describe cymbalta.
    I found cymbalta to be fine. I was on double the typical dose (i was on 120mg per day) and have over about a month or so weaned myself slowly off it. I have kept my doctors in the loop and I am going to see my psychiatrist on Monday to see what she recommends I take, instead, which is proven definitely to be safe for babies. I have a zap or two every now and then but it is sporadic. I have fevers and shivers irregularly.
    It wasn’t pleasant but it’s definitely tolerable now.
    I have been exercising 4 times a week and eating well and getting enough sleep and I don’t drink alcohol very often and I don’t smoke. Perhaps some of these things make it easier.
    I do find that I am teary often and sometimes I get angry quickly. My partner says that maybe I am just NORMAL πŸ™‚ I’m not sure. I don’t know/remember what normal feels like.

    Also I am not signing the petition because my cymbalta did have the withdrawal symptoms clearly outlined in the documentation that came with the medication so I knew what was happening. I am in australia so maybe it is packaged differently. Also I’ve been taking anti depressants for ages so it wasn’t a surprise that something would possibly happen.
    I am posting to give some support to those who are trying to get off the tablets and let them know how it is going for me.
    Ive been on medication since I was 15 or 16.
    I have tried Zoloft (13 years), cipramil (6 months), Prozac (2 months), lexapro (1 year) and cymbalta (3 years). I have been on therapy for 5 years and I think it’s helped more than any of the tablets. Everyone is different.
    I am only coming off cymbalta because I want to have a baby and I have a good support network around me. Although when I said I’m coming off my meds my mum did joke ‘are you going to turn into a bitch?’… And my sister said am I going to be a different person; I’ve been medicated all my adult life. Lol! ah well πŸ™‚
    Hang in there everyone and please keep in touch with your doctors or therapists or whoever your specialist is. it freaks me out when people say they are going it alone. Depressive illnesses and anxiety aren’t to be taken lightly. we should all know and respect that.
    X peace

  80. Just giving feedback as I have read a quite a bit of the comments and it always makes me feel better to hear other people who have the exact same problem as I do, I have had the brain zaps and the diziness and nausea as well after going off cymbalta it is so horrible and most people i know or even family would think i was a wack job by explaining it to them or just not understand, however I will never call the drug a poison or anything like that as the same drug that gives me these withdrawls also helped me with much worse problems and when your taking them help so much and make life so awesome. Just to give you a backround why i started is one day a couple of years ago I started at night getting these really disoriented type feelings dizzy almost a fog like i am there but not there and persisted. finally one night pretty much how i explain it had a full blown heart attack and pretty much started to die, well now years later i know we call this a panic attack, have no idea how i got this I am a super athletic happy non nervous totally self confident person totally opposite of what a description of a person who would get panic attacks like I am afraid of things or something. well long story short my brain is lacking certain chemicals and sends these signals to my body which create panic attacks, obvious I have normal problems in life like everybody but not everybody needs a shrink to talk about stuff some stuff is purely chemical and can not be solved by talking lol. my only fear is long term effect of the drug of serious issues that would cut my life short because if it were not for fear of that and well cost, I would stay on them forever. Alot of people talking about the drug is poison realize it is not the drug itself giving you the withdrawl symptom it is your body lacking an amount of something you regularly use it will happen with any drug or chemical or even foods, drink coke everyday for ten years and go a week without soda and see how you feel wow headaches…. and well this is a little stronger than soda obvious but yes it sucks if you do decide to go off it I went off it for a full year and felt pretty good and then started getting the what I thought felt like the same withdrawl symptoms i has after quiting but had not used in a year it was just my body saying something is wrong. sorry so long

  81. I stopped Cymbalta Tuesday and started Wellbutrin on Wednesday per my doctor’s (MD) orders. Wow, do I feel weird!!! Headache for past two days and weird dizzy spells. I asked about weening off Cymbalta while starting Wellbutrin but my doctor didn’t think it was necessary? Cymbalta dosage was 60 mg 1 x day. Wellbutrin sl is 150mg 1 x day. Has anyone stopped and started like this? If so, did you feel the same way?

  82. omg…..let me say that after not taking cymbalta 30mgs for 5 days – i almost went to the emergency room today because I thought i was having a stroke – muscle weakness, fine motor control, numbness in hands and feet, sweating, exhaustion – a headache that was off the charts – nausea – diarreha – i immediately had it filled and took 60mgs – feeling much better now – but anyone who says these withdrawal symptoms don’t happen…never took it – they are for real….and i am a registered nurse….i was scared to death today

  83. Kathy Ballenger June 6, 2012 at 4:17 pm

    Can anyone give me help? My doctor did nothing.
    I have been trying to get off of Cymbalta and onto something better. However the withdrawals are nearly debilitating. Everything I eat makes me sick to my stomach. Not even pepto-bismal helps. I get excruciating cramps, nausea, diarrhea…I’m dizzy and sick constantly. Did anyone else get this? I don’t know what to do. My doctor told me “Well those are just the withdrawal symptoms” It must be nice to be able to prescribe things without having to live with the side affects, lady. This is a terrible drug.
    -Kathy 20 years old

  84. janice clifton June 22, 2012 at 3:24 pm

    i can’t find you’re list and instructions on how sign up. my current symptoms are causing me to have sudden outbursts of crying, body(big) aches, and nervousness. this medicine has priced jumped up to $80.00/a month and can’t afford it. i had dr. fax Rx. to Medco mail order, and when my payment was finally received and processed, my medicine was not filled. so i ask Medco to refund me the $135.99 for a 3 month supply.

  85. janice clifton June 22, 2012 at 3:25 pm

    my insurance, United Health Care, considers this a maintenance!!! drug now so the Rx. went up from $52.00/month to $80.00 per month!

  86. (Maybe this will help, maybe it won’t, but this is a story I wrote in an attempt to get put in some medical journals by some people I know. Feel free to read it and use me for any resources you might need)

    Today (June 12th, 2012) marks one of the most monumental days in my life. For the first time in 15 years I’m free from a drug controlling my life.

    This is a short story about the struggle I’ve had to go through for an entire year: it”s intended to explain what I’ve gone through, and prevent this for anyone else (I am not a health professional, nor am I intending to give medical advice to anyone, so take what I say as a story/experience).

    I am now free from all antidepressants as of today, and for those of you who weren”t aware: since the age of 9 I was put on antidepressants, some of the highest of dosages. You name it, I have probably been on it for long periods of time. For 15 years in total I have had various drugs control my emotions because that”s what doctors, my psychiatrists (pill dispensaries), and others decided for me. In effect I was a walking zombie for a lot of that time, unable to reach the emotional peaks (good and bad) that normal people could and should reach. I’ve learned that I do not have a

  87. Hi, I am a Fibromyalgia sufferer, and also suffer from nerve related problems with a back problem,and have been attempting to wean off this drug for months due to side effects of excessive sweating. Cold showers don’t relieve it.
    I have been on a low dose 30MG, and have done the every other day, every third day wean. I can’t get passed it. I am paranoid. I think people don’t like me. I think they are gossiping behind my back. (Ha maybe they are) but it is affecting all of my relationships. I’m irritable. I cry all the time. I wasn’t even on this for depression to begin with. It has created it in me. Ugh, I can’t stand this. I feel like I’m going nuts. Please help me.

  88. I am going to make my third attempt at d/c cymbalta. I have read almost all the posts above and am so glad I found this site. its 5 years now that i have used cymbalta 60 mg because I had “chemiacl inbalance” which supposedly started when I was 40. Long story short, I pray I can d/c without killing myself. I am down to 30 mg for past 3 mo. but will start the evey 2nd day routine and every 3 day after that. I have been very sick both psychologically and physically when quitting this med. I have ofcourse, spoken may times with my dr., but she gives me the song and dance that most all doctor’s do. I have confidence I can muddle through after readng the posts. All the posts reflect bravery!!!

    • Nancy, I am also down to 30mg a day which I did by taking 60mg every other day. I do not recommend doing the alternate day thing in retrospect (& this was confirmed on a withdrawal website I found last night I didn’t notice much of a problem at 1st but now I get nauseous on day of dose & withdrawals on the other day. I have to get off completely because I have just discovered I have SSRI induced apathy syndrome , yes SNRIs can cause it too. I can’t believe Drs & pysychiatrists have not identified this issue as it is not uncommon & I have discussed at length that my new apathy was different to depression. And I am further stunned that I was put on a medication that has worse withdrawals than heroin (I speak from experience) I have not had physical withdrawals from any of the other 4 antidepressants I have been previously prescribed.
      So after lots of research, tonight I opened the capsule & tipped some out as suggested by other users, but I am seriously considering cold turkey to get it over with as I’m not working & my life is severely impacted by the apathy syndrome triggered by Cymbalta
      It did work for me at 1st by the way, for the 1st 2 months I felt better than I had for years. Then the apathy kicked in but I had no idea – I just stopped going to work & talking to people etc. I, nor my psychologist linked it to Cymbalta. A few months later I tried stopping because I was suspicious that my new alcohol habit was directly linked (turns out I was right) to me starting the medication. I’d been off alcohol for years as I have had addiction issues
      I am glad I found this page & I agree there should be more education re withdrawals & SSRI induced apathy syndrome. I guess I’ll know soon how bad the withdrawal will be (at least heroin is just 4 days!) I am taking lots of fish oil & vitamins & I may consider doing a taper using Prozac to reduce symptoms. Wish me luck!

  89. I have been taking Cymbalta for over 3 years. I have Fibramyaltious ? I fell and broke my hip at work, and have suffered side effects galore . My Doctor started me on Cymbalta almost 4 years ago. I shake so bad that I can’t write or do computer. I want to stop taking it but I am scared after readng the above posts. Please write me at my email and give me a suggestion to help me. I am almost 72 years old with many problems including heart and stomach problems.Thank you Elaine Stanley

  90. Been off for 2wks….w/d symptoms are horrible…. I don’t feel human… dizziness, out of this world feeling…

  91. I’ve been on Cymbalta for about 2 years. I was put on it for the combination of depression and chronic pain. (I have torn discs in my back and don’t like to take meds in the first place, as I am highly sensitive to them.. so before to manage my back pain, I was having epidural steroid injections into my discs when they would flare up, otherwise I would not be able to walk upright). To me, Cymbalta was a miracle drug, because my mood was so much better.. little things that would make me so angry just rolled off my back, and since being on it I have not needed an epidural… However… my insurance company decided they would no longer pay for it. Being over $100 a bottle for 30 pills, I don’t have a spare “benjamin” per month lying around in my budget. I had no choice but to stop.

    My doctor hasn’t been very helpful. After running out, the next day I began experiencing the withdrawal effects. My doctor and I played phone tag for almost a week before she finally just said she would leave some samples for me to pick up to ween myself off. However, by that time I’d already been off of it and suffering for over a week.. Not sure I want to start again, being that even those who have weened are still getting the side effects.. Not sure I want to start over. I’m now almost 2 weeks in, and this is what I battle with daily:

    I am EXTREMELY lethargic.. I literally can fall asleep standing up, and have several times, which obviously got me sent home from work. No amount of sleep is enough, I’m constantly exhausted, eyes burning like I’ve been awake for 24 hours straight. The “brain zaps” are literally every 10 seconds of my waking day, followed by random bouts of nausea, where one second I’m fine, the next second I’m running for the bathroom to vomit. I had to go to Urgent care on a Saturday afternoon after vomiting all night long on a Friday night. They gave me some anti-nausea meds, which help during the extreme bouts of nausea, however the side effects of the anti-nausea meds, “May cause drowsiness”, which doesn’t help when you’re already so tired you can fall asleep at a stop light… (which has happened), so I can only take them if I am not at work.. (nice little circle there, right?) I get extreme headaches that border on migranes every day at least once. I’m incredibly emotional, where everything makes me want to or actually does make me cry, and my temper is shorter than it was before I started on the cymbalta in the first place! I have to consciously remember to watch my tone and not let things that irritate me get to me, as I know I’m not in my right mind right now, which is incredibly difficult when the room is spinning, you can’t concentrate or remember things, everything feels fuzzy and surreal, and everything makes you emotional. Not to mention, my body has ached this entire time, as I’m starting to get my chronic pains that I went on Cymbalta to manage. I’m sweating so profusely at night that I wake up dehydrated feeling hung over. I can’t wait for this rollercoaster to end. Those of you who have experienced it seem to be the only people who understand just how awful this is… everyone else just either thinks I’m making it up, or exaggerating.

  92. ExperiencingwithdrawalsymptomsfromCymbalta May 24, 2013 at 9:24 pm

    I have started going off Cymbalta, I am having brain freezes, body spasms and getting dizzy. I was never told about any side effects whilst getting off the drug, My Dr did not know how to get off the drug and told me to ask the pharmacy who said reduce your dose from 60mg down to 30mg. This drug did not help me at all, i also put on 30 kilos because of it.

  93. It’s now been almost a month since I’ve been off Cymbalta. The brain zaps have gone away, for which I am SOOO grateful, and the night sweats have ceased as well. However, like clockwork every day around noon, I start getting the headache, and I get nauseous. I can’t count how much I’ve vomited in the past two weeks, but it’s at least once daily. I’ve had to leave work twice because I couldn’t stop puking. And the emotional part is MUCH worse. I spent all of last night alternating between sobbing uncontrollably, or puking my guts out. I basically decide what to eat based on how painful it will be to come back up.. and the only reason I eat is because dry heaving is more painful than throwing up, and I can’t decide if I was crying because I’m so tired of being sick, or because everything makes me want to cry. I’m less lethargic, but could sleep any time I hit a pillow, and the anti nausea meds they gave me knock me out, so I can’t take them unless I’m going to bed immediately after, and upon waking, I have the fuzzy medicine head. Not sure what’s worse, since if I’m sleeping I’m not puking anyway. Cymbalta withdrawal has got to be one of the 7 layers of Hell. I’m sure of it.

  94. Hello, glad I found this site! I am on the third try to quit this horrible drug that should not be on the market! Cymbalta has ruined my life for the last 4 months, I have done the cold turkey for a month had to go back on so my dr put me back on 60 mg every other day for two weeks, tapered to 30 mg for two weeks, and 20 mg for two weeks, did ok with that some brain zaps, tired, confused feeling, body aches.. I have not taken any for 8 days now I am extremely tired, mood swings like I could hurt someone, brain zaps every time I move my eyes and head, all I do is cry, hate everyone and everything!! I don’t know how much longer I can stay cold turkey! I am a cancer survivor I went through hell to live and now I feel like if I could just drive off a cliff, I dont want to live feeling this way. I have fibromyalgia and I am having pain flares everyday 24/7 since stopping cymbalta. My best friend also went through Cymbalta withdrawl she was prescribed Antivert for the brain zaps and vertigo, I have taken them and will say that they have helped some with brain zaps so i am going to ask my dr on Monday for them. The FDA had a a page that you can notify them of drug problems I did write to them knowing it won’t help but if I can keep one person from going through what I am feeling it will be worth it. I hate this drug and would love to see the SOBs at Lilly shut down this drug but I know that will never happen! Good luck to anyone going throught the withdrawl and ask your drs about Antivert, so far the only thing I have found that has helped with brain zaps!!!!

  95. October of 2013 my Dr started to wean me off of Cymbalta, with Venlafaxine HCI starting with 37.5 mg then to 50mg 2 a day it wasnt working for me I was still having really bad withdrawals symptoms, so I went & looked up support for those of us going thru withdrawals from Cymbalta & Venfalafaxine and all of the people had the same symptoms as me for both drugs, right now it has been just about a month since I have not taken anything ,even though I am still crying & feeling pain, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It has been scary & crazy there were thoughts of suicide , by Calling on the name of Jesus ,I was able to move on, It has not been easy I know I still have a long way to go but I will hang in there.

  96. This is a horrible, horrible drug!! My husband was on it for a few months and turned completely insane. He was Baker Acted twice and wound up in a mental hospital because he wanted to kill himself. It destroyed our marriage; but thank God he’s finally completely weaned off it and back to normal.

  97. robert mcdaniel March 2, 2015 at 4:11 pm

    i have been on cymbalta every sense it came out and have loved it, still on it and do not think i could live a normal life without it!! i have degenerative disk disease and suffer from depression i take morphine 60 mg (kadian) twice a day and zanaflex for spasms, and when i cant sleep at night i take seroquel!! i hope i never have to get off the cymbalta because of what i have read on this site, but for now its great!! they have finally gotten a generic of cymbalta its called duloxetine and it only cost $58.00 a month for 30 pills!! I have been on pain pills sense 1978 when a tractor transmission fell on my lap in my shop and ruptured 3 disk in my back!! i have had 5 back surgeries but now there is no hope!!

  98. My mother passed away December 10th 2015. From this awful drug Symbalta. She was a mom,wife,sister,grandma,greatgrandma,friend. We Miss her every minute of everyday. This drug needs to be banned it kills. When did money become more important than human life???? I bet the makers family’s are not on symbalta they know the risks but our family members are not there concern just the money they make. We all need to ban together and get this drug off the market.

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