Spirituality In Addiction Recovery: This Little Light Of Mine…I’m Going To Let It Shine

March 31, 2010 — 5 Comments

Well if you’ve been paying attention at all to my ramblings you know that I have not really found religion in my addiction recovery. I have however grown a greater sense of spirituality in my addiction recovery.

For me, this spirituality is sometimes intertwined with a belief in god and other times…not so much. But I just wanted to share with you a belief that I have formed in my recovery and share with you something that just made it even stronger.

I feel that everyone is born a pure spirit or soul. This spirit is so pure that it shines like a light inside of us all. I don’t go for that original sin stuff that would lead us to believe that we are born with a mark already on our souls. I believe our souls are new and shining and pure.

Our main goals in life should be to keep that light lit inside all of us. We have to guard it from stuff that is going to crap it all up. Like, oh I don’t know…using drugs everyday. Stuff like that.

I also don’t believe that once your spirit is dimmed it has to stay that way. Not at all, you can always get back on track with keeping it lit. It just takes work.

What got me thinking about my belief was a comment on Discovering Recovering‘s site. The comment was left by Jay. The post was about not understanding or being able to accept god (I can identify there) and the comment that was made went on to explain a story.

It’s a Kabbalist story that says: In the beginning, there was God and there was the schechinah. God made a clay vessel to contain the schechinah, and it broke, shattering the divine spirit into innumerable pieces. In that instant, God created the world and all human beings, so that each of us could hold one of those pieces of schechinah.

This fits in so well with what my beliefs are about our spirits that I thought I would retell the story on my site. By keeping our own spirits shining in ourselves, we in turn are helping others keep theirs shining. Kind of like helping others by helping ourselves…sound familiar?

Protecting our spirit is not an easy thing, as most of us have come to realize. It definitely takes some work and from time to time we can find ourselves caught in a bad way where it is almost impossible for our spirits to shine. Like, I don’t know…stuffing drugs up my nose everyday.

Obviously I don’t believe that there is an actual light inside of my body but it’s a great way of explaining my belief. I am the protector of my spirit. I am responsible for keeping it safe, nurturing it, and helping it grow stronger. By doing that in myself I will be helping others as well.

5 responses to Spirituality In Addiction Recovery: This Little Light Of Mine…I’m Going To Let It Shine

  1. Paul Maurice Martin January 21, 2008 at 10:15 pm

    Have you ever read William Wordsworth’s “Intimations of Immortality”? His thinking there is a lot like yours. The language is a little dense and I had to read it over several times to completely get it, but it was worth it.

    I suppose I’d say that I think faith is more original than sin.

  2. Thanks for sharing, and for shining your light, Erin.

  3. You are so very welcome.

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  5. I have never believed that we are born defective, sinful. Actually I have come to believe that we are born into a world that contains darkness and light. Original sin is about human societies and not a new born baby.

    There is a story about a man who walks into a bank and observes another man withdraw $10,000 from his account. The man thinks, “It must be great to be able to take $10,000 from their bank account. What he doesn’t see is the man coming in week after week depositing little by little until the great amount is needed

    That is what it is like when we daily tend to our spiritual condition.


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