What Winners Do Is Proud To Introduce The Suboxone Help Spot

November 5, 2009 — 43 Comments

It is with great pleasure that I announce the creation of The Suboxone Help Spot. This Suboxone support forum was created with the intention of providing a place for anyone associated with Suboxone to find the information and the support that they need.

So who is “anyone associated with Suboxone”? This would include active addicts who are contemplating beginning Suboxone treatment, those recovering addicts who are currently in Suboxone treatment, Methadone patients who are trying to make the switch over to Suboxone treatment, and also those who have loved ones that are on a Suboxone treatment program.

Suboxone website

So, why would someone who did not utilize Suboxone in their own recovery from opioid addiction choose to create a Suboxone support forum for others? Hmmm. It all started with a little post I did about the media dubbing Suboxone a miracle pill. In this post I mostly talked about the downside to Suboxone. I brought up the fact that I myself had bought Suboxone on the street when still in my active addiction days and just how common a scenario that is.

Mostly the article was about how important I think it is to be taking Suboxone in conjunction with a very strong recovery program. I got some really great responses to this article which included both sides of the issue. Those who were taking Suboxone along with being involved in a recovery program (either on their own or affiliated with a twelve step program) and those who were just kind of taking the Suboxone and hoping for the best.

Instead of just pointing out the problem, I wanted to be part of the solution. The Suboxone Help Spot was created in an effort to provide a place of support for those who are using Suboxone as part of their recovery program.

The Suboxone Help Spot is a place where those who have opted for a medically assisted recovery program can come and be completely open and honest about their recovery without the fear of being judged by those who do not agree with this type of recovery approach.

It is my firm belief that any good addiction recovery program is based on sharing and identifying with others that know what it is you are going through. I’m hoping that The Suboxone Help Spot can aid in that aspect of recovery for those who need it.

I would also like to take this time to thank those like TDA who has helped out by mentioning (and linking to) The Suboxone Help Spot in a great article he wrote about Alcohol and Substance Abuse Advocacy. There was also an excellent mention of The Suboxone Help Spot courtesy of PainPainGoAway who is doing some really great vlog posts about Suboxone.

It’s kind of tough in the beginning to get a new website on the map so help like this is much appreciated (hint, hint, to anyone with a site). So far The Suboxone Help Spot has 11 members…woohoo! I am constantly looking for ways to increase membership and any help anyone can give is much appreciated.

43 responses to What Winners Do Is Proud To Introduce The Suboxone Help Spot

  1. Hello!
    Nice site 😉

  2. right now i have gone cold turkey for over a week after over 9 years 28 surgeries that started and continued my pain med addiction. if anyone can give me some info on the downside of suboxone i would greatly appreciate it.

  3. Hi, I am currently on 25mg of methadone, going onto Suboxone when I’ve reached 15mg (in two weeks!!). I live in New Zealand our Suboxone treatment only lasts for eight days so I’ll be clean in three weeks, I can’t believe it!! Has anyone else had to deal with such a quick ‘detox’?? I’m keen to hear from others in similar situations. Thanx for the web site!!

  4. Let me preface this writing by saying I am in a 12 step program. The use of Suboxone for both addiction and pain relief for me has been a tremendous success. I know of a few others that have had positive effects on Sub. My Dr. wants me involved with a documentuary because of my past history, and this medications success.

    I must admit though, being in a step program that is vaigue about the use of “substitutes” is un-nerving. After completing 6 months “clean”, I still feel like a using addict by ways of thier literature. The article about “Using Medications In…..” is from 1996 and only mentions Methadone. It seems that after 12 years, there is still no concensus on any new treatment. I will say that I do not feel “part of the family” so to say, but am still proud that I came this far by seeing how destructive I had become to myself and anyone I touched, wither physically or emotionally. Regardless of the step programs outlook, there is one fact that remains. I am a working, full functioning product OF the program and will not be distracted by someone elses opinions, especially out-dated ones.

    David in New Jersey

  5. Dave thanks so much for the comment. I think that there are tons of people in your same situation. It is very smart to be able to take away all of the positive from the program without letting their guidelines on mood altering substances keep you from getting the support that you need.


  6. Neopresent-new July 11, 2008 at 10:56 pm

    Good day to all

  7. Is this gonna end someday??

  8. Hi, well I did the eight day detox with Suboxone, it was pure hell!! I relapsed on the forth day, I just couldn’t handle the withdrawl. However I think it was more a methadone withdrawl as apposed to the Suboxone. Anyway the relapse lasted four days (previously I’d been on the methadone for seven years and hadn’t ‘used’ in five years!) So anyway they put me on a maintaince dose of 6mg a day for three months, then dropped me 1mg a week. As of today I have been ‘clean’ for 27 days!! Can’t believe I made it, almost didn’t. They really should warn you about the possibilty of severe depression, that was scary but I got thru it.
    Goodluck to anyone doing the programme. The first two weeks were really hard & I still have restless legs etc, but at least I’m finally sleeping again!! Withdrawl will be different for others though, I know a lot of mine was psychosomatic, (dwelling on it as opposed to distracting myself). It felt real enough to me!
    I still believe Suboxone is a better treatment option for people, especially those on the ‘done. Methadones side effect are hideous (weight gain, sweating etc).
    After 15 years I’m finally opiate Free!!
    Goodluck to anyone attempting a detox!!

  9. Hi Emma-Leigh,
    Congratulations on your accomplishment! You should be very proud of yourself. I think the depression was a nightmare! It does lessen significantly over time, but it does take a while so be prepared. Distraction is probably the best preventative against this so try to have a list of active things to do like going to a movie, riding your bike, volunteering…things that can get your mind off of yourself.
    Good luck!

  10. It’s great to have a place like this to come and talk to fellow travelers down this road. I live in a small town and there are only a few sub patients here. Hope to check in with y’all regularly!

  11. good day, really good post!

  12. I have been on suboxone for almost 2 years, I tried to tapper off, and spent 3 months in hell, I got down to half a mg. I just couldn’t take it anymore, the withdrawal was horrible. I went back to 8 mg, and I have to get off of this medication, I have no emotions, totally antisocial, and depressed. I have herd of others having these same side effects. If I would have known all of this, I would have never started it.
    I had 4 surgeries in a year and got hooked on percocet, physically not mentally, I never craved it just took it not to go into w/d. I have never bought anything illegally, nor would I ever. But I hate to tell you this is not wonder drug, eventually you have to go thru w/d. and I think the withdrawal from this is worse than the ,the original drug I was on. It is very frustrating.

  13. When considering Suboxone treatment you have to weigh the downsides with the benefits. It was something I did for over a year and a half(maybe longer)before I decided “what the hell it can’t be worse that where I’m at now”. Sometimes I have the thought of whether it was a good idea or not. Looking back at how and where I was before starting suboxone treatment is a great enforcer to keep me going in the direction I am in now.
    I am not missing days of work because I am feeling too “sick” to go. I’m not spending every extra dime I have on pills, which is a big relief in many ways. My tolerance for frustration and other people has gone way up, though I still do get the occasional mood swing from the suboxone It’s still nowhere near what I was experiencing. My self esteem and self confidence has also improved drastically which is great because I’m not sitting around feeling sorry for myself all the time. I’m sure I could list more, but I don’t want to be here forever. I know I can’t speak for everyone and say that suboxone is a great thing or has made them better, but it does help people.
    There are downsides to the suboxone, especially the severe constipation that comes along with taking it (I highly recommend a stool softener at least once a day.. lol). That and feeling tired more often are the two most troublesome physical side effects I’ve had so far, but I can deal with it. I’m sure there are many more reasons that one could view suboxone in a negative light. For people who aren’t on it, but have used it before either recreationally or just to get through a couple days of dope sickness, you could probably say that It gets you high. If your tolerance is low when you first start it then It does give quite a buzz, but if you take it regularly like it is prescribed you will quickly find that you can’t get high on it.
    You can say that people will sell it, or people will abuse suboxone, and sure there are those people who do, but don’t let that ruin it for the people in the world who give a sh*t about their recovery and their lives. People shouldn’t have to be afraid of what others will think about them taking the drug, and shouldn’t have to feel like they are wrong for taking it. There will always be negativity in almost everything, but the positive should not be ignored because of this. The bottom line is that suboxone dose help people, and is a much safer alternative to what could be going into their bodies.
    I am worried about having to come off of it and how I’m going to cope with everything then. Hopefully by then I will have addressed that issue in counseling and have changed my life enough that I will not go back to using. At least I know that there is always suboxone. I don’t want to have to use it as a crutch for the rest of my life, but unless I find that there are serious long term side effects then Its a crutch I’ll surely take advantage of if I have to. Sure one could argue that it is just another crutch and people taking it are not completely “sober”, or they are just becoming cross-addicted. This is probably true in a way, but look at the facts, suboxone helps to get otherwise unwilling people into treatment, and keep them there longer. It helps them get back on their feet and make positive improvement in their lives, like getting jobs, going to counseling, establishing positive relationships and re-connecting old ones, and overall becoming a more contributing member of society. Suboxone may not be for everyone, but it is good for some.

  14. Hopefully someone will see my post and give me some input this weekend. I am starting treatment with Suboxone in a physician’s office on Monday, and I’m both scared to death of what it’s going to do to me, but at the same time feel that I’m being given a chance to get control of my life.

    I am a very high functioning (corporate exec) addict, and my addiction has not caused me to miss work or have any problems at work. I’m well respected by my peers in and outside the company. My home life (I’m single), however, isn’t great. It seems I never get anything done at my house (other than to make sure it stays clean) because I “use” more in the evening than I do during the day (“only” drink a few beers or a glass or two of red wine at night). I am a very healthy eater other than that (hey, at least it’s a start).

    My addiction was brought on first by being prescribed Vicodin after surgery, and then subsequently for back pain (I have bulging disk and cannot take anti-inflammatory drugs due to bleeding). I’ve never purchased any drugs illegally — they’ve all been prescribed (which really doesn’t make any difference; if you’re abusing them, it’s abuse, whether prescribed or not). I did not realize that I was addicted; I did believe that I was starting to become “dependent” upon the drug, and went to the doctor who prescribed the drug to me twice and asked him to help me get off of it, as I have a family history of drug abuse and alcoholism. He knows that I have a very high pressure job where I need to be high functioning, so he continued to prescribe the meds. I have reached the point where I know it’s not “normal” to take 5-6 Vicodin a day — and have reached the point where I can completely function in my job on that type of dosage. I just keep needing more to get the same buzz.

    One major thing I’m feeling is STUPID. I feel like I’m too smart to have let this go this far, but truly did not realize that I was becoming addicted. But, that doesn’t help; it was demeaning for me to go to this doctor and ask for help, but he and his staff have been so great to me that I feel very comfortable with the course of treatment he has suggested (Suboxone — possibly for the rest of my life — plus psychological counseling, which I welcome as part of the program). I’m very lucky that I have insurance that will cover all of this.

    After doing a lot of research in the last two days, I also think that I may have an alcohol problem, even though I didn’t think so until I had read a number of posts. I know I need to discuss that with my doctor on Monday before he gives me the Suboxone (he heads up the pain clinic that I have been going to for epidurals in my back to decrease the inflammation around the nerves in my back). I also will discuss this with the psychologist I will be going to as part of my overall treatment. Just for your information, I’ve been taking five to six 750 mg (extra strength) or sometimes 500 mg. Vicodin daily for about 1-1/2 years.

    So, any advice, criticism, etc. that anyone can give to me would be appreciated. I feel like I am a little (very) ahead in this battle because I came forth and asked for help before it started to affect my job or other major areas of my life. I do know that once I start the Suboxone that I cannot drink any alcohol, or take any habit-forming drugs (such as the Ambien I take to sleep, muscle relaxers, Valium. etc.).

    As I said, I’m both scared about this, but also excited to get this new chance to get better control over my life. My goal is to try to exercise more when I start feeling bad due to the depression and other symptoms I expect to experience when I’m going through withdrawl.

    So, again, any advice anyone can give me would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

  15. Good for you. I have been on Suboxone for 15 months and it was the best thing i’ve ever done. I am just now starting to wean off of the Sub. I am down to 1/2 (4 mg). Your post reminded me a lot of myself. I am a teacher and I say that my pain pill problem wasn’t affecting my career, but when I look back it really was. It was just that no one knew about it. My life is better now (way better) and looking better all the time! Good luck! Michelle from Louisiana

  16. Hi!
    I have been addicted to opiates off and on for 6 years now, trying various ways to quit or cut back. Recently my addiction spiraled out of control and I was taking 16-20 7.5mg a day. I found a wonderful sub clinic on the nineteenth and am doing great this time around. I tried sub in 06 but only abused it as well. This time I adjusted so well and it immediatly cleared my depression that was getting better but not relieved on lexapro. So I have hope again with this great doctor who has a great program with no rushing me off this time and hold me accountable by drug testing and pill counting. I feel like this time is the the real genuine path to recovery. I am trying to find a good online support and am also going to attend a weekly support group at the clinic. I tried NA in the past but they don’t seem to support using medications in recovery (even some do not beleive in anti depressants!)
    I wish everyone the best and would love to be helpful to others if I can. I did take the sub for over a year last time so I do have some experience with tapering and so on. Right now I am on 24mg a day and feel great most of the time. I am having some sleep and constipation issues. I wish everyone the best!

  17. My son was on suboxone for almost two years, he had a few additions. Every time he tried to go off the drug, he had horrorible withdrawal symtoms. Some nights he would come home and be a total reck. I know he had been drinking some. One night he went to his group and asked his doctor for some information on the side affects of suboxone. But he didn’t get it that night, he said he would get the information the next week. That night when he came home he must have been in hell! When his father got up that morning and went in the basement he had hung himself! Please tell me if this is a side effect of the drug. It has been three years now and I miss him so much. I still cry and cry and cry!

    • Im sorry to hear about your loss, and If you want to find any information about the side effects of the drug, go to http://www.rxlist.com/suboxone-drug.htm ….thats one website, amoung many that you can research that on. alot will have different opinions on side effects, and someone taking it might nt have any…and then someone that takes just one, might have many side effects, it all depends on the make up of that person taking it. email me anytime if you wanted to talk or have any ?s jeffnnj197918@aol.com

  18. Okay I have never actually done this before but I just bumped into a guy at the local pharmacy and he was getting his suboxone filled and me my opiates! We shared alittle bit with each other about each others circumstances and I realized that no one(DOCs)actually understands what is going on with this Drug Suboxone I took it for 2 years it was one of the most difficult things of my life to get off of! No one should take Suboxone for more than 2 or 3 days tops, mind you I am not a Doctor or even in the medical field but I am a living breathing addict to opiates!I read the story from Craig’s mom above and I know what her son was going thru. The Suboxone is deadly getting off of and anyone who thinks this drug is easily tappered off of has never tried it themself!
    I know I have a uphill climb where I am at right now but you could not pay me to take that junk for more than a day or 2 just to buffer the withdrawl alittle!
    I feel compelled to share my experience because not alot of the terrible effects of it are shared with the average person it seems misleading how it gets represented at the start of getting put on it. Everyone should be very careful with this drug..

  19. I’ve been on suboxone for 6yrs now and I want to come off but how am I gonna take care of my 3children while I withdraw off this stuff??

  20. Paul, I don’t think everybody has the same side effects to Suboxone that you experienced. I have been on it for two years and im down to 2mg every other day. If it wasn’t for this med. I wouldn’t have been able to get out of bed. I have not felt any withdrawl symptoms since getting out of the detox. After detox I was so depressed I couldn’t function as a “normal” person. Five min. after taking my first dose of Suboxone I was feeling normal again. I started on 16mg. and like I said in the beginning im down to 2mg. every other day. I can’t say anything bad about the drug. In fact I don’t know if I would still be living if it wasn’t for it. I had been addicted to morphine, dilaudid, loratab, percocet, or whatever pain med. I could get my hands on for about 5 years. My first detox, then out patient rehab. lasted about a week. I had relapsed because of the depression. I didn’t know Suboxone was an option until after my last detox. Since then Suboxone has kept me on the path to being clean and sobor. I have not relapsed or even felt the need to get high. So I give it two thumbs up.

    • I agree with you there…Everyone reacts different to taking and stopping suboxen…and it also depends on what you were addicted to in the 1st place…If you stop taking that kind of drug, ofcoarse your going to have side effects, maybe worse then the withdrawls you were having when not taking heroin, or percosets, or oxycodone etc.. My doc told me to take 2 , 8.2 mg per day which was around 16…he said id have to do that for a few weeks, maybe 2 months, and then start taking less and less….well, i decided that i didnt need 2 a day and i started taking 1 a day….and to be honest, at times i wont take it til 8 or 9 at night cause i feel fine…The thing is, Paul above here, he had no side effects, if he did im sure it wasnt anything major, and me, im not having any from slowing it down by 1/2…but someone else might have massive side effects or withdrawls when trying to taper off or quit cold turkey…personally i wouldnt advise ANYONE to quit anything cold turkey because you do not know how your body will react. either you or your doctor should make the decision about cutting down , tappering off, whatever u want to call it…and if he doesnt do it for you, do it yourself, slowly…and eventually…hopefully without any relapses, you will be drug free

  21. snegoviksukablyat August 2, 2009 at 3:44 am

    im new on this forum….

  22. I am swtruggling after 6-days off suboxone

  23. I am afraid that I have a long struggle ahead. Nothing I have read is encouraging, although I have to admit, I would have been too sick to write this post or even read anything online 2-days ago. During the three years I was on Suboxone, I went to three doctors, the first was unethical and left me and other patients on the abusable version, Subutex, and it took me over 20-days to find another, the pain of withdrawal came as a shock to me after my many experiences with typical opiate withdrawal over a 10-year period of addiction. I have been going to a doctor who has had me tapering down but was unable to afford a visit after getting down to a 2mg dose for a week or two, and figured it was time, if I had known the pain of this I would have written a bad check to get the drug, but now that I have 6-days off, I am going to try to continue staying away from suboxone treatment. I am a 48 year old father of two children who have witnessed my addiction and wish to see me walk free, I must walk free, I am disheartened by all I have read about the length of time, and depression and other side affects associated with cessation of taking suboxone.

  24. Well….I was on suboxone for almost a year. Almost 4 weeks ago my insurance ran out so I had to quit “cold turkey’. My experience has been a nightmare!!! I ended up in the emergency room a couple of weeks ago with severe depression!!!! I felt like I could just end it all. I felt numb and still do. The depression is awful. I sneeze all the time. I don’t have any energy. I get tired of laying down but don’t have the energy to do a whole lot. The restless legs have ended thank God!!! But I have a hard time sleeping now. My advice to anyone who is thinking of getting on this stuff…..think twice!!! The doctors say after 7 days you are over the withdrawals. THAT IS A BUNCH OF CRAP!!! I would rather take a gun to my head than ever take suboxone. The withdrawals are awful and the doctors could care less.

    • Do you mean your exp on suboxen was a nightmare? or when u quit cold turkey, thats when it became a nightmare, from the withdrawls?

  25. I was taking oxycodone 30mg ALOT more then i was supposed to at the time. At first, i would take it for the problem i was prescribed it for. 2 yrs later i started taking suboxen and i personally think its great, except for the price at the pharmacy lol. I agree with people saying the biggest problem isnt getting it out of your system, its keeping it out…and thats where treatment would come into play for some, and some can do it on just by taking the suboxen, and realize they dont need whatever it is they used to take, to get through a day. As to people abusing and taking suboxen to much, or selling it, and to get high off it..i know personally of someone that takes suboxen like someone else would oc, or oxycodone…they get high off it…everyones different, but no matter what, there will always be someone trying to get high off of some kind of prescribed drug. whether your supposed to, or if you can or not….doesnt matter, people will try too , and unfortunately that will never change

  26. Can I just say something about Suboxone (there are too many comments above for me to digest and everyone has their life story – me too!!! – I think my keyboard has gone, so excuse typo’s).

    1. Suboxone is primarily an opiate blocker with some slight opiate effects – you won’t feel any opiate efects becasue the receptor is full of Bupe (“sort of” like Antabuse that is used for people with alcohol problems – Antabuse makes you violently ill if you drink but it’s dangerous – even some mouth washes can set that one off, as well as benzo’s – I think – need to do more research one that);

    2. If you have been a very heavy opiate (i.e. Smack) user – forget Suboxone – in MY opinion (only) you will be better going on to large (170?) dose of maintenance drugs like Methadone – any normal (then again, what is normal) D&A pro will tell you that – max you get with Suxones (can I just say bupe? – although Suboxone has the Narcan type drug in it – so you can’t hit it – so they are very different) is only 32 mg per day for very good reasons I won’t go in to and, lets face it – if you want to be off your face, well bupe won’t cut it;

    3. Bupe/S is becoming more useful for the hilly billy heroin addicts (legals) and codeine and it works very well bit it is just a CHEMICAL – just a part of the process – you may have very good reason to want to be whacked off your face (mental illness, death of loved ones, sheer isolation or you just like it) but I guess it’s up to you if you want to adress it or just die with the crap (I can understand that feeling – DO NOT feel guilty). and,

    4. Over a few years – reduce the Done, go on to Bupe, reduce that and your chemical problem is resolved. Easy huh! But the reason why you did it in the the first place isn’t. 12 steppers work for some – really – the best cure is just falling in love, unfortunately, as we get older and with out histories not easy.

    5. Nothing is easy. Sometimes I feel like I’d prefer to just die with it. Make your own decision and don’t play Chemists and Doctors. DO YOU WANT TO DIE? – if you keep stiffing around with this junk you will, whilst very evil people use you and get rich.

    We have NO answers – just serious looks and suits. Oh – I noticed something – if you get suboxne down to c. 8 mg (pref. much, much less) withdrawal is mild and should only last a day or two – it’s the psychological addiction that will always kill us – as always. Sorry.

    Sorry to repeat any comments above – could only skim and am very tired.

  27. Too many typo’s – I meant max. Suboxe should be 32 and heavy users should hit the maintenance drugs big time. Then again, it’s basically free in Oz so I really feel sorry for people who live in countries with stuffed health systems. I’m trying to imagine it – I’d have to sell my house to get my life back? I can’t imagine it!!!!!!!!! Come over here if you have any medical or other need skills – we are allowed to steal from other first world countries. You get this great little green plastic card that says Medicare!!!!! In all emergencies all is free, however otherwise (like primary care, if you get the difference) it’s a bit more complex.

    Be great if you chose to stay alive. I’m really lonely (ever heard of the tyranny of distance?) and would love new friends.

  28. After reading this post i laughed i was a straight up junkie for years doing insane amounts of black a day..i finally pulled my head out of my A**..One thing i hate about reading these posts is everyone is negative about the treatment they receive or are thinking about…YOU WONT KNOW UNLESS YOU GIVE IT A FAIR SHOT…PICK YOUR BALLS BACK UP OF THE FLOOR AND LIVE THE GOOD LIFE IT TAKES TIME AN WORK THINK ABOUT HOW MUCH TIME YOU PUT INTO USING..IT OBVIOUSLY MAKES SENSE…ITS GOING TO BE HARD…AND IF IT WASN’T IT WOULDN’T BE WORTH IT TO ANYBODY ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE!! i got on suboxone and in a month i’m off…the only drawback is i can’t sleep as well sometimes but ish it’s something you have to go thru I GOT ME BACK i’m not some zoned out junkie no more…STAY POSITIVE AND REMEMBER WHAT YOUR DOING IT FOR >>>YOU

  29. I read on a website that you shouldnt take suboxone occasional. I’m wondering why this is, because i have used it on a “as needed” basis. Well it would be greatly appreciated to have this question answered. thank you, your friend slomo

  30. Wow I just came back to see what these boards were like now and saw my own post from a year ago. I am Tonya and was on 24 mg a year ago. Now I’m doing great on 8mg a day. There seems to be a lot of negativity surrounding it but I’m totally grateful for the option. With the suboxone and great therapy I finally made the changes I needed to (divorce). I’ve never been happier and take it day by day. If I taper in the near future or stay on it the rest of my life that’s ok. I’m surrounded by narcotics in my job and don’t want to lose the profession I love. Good luck to you all. Do what’s best for you and what is a healthy option to keep you well!

    • Sorry to ask a random question but I’m considering Suboxone for a 20-25mg of vicodin a day for 2 years addiction. Do I need to seek a Doctor for a Suboxone prescription? Or do I just need to take vacation from work and go cold turkey?

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  32. I have been taking 20-25mg hydrocodone (occasional 5mg oxy in there) everyday for just over 2 years. I know I am physically addicted. I want my life back. I consider suicide regualrly because of the mental and physical strain this addiction brings. Can ANYONE TELL ME IF I NEED SUBOXONE? I prolly do since I cant go clean for a couple days without “catching the flu”. Someone please help. I just wanna be my normal healthy self again. Thanks in advance to whoever can shed some light.

  33. I’ve read pretty much all the posts abour maintenance programs for opiate addiction. Two years ago, I went into rehab for an addiction to oxycodone. I was taking anywhere from 90 to 240 mg per day. I withdrew off the drug with no maintenance. It sucked. ANY withdrawal off opiates – or any drug for that matter – is going to suck. And it didn’t last only 72 hours like the internet says, because there are long term problems, which after 2 years clean still come up every now and then. It’s just that when I see people talk about getting back to their “old healthy selves,” I wonder if they have any idea what they’re talking about. If you were so healthy before, you wouldn’t have become addicted to the drug. Sorry but it’s true. And having never been addicted to a long acting drug like methadone or buprenorphine, I can only tell you what I’ve heard, that the withdrawals might be less acute but they last much longer than with short-acting opiates.
    Look, it hurts. I know, I’ve been there. Still am some days – not with the crawling skin, nausea, total sleeplessness; those things passed. But I still get depressed at times, just like everyone else on this planet. Stop looking for something to get you through. Go to a detox or a rehab if you can, and instead of “getting your life back” you’ll find you get something much better.

  34. i havent read all the comments yet, i will its juts late! I wanted to juts mention, how the post states “Iwanted to show both sides of the issue, not just suboxone and a good program[12 steps etc] but also those taking suboxone and pretty much praying) well the latter is me, i started this road yrs ago, in the beginning I relapsed but i was going to meetings and being active in my recovery! I lost my way somewhere,(lost one doc n got another)(not an excuse either) and just kinda kept taking it! saying ill start weening off it soon, well i have come down 33% but thats it and I CAN NOT come off it completely yet, well if i wanted to be back using pills doing hundreds of MGs of morphine a day, then ok i could! Being active in 12 step, or even at the very least going to meetings!! I guess i thought if i stayed away from the drugs, stayed on suboxone then ID BE HEALED……..soooomedaaaaaayyyyy! well it has not come and it is not coming until I work my recovery! theres even a saying in AA/NA for it….damn see how sad is that!!! This is the 1st time ive Quote shared unquote…(i know ” ” that wasn’t what i wanted) in yrs! Thanks for listening and hope I can save someone 6 yrs like i have wasted! It only works if you work it!!!!! is that the saying???

  35. Hahahahahahaha, this politics related YouTube video is really so comical, I loved it. Thanks in favor of sharing this. aeegeedaadgb

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