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Recently I had written a post regarding Suboxone being coined a wonder drug and what my thoughts are on that subject. I have had some interesting responses to this post but one stuck out in particular.

It was about someone who has bought Suboxone off the street to be used when he is coming off a long binge of Oxycontin use. The Suboxone helps avoid the cravings and the withdrawal symptoms. This got me thinking about how my thoughts about addiction have changed over time. Continue Reading…

For anyone who has kept up with this site you are familiar with the fact that I have a younger brother who struggles with an Oxycontin addiction just like his big sis. I have told you about how it’s torture for a recovering addict to watch an active addict.

The helplessness you feel when you are on the sidelines of someone else’s addiction can be staggering. I only know how to deal with my own addiction… not anyone else’s. But as it turns out, you have no choice. It is what it is.

It seems that my brother, who went back into a Suboxone program in November, has not been very successful in his recovery. How do I know, you ask? Well it became pretty clear when he called my father this afternoon from a police station after being arrested. At this very moment in time I can’t tell you exactly what he is being charged with but… I think I can make an educated guess. Continue Reading…

I have no issues what so ever with pharmaceutical help for addiction such as Methadone or Suboxone. What I do take issue is with newspapers reporting that a drug like Suboxone is a miracle drug because now small town people won’t have to go to the big city for treatment, they can get treatment on an outpatient basis from their own physicians.

While I understand that physicians must first become certified to be able to prescribe Suboxone, I’m just a little skeptical about the type of recovery program a patient will be expected to participate in while they are taking their Suboxone if it is being prescribed by their primary care physician. Continue Reading…

It is with great pleasure that I announce the creation of The Suboxone Help Spot. This Suboxone support forum was created with the intention of providing a place for anyone associated with Suboxone to find the information and the support that they need.

So who is “anyone associated with Suboxone”? This would include active addicts who are contemplating beginning Suboxone treatment, those recovering addicts who are currently in Suboxone treatment, Methadone patients who are trying to make the switch over to Suboxone treatment, and also those who have loved ones that are on a Suboxone treatment program.

Suboxone website

So, why would someone who did not utilize Suboxone in their own recovery from opioid addiction choose to create a Suboxone support forum for others? Hmmm. Continue Reading…

Just as our server problems had taken this site down for a few days, it took down The Suboxone Help Spot. I just wanted to write a quick little post and let anyone who is interested know that The Suboxone Help Spot is back up and running.

I wanted to apologize to the current members of the site. I realize that a lot of you