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I am a fan of  Jane Lynch who plays Sue Sylvester in Glee. I get her dry stick it to you humor. My first Jane Lynch laugh attack was when she appeared in an episode of “My Name Is Earl” way back in 2008. She abducted Earl’s grown up idiot brother with naughty intentions.

Jane is a recovering alcoholic. In her new memoir titled Happy Accidents to be released September 13 of this year, she says she used Nyquil to help relieve her addiction to beer. She also says she would eat a gallon of chocolate ice cream every day to offset the sugar she was now missing from beer.

It sounds like she is no longer dependent on any mood enhancing substances and I really hope she is sticking to her recovery. She is enjoying so much success right now and hopefully she doesn’t let the pressure of it all push her back into abusing.

I don’t know why but I am always surprised to learn about someone’s challenge with drugs and alcohol when it is someone I admire. Like Lynch, she is funny, pretty, and talented and seems to have this down to earth quality. I shouldn’t be surprised though; we are all human and we all make good choices and bad.

The sad and mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of Amy Winehouse have left me baffled. The unfortunate truth is that either account is believable. Her family says it was alcohol withdrawal.

A drug dealer has come forward saying that he arranged for Amy to buy some drugs from another drug dealer referred to as “Mr. Big”. He says she purchased 1/2 oz. crack and a 1/2 oz. heroin.

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For anyone who keeps up with any of my sites you may have noticed lately…they were not there. What started out as our server being hacked, has ended up with us being down and out for DAYS.

I have been without my sites and without email and it has really shown me that my blog and my online associations are really a huge part of my recovery.

This whole thing came at a time when I was questioning what my blog meant to me. I felt that I had nothing worth reading spilling out of this brain of mine.

My server has been down and I have been going absolutely crazy with ideas for posts. Funny how these things work out right?

For now I will leave you with the news that I am slowly recovering from a server meltdown. I have been down but not out.