This One’s For The Ladies… Dealing With PMS In Addiction Recovery

November 9, 2009 — 2 Comments

Like the title says, this topic only applies to ladies for obvious reasons. The reason that I’m talking about this subject is that I have never come across too many discussions about what a hurdle PMS can be in addiction recovery.

If you are like me you suffer from PMS, pre menstrual syndrome, each and every month. There are the annoying things like cramps and fatigue but then there are also the emotional upheavals that can come out of left field.

It’s these emotional side effects of PMS that I find so challenging to my recovery. I have these very low, lows that come on me and it takes a while for me to realize that it’s a symptom of PMS. Once that is realized I just ride it out.

Before that realization, I find myself going through a list in my head of things that I could do to make myself feel better. Being the recovering addict that I am, the top things on my list tend to be mind numbing things that aren’t an option for me anymore.

What I usually end up doing is something that I have relied upon heavily in my recovery… doing things around the house. I know it seems weird but to me making my home clean and comfortable really helps me feel better.

I’ve always found that manual labor really helps me to clear my head, feel good about myself, and release stress.

Also… express your feelings. Don’t keep them bottled up. We are only as sick as our secrets right?

2 responses to This One’s For The Ladies… Dealing With PMS In Addiction Recovery

  1. You know what really helped me with PMS? Eliminating dairy from my diet. Sounds crazy, but it’s true. I’m slowly trying to reincorporate it with the help of an Ayurvedic doctor because of a potential calcium deficiency. But taking dairy out in one month reduced my PMS symptoms down to about nothing the next month.

    • Taking dairy (calcium) out of a woman’s diet sounds like a recipe for disaster, but if it worked, what am I to say? What is “Ayurvedics”?. And could you be clearer on the quals of the doctor? There are many, many myths about women’s heath vs men’s health (don’t want to be cotrobersiaql, but look at the “successful” suicide attempts, the ratios of child abuse and the current rate of infedility within relationships for a start (you should be smart enough to find them, don’t rely on a male). Sorry. There are myths and there are myths. I’m sick of it. Are you doing a PHD also on Womens Health issues? Sometimes we all get grumpy and bad tempered and testesterone is as vulnerable as oestrogen (whatever spelling you want to use).

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