Why Do You Tempt Me?

March 17, 2010 — 4 Comments

This will just be a quick one but I was just looking on an addiction message board. I like to check out other sites and see what people are doing, what kind of questions are being asked and just to read some stuff from some people that are in the same boat as myself.

I was on a particular site, which will remain nameless, I’m reading a comment that someone left about having trouble sleeping due to being really early in recovery and what is the add that takes up half the page…Advil PM!

I had went into it in more detail when I wrote my story but one of the things that I would abuse was over the counter sleep aids. I cannot be the only recovering addict that has done this. I would load up on them and then just get knocked out. Anyone?

I realize that being in early recovery I am a little more sensitive to these kinds of things. I just found it kind of shocking and a little naive for someone running an addiction website, which claims to have doctors answering questions by the way, to have a huge add for a sleep aid. It just goes to show how powerful the almighty dollar really is. Have you no souls?

4 responses to Why Do You Tempt Me?

  1. I have had some problems on my site with inappropriate ads popping up. Most of these things are automated so you just have to be viligant and filter out those that are not appropriate.

    I was e-mailed the other day to say that mine had an advertisement for drink mixers!!! LOL- I got it off, but it was embarassing.

    I like your site and your writing.

    Best wishes,

    The Discovering Alcoholic

  2. Thanks a lot for your generous comments about my writing and the site. Both are still a work in progress. I checked out your site and it was great. It has the same feel to it that I would like to create here. Good Luck

  3. Hi. I’m an addictions counsellor in Toronto. Just wanted to say something about your post here. But first. I would like to congratulate you on your public journey through recovery, your words are inspiring and insightful. I hope that you are getting just as much out of the writing as those that are reading it.
    The ads that show up on websites are usually generated by the content of the site through cookies or adbots on your computer. Meaning that if the content talks about a problem, the ad tries to solve it. Talking about vacations? Travelocity ads will come up. Talking about dinner? Restaurant ads will come up. Talking about alcohol? Sleep problems? You see the point. Technology doesn’t know context.
    Hope this gives some insight. Keep up the GREAT work. And thank you for your open honesty.

  4. Also, I’m gay. so its strange that a pink triangle came up as my symbol. The magic of technology.

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