People Watching:My Addictive Isolation

April 14, 2010 — 1 Comment

I have noticed a quality about myself that I absolutely hate. I have a tendency to pick people apart. It starts off innocently enough with people watching. I

One response to People Watching:My Addictive Isolation

  1. In the scheme of things, you seem to be beating yourself up about something that to a total outsider seems pretty trivial – but if you are sort of hating yourself (a big no no) about it, well it must be important to you. I sort of do the same thing – except I tend to jusge people on what they think there trying to look like or project. Does that make sense – oh no – look at that – a Richard Dawkins/Keef Richards/bouncer etc. clone. What a loophole. Never thought about it before – as you say I think I am passing time but it is more like wind. Of course I hvae no right to judge them really – harmless habit? If you are verbalising it (to strangers, not to freinds) may be a real worry? Ummm… I think everyone does it but then how would I know. It is a very interesting insight – come to think of hit, sometimes I HATE total strangers who I don’t know and will probably never know just based on my own self hatred. I think. You may be on to something here in terms of starting off negative thought patterns. Now you are really aware of it, maybe you can have fun with it, not stop it – i.e. Now, who is this 19 y.o. trying to look like? Diarise it if you can – may reveal a very funny trend! But don’t worry overly about it – for you sake.

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