You Have Got To Check Out Mereggie, A.K.A. Me Reggie McDonald – A True Story

March 15, 2010 — 8 Comments

Although I had seen Sickgirl’s post about mereggie on The Write Thought, I hadn’t checked out the mereggie site until right now…it is amazing. It is one of those sites that really hits home. Maybe it reminds you of how fortunate you and your family were that you didn’t end up like this…or it might remind you of the addict in your life and the potential for something like this to happen.

Mereggie is a website dedicated to the true story of Reggie McDonald. He was a drug addict, who under the influence of crystal meth left his house one day and never returned. Despite a country wide search…he wasn’t found.

What is truly unique in the story of Reggie McDonald is that his family found hundreds of pages of Reggie’s writings after he disappeared and they have decided to publish them on line in hopes of stopping others from following down the same path as their Reggie. They also write their own take on the whole situation from time to time.

Reggie’s dad gave his insight on his son’s life. He gave some reasons on why he thought Reggie got caught up in a life of drug addiction. It is really touching to see how much Reggie’s family obviously loved him.

Along with Reggie’s own writings the family has gone on to post information about developments in the search for Reggie. The developments conclude with officials finding Reggie McDonald’s remains in a swamp.

There is something about the whole story of Reggie McDonald that grabbed me and got me really wrapped up in it. When I got to the part of the story where the searchers located the skull of Reggie McDonald I can honestly say I was very saddened. I thought for some reason that this was going to have a happy ending to this story…or at least one that let you hold out a little hope.

The story of Reggie McDonald seemed to be the classic addiction story. Reggie had actually complied his own timeline which shows in black and white his downward spiral into drug and alcohol addiction. There was a sentence in one of his writings that truly struck a cord with me:

“After Mike died I did a lot of thinking. I stopped planning for the future and began to live more for the moment. What a mistake that would turn out to be”.

This brought back some memories of my fuck it attitude. Everyone is going to die someday, what does it matter if I die being “happy” on drugs or if I am president of the United States? I too at one time had given up on doing anything for my future. I was worried about one thing, getting high.

Luckily I was able to come out of that way of addictive thinking and go back to having a productive life. Unfortunately Reggie McDonald did not have that chance. I suggest that anyone and everyone who is in anyway connected to addiction whether it be themselves or a loved one, read the writings of Reggie McDonald. I did, I got a lot out of it.

8 responses to You Have Got To Check Out Mereggie, A.K.A. Me Reggie McDonald – A True Story

  1. I grew up with Regginham as I called him. I think of him every day , he influenced me in many ways ,most good. He influnced me into music , borrowed washburn guitar for years off reggie , Thank God for such a man LOVE BILL

  2. I remember reg every day , the shed , the dope , the music, He was my best friend , I Just can,t believe it , I wish I could turn back time , I smoked , Drank , Played guitar , and partied with reg. He was not a bad influince to anyone (I turned out OK) I known Reg for 30+ years , and I miss him.

  3. Bill – Let me first start out by saying that I’m very sorry for your loss.

    I think, and I’m sure you agree, that what Reggie’s family has done in regards to the website that they created in memory of him will do a lot of good for a lot of people.

    By being able to read Reggie’s personal writings and also get some perspective from Reggie’s family on his life, he is helping others who are struggling with similar issues.

    Sometimes people get caught up in the thinking that this type of stuff only happens to bad people or that it would never happen to them or anyone they know. Reggie has shown us that this happens to good people and really it could happen to any family.

    Thank you so much for coming by and commenting on your friend. You are yet another example showing that he was a good friend and is loved and missed.

  4. Mike MacDonald May 3, 2009 at 9:00 am


    I have just updated the site, and also have a link to the old site on the menu. The new site is much easier to navigate, and I have made it possible to email and print pdfs of the stories, which several had been asking me to do. Thanks for your continued support.

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for the reference to the mereggie site – we continue to get lots of visitors from your site. I just went through and did a major upgrade of the site, and consolidated some of the content into fewer pages. I also placed a link back to your site.

  6. Sandra Van Westerneng August 21, 2011 at 9:07 am

    As a parent I can relate to the MacDonald family. My 25 year old son has been an addict since the age of 13. He is now in jail for armed robbery. It is hard on myself and extended family members. I will never give up hope that someday my son will kick this terrible disease. If he doesn’t he will die sticking that needle in his arm.

  7. I didn’t know Reggie but i feel i do the amount of times i have went to the site to read over and over again. I’ve been dealing with this problem of mine since i was 15 i’m 28 now and still doing it. I’ve tryed sooo many times but because of certin things that happen in life i can never get away. There is so many of us out here on this small island it actually would sicken you because i know it makes me sick to think of it. Many of those people don’t ever want to stop it becomes there way of life and there is no other way. I’ve tryed the so called detox past ch’town i think they just want to get rid of you down there and we are the scum of the earth apparently mind you i have 2 very ambunxious kids and a wife and a house and a truck, car, bike and i’ve never stolen a day in my life but an extreme drug addict pill user for 8 years before that just a lil weed and oil. I know too many of us like this but none of them want to stop just so they can be normal but i sure do ive tryed to get onto a methadone program for the past 2 years where am i now no where it sucks it’s actually the worst feeling in the world to know and want to stop soooo bad and do everything to quit even buying methadone on the street but that never lasts or most people water it down and sell it so its no good anyhow.But back to what i wanted to say is thank you for doing this and putting up all thease special papers so we all can read when i am clean and happy i will awlays turn to reggie and read because i know what i was reading got me this far and is going to get me farther so thank you to the bottom of my heart i wish i could of met him even tho i know many of the people he speaks about i never got to meet him i wish i would of =) thanks for listning

  8. Dear readers,
    A lot of things can be said or concluded from this sites readings , but a lot of things need to be said too.
    Reggie was a fabulous cousin, he was very smart and handsome, he was very witty and always knew how to look out for himself, Reggie was quiet a times and was always very kind, he would never hurt a fly and never made trouble when growing up. He was admired by his friends because he was always self reliant. Not many of us worried about Reggie because he was always ok.
    Reggies family are amazing people, great parents that care and loved him without comparison, his 2 brothers were his totem poles, Reggie always looked up to them and knew he was safe growing up with them, the care and love Reggie’s brothers had for Reggie never stopped, they always looked out for him. As cousins we knew we were all different, but we all cared for each other and all accepted ourselves as we were.
    Reggie created a wonderful family and brought into life two amazing children, they are bright wonderful adults with an inspiring future ahead of them.
    Reggie had an abundance of compassion, I’m sure if he were here today he would hope to be able to offer help as best as he could to all of you.

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